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The Best RV Camping Chairs for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

The best RV camping chairs can make an RV trip much more enjoyable. After all, you can’t have a proper barbecue without taking these valuable products on your travels. I mean, where would everyone sit?

But finding these products can be a bit difficult at times with the number of variables at play. Many RV owners have found themselves stuck with an unreliable camping chair that doesn’t meet their needs.

best rv camping chairs

I intend on making sure this outcome doesn’t happen to you. This article will break down what a buyer should be looking for in these products. It’ll end up streamlining the process to ensure even a newbie camper can find a suitable RV camping chair.

Let’s begin with ten reviews of my favorite options. These discussions will offer a better idea of what you can expect to encounter in today’s market. You can then use these reviews to determine your ideal RV camping chair’s needed features and aspects.


Best Overall Easy to Fold Sturdiness
Preview Timber Ridge TRDCH003BLF

GCI 37060

Coleman 76517

Seat Width 25 inches 19.7 inches 20 inches
Height of Back 16.5 inches 17 inches
Material Aluminum, Polyester Stainless Steel, Nylon Aluminum, Nylon
Capacity 300lbs 250lbs 225lbs
Foldable Yes Yes Yes
Drink Holder Yes Yes Yes
Arm Rest Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

Best Camping Chair for RV Reviews

1. Timber Ridge Folding Camping Portable Chair

The Timber Ridge Folding Camping Portable Chair would be an excellent addition to any RVing trip. For instance, it offers a much more comfortable design than many Strongback camping chairs. It’s made my outdoor reading sessions an absolute delight, especially compared to my previous models.

I also love this product’s flip-down side table. It provides a reliable, safe place to store my phone or drinks when I’m outdoors. Plus, it gives my cat somewhere to sit, besides on my lap, when I’m trying to get into my favorite book.

Buyers will notice this chair’s durability, as well. It has a solid aluminum frame covered in a high-quality polyester material. I would be shocked if this camping chair didn’t manage to offer several years of comfortable results.

Storing this item isn’t too much of an issue, either. It offers a hassle-free folding process that locks into place within a few seconds. Considering how straightforward it was for me, I can’t imagine anyone having much trouble with it. Once folded, its compact and lightweight design will fit right into any storage unit with ease.

The product’s versatility was another highlight attribute. Timber Ridge ensures this chair won’t have any trouble working on any surface. In fact, I’ve used it on grass, sand, concrete, and many other surfaces without a single issue.

Meanwhile, this camping chair comes with a reliable 1-year warranty. This policy will help protect users against any factory defects. Honestly, I feel more comfortable buying a device or product with these policies.

But I can’t describe this design as a perfect camping chair. It does have an issue with the colors fading after only a few months. So I can’t imagine this option being in a contest for the coolest camp chairs anytime soon.

But I can’t describe this design as a perfect camping chair. It does have an issue with the colors fading after only a few months. So I can’t imagine this option being in a contest for the coolest camp chairs anytime soon.

2. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Camping Rocking Chair

GCI’s Outdoor Freestyle Camping Rocking Chair starts our list off in an excellent way with its high-quality features and design. I can’t stress enough how much this product’s powder-coated steel frame rocks my world.

It might sound a little sarcastic, but this frame includes padded armrests and a cup holder. These design aspects are a godsend for people like myself who enjoy sitting outside their camper and drinking a beer.

You also benefit heavily from its usage of rocking technology. It allows users to rock back and forth in this comfortable chair without ever feeling out of control. This aspect will help prevent you from falling backward after a couple of drinks.

If this chair’s comfortability wasn’t enough to sell you, the convenience offered by its foldable design could be a closing selling point. This feature makes closing and opening the chair a breeze for anyone who intends to use it.

The embedded carrying handle doesn’t hurt, either. It makes moving this product from place to place relatively easy, along with this being a lightweight camping chair. I don’t think anyone will find themselves burdened by transporting this 12-pound chair anywhere. It certainly is among the lightest chairs that I’ve found.

GCI was even kind enough to offer a limited lifetime warranty, as well. Buyers can never go wrong with getting a little protection against receiving a defective product. It’s always nice to know you can replace one of these chairs when an accident does occur.

But I was a little bummed that this product didn’t have an adjustable height. As a result, it limits the number of people who can comfortably enjoy all of its benefits. It seems like a missed opportunity by this brand.

If you’re comfortable with the fixed height, I don’t see any other reason to pass up on this folding chair. It’s a high-quality piece of RVing equipment in every other way possible. GCI clearly did an excellent job building a comfortable, relaxing chair.

3. Coleman RV Camping Chair with Side Table

If you’re looking for one of the more versatile chairs, Coleman RV Camping Chair with Side Table would be an excellent choice. It earns this title with the design featuring a side table embedded with a cup holder.

You won’t find a more suitable option to let an RVer enjoy a hamburger and drink while sitting outside their camper. I was thrilled when trying this folding chair out during my latest barbecue for this exact reason. After all, I no longer had to hold the plate in my hands until the meal was done.

Aside from the versatility, I was thoroughly impressed with its overall construction. This chair has a high-quality aluminum frame, angled seat, padded armrests, and a cushioned back. It made my lower back pain drift away like almost no other chair ever has before.

A few hours in this chair was a stress-reducing dream-like experience compared to other options available. Coleman did a fantastic job building a camping chair for bad back pain to ideally suit people like me who love sitting in these chairs for hours on end.

I was more than pleased with the weather-resistant fabric, as well. Durable materials like this fabric come in handy as I tend to enjoy light rain showers when relaxing outside my RV. It’s nice to know my chair won’t start breaking down after the first couple of these encounters.

However, it was a little disappointing to see these RV camping chair reviews mention issues with the product’s color. It seems some customers received a different colored chair than what’s depicted in the advertisement’s picture.

This issue isn’t a massive deal because it was only in a few reviews. Plus, Coleman has an outstanding reputation among RV owners. I don’t see any reason to believe you couldn’t just ask for a replacement without any issue. If it fits your needs, you shouldn’t hesitate for a second to spend money on this chair.

4. FDW Store Outdoor Camping Recliner Chair

Buyers looking for an overly adjustable choice should consider FDW Store’s Outdoor Camping Recliner Chair. This reclining camp chair comes with an easy-to-use locking mechanism that makes adjusting the product a breeze.

I was also thrilled to see this chair come fully assembled. I’ve never been the best at putting these types of products together, making this option ideal. It removes an unneeded hassle from my life that would only make my RV trip stressful.

Users won’t feel uncomfortable while reclining on this chair, either. It doesn’t throw you back immediately as some other inferior options do. This chair instead offers enough pressure so that you can control it with ease.

The ventilation offered by this product’s textile fabric is another attractive feature. It makes this chair ideal for summertime RVers who are looking to relax on those hot afternoons. This recliner chair will help ensure those sessions don’t become sweat-inducing nightmares.

I should mention that this option comes as a set of two, as well. This aspect makes it a best choice for people traveling with a significant other. It’ll make sure each of you can have your individual camping chair.

Storing these chairs is even made easy thanks to their foldable design. You shouldn’t have an issue finding room for both within your storage area. But even with these excellent features, this chair isn’t a perfect option.

For instance, I wasn’t a massive fan of its 28.9-pound construction. This weight isn’t as light as I usually want from an RV camping chair. It could make moving it around a bit more complicated than buyers might imagine.

But this one issue shouldn’t keep it off anyone’s consideration list. Its other excellent qualities more than make up for this potential problem. After all, I don’t see how anyone could pass up on its superb reclining capabilities.

5. PORTAL RV High Back Folding Camping Rocking Chair

PORTAL’s RV Folding Camping Rocking Chair is another option known for its shrinking capabilities, which gives its impressive storage capabilities.

This particular camping chair gets these abilities from its X-shaped frame that makes it much more space-efficient. It allows the chair to shrink down into a much more manageable size of 7″ x 7″ x 40″.

But its shrinkage isn’t the only impressive aspect offered by this chair. I found myself loving its polyester material and mesh backing. Both these design aspects ensure peak comfort while providing excellent air circulation.

You won’t have issues getting out of this chair, either. This camping chair’s hard armrests on both sides provide a stable place to lift yourself from the seat. It makes for a much safer usage than you’d see with other similar products.

The padded headrest was another standout feature provided by this camping chair. It’ll offer your head a soft resting place during those times you’re relaxing outside your camper. I could easily imagine catching a few z’s while sitting in this chair.

I was thrilled to find out this chair came with a mesh pocket under its seat, as well. You could easily store items such as cell phones or other similar items. It’ll free users from having to hold everything in their laps or pockets, which is often a massive hassle.

But this product’s price is a bit higher than I’d like to spend on a camping chair. Buyers will have to decide whether its supreme comfort and unique storability are worth paying this increased price.

In my case, I’d more than likely bite the bullet as these features are more than worth paying a few extra dollars. It’s hard to find camping chairs with a more impressive set of design aspects than what this one provides.

6. GCI Outdoor RV Rocking Camping Chair With SunShade

Are you looking for an option capable of providing a little shade? GCI’s Outdoor RV Rocking Camping Chair With SunShade would be right in your wheelhouse. Its SunShade feature will cover up your head from those uncomfortable sunrays whenever it’s needed.

This aspect will make reading your favorite book on those sunny afternoons a lot more comfortable. You won’t even have to station this rocker chair under the RV’s awning anymore. The SunShade will get rid of those terrible glares to ensure your reading goes undisturbed.

You also will benefit significantly from its usage of Spring Action Rocking Technology. It has proven to be useful on any surface or terrain, which other rocking chairs can’t offer. The relaxation possibilities are endless when it comes to this GCI camping chair.

The side cup holder will only increase your comfort further, as well. It’ll make sure you always have a place to set your drink when spending hours inside this rocker chair. This aspect makes it a favorite among RVers and people who enjoy going to music festivals.

GCI included a carry bag with each purchase, too, which is always a welcomed addition. This aspect makes moving it around a lot less taxing than you’d normally expect with a folding camp chair. Plus, there’s an expert assembly added on for anyone who feels uncomfortable doing it themselves.

This camping chair’s packaging left a little to be desired for some customers, though. It was an issue mentioned more than once in the customer reviews. These types of problems aren’t what a buyer should expect from top-tier brands like GCI.

However, it shouldn’t stop anyone from buying this camping chair. Customers only mentioned these complaints in a few reviews, making them seem isolated rather than a trend. Honestly, I would have full confidence in buying this chair.

7. POP Heated Portable Camping Chair

Wintertime RVers should be jumping at the chance to purchase POP’s Heated Portable Camping Chair. This product utilizes USB-powered heating technology to ensure your body can remain warm regardless of the season.

As you can imagine, this aspect has made the chair a favorite among football fans who enjoy tailgating. But it works great for RVers that love to camp in those cold weather climates, which most of us avoid at all costs.

Buyers will adore the comfort level provided by this camping chair, as well. It uses high-density foam padding to give you the lumbar support and comfort it needs. As a result, you can sit in this chair for hours without developing any lower back pain.

I was also blown away by this product’s three easy-to-adjust reclining positions. The entire adjustment process consists of releasing the armrests, sliding to recline, and locking. It doesn’t get much easier when it comes to reclining chairs.

The red quick-release lock was another appealing trait to catch my eye. It makes folding or unfolding the camping chair a simple matter of lifting or pressing a button. You can’t ask for something more straightforward than that process.

Some other notable features include weatherproof capabilities, powder-coated steel tubing, a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and an 11-pound design. Each of these aspects will make sure this camping chair ends up being a long-term piece of your RVing experiences.

But if you want this camping chair, it’ll cost a bit more than you’d ever expected to spend on one. This chair happens to be our most expensive option, which isn’t entirely surprising given its rather innovative technology advancements.

It’s hard to argue against this chair being worth the extra money, though. The advanced features embedded within its design make for a superior product. I can’t think of one thing that I’d add to its design capable of making it a better camping chair.

8. PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Adjustable Camping Recliner

If you’re looking for a camping chair with footrest, PHI VILLA’s Zero Gravity Adjustable Camping Recliner would be an ideal choice. You can recline back and put your feet up whenever the need arises.

The padded seat will ensure these sessions are filled with a great deal of comfort. I can just see myself leaning back and enjoying the outdoors. Multiple customers even alluded to this camping chair being great for lower back problems, which I expected from a zero gravity recliner.

I found myself loving this camping chair’s design style, as well. It features these great-looking wooden pattern armrests that are perfect for relaxing. These armrests would mesh perfectly with my taste when it comes to RV-related products.

You can also choose from 5 different color schemes. This amount of choices make it a relatively flexible option with a broad audience base. Honestly, I don’t see how a person couldn’t find a variation capable of meeting their specific needs.

This camping chair’s locking mechanism is another feature to earn a lot of praise among buyers. It’s much more straightforward than twist knobs seen on other models. Users will only need to pull the clip back when securing it and push the front one when unlocking it. I don’t think even I’m capable of messing up this process.

Some customers did complain about packaging issues with this camping chair, though. In these cases, it seems the chair arrived a little damaged. But most people seemed overly delighted with what they received when opening the chair.

As a result, I wouldn’t worry too much about these shipping issues. You should never pass up on quality like this camping chair because a small number of customers complained. These problems likely had to do with the mail carrier rather than the brand.

9. MacSports C932S-129 Outdoor Lounge Camping Chair

One of the most durable options on this list would be MacSports’MacSports’ C932S-129 Outdoor Lounge Camping Chair. It has been built to withstand 375 pounds with ease, making it usable in almost every situation.

You can attribute this impressive durability to its heavy duty steel frame. I can’t imagine a single situation where this product wouldn’t be capable of holding up. It’s even been built to work in indoor or outdoor activities, making it a rather versatile camping chair.

Messy eaters should find this product appealing for a simple reason, as well. MacSports made its fabric have stain-resistant qualities to ensure peak longevity. This aspect would undoubtedly save me as I have an awful tendency to spill everything.

I’m also a massive fan of this product not having any assembly process. This camping chair comes ready for usage right out of its bag. I wouldn’t have it any other way, as this attribute checks off a large box on my wanted feature list.

You can expect this product to collapse in a matter of seconds, too, which is always a huge benefit. I was shocked when first trying it out by how fast this camping chair shrunk down to a foldable size.

Given these features, a buyer might expect this product to have a ridiculous price. But MacSports managed to keep this camping chair affordable. It’s no wonder why bargain buyers seem to always recommend this option.

I do have to report a few complaints among customers about this chair’s padding. It seems some buyers felt it was a little lacking in this area. But honestly, I didn’t encounter any issues with the padding when trying out the product myself. I found it a lot more comfortable and supportive than most other RV chairs available.

10. Goplus Heavy Duty RV Camping Chair

Our final product, Goplus Heavy Duty RV Camping Chair, is another option with built-in shade and sun protection. This particular chair does it with a canopy add-on that will ensure you can enjoy the outdoors without getting hit with constant sun rays.

Honestly, it’d be amazing to enjoy the beach or afternoon outside your RV without being overly worried about sunburn. This camping chair’s canopy would make the dream a reality by keeping you protected.

The product’s high-quality PVC fabric was another trait to capture my attention. It has a known reputation for withstanding extreme pressure without any tearing or ripping issues. You should expect this chair to remain in pristine shape for a long time with this fabric.

If you’re worried about setting this chair up with the canopy, it should be a non-issue. The entire process is straightforward and doesn’t require any tools. A newbie RVer should be able to do it within a few minutes or seconds.

Goplus included two cup holders within this chair’s design, which I think is ingenious. You could easily store your phone or another small item in the second cup holder while having a drink in the other. It’s a convenient addition that keeps things from being in your lap or pockets.

The sturdy rubber feet should help keep it from sliding on certain surfaces, as well. You can expect this camping chair to remain sturdy and steady when it’s being used. Plus, I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about it flying away during heavy winds.

But its heavy duty construction does have one drawback, which is its weight. Its 15-pound structure isn’t the heaviest out there, but a few customers did have some complaints. It seems older RVers have had trouble carrying it around the campsite.

Overall, this weight issue isn’t a massive concern to most RV owners. You can easily manage it, and its high-quality features make a slight hassle worth it.

Sunyear RV Folding Camping Backpack Chair (Outdated)

The Sunyear RV Folding Camping Backpack Chair is one of the favorite options for a simple reason: its portability and storability are second to none. It features a collapsible design that weighs only 2 pounds and packs down to 13.8″ x 4.3″ x 5.1″.

I could even find room onboard a smaller rig’s storage space with these qualities. It also comes with a stowaway bag to make both tasks more practical. This chair would be an RV owner’s dream, depending on whether it can offer peak comfort.

Thankfully, it excels with comfortability, too, with the chair’s ergonomic seat design. Multiple buyers raved about this aspect’s relaxing capabilities within their reviews. I can only concur with their findings as I enjoy using this folding chair immensely.

You don’t have to worry about its durability, either. This heavy duty camping chair comes with a frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. If this material is good enough for airplane equipment, I’m more than confident that it can handle the stress of being a camping chair.

Sunyear offers this chair in 7 colors, which is another nice touch. Honestly, I can’t take my eyes off this crimson red color option. It would mesh perfectly with what I’m looking for regarding a chair’s style and personality.

I’d imagine buyers won’t be able to overlook its affordable price tag. This model happens to be one of the less costly options on our list. Bargain buyers should do what they can to get their hands on this chair before the stock runs out.

Some elderly buyers were a bit concerned about how low this product was to the ground, though. If you have trouble bending, this chair might not be a suitable option. But otherwise, this camping chair should have no issues suiting the needs of most RV owners.

RV Camping Chair Buyer’s Guide

rv outdoor chairs

Choosing the best RV outdoor chairs will involve various factors. I’ll discuss each of them within this section to ensure each reader can make the best choice for their needs. You’ll soon know everything needed to pick out a high-quality camping chair for your RV.

  • Shade

As I imagine, every RV owner will want to use their new camping chairs outdoors. This desire makes the shade provided by these products a massive consideration for each buyer. Most RV camping chairs come with built-in shade to attract those who want top-tier RV outdoor furniture.

Buyers can also expect this built-in shade to protect them against certain weather conditions. For instance, a light rainstorm won’t affect your ability to enjoy the outdoors while sitting in these campsite chairs.

You can instead sit back, drink your beer, and wait out the rain. It makes for much more convenient enjoyment of nature than you’d have with other products, such as Outbound camping chairs. It’s why I’m always going to recommend buying chairs with this feature.

  • Style

An RV camping chair’s style plays a vital role in determining whether it’s a good fit. Buyers will want to choose a chair capable of meshing with their personality. Thankfully, brands have made this task much easier by providing a lot of different options.

As a result, finding a chair capable of fitting in with your rig’s other RV outdoor furniture won’t be difficult. It’s just a simple matter of thinking about what color and design would suit your overall experience.

  • Back Support

RV owners tend to overlook a chair’s back support when choosing one of these products. It might seem a little crazy, but people can get sucked into other less essential features such as a carry bag or price tag.

However, taking an option’s provided back support into account is the only way to ensure you choose the most comfortable RV camping chair possible. This feature is directly related to making sure a user can get comfy in any situation.

After all, traveling in an RV isn’t always the most relaxing or comfortable camping experience. Buying an RV camping chair with excellent lower back support will make sure you can relax when those wheels finally stop turning.

I would also suggest buying folding RV chairs with ergonomic designs. Back support won’t matter much if the chair isn’t a suitable fit for your body. These models will keep your body from having any issues while sitting in them.

  • Comfort

One of the most essential features would be offered comfort when selecting RV camping chairs. It also happens to be an easy feature to test out and determine during this buying process. The first thing to realize is a lot of aspects go into making an RV camping chair comfortable.

In most cases, a chair’s comfort level will rely on its unique built-in features: adjustability, pockets, cup holders, foam supports, etc. These aspects will contribute significantly to how comfortable a specific chair ends up being for an RVer.

Comfort ends up being the defining buying factor for most people who want one of these products. Most RV owners find themselves going into stores to test the chairs in person, searching for the most comfortable chair.

As you might imagine, this buying method is most effective. But online shoppers shouldn’t be discouraged as you can determine comfort over the internet, as well. You just need to rely on each chair’s customer reviews, which will provide insight into this factor.

Comfortability is actually one of the most talked-about aspects within these reviews. If a chair isn’t comfortable, customers will rip into the product with a no-holds-barred mentality. Therefore, selecting one online shouldn’t be overly tricky with these resources at your disposal.

  • Durability

An RV camping chair’s durability is a pivotal piece of ensuring a customer’s happiness. You don’t want one that’ll need replacing in a few months. It makes this entire process a massive waste of time and money.

You’ll instead want a camping chair with an excellent track record of long-term usage. In other words, it needs to stay sturdy when encountering any terrain or weather condition. Accounting for this aspect is an effective way to make sure you buy a high-quality chair rather than a subpar one.

  • Portability

Your chosen option should be a lightweight camping chair. If you select a lighter option, it’ll make moving and storing it much easier than other options. This aspect will then make taking the lightweight folding camping chair back and forth more convenient from the storage area.

I’d recommend relying on customer reviews for this aspect, as well. Portability might not seem like a hot-button issue, but it often gets talked about within these resources. You should have no problem determining it using these discussions and the product’s weight.

It never hurts to choose an option that comes with a carrying bag, either. Even better if the carry bag is with shoulder straps for convenient transportation! This inclusion will only improve the product’s portability by a significant margin. Honestly, it’s an added feature that I never overlook when picking out RV camping chairs.

  • Construction

Every RV camping chair worth buying should be made from high-quality durable materials. It’s an essential distinction between what separates a top-tier option from a subpar one. As a result, buyers should do in-depth research into the product’s construction.

You should look into questions like: does the metal frame bend or warp easily? If the answer’s yes, you’ll know it won’t be able to work well in the RVing environment. It would help if you also researched whether the fabric rips when under pressure. Answering these questions is a crucial part of determining a product’s overall quality.

  • Storability

Every RVer knows the importance of storage space onboard their motorhomes. Even the largest RVs never seem to offer enough. Due to this, the storability of these camping chairs will play a massive role in whether they’re suitable for your rig.

Buyers without a dedicated space for RV camping chairs will need to think about how they will store these products inside their motorhomes. If your chosen chair’s a bit too large for storage inside your RV, it might be time to look elsewhere or consider losing some other items.

But again, RV owners would do best to consider a compact RV camp chair rather than looking for something overly bulky. It’s the easiest way to avoid any storage issues or having to toss out other items.

You can also find other in-depth reviews and buyer’s guides on the top-rated RV mat (outdoor, patio) to help you choose the best products for your needs and preference. Furthermore, take a look at our most trusted 921 led bulb for RV if you like.

RV Camping Chair FAQs

Our buying guide and product reviews provided a solid foundation for what customers should expect from high-quality RV camping chairs. These next discussions will offer a bit more detail into what makes camping chairs such an essential buy for motorhome owners.

Who is this for?

RV camping chairs have become a popular item for every type of RV owner. These pieces of equipment are ideal for anyone looking to relax outside their rigs and enjoy nature. In other words, everyone who’s ever thought of buying a camper.

Overall, a camping chair is a practical item capable of making your life a lot more comfortable on the road. There isn’t a single thing about these products that will make your life worse when traveling.

It’s no wonder why RV camping chairs have become such a hit among RV owners. Honestly, their presence outside rigs has become commonplace as tents, grills, or anything else synonymous with motorhome living.

What are the different types of RV camping chairs?

Most RV-related products are separated into specific types to make finding a suitable option more convenient. But RV camping chairs aren’t, which is a massive bummer. I have managed to cultivate a few categories for these products based on whether they need folding or disassembling when being stored.

RV Folding Camping Chairs

As you might imagine, RV folding chairs are very common in today’s market. You can expect these options to have a framework built from aluminum alloy or steel. This framework will be joined together in a way, which gives folding camping chairs their foldability for convenience purposes.

It makes a folding camp chair relatively lightweight and compact, which are delightful qualities in any RV product. Storability is a massive benefit for whomever buyers RV folding camping chairs.

RV Assembled Camping Chairs

On the other hand, RV assembled camping chairs will have a plastic/metal framework. This construction aspect allows a user to assemble and disassemble them with relative ease. It comes from joints and screws placed into the framework’s chassis: the user would only have to affix the parts together.

This ability might seem like a massive disadvantage, but it does make them even more portable and storable than folding chairs. If you’re looking for a small RV camping chair, an assembled option might be a better fit.

How do RV camping chairs work?

RV camping chairs aren’t difficult for even newbie campers to understand. These products have a relatively straightforward working mechanism. For instance, folding options will have a metal framework capable of being collapsed or expanded.

It allows the folding camp chair to be easily stored when it’s not being used. If a person then wants to use it, they would merely take it out, expand, and lock it into position. Some of these options will even have X-shaped frames to make them more space-efficient.

Assembled camping chairs are a bit different when it comes to their working process. But it’s still nothing overly challenging to understand. These chairs are known for their ability to deconstruct into many parts, making them use much less storage space.

People looking to use an assembled RV chair will have to fix its framework and correctly attach the fabric. These options tend to be a better fit for rig owners with smaller RVs.

Camping chair vs beach chair: what’s the difference?

Many people assume camping chairs and beach chairs are the same. But they couldn’t be more wrong as these products are built for entirely different surfaces. For instance, camping or motorhome chairs work best on solid ground surfaces found at campgrounds.

These designs are excellent when placed on cement or concrete. However, the most comfortable camping chair may struggle with sand or uneven surfaces. This situation is where beach chairs are much more handy and comfortable.

So it becomes a simple matter of using the right options for their intended purposes. In other words, manufacturers label their offerings beach or camping products for a reason.

What about backpacking chairs?

Backpacking chairs will need to be much lighter than outdoor camping chairs. After all, they are meant to be carried for long distances without being used. So backpacking chairs should weigh under 5 pounds to ensure their practicality.

One example is the Helinox Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Backpacking Chair. It only weighs about 1 pound and offers excellent comfort. As a result, it’d be a perfect companion chair for those long hiking trips.

Where can I buy RV camping chairs?

Finding a place to purchase RV camping chairs won’t be overly burdensome. You should discover available options at almost any department store or online marketplace. After all, these compact camp chairs are always in high demand.

But if I had to recommend one place for RV owners, Amazon would be my preferred option. You won’t find a more vast selection of choices or better prices. It’d be hard to imagine any rig owner not being able to find a suitable option from their selection.

Another suitable option would be using Camping World’s online store. It offers an impressive selection of high-quality chairs at affordable prices. Buyers couldn’t do much worse than getting their products from Camping World.

Advantages and disadvantages of using camping chairs for RV

Several benefits and a disadvantage or two come from owning the best camping chairs for RV camping. This section will discuss some of them to provide a better idea of what buyers can expect. You can then make a more precise determination about whether buying one or two would be a good decision.


  • Built for RV Living

Most motorhome users would argue that having suitable tools and equipment is a vital piece of a successful RVing adventure. In fact, having non-RV specialized items can affect your experiences in a lot of different ways.

For instance, non-RV specialized equipment is often too heavy for your campers. Due to this, your rig will spend additional energy trying to carry this extra weight safely. Non-RV specialized tools will often end up damaging a rig’s exterior surface, causing dents and scratches.

These issues might not seem like a big deal now, but the cumulative effect will end up costing you a lot of money down the road. After all, maintenance on these vehicles isn’t cheap, as most RV owners already know.

RV camping chairs help you avoid these issues by being built for the motorhome lifestyle. These products are built to last through and withstand various weather conditions that ordinary chairs couldn’t.

As a result, users can rely on a camping chair’s reliable usage to lessen any potential problems on the road. It also ensures these products can last a lot longer than standard options with their RV-specific features.

  • Safety

These RV lawn chairs help keep users safe in two different ways. The first would concern a person’s physical safety. As I mentioned earlier, standard chairs don’t have the constructions or designs necessary to last long-term in RV settings. Traditional chairs aren’t the easiest to use outdoors, either.

Buyers can expect RV camping chairs to excel in these areas, keeping them safe by being built for RV usage. In other words, an RVer is unlikely to find their camper chair unusable after a few months like they would with a standard chair.

The second way of keeping users safe is by relieving their mental exhaustion and fatigue. RV camping chairs can lessen a rig owner’s stress by being suitable for camping. For instance, normal stools or chairs would be a nightmare to store inside campers. Camping chairs alleviate this issue by being foldable and bendable.

  • Comfort

A camping chair’s most obvious benefit would be its provided comfort. Sitting outside your rig wouldn’t be much fun or comfortable without a solid chair traveling with you. These products offer a suitable place to relax and enjoy everything nature has to offer.

Moreover, barbecues and other gatherings wouldn’t be the same without these useful chairs. Buying some for your rig ends up making way too much sense.


But these chairs do have one downside besides the obvious one of being an extra expense. You’ll need to find room within your rig’s storage space for them. If you’re anything like me, this issue can become a huge hassle as I tend to overstuff my RV.

Who makes the best camping chairs for RV?

If you’re looking for the best RV camping chair brands, peruse our product review section. Each of those companies has made a positive impact on RV owners around the world. These companies have gained reputations for providing high-quality products and customer service.

Those two qualities are what any buyer should be looking for in their RV camping chair brand. Honestly, anyone who sticks with the brands mentioned within this article should have full confidence in their chosen chair.

Are Cliq and Helinox chairs worth it?

It depends a lot on what you’re looking for in a camping chair. If you don’t have a budget limit, I don’t see how someone wouldn’t see these chairs as worth considering. They do offer some substantial innovations and features. But I’m always a little skeptical about paying an excessive amount on these types of products.

How much are RV camping chairs?

RV camping chairs can vary drastically when it comes to price. You can expect anywhere from $10 to $250, depending on their features and quality. This vast range makes building a budget based on your specific wants a wise move.

For instance, a person who’s looking to buy the smallest camping chair for RV usage or a kids camping chair would have a smaller budget. It’s little details like these that’ll help define everyone’s budgetary ranges during this process.

Any care and maintenance tips?

RV owners need to know the process of cleaning their camping chairs. It’s the only way to keep them in good condition for a long time. Here’s a shortlist of tips to maintain their pristine condition for many years:

  • Use a wet cloth or rag to remove any visible dirt or grime on the chair’s surface fabric.
  • If you notice any accumulated mud or other build-ups, use water and soap to remove it. You can use a dry cloth to get rid of any standing water.
  • If paint gets onto the metal frame, I’d recommend trying to remove it with water first. If this doesn’t work, you could use a thinner to remove it gently.

How to store camping chairs in RV?

Most camping chairs will thrive when it comes to being compact and lightweight. These two qualities will make storing them a breeze as you can even fit them in your home’s garage, closet, or cupboard.

But onboard your rig, it’ll be slightly different as you’ll need to set aside space for them. I recommend using your RV’s underbelly storage for these items. It’ll make sure you don’t have to use valuable interior space for them.


Finding the best RV camping chairs shouldn’t ever be a challenge. I hope these discussions make this a reality for you and the best choice becomes abundantly clear. You can then enjoy your campsite in a much more comfortable way.

But if you do have any additional questions, please leave a post in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. After all, I only want to help every RV owner find their perfect RV camping chairs. Thanks for reading!

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