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The Best RV Cabinet Latches to Keep Your Cabinet Doors Closed

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv cabinet latch

Are you having issues finding the best RV cabinet latch? I can’t say I’m surprised due to the number of options on today’s market. It’s become flooded with potential choices, which causes many people to feel overwhelmed when choosing one.

Our article intends to fix this issue by offering a guide through the process. It’ll ensure you know every relevant piece of info about cabinet latches. These topics include talking about types, top brands, determining factors, and much more.

We’ll even provide 12 product reviews of some great options to make the process much easier. It’s about making sure you don’t end up with a cabinet latch that doesn’t meet your needs. We want to avoid this potential scenario as much as possible.

By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert on everything about these products. Finding the perfect choice will then be a piece of cake. You’ll just have to use what we outlined in the following sections, and your ideal choice should become evident.

Let’s dive right into the topic at hand and start the process of getting you a top-tier RV latch. I promise those feelings of stress and frustration will soon disappear.

Best Overall Easy to Lock Sturdiness
Preview Camp’N PCBK4PC

Camco 44323

Hardware House 64-4567

Dimensions ‎2.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches ‎4.3 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches ‎0.5 x 1 x 0.25 inches
Weight 0.18 pounds 0.15 pounds 0.16 pounds
Material ABS Steel Steel
Details Details Details

List of 12 Top-Rated RV Cabinet Latch Reviews

This section will contain those 12 reviews mentioned earlier. These discussions will be a vital piece in making sure you get the perfect RV cabinet latch. It’ll also ensure you have a better chance of grasping the more complex topics that are discussed later in our article.

1. Camp’N RV Cabinet Latch

Our first product is the Camp’N RV Cabinet Latch, which should have no problems keeps those cabinet doors close. It can easily offer this ability thanks to its five Lbs of pull force that’ll ensure it’ll stay closed even in bumpy traffic.

I also love this product’s easy install process. This trait was something that received a lot of praise in the buyer reviews. You couldn’t go more than two reviews without seeing a mention of how easy the install was for a respective customer.

This aspect is only further helped by it coming with all the necessary mounting RV cabinet hardware for a latch. It’s always a nice touch when your chosen product comes with all the necessary parts, and nothing needs to be bought separately.

Buyers were happy with the durability provided by this product, as well. It seems this latch does a much better job of staying in pristine condition than most other models on today’s market. I think it’s fair to say this product will be keeping your cabinets locked for many years.

You shouldn’t overlook this option coming with two choices regarding quantity. A buyer could either get the 4-pack or 10-pack. These choices ensure the option can fulfill the needs of something looking to lock a few cabinets in a Class B RV or a large amount in a Class A.

Either way, the rig owner would have an appropriate option when it comes to this product. It also helps that this latch is a direct match for the OEM ones found in most travel trailers, RVs, 5th trailers. As a result, it makes the entire process much easier.

But some people did have a few complaints about the shipping of these latches. In some cases, these products would arrive damaged or in a less than ideal condition. Neither is something that you’d expect from a top tier brand like Camp’N.

I should mention that there were much more positive reviews than negative when it came to shipping. However, these issues were reported enough where making a note of them became necessary.

2. Camco 44323 Thumb Operated Offset Cam Lock

The Camco 44323 Thumb Operated Offset Cam Lock is an easy to use, simple device capable of keeping your possessions in place. You see, this product is a thumb-operated, easy-turn cam lock that makes using it a simple process.

But this product isn’t just useful on RV cabinets and drawers. You can also expect effective results when installing it on cash boxes, gun cabinets, and other storage compartments. As a result, you should consider buying more than one and find a couple uses for these wonderful locks.

I should note that this product is another one with an easy install process. It might not seem like a big deal, considering setting up a lock shouldn’t be tricky. But you’d be surprised by how some brands make installing these locks more complex than necessary.

You should love that this product comes with a 1-year limited warranty as well. This aspect will ensure you have some protection against a product that isn’t meeting expectations. It’s always nice to have a backup plan against something going wrong.

It also helps that Camco seems to honor this warranty. Some brands only intend on using a warranty to sell their products without having any intention of honoring it. Thankfully, Camco doesn’t fall into this category based on the experiences discussed in the buyer reviews.

This option offers a choice regarding size to ensure a person can easily pick the right one. In other words, select the size option that would be an exact replacement for their cabinet locks. It just gives more people the opportunity to benefit from this excellent product.

But there were two issues I came across during my product research. It seems this lock has a problem with rusting a little earlier than expected. The warranty mentioned above should help with this issue; however, it’s still not something you want to see from a cabinet lock.

The second issue had to do with the price, which was a bit higher than I expected for a cabinet lock. It’s still not expensive, but more than I’d like for something I intend to buy in bulk.

3. Hardware House 64-4567 Contractor Pack Roller Catch

If you’re looking for a bargain buy, look no further than Hardware House’s 64-4567 Contractor Pack Roller Catch. This option is easily one of the most cost-effective on our entire list as you get a 10-pack for a low price.

You’d think the quality of the product would be subpar given this deal. But this assumption couldn’t be more wrong. This steel roller catch offers excellent durability and should keep your RV’s cabinets secure for years to come.

It also doesn’t hurt that the install has been considered easy by almost every buyer who’s got them. The screws needed for the installation even come included to ensure there aren’t any hassles or issues.

As a result, you might not find a more convenient option than this one from Hardware House on today’s market. I didn’t even mention the limited warranty yet either. This aspect will ensure you’ll have some coverage to protect against the product becoming unusable earlier than expected.

Hardware House was nice enough to offer two different color choices as well. You can either get chrome for a little extra money or stick with the brown. Either way, these products will get the job done without much hassle or issue.

It doesn’t hurt that this brand is a US-based one, either. Due to this, these latches went through rigorous testing before being put on the market. This testing isn’t always required in some foreign countries, so it continually gives me a little comfort when I end up buying a product made in the states.

Overall, I don’t think a customer could ask for much more from a motorhome cabinet latches brand than what Hardware House offers with this option. The brand did its best to cover all the bases when creating this fantastic product.

But it’s worth noting that some buyers had issues with the included screws being subpar. It would probably be in your best interest to buy screws separately for anyone looking to buy this option. It’s something that you’ll need to think about before making a final decision.

4. Encell ‎RVSDWP03X Push Button Cabinet Locks

The Encell ‎RVSDWP03X Push Button Cabinet Locks earned a place on our list by being effortless to use. After all, these locks only require a person to press a button and lock the tongue down to secure a rig’s cabinets. It’s even easier than a simple RV push button cabinet latch.

For instance, I prefer its using process over an option like the Camp’n RV cabinet latch. But this simple design wouldn’t matter too much without high-quality results. Thankfully, this option also more than lives up to the hype regarding security.

Users have got them to work on any furniture with an 18-24mm thickness. As a result, these locks should be suitable to replace van drawer latches and boat cabinet latches. This 3-piece set ends up being a rather practical and versatile option.

Installing them within these applications isn’t a difficult task, either. Encell made the entire process straightforward for anyone. Multiple buyers even praise the process within this product’s review section, which is a rare occurrence.

These locks also won’t have any trouble blending into a motorhome’s decor. Each one comes with a low-profile design that doesn’t capture any attention. In other words, users won’t notice them until they need to unlock the cabinet.

Encell even took adaptability a step further by offering two color choices. I would have difficulty choosing anything other than the pearl nickel option. It’s a perfect color replacement for my vintage RV cabinet latches.

My only concern with these cabinet locks is that some customers reported shipping issues. In these cases, the products arrived without crucial installation pieces. But I wouldn’t worry too much about those issues as only a small number of buyers experienced trouble. Honestly, the positives far outweigh the negatives with these locks.

5. Jiayi ‎12P03 Magnetic Latches for RV Cabinets

The Jiayi ‎12P03 Magnetic Latches for RV Cabinets are a perfect option for people who consider themselves a bulk buyer. For instance, this set comes with 12 latches to ensure various cabinets inside a rig remain secure. Users won’t have to worry about dishes or other items flying around their RV during travel.

Furthermore, installing them onto cabinets is a straightforward task. Jiayi put steps for the entire process in their product description to ensure customer comfort. I can’t imagine anyone having much difficulty with the overall process.

Users should then count on the high performance of these products. Each one consists of stainless steel housing that can withstand various applications. So they’ll have no trouble working as marine locks or cabinet latches for van life.

In these situations, buyers should also expect long-term results. Jiayi was smart enough to ensure the latches were resistant to corrosion, cracking, and rust. Due to this, I have no reason to believe that they won’t remain usable for a long, long time.

The products come with a powerful magnetic force, as well. Therefore, these RV hinges and latches will keep the cabinet, drawer, or lid shut in any circumstance. They will ensure a buyer gets their money’s worth from installing them on an RV.

On a similar note, Jiayi provides every buyer with a 12-month warranty. It’s a nice touch to ensure their customers feel protected against product malfunction. I certainly always feel a lot better when purchasing items with these policies.

However, these latches come with somewhat subpar screws for the installation process. It seems like a massive oversight as high-quality ones could make the product even more user-friendly. Users might need to find a different set of screws to replace these suspect ones when setting up these latches.

6. CRANACH Cabinet Door Latch

CRANACH’s Cabinet Door Latch is ready to replace your old worn out latches and ensure your drawers stay closed. It can offer this ability thanks to its excellent design, which is made from all-weather high impact ABS material.

As a result, this latch will be able to ensure your drawers and cabinets stay closed regardless of the situation. This material also makes sure it has a level of durability that few other latches on today’s market can match. You should expect this latch to remain functional for a long time.

I also love how this product happens to be a direct replacement for most latches found on older RV cabinets. This aspect means that it should be the perfect option for most customers who happen to look upon its ad page.

You should like the versatility offered by this option as well. This latch can work in a vast number of applications, such as on kitchen cabinets or drawers at home. Due to this, you can also use them to stop your kids from getting into these areas at your regular home.

As for buying options, a customer can either get a 4-pack or 8-pack. Both of these choices are available at reasonable prices. It’s just another reason to seriously consider buying this latch as it’s basically being sold at a bargain cost.

This latch also features one of the easiest install processes on our list. You don’t even need to disassemble your cabinet doors to get them in place. All it takes is using the included mounting screws and an electric drill to get the installation done.

CRANACH was kind enough to include a warranty as well. Given these features, it seems like this brand was really on top of what their customers want from trailer cabinet latches. But there was one area where they didn’t quite meet expectations.

Some buyers were complaining about the product not coming with directions for the install process. As someone who isn’t the best at these tasks, this issue would be a real problem for me. It’s a shame, too, because everything else about this latch seems perfect.

7. Link Solar RV Cabinet Push Button Latch

Link Solar’s RV Cabinet Push Button Latch is one of the more versatile options on our list. It’s gained this status because it can work in many situations such as wall cabinets, cabinet doors, vessel desks, RV drawers, yachts, and more.

In fact, it can work on any piece of furniture that’s between 18mm and 25mm thickness. It’s effective in all these applications because of its great metal nickel-plated design. This aspect ensures it can offer top results for an extended period.

As with most products on our list, this cabinet latch has an easy install process. This feature helps make sure a person can use the device without issue. It was a claim that had numerous people back it up in their buyer reviews.

People also spoke highly of Link Solar’s customer service in their reviews, which is a rare sight. Customers often like to bash this area whenever possible. But every time I saw it brought up was anything but in a negative light.

You should find its ability to work in multiple vehicles appealing as well. For instance, it’s capable of working like RV cupboard door latches and keeping drawers shut in yachts, motorhomes, campers, caravans, and RVs without any hassles.

All in all, this product happens to be an effective option for anyone looking to get a simple, convenient cabinet lock. You’re aren’t going to find many better choices when it comes to results than this latch from Link Solar.

But I do wish it performed better in two areas. The first has to do with this product’s directions. It seems like it doesn’t come with any based on the customer reviews. As you know, this issue isn’t going to work for a person like me who isn’t great at these tasks.

I also didn’t like the price tag on this latch. It’s a bit higher than you might expect from a cabinet latch and isn’t going to a good deal for anyone looking to buy in bulk. But if money was no object and I trusted my mechanical skills, I don’t see why this option wouldn’t be near the top of my list.

8. RV Designer H219 Bulldog Cabinet Catch

Our next product is the RV Designer H219 Bulldog Cabinet Catch, which comes as a set of two and includes everything for the install. These items include two socket bases, two catches, and four mounting screws.

As a result, you won’t have to buy anything separately and should have no issues installing it rather quickly. You should also love that this option comes with a 90-day warranty to ensure the product meets your expectations.

It seems to be a perfect replacement for most old RV cabinet and camper drawer latches, as well. This aspect further confirms that the install process for the product will be a breeze. Multiple people said it took less than five minutes.

Once it’s installed, this product shouldn’t have any problems keeping your cabinets, bedroom doors, and drawers closed inside your rig. It’s proven time and time again to provide excellent results in any situation it’s considered suitable for as a product.

You’ll no longer have to worry about your cabinets flying opening when you’re traveling. Due to this, these trips can go off without a hitch and stay entirely safe. It’s just another aspect that ensures this product would be a useful tool to have on board your rig.

The product’s antique finish was another appealing trait for me. It’s more of a preference thing, but it’d fit well into my RV’s interior without becoming an awful eyesore. Of course, it’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it’s helpful and would have an impact on my final decision.

It also doesn’t hurt matters that you get these results for an incredible price. Honestly, there’s nothing else to call this product other than a bargain given these features and low cost. You aren’t going to find a much better option out there than this one that’s for sure.

But a bargain like this one doesn’t come without flaws. In this case, the flaws concern its overall durability as some people said this latch only lasted a year or two. I don’t know about you, but I would be looking for longer longevity from my chosen RV cabinet locks.

9. JQK Magnetic Cabinet Door Catch

The JQK Magnetic Cabinet Door Catch has a variety of features, which make it stand out from its rivals. For instance, you can’t overlook how great this product’s design is with its stainless steel shell and iron catch plate.

These two aspects ensure this product will offer quality results for a long time coming. You should also love that this product’s rustproof. This feature further proves it’ll provide a level of durable few others can match.

I found the magnet embedded within this product to be another appealing trait. This magnet will hold the cabinet door, pantry, closet, and drawers closed in whatever situation might present itself. It’s an overly practical aspect that only further ensures this product will meet your needs.

You shouldn’t overlook the inclusion of the one year warranty either. As with some earlier products on this list, the warranty will offer a level of protection. This feature will protect you against a product not meeting your expectations. It’s a backup plan to ensure you have a way out of keeping a subpar product.

I like the inclusion of the stainless steel screws for install purposes as well. Their additions will only make things easier and it seems these will hold up well based on the buyer reviews. In some cases, manufacturers will provide low-quality screws with their latches, but this issue doesn’t seem to be a problem here.

This option being a 4-pack, helps me out as a bulk buyer. I can now easily buy multiple packs without having to stress or look elsewhere. The price for this option is more than fair, too, which further cements its place as a worthy choice.

Given these features, it seems like JQK did an excellent job, including everything a rig owner could want in a cabinet latch. But there was one area where this product did falter based on the buyer reviews.

Some buyers felt the clicking noise made by the device was a little too loud and annoying. It might seem like a weird complaint, but it was noted more than once in the reviews.

10. Camco 44203 Cabinet Catches

Camco’s second product on our list is the Camco 44203 Cabinet Catches, which comes with six catches, all hardware, and screws included. As someone who loathes buying equipment separately, you can bet this option being a fully equipped one was appealing to me.

I also love that these barrel-style catches won’t have any problems making sure your cabinets stay closed with their amazing design. It can offer this assurance thanks to it being made from high-density polyethylene.

This material has proven to be incredibly durable and will keep your cabinets safely shut even on the bumpiest rides. It’s just another product from this brand that shows how time and time again, Camco seems ahead of the curve.

As you might expect, this option being a fully equipped one, makes it easy to install. This aspect is something we’ve covered at length in our earlier reviews. But regardless, it’s always nice when a company doesn’t make the install process for their products too tricky or complex.

The price of this option isn’t too shabby either. It should fit right into your budgets without much thought or issue. Plus, Camco provides a one-year warranty with purchase as it does with most of its products. It’s just another way Camco continues to go a little beyond most of its rivals.

All in all, this product represents another home run from a brand that’s been killing it in RV product markets for decades. You aren’t going to find a better company when it comes to these type of products then this one.

But even with their great reputation, it doesn’t mean every or any Camco product is perfect. This option is no different, as it does have a flaw worth discussing. It seems some buyers had shipping issues with this product.

This flaw was rather shocking because of the brand’s stellar reputation. It’s not what you might expect from top tier brands like Camco. Either way, I’d still risk buying these products because of how great they work.

11. Alise CA250-4P Ball Tension Catch Latch

If you’re looking for one of the most durable camper drawer latches, Alise CA250-4P Ball Tension Catch Latch should be worth a look. This option has an all-metal construction made from top tier brass.

As a result, this product is rustproof and should avoid having any durability concerns for a long time. It also comes available in three sizes options to ensure it’ll be a good fit for a vast majority of people looking to buy camper cabinet door latches. The prices on all these options are more than fair as well.

I found this product’s two installation methods to be another appealing trait. This choice gives the user some more control over the entire experience. It becomes an even more user-friendly option and should ensure a higher likelihood the buyer will be happy.

The product’s gold finish was also a standout for me. It has nothing to do with the results it provides. But it looks great and won’t ever be an eyesore like some other models. It’s a nice little touch to ensure further a buyer ends up satisfied with their final choice.

As with some other options on this list, the Alise CA250-4P Ball Tension Catch Latch comes with a warranty. This particular warranty is a 30-day policy and should provide enough coverage to determine whether the product suits your situation.

It offers some versatility as well, with its ability to work on several furniture doors from cabinets to other storage compartments. In either situation, this latch will get the job done. Honestly, there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to the results provided by this option.

But you could complain about the journey of getting there. You see, some customers made it a point to note that this product’s install was a bit more tricky than expected. This issue would be a deal-breaker for me as I fully expect a total nightmare to happen when I would attempt to do it.

12. JQK HBC200-P4 Cabinet Door Latch

Our last product is another from JQK, which continues where the first one left off. It’s made from solid brass and capable of withstanding whatever issue comes its way. If you let it, this cabinet door latch will be in your life for years.

It also offers several uses in areas such as your rig’s kitchen, closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms. In these situations, this JQK will fully ensure your belongings don’t start flying around your RV during travel.

As with the previous JQK product, this option comes with a stainless steel screw to make life easier for the user. This screw is a formidable aspect and should add a further sense of durability with its use during the process.

It’ll also ensure the install process becomes as easy as possible. It’s just another area where this brand continues to excel past its rivals. The directions that came with this product were even a source of positivity within the buyer reviews.

This model comes with the most choices when it comes to buying options, as well. You actually get to choose from five different ones, which means finding one that fits your needs perfectly shouldn’t be too difficult.

Each of these buying options features a price tag more than in the range of any respectable budget. It’s not a bargain like some other choices on our list, but it’s not overly costly either. It instead falls right in the middle, which is okay when it offers features like these.

It wouldn’t be a product from this company without a killer warranty either. This particular option comes with a one year warranty to ensure you have extensive coverage and protection from receiving a subpar device.

But this product happens to be another one that provides a few customer shipping issues. It’s just not a good look for an RV cabinet latch brand. It was a little shocking because JQK seems to do everything else at such a high level.

RV Cabinet Latch Buyer’s Guide

Everyone who intends to buy RV cabinet latches should have a general understanding of what makes a great one. This section will provide the info needed to pick a top tier option from a pile of mediocrity.


Things to know before buying an RV cabinet latches

Choosing the best RV drawer latches or locks will come down to a few factors. One of these factors, type, has already been discussed in great detail. But these other four should have a large impact on your final decision as well.


You’re not going to want a lock or latch that has a tricky install process or takes forever. It should instead take little time or effort on your part. As a result, I’d always suggest going with a product that uses either a magnet or adhesive.

Both these products will ensure you don’t spend much time installing them. It’ll also make sure the process doesn’t require any drilling, which ruins the surface of your lovely cabinets. Another way to avoid getting a lock with a complex installation is by reading the customer reviews.

These reviews will have a lot of discussion about this factor and should help you decide which product suits your needs. It’s just an effective way to ensure you don’t pick a lock that ends up being unusable.


The best cabinet locks will offer a high level of versatility. In other words, these products will be able to work on not only cabinets but other things around your rig as well. This multiple purpose ability will ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

If you genuinely value versatility in your cabinet locks, buying some adhesive mounted cabinet locks would be a smart move. As you know, these types are capable of bending around corners to help lock up appliances like microwaves.

Locking Mechanism

An RV cabinet latch’s locking mechanism is another crucial part of this process. You’ll need to make sure your chosen lock makes it hard for a bumpy road to unlock. But you must also ensure both you and other adults can easily open it.

Finding this balance is vital to this process ending with a smile on your face. As a result, reading buyer reviews could help with this factor, as well. It’s best to use the experiences of other customers when examining an area like a latch’s locking mechanism.

Otherwise, you’d have to rely solely on the product description. This situation wouldn’t be a wise move as companies tend to over exaggerate a product’s effectiveness to score more purchases.


RV cabinet locks or latches don’t come at expensive prices. But these items tend to be ones a person would buy in bulk. Due to this, the cost ends up mattering when purchasing multiple locks for areas around your rig.

This issue means making sure you get a good deal for an effective product is a must. I’d suggest making a budget and looking around your rig to see how many locks are needed. It’ll ensure you end up getting a deal that meets your own needs.

What are the different types of RV cabinet latches?

As you might expect, the market’s littered with different types of RV latches and locks. This section will discuss the most common ones at length. It’ll ensure you know what one suits your situation perfectly.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Our first type is called magnetic cabinet locks. These products tend to be a favorite among rig owners because they aren’t noticeable on your cabinet’s exterior. It’ll make sure these locks don’t become an eyesore inside your RV.

As for their install process, these magnetic locks are installed on the inside of the cabinet or cabinet door. The location of their install point can vary based on preference. In other words, you can usually set these products on the top, side, or bottom of the door’s inside.

It’s always nice to have a little bit of choice when it comes to an aspect such as this one. We should also mention that some options will require hardware installation, and others will only need tape during the setup process.

Of course, the ones that use tape tend to have shorter longevity than the hardware installed options. Anyone looking to buy one of these locks should put some serious thought into whether the hardware installed or tape options fit their needs.

Magnetic cabinet locks are effective against one of the more annoying issues that tend to haunt these products as well. You see, these locks don’t have a gap between them and the door. This action removes any chance of your hands or fingers getting pinched.

These locks provide the ability to shut them off when your child isn’t around the respective cabinets or drawers. It’s just a simple task of turning a switch or knob. But you must make sure to re-engage the lock when done.

It’s also worth noting that these products are only opened by a key. As a result, people with a habit of misplacing things might want to look at another type. These locks do often have issues with doors or drawers that have an extra thickness to them, which is another problem.

Adhesive Mounted Cabinet Locks

If you’re a person that doesn’t want to drill into your cabinets, getting an adhesive mounted cabinet lock would be a smart move. These products are instead install using adhesive, which is a handy way to avoid the potential hassle of installing hardware.

People also love that locks are easily removable. This ability comes from these products having a strap in the middle, which often ends up being adjustable. These straps will have an anchor point on either end that a person will use to stick on the intended surface of an item you need locked.

In most cases, these straps will be flexible enough to bend around corners, as well. This trait is something most other types lack and opening up locking opportunities you might’ve not considered. For instance, these locks have proven useful to lock appliances like microwaves.

You should also love the versatility provided by these types of locks. An adhesive mounted lock doesn’t only have to be an item that used inside your rig’s kitchen. You can use all over your RV without issue thanks to the traits mentioned above.

The only issue resides in that some options won’t come with a reliable adhesive. It’s something a person looking to buy this type of lock will have to examine carefully. You should look out for adhesive that’s known to pull off the cabinet’s stain or paint.

These issues can be examined by reading the buyer reviews for each product. If there happens to be a problem in this area, these discussions will have a dialogue about it. But it’s possible just to replace lackluster adhesive as well.

Cord Cabinet Locks

A rig owner with side by side knobs on their RV cabinets should consider getting cord cabinet locks. The market happens to be limited for these options as they only work for one knob type. But several benefits are gained from their use.

For instance, cord cabinet locks are among the easiest to install and remove on today’s market. A person can even use this type of lock with only one hand. It’s just a simple matter of pulling the cord around your cabinet’s two knobs and using the lock’s button to tighten or release its cords.

Sounds easy enough, right? It might be a simple process, but it’s one that a child won’t be able to figure out. But there is a slight issue with these type of locks. Their cords often attract the interest of children even when they can’t figure out how to unlock them.

On another positive note, these locks are great for people who don’t want any marks or damage done to their cabinets. After all, their install doesn’t require any hardware or tools, which removes the possibility of these issues happening.

Sliding Cabinet Locks

Sliding cabinet locks are among the most versatile options as they can work on both cabinet handles and knobs. But these products tend to be most effective when working with either D-shaped handles or mushroom-shaped.

As for their design, these products are extended U-shaped latches made to fit between two locks or handles. This aspect makes their using process easy and uncomplex. In fact, you can usually work them with only a single hand,

It also doesn’t hurt that their price tags tend to be inexpensive. You don’t have to worry about the install process being tricky either as there’s no tool or hardware required. This aspect means that the locks won’t leave an impression beyond on your cabinets when removed.

Another positive is kids tend to have a tough time operating these locks. This type happens to be one of the best at ensuring your children stay away from dangerous or important drawers and cabinets.

Sliding cabinet locks do have a longevity issue, though, as they have a habit of breaking when used regularly. This problem is where the low cost comes in handy, given you can just buy extra.

Spring Release Latches

The last type is called spring release latches, which are an old-fashioned kind of RV cabinet or RV drawer locks. You set up both a catch and latch inside your drawer or cabinet when using this type of lock.

As a result, this setup ensures you don’t have to see any of its hardware from the outside. This aspect prevents the device from drawing attention to itself and becoming an eyesore. It also helps that they’re really effective at ensure things stays closed during bumpy travel. However, these benefits are really the only ones offered by these types of locks.

One of the main issues with them is spring release latches leave behind holes inside your cabinet when removed. These locks also create annoying little hazard every time you attempt to open the drawer or cabinet.

You see, the cabinet or drawer will have a small gap before it catches with these locks in place. This issue could be a pinching threat to a child. It also doesn’t help that releasing it requires pressing down on the latch.

This method makes it much easier for a child to figure it out. In fact, these types of locks may only be effective when used around smaller toddlers or babies. Kids around five or six will quickly figure out how to work around them.

Why do you need an RV cabinet latch?

The main reason to get some RV cabinet latches is quite simple to understand. Cabinet latches are a necessary part of RVing due to them ensuring your belongings don’t fly around the rig during travel. These products will instead make sure your dishes, silverware, food, and other items stay in their respective cabinets.

There are also certain items that need to be locked up and kept away from the reach of children or even pets. RV latches and catches offer a way to keep these dangerous items in a safe place away from their access.

Aside from these reasons, the best cabinet latches will also offer benefits like being easy to install, low prices, and durability. These products should be an item, which functions and gives results for years to come when built correctly.

Where should I install these RV cabinet latches?

The obvious answer to this question would be on your cabinets. But these devices can also be useful on other things inside your rig, such as doors, windows, and toilets. In some cases, you’ll even be able to lock up something like a microwave.

Honestly, the possibilities are almost endless. It really ends up depending on what purpose you have for getting these devices. For instance, a person who has a class A motorhome would need a lot more latches then someone with a campervan.

RV Cabinet Latch FAQs

What are the most trusted RV cabinet latch brands?

Buying from a trusted RV cabinet latch brand should be a high priority for any customer. The good news is that you’ll already become familiar with some. Each company mentioned in our product review section has gained a reputation for being trustworthy.

But even among this group of fantastic brands, a couple of them stand out a little more than the rest: Camco and CRANACH. These two companies have proven time and time again to excel past their customers’ expectations. This ability has made them a force to be reckoned with in this marketplace.

I thought looking into what these two brands do differently could provide helpful info that you can use during your search. This info should give you a better handle on what a top tier cabinet latch brand looks like and offers its customers.


If every rig owner wasn’t familiar with Camco by now, I’d be shocked. This brand has its hands in several RV related product markets. In each, Camco has earned its way to the top because of their innovative designs and great customer service.

Their work in the cabinet latch and lock market is no different. Camco has proven again and again that it’s willing to do whatever it can to ensure their customer’s happiness. Having this type is mindset makes me feel very comfortable buying their products.


Over the last 30 years, CRANACH has earned their customers’ trust by doing what it takes to ensure its products meet expectations. This mindset has endured them to most of the people who have bought their devices.

It also doesn’t hurt that this brand always ranks at the top when it comes to customer service. You’ll have a hard time trying to find a buyer with a bad thing to say about CRANACH. Everything about them just ends up being solid.

What can I use to keep drawers closed?

RV owners have several options to consider when keeping their drawers closed. My preferred choice is securing them with magnetic drawer latches for RV usage. However, some people prefer wrapping them in bungee cords/rope, utilizing child safety locks, or velcro strips.

It’s a preference choice, but most experts suggest using latches. This method is just a simple way of ensuring your RV drawers remain secure and safe when traveling. Plus, they don’t cost much money or inconvenience anyone on the rig.

How do I stop my RV cabinets from opening while driving?

Securing a rig’s cabinets isn’t much different from keeping drawers close. You have several available choices, such as cabinet latches for RV or child safety locks. It then becomes a matter of installing your preferred method and using them effectively.

How do you install latches on RV cabinets?

Installing latches on RV cabinets isn’t as simple as purchasing new ones. It often begins by removing your old ones, as most rigs come with built-in factory latches. But don’t worry, as the following guide will go over the steps of replacing and installing RV cabinet latches:

  1. Your old cabinet latches will have their own hardware pieces. You’ll need a screwdriver to unscrew and remove them from the cabinet’s frame. Place and hold your new cabinet latch where you unscrewed the old hardware.
  2. Locate and use a writing utensil (pen or pencil) to record the latch’s position. It’s a crucial step to ensure you don’t lose the placement when doing these next steps.
  3. Proceed to drill the marked area if the new latch’s screws don’t fit correctly. Cabinet latch manufacturers are unpredictable with measurements, so this is a common occurrence.
  4. Once the holes are drilled, screw in your new latch.
  5. It’s now time to test it out and see whether it works correctly.
  6. If it doesn’t work, there’s no need to panic. Go over the steps you did and see if you made any mistakes.

Any care and maintenance tips?

These products aren’t the most complicated devices in the world, but there are some tricks to ensure you get the best results possible. The following tips should help make sure you get the most from your chosen camper cabinet latches:

  • Following the manufacturer’s directions when doing the install.
  • Always use the locks in the proper manner to make sure no damage occurs.
  • If you buy an adhesive lock, you mustn’t remove the device all the time.
  • Use the locks for what they’re intended. If a product says cabinet-only, don’t use it anywhere else.
  • Clean them properly when necessary, but ensure the adhesive part doesn’t touch the water.
  • Lubricating the locks regularly is key in getting them to work effectively.
  • Don’t keep your keys in the reach of children or pets.
  • Keep the key nearby at all times. This action will make it easier to unlock the cabinet when it’s needed.

If you follow these tips, there’s no reason to believe your cabinet lock experience won’t be fruitful. You just have to make sure you’re properly using the products, and everything should turn out fine.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy RV cabinet door locks or RV cabinet door latches would be using Amazon or Camping World. If you’re a person who likes shopping in retail stores, Home Depot or Lowe’s would be good options. It’s just a matter of figuring out which seller meets your particular shopping needs.

For instance, I’m always going to go with Amazon because I value selection and price above all else. Amazon easily is the best when it comes to these areas. But if I wanted face to face customer service and loved shopping in the world, Lowe’s or Home Depot would be more my speed.


After reading our article, finding the best RV cabinet latch shouldn’t be much of a challenge. You just have to apply what we laid out here into your search. This action will make the right choice clear and apparent.

This perfect cabinet latch will then ensure everything stays safely in place within their respective cabinets and drawers during travel. It’ll be a small, useful tool to prevent any dangerous situations from occurring when you’re on the road.

So please, let the guide help you and use it during your search. It’ll ensure you end up with a product capable of meeting your needs. As a result, this entire buying process will have a final result of having a smile on your face.

But if you do find yourself asking more questions, feel free to let us know in our comment section. We’ll do our best to answer any concerns that pop up. After all, we just want to make sure this buying experience is a rewarding one.

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