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The Best RV Blinds – Ideal for Your RV Windows

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

If you’re looking to upgrade your RV with the best RV blinds, clicking on our article was a wise move. I’ll take you through everything a person could want to know about these window treatments. These discussions will then help streamline this buying process into a less complicated, easy search.

best rv blinds

You’ll soon understand their benefits, types, essential elements, how to install, and much more. I’ll even provide ten reviews of my favorite RV blinds to give you a head start. These reviews should offer an idea about what’s available in this marketplace.

Let’s not waste any more time and get this process with these reviews. I promise this article will ensure this buying experience with a smile on your face.

Best Overall Quality Material Budget Friendly
Preview Lippert 786037

AP Products 015-201512

RecPro ‎IPS-3224C-A

Dimensions ‎3 x 12 x 2 inches 29 x 21 x 2 inches ‎32 x 24 inches
Weight ‎9.6 ounces ‎8.2 pounds ‎1.65 pounds
Material Plastic/ Glass Plastic/ Tinted Tempered Glass Fabric
Details Details Details

9 Best Blind for RV Reviews

1. Lippert Components 786037 RV Window Shade

Lippert Components’ 786037 RV Window Shade is an excellent choice for people looking to add some UV protection onto their RV entry door. This product blocks those UV rays with the best of them right from their placement inside your entry door’s window frame.

This window treatment offers these practical abilities while being more convenient than similar models. Other door entry RV shades usually require being taken off and put back for their usage. Instead, this shade will stay integrated into your door’s window frame, which saves you from a massive hassle.

You also have to love this product’s easy using process. It has a simple extend and retract operation that makes your life much easier. Plus, it doesn’t have any cords that get knotted or tangled to prevent any frustration with the shade.

The product’s installation isn’t anything to overlook, either. People with Lippert RV entry doors shouldn’t have any issues setting this shade inside their door frame. The entire process will only take a few minutes at the most.

I have to say this product’s ability to regulate your rig’s temperature is another impressive trait. You should have no problem keeping your RV cool or warm with this shade at work. It’s truly an impressively crafted device made by Lippert.

Overall, RV owners tend to overlook window frame RV shades. But products like this one show why it’s a good idea to invest in one. I wish more people could benefit from its impressive capabilities as this model is only usable with LCI RV entry doors.

RV owners with these doors shouldn’t hesitate for a second to put money down this shade, though. It’ll help ensure your motorhome becomes a comfortable and stress-free place for everyone on board with relative ease. You can’t do a whole better when it comes to door window shades than this one.

2. AP Products Slim Shade RV Door Window

RV owners who want to replace their entry door window with an upgraded option should consider AP Products’s 015-201512 Slim Shade RV Door Window. This product will directly replace your existing window and frame while providing a few outstanding benefits.

An excellent example of these added benefits would be its inclusion of a recessed shade. Users will be able to deploy this shade whenever necessary with ease. You simply slide it up or down based on your preferences, making the aspect rather convenient.

If you intend on using the shade, it’s proven to be more than adequate at blocking the sun. Multiple buyers alluded to its talents within their reviews. I can only agree with their findings because I found its performance more than impressive.

The product’s tinted glass was another standout trait to catch my attention. It’s a pivotal piece because it makes sure no one can see into your RV even without the shade. As a result, you’ll always have privacy whenever it’s needed.

You have to love this product’s versatility, as well. AP Products built this door window to fit any RV door with a 12″ x 21″ radius corner window. It might sound like a niche grouping, but many RVs out there today have an entry window with these measurements.

I was a little disappointed by the price tag of this product, though. It’s a bit more than I’m looking to spend on shade devices, even if it’s part of an entire door window replacement. After all, it’s easily among the most expensive choices on this whole list.

But if I were looking for a door window replacement, I would have difficulty choosing another option. It provides everything a person could want in an entry door window, plus a few other key elements. You’d have a hard time finding a more equipped product to function in this role.

3. RecPro RV Pleated Blinds

If you’re looking for high-quality RV replacement blinds, RecPro’s RV Pleated Blinds should be on your consideration list. These options are among the most versatile choices available as they come in 15 different sizes.

You’d have a hard time finding a situation where these blind wouldn’t be a solid fit. But this versatility doesn’t mean squat if the products aren’t high-quality. Thankfully, these replacement blinds for RV can more than meet a buyer’s expectations.

One of my favorite things about these replacement blinds for motorhome usage would be their thick construction material. It’ll ensure you get a great deal of privacy whenever they’re being used. Your neighbors would need superhero powers to see through these blinds.

I was also impressed with these blinds’ cappuccino color scheme. It might seem a little dull, but this color won’t clash with most RV interiors and blend right in without issue. This feature is another that highlights the versatility of these blinds.

You shouldn’t have much trouble installing these blinds, either. RecPro provides all the necessary mounting hardware to get the job without breaking a sweat. Honestly, I found the entire process effortless when setting them up inside my RV.

Once they’re installed, buyers should find their insulation and UV protection abilities more than acceptable. The blinds should have no issues keeping those harmful UV rays out while ensuring you can keep a RV at your preferred temperature.

But there were a couple of complaints about the packaging of these RV blinds. In these cases, it seems these products arrived without certain vital items such as the hold down brackets. These issues aren’t what you want to see when doing product research.

However, these problems were infrequent as most people were delighted with their purchase. I’m fairly confident in putting these down as isolated incidents rather than a trend. More importantly, their customer service seems to deal with these issues quickly.

4. Kohree RV Door Camper Sunshade

One of the most flexible options would be Kohree’s RV Door Camper Sunshade. It features a universal size that allows it to fit onto most travel trailer doors, camper doors, and RV doors. Therefore, it becomes a suitable choice for most RV owners who want door window shades.

These same owners will then benefit from its outstanding quality. You’ll adore this product’s usage of top-tier acrylic blackout fabric, which ensures no light will come through it. This material also offers protection from harmful UV rays and water capabilities.

Honestly, I was amazed at how effective this door shade was at blacking out incoming light. Other models usually let a stream of light in or have gaps, but this model is easily among the best so-called “RV blackout shades” available.

Installing one of these travel trailer mini blinds was straightforward and effortless, as well. The entire process only consists of using four screws and four snaps to get it into place. It also makes removing it when not being used relatively simple.

You might expect RV mini blinds with this many positive features to have an outrageous price tag. But this one from Kohree is plenty affordable. Bargain buyers should be doing everything in their power to get their hands on this door window shade.

However, people who don’t have pre-drilled holes for blinds will need to drill some. It doesn’t make the installation process any more difficult, but it’s an extra step. Some people might feel uncomfortable using a drill machine as it does bring forth certain dangers.

But if this isn’t a problem or your RV has pre-drilled holes, I don’t see why this camper sunshade wouldn’t be an excellent purchase. Its well-constructed design and various other outstanding features will ensure you get much-needed privacy when necessary. What more could you want from door window shades?

5. Camper Comfort RV Pleated Blinds

Camper Comfort’s RV Pleated Shades are a perfect choice to replace RV window shades that might have become worn down over the years. Their cappuccino color will mesh right into your RV and offer high-quality blind performance.

For instance, these blinds are known for their resistance against UV rays. These abilities will ensure the blinds have no trouble protecting your rig’s interior from harmful UV rays. I was genuinely pleased with how well these blinds held up even on the sunniest days.

The easy operating process for these blinds is another appealing attribute. I loved how simple it was to move the blinds up and down with their included tension string. You won’t have any issues raising or lowering to your preferred position.

As with some of our previous options, these blinds come in various sizes. Buyers will have a choice between 13 variations to find a perfect one. I’d imagine it’d be challenging to find a motorhome that couldn’t use these blinds in some capacity.

Buyers can’t hate on this option’s price tag, either. It certainly affordable and shouldn’t be anything outside a reasonable, realistic budget. More importantly, you’re getting quality products for a cost that won’t empty your savings. It sounds like an absolute winner to me.

But some customers did receive the wrong RV blinds parts, specifically mounting brackets, with their purchase. Customers reported these issues in more than a couple of reviews. But Camper Control’s customer service team seems to be high-quality and solved these problems rather quickly.

As a result, buyers shouldn’t put too much stock into these reports. The issues weren’t prevalent and dealt with quickly by the brand. I’d feel more than comfortable putting money down on these blinds, even with these potential hassles.

6. LATCH.IT RV Door Window Shade Cover

If you’re looking for a simple and effective door window shade cover, LATCH.IT’s RV Door Window Shade Cover should be on your list. This product’s simplicity comes from its insanely easy installation process.

Multiple buyers reported the entire process took less than two minutes. I didn’t even have issues doing it as someone who often fails at these tasks. It ends up being a simple activity of installing the four included screws and snapping the shade cover into place.

Once installed, the product offers high-quality effectiveness with its stretchy fabric construction material. It’s an essential aspect because it provides an RVer with total privacy as it blocks out UV rays completely.

Most RV owners won’t have to worry about its fit, either. LATCH.IT built this shade cover to have a universal design capable of fitting almost all campers, RVs, and motorhomes. It’s clear that this brand wanted to create a product that could benefit the entire RVing community.

You also benefit from this product having 24/7 customer support and a lifetime replacement warranty. It makes sure you’ll never be left with an unusable shade cover. Plus, LATCH.IT has a reputation for honoring the promise, which isn’t always the case with other camper blinds and curtains manufacturers.

Some other notable features include waterproof capabilities, protection from UV rays, and an affordable price tag. These inclusions should make life much easier when having this shade cover during your RVing adventures.

A few customers did mention issues with the included velcro, though. It seems sticking this velcro to the cloth material can be a little trick. But most people found this aspect unproblematic as many customers had no trouble with the shade cover.

Overall, if this shade cover is an acceptable fit for your RV’s entry door window, I would recommend pulling the trigger on it.

7. RecPro Blackout Window RV Roller Shades

RecPro’s Blackout Window RV Roller Shades are outstanding when it comes to controlling light coming into an RV. These blackout blinds consist of black 4-ply linen that’s known for keeping your rig’s interior dark even when other campers surround it.

Honestly, you don’t often come across a roller shade capable of providing this much privacy. These options are on another level when it comes to keeping those prying eyes out of an RV. It makes them suitable window coverings for more vulnerable areas, such as an RV bedroom window.

But these night shades aren’t only known for their blackout abilities. I was also thrilled to see these shades don’t have any seams. It’s an essential aspect because it reduces wear and tear by a significant margin.

Therefore, these night shades should last a lot longer than you expect from a regular roller shade. It’ll keep maintenance and cleaning of these blinds down, as well. I don’t see any reason to doubt that these RV shades won’t be in your life for a long time.

You don’t have to worry about these blinds moving too much, either. Their design comes with a suspended knob, which helps prevent movement. Your blinds will instead remain sturdy and provide excellent protection against people looking into the RV. I should also note that these RV shades come in an almost endless number of sizes.

But I was surprised to see a few complaints about RecPro’s customer service within this option’s reviews. After all, this brand has built a stellar reputation among RVers for providing excellent performance in every notable category.

Luckily, these complaints weren’t overly prevalent as it was only mentioned in a few reports. I wouldn’t be too concerned with these issues anyway, as it’s out of character for the brand. Plus, the overall quality of these shades is outstanding.

8. AP Products Thin Replacement Shades

The AP Products’s Thin Replacement Shade is an affordable, effective pick for anyone looking to replace an RV door window shade. One of the main reasons would have to be its easy maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Users will only need to use a damp cloth and wipe the shade’s surface to remove any dirt or other build-ups. It makes keeping the shade in good condition a relatively easy and effortless task for whoever’s lucky enough to buy one.

The product’s practicality was another massive appealing trait. It comes from this shade featuring a string mechanism fitted with fixed strings. Due to this, issues like knotting won’t be a problem like with other RV shades.

Users can also attribute this shade’s convenience to its easy using process. You simply slide it up and down based on your intended usage of the shade. It’s always nice when one of these products doesn’t make using them unnecessarily complex for no reason.

You can expect this shade to provide excellent insulation when pulled down, as well. Its black color scheme should help offer a great deal of privacy, especially at night. This aspect would come in handy when camping in a crowded campground with lights all around.

I was a little annoyed by this product not coming with an instruction manual, though. Several other customers reported feeling the same way in their reviews. Thankfully, the installation was simple enough to do without one, as I’ve had experience dealing with RV shades.

But I don’t think even newbie RVers would have much trouble setting up this shade in their RV’s entry windows. Honestly, if this product can suit your particular situation, I wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of its low price and excellent features.

9. Redi Shade Trim at Home Pleated RV Fabric Shade

If you’re looking for high-quality, customizable fabric shades, Redi Shade’s Trim at Home Pleated RV Fabric Shade is a solid choice. This option allows RVers to cut/trim the vanes after purchase to best fit their RV windows.

It’s an aspect that isn’t too commonplace in the RV blind or shade market. But it does remove the hassle of doing measurements beforehand when trying to get the right window coverings. You can instead worry about it later and cut the fabric shades to fit your particular needs.

Buyers will also find themselves loving this shade’s cordless lift mechanism. I know, I did when trying this option out as it offers an easy operation process and neat style appearance. It has even been proven to be safe for both children and pets.

Installing this shade is a bit different than other fabric shades, as well. This product doesn’t require any drilling to mount it since it utilizes strong adhesive tape to stick onto the way. In other words, there’s no need for tools when setting up this product.

Redi Shade offers a choice regarding this shade’s color, too, which is always appreciated. Buyers will have to select between a white or natural (brownish) color scheme. I would find myself having a hard time not choosing the white option, as it would mesh well in my RV’s interior.

But it seems this product is another one, which has packaging problems. There were a couple of buyers who noted the shade arrived in a damaged container. It’s not an ideal look for a brand with a stellar reputation like Redi Shade.

However, this shade’s overall quality more than makes it worth taking the risk. It’s not like these complaints were overly frequent, either.

RecPro RV Day-Night Shades (Outdated)

Our final product, RecPro RV Day/Night Blinds, features a unique design that I adore as a potential customer. These RV shades are composed of two fabrics that serve different purposes that’ll benefit a motorhome owner.

The white shade blind window cover made from sheer fabric is present for privacy and filtering in sunlight into your RV. Meanwhile, the tan shade is opaque and functions perfectly at night to prevent any light from entering your RV.

As a result, these blinds are capable of fitting any role an RVer might need. It makes them a seriously convenient addition to a RV’s interior. Not to mention how excellent these blinds were when it came to insulation.

The lighter shade will reflect light away from your RV. It’s a useful trait to have as it’ll help keep things cool on those hot summer days. The darker shade keeps light in to help keep it warm on those cold winter days.

Aside from this unique design, these blinds come with several essential familiar features discussed in our prior reviews. Some of these aspects include multiple size options, mounting hardware, protection from UV rays, and much more. RecPro certainly has seemed to cover almost every want or need you could want in RV shades.

But one thing this model doesn’t excel at is affordability. RVers will have to pay a handsome fee for the services of these day/night blinds. Each buyer will have to determine whether these blinds are worth this steep price tag.

Given their extensive abilities, I would fall on the side of them being worth it. These shades will provide and function in any way a motorhome owner might need without issue. It’s a level of quality that I’d be happy to pay a little extra for when buying RV shades or blinds.

RV Blinds Buyer’s Guide


Most new RV owners don’t know where to start when buying blinds for RV usage. But this section will break the entire process down into an easy-to-follow guide. It’ll make choosing a set of camper blinds as simple as possible.

  • Insulation

One of the significant benefits brought by high-quality blinds or shades is their ability to provide adequate insulation. For instance, installing a set of top-tier trailer blinds that regulate heat can cool down the temperature inside your RV significantly during those summer months.

It’ll end up making RVing a lot more bearable in July and August. These blinds will also help prevent conditioned air from your AC unit from escaping your rig. As a result, it becomes essential to choose options with a reputation for providing succinct insulation.

  • Size

Size might be the most critical aspect of this entire process. If you get the wrong sized blinds, the purchase will end up being a waste of money and time. An easy way to avoid this outcome would be taking measurements of your RV windows before searching.

It’ll help make sure you pick the right size blinds without fail. As for how a person takes measurements, I’ll go into more detail later on in this article.

  • Privacy

RV owners should also select their motorhome blinds based on their preferred level of privacy. If you’re looking to get the most privacy possible, I’d recommend choosing options with a thicker fabric. These materials will keep the UV rays and sunlight out of your camper entirely.

But an RV owner who wants their privacy with a little bit of light shining through it should go with motorhome shades consisting of less dense material. In any case, it’s essential to purchase blinds with the capacity of providing at least a solid level of privacy.

It’s one of the few ways to ensure your family and belongings are protected from people outside with prying eyes. You’d be shocked by how much a good set of blinds can do at keeping would-be thieves away.

  • How Easy Are They to Install

The install process for a set of RV blinds can vary drastically from product to product. Buyers will need to make sure their particular options make this aspect simple and easy. In other words, choose blinds that come with installation hardware and a dependable instruction manual.

  • Durability

Your RV window blinds will see a lot of wear and tear. After all, people will repeatedly be lowering and raising them throughout your travels around the country. This repeated use allows the wear and tear to catch up to them rather quickly.

Buyers should prepare for this high-level usage by purchasing durable, well-constructed blinds. A simple way to determine each option’s durability would be by reading their customer reviews. These resources in-depth discussions about how well the blinds withstood regular usage.

  • Design

RV owners don’t want to buy blinds that don’t mesh with their RV’s furniture and interior decor. Trust me, there are enough options available that one of them will suit your rig’s personality to a tee.

Once you find these blinds, it’ll help create a much more comfortable environment inside your RV. These products can make a significant difference, positively or negatively, to an RV interior’s overall feel.

  • Easy To Clean

The chosen blinds for your RV should have an easy cleaning process. I’d recommend sticking with lighter options, as heavier binds will attract grime and dust at incredible speeds. It makes cleaning a true hassle for whoever has them onboard their campers.

Meanwhile, most lighter blinds are cleaned simply by vacuuming or wiping them down. Most people find flat roller shades for RV to be the easiest type to clean.

  • Easy to Use

It doesn’t make much sense to purchase mobile home blinds that are hard to use. Please do yourself a favor and do significant research into each option’s using process. It’s the only way to ensure your chosen RV blinds and shades don’t become a stress-inducing nightmare.

RV Blinds FAQs

Our product reviews and buying guide don’t tell the whole story about the best RV blinds. The following few discussions will fill in the blanks and answer any remaining questions about these blinds. It’ll make sure you’re more than qualified to choose a suitable set of blinds for your RV.

Who is this for?

The primary purpose of RV blinds or shades isn’t tricky to understand. In the simplest terms, these products will be window coverings onboard your RV. But a lot of benefits arise from having a high-quality set of blinds within your RV interior.

Top-tier blinds can provide an RVer with control over their RV’s light, temperature, and design. For instance, these blinds offer light control, allowing them to help determine how much goes into your recreational vehicle and the amount that is seeable within it.

An RV blind’s temperature control comes from their influence over how much cold or heat gets let inside and let outside your motorhome. These abilities become even more apparent when traveling in hot or humid areas, such as Florida.

In these areas, an RV blind’s ability to provide protection against UV rays will become important. It’ll also play a significant role in how much cold, conditioned air gets let out of your rig. These practical benefits more than prove that having a good set of shades improves your RVing adventures drastically.

I didn’t even get to mention their impact on the mood inside your RV interior. Blinds and shades can be utilized to compliment your rig’s general layout and bring its vibe to new heights. These products might be the final piece to unlocking your motorhome’s true potential.

Given this information, it’s clear that RV blinds are essential to every rig owner’s lifestyle. Investing in high-quality blinds ends up being a practical and effective way to ensure your travels remain as comfortable as possible.

What are the different types of RV blinds?

As with most RV products, there are many variations of RV blinds. But these products are mainly separated into three categories. I’ll discuss each of them below to ensure you can determine what type suits your needs.

  • Vertical RV Blinds

Vertical RV blinds are a common sight within this marketplace. These options are straightforward, visually appealing, and easy to operate. You can identify them quickly as their slats are placed vertically, hence the name, and tilted.

It’s a construction that allows users to control light and privacy levels from inside their RVs. If you’re looking to control the blind’s looseness or tightness, these models come with a wand. It’ll be thin, long, and often consists of plastic. An RV owner will use it to push/pull the blinds open or closed.

  • RV Roller Blinds

Most RV owners will be familiar with RV roller blinds, as well. These options are a popular commodity among RV enthusiasts as they’re easy to install, clean, and use. You can expect them to consist of fabric material that’s wrapped from a tube placed on top of RV windows.

A sidewinder chain will control this tube’s lowering and lifting abilities. Its construction allows for a great deal of versatility, which is why you find these blinds on many different window configurations.

  • Horizontal RV Blinds

Even though the last two styles are common, horizontal RV blinds remain the most popular within the RV community. These options will feature several horizontal slats that are controlled by a cord and pulley system. Buyers looking for practical but cheap RV shades often find these options to be the most budget-friendly.

How do you hang blinds in an RV?

The task of installing blinds for RVs is a bit difficult to discuss without knowing the model. In fact, the process will depend on the kind of window treatments for RV that are being covered. So it’s essential to consider this before choosing any blinds for rigs.

That said, here are the basic steps:

  • Put the mounting brackets into place and hook your blinds to them.
  • Mark the spots where you want the bottom of the blinds to be.
  • Secure roller tubes to those spots.
  • Check the setup.

Honestly, most manufacturers make the installation process a breeze to ensure buyers don’t return the products. Plus, they often put instructions in the product description to show their ease.

As a result, customers would be wise to take advantage of these resources. It’s an easy way to ensure comfort with travel trailer window blinds before paying for them.

Why do my vertical blinds move?

Vertical blinds for a camper don’t move by themselves unless something is making them. So if they do, there’s often a gap between the doors or window frames inside the rig producing a breeze. A powerful AC unit inside an RV could also be causing the issue.

Otherwise, these blinds for trailers and campers shouldn’t be moving. It could end up being one of those unexplained phenomena that drives everyone wild.

How do I stop my RV blinds from banging?

A common nuisance when having RV window coverings or blinds inside an RV is them banging during travel. So many people have tried numerous methods of preventing these issues. My preferred option is using magnets or clips to keep the screens secure onto the camper’s wall.

As a result, my blinds stay put and don’t become damaged from banging against the RV. It also saves me a little money by not needing to replace my budget blinds every few months.

How do you keep blinds from moving?

Magnets are a genuinely effective way of weighing blinds down inside a camper. They keep the blinds secured to the wall while staying put and covering my windows. As a result, my window screens aren’t constantly moving during travel and causing havoc.

Another option is using velcro strips to keep blinds stabilized. These strips will attach traditional or insulated RV blinds to a camper wall to prevent movement. In fact, I’ve known several RVers who use this method with effective results.

How do you secure the bottom of blinds?

Answering this question led to one of the best camper blinds ideas. It caused the creation of what we now call hold-down brackets. These products are made specifically to secure a blind’s bottom rail.

People only need to put them onto the rail ends and screw them into the wall. It is a simple way to remove a common nuisance in an RV owner’s life.

How do RV blinds work?

RV curtains and blinds work the same as the ones in your house. These products provide a rig owner with some much-needed privacy and protection against UV rays. It ends up being a simple matter of installing them on RV windows, folding them, and drawing them. Honestly, there’s nothing more to it.

Advantages and disadvantages of using blinds for RV

RV window shades and blinds offer various benefits and a disadvantage or two with their use inside a motorhome. I’ll discuss both the pros and cons below to demonstrate whether buying them is a good idea for you.


  • Controls the Amount of Light Inside Your RV

RV blinds can allow users to control how much light enters and exits their campers. This light control capability comes from their respective construction material and how a user can manipulate their looseness or tightness.

RVers can then use these abilities to directly protect their passengers from the blinding sunlight, which might occur during their travels. As you can imagine, this light control is vital to ensuring comfort onboard the RV.

  • Helps Control RV Interior Temperature

Some RV blinds come with unique features, such as heat retention and UV protection. These aspects allow them to help an RV owner control how cold and heat enter or exit their motorhome.

These features are handy when traveling during those extreme summer months or winter months. You can also expect them to help an RV owner maximize their heating or AC units’ effectiveness.

  • Valuable Addition to Your RV’s Interior Design.

These blinds can have a massive influence on your motorhome’s interior aesthetic or atmosphere. In other words, they can help set a vibe or mood inside these vehicles. You just need to pick the right ones for your intended goal.

  • Offers Privacy and Protection from the Outside World

Our last advantage might be the most important. After all, privacy can be hard to come by when traveling from crowded campground to crowded campground. But RV blinds do provide some semblance that stops outsiders from peering into your RV.


The only notable disadvantage to purchasing RV blinds would be it’s an extra expense. Although these products aren’t overly expensive, it’s still another thing you have to buy.

What are the best blinds to block out light?

I’d have to choose RecPro’s Blackout Window RV Roller Shades. These products won’t have trouble keeping light from entering your rig’s bedroom window or anywhere else.

Can I use regular blinds in RV?

RV blinds aren’t the same as the ones used inside your home. These products are specially designed to work well inside a motorhome. As a result, an RV shade or blind will have unique aspects that allow them to function better in these settings.

Some examples include hold-down brackets and cordless lift controls, which make installing an RV blind inside a rig much more effortless. It’s also noted that home blinds feature sizes that won’t fit snugly into the RV windows inside your rig. Due to this, it becomes clear getting blinds made for RV usage is the right move.

How to measure for RV blinds?

Measuring the blinds for your RV is a pivotal piece of this buying process. The first step is determining whether your blinds will be installed outside or inside the window’s frame. After deciding, move onto the actual measuring.

I’d recommend using a steel measuring tape to measure the window’s top, mid, and bottom. Use these measurements to find a blind with the same ones.

What is the best brand of window blinds?

If I had to choose one RV blind company, it’d have to be RecPro RV blinds. They’ve earned this title by gaining a pristine reputation among rig owners. It also helps that RecPro is a US-based brand, which helps with product quality and shipping speeds.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Keeping RV blinds in good condition won’t be too challenging. A good starting point would be to use a damp cloth to remove any debris build-ups between the slats regularly. If you’re traveling in a humid climate, using a vacuum with a brush attachment might be wise. It should eliminate all the dirt from your blinds with ease.

RV owners with fabric shades or blinds need to understand that these products come off easily. It makes them a lot easier to clean from a practical standpoint. I’d suggest soaking them in a container full of water and detergent for a couple of hours whenever possible.

You can then rinse them using clean water. If this approach doesn’t keep them dirt-free, a steam cleaner will get the job done without breaking a sweat.


These discussions should’ve provided enough insight into what blinds would suit your needs. It’s now time to use this new knowledge to ensure this process becomes a breeze.

But if you’re still having issues finding the best RV blinds, please leave a post in our comment. I’ll answer each post as quickly as possible to help you get back on track. Thanks for reading our article!

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