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The Best RV Battery Disconnect Switches for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best RV battery disconnect switch can be a bit more complicated than we’d expect. There happen to be many moving parts, which could trip up a potential buyer. But I intend to make sure no problems will happen to you by offering an extensive guide.

best rv battery disconnect switch

This guide will cover various relevant topics about these vital devices, including buying factors, types, how they work, and much more. Each of these discussions should ensure you end up knowing everything needed to make a smart purchase.

I’ll even try pointing you in the right direction by reviewing ten of my favorite options. These reviews should make it clear what a buyer needs to look for in a battery disconnect switch. As a result, choosing the perfect one for your rig will become a comfortable, stress-free experience.


Best Overall Easy To Use Budget Friendly
Preview LotFancy Cutoff Switch

WirthCo 20148

Ampper ‎Am-CBS11

Material Stainless Steel, Plastic, Copper Steel ABS
Lift Type ‎ON-OFF Battery Automatic
Voltage 12V-48V 12V 12V-24V
Amps – 275A Continuous (1h)
– 455A Intermittent (5m)
– 1250A Cranking (10s)
– 250A Continuous
– 750A (surge at 12V)
– 100A (12V)
– 150A (5s)
Details Details Details

10 Best Battery Disconnect Switch for RV Reviews

This section will contain ten reviews of top-tier RV battery disconnect switches. Each one of them should make you more comfortable finding one for yourself. They’ll also help you understand the more complicated topics discussed later in this article.

1. LotFancy Store Battery Disconnect Master Cutoff Switch

LotFancy’s Battery Disconnect Master Cutoff Switch is a perfect starting point because it has several features capable of making a rig owner’s life easier. One of my favorites would have to be its easy installation process.

Multiple buyers made a point to note how easy installing this model was compared with other models. I found myself feeling the same way, as the product’s instruction manual was a lot more helpful than expected.

This motorhome battery disconnect switch also excels when it comes to durability. It features ABS plastic housing with a rear cover, which insulates the rear terminals. You can expect this design to prevent any short circuits from occurring.

You don’t have to worry about it breaking down, either. Its tin-plated copper nuts and studs ensure top-tier stability and longevity. There’s no reason to believe this RV disconnect switch will need replacing anytime soon.

I was impressed with this product’s contour locking system as well. This aspect allows the device to be a stand-alone unit or used together with other switches. It showcases a bit of versatility, which is always a good thing in tools like these.

The product’s 1-year warranty was another nice touch added by LotFancy Store. It will offer a buyer some protection from receiving a malfunctioning device. It seems this brand honors the policy, too, which isn’t always the case with other manufacturers.

But I was a bit disappointed to see this model didn’t come with any hardware. This issue could be a problem for buyers who don’t already have everything needed for installation. It’s more of a nuisance than a real deal-breaker when it comes to these devices.

Overall, this device should have no issues meeting the needs of a rig owner. Its performance quality and durable construction should be adequate to keep your battery in good shape.

2. WirthCo 20148 Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switch

The WirthCo 20148 Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switch will be an effective deterrent for any unwanted battery drain. Its patented knife blade design has gained a reputation for providing excellent performance among rig owners.

I was also impressed with the easy using process. Users will only have to flip a switch, and this model will quickly disconnect the battery. It doesn’t get much easier than this situation when using a camper battery disconnect switch.

It would help if you didn’t overlook the easiness of this product’s installation process, either. This model will mount right onto a negative side battery terminal with ease. I didn’t even have issues with the install, which is a borderline miracle.

The device’s construction is another thing to catch my attention. Several buyers made a note about how well-built the device was compared with other battery disconnect switches. I can’t imagine this product wouldn’t offer top-tier performance for many years.

The product’s versatility was also quite intriguing. It has been known to be effective in situations outside an RVing environment, such as in seasonal equipment and other vehicles. Due to this, it could be an appealing option for bulk buyers.

In addition, buyers don’t need to be concerned with this product’s manufacturing location. It was built within the USA and passed every test or regulation. There’s no reason to believe this product won’t offer anything but safe usage.

But it’s a bit more expensive than I’d like to pay for one of these devices. It’s easily among the most costly on our entire list. Potential buyers will have to weigh whether its features are worth spending a little extra on.

In my case, I’ll always be willing to spend a little extra for better quality. This product from WirthCo certainly fits into this description as everything about it is more than impressive.

3. Ampper Camper Battery Disconnect Switch

Ampper’s Camper Battery Disconnect Switch happens to be one of the most user-friendly options on our list. It comes with two removable keys to ensure top-tier security and safety that could benefit any rig owner.

For instance, these keys will make it very difficult for someone to steal your rig when it’s not being used. These thieves would need one of the keys to reconnect the battery and drive off with your motorhome.

I was also thrilled by this product’s rust and corrosion-resistant construction. This aspect will ensure the device can last a long time without any performance issues. It’s not a device that rig owners will have to replace any time soon.

Buyers will like its versatility, too, considering it’d be utilized as a stand-alone or locked together with an additional switch. This ability makes it an acceptable option for rig owners with multiple battery systems.

This model isn’t only usable in motorhomes, either. Buyers have reported it being a useful device in boats, cars, electrical equipment, and similar situations. I’m always going to feel more comfortable buying devices capable of working in various circumstances,

More importantly, you won’t have to pay a significant amount of money for this battery switch. It’s actually one of the best bargains on the entire list. Bargain buyers should be jumping out of their seats for a chance at buying this excellent RV disconnect switch.

Some customers did mention a few packing issues with this device, though. It seems a few buyers received their device, missing a couple of vital pieces. These issues aren’t a great look for a company with a stellar reputation like Ampper.

In any case, these packaging issues shouldn’t concern a potential buyer much. These circumstances seem more like isolated incidents than anything too serious. After all, they were only mentioned in a small number of reviews.

4. A Abigail Side Post Battery Disconnect Switch

If you’re looking for a vertical knife blade model, A Abigail’s Side Post Battery Disconnect Switch is a good one that is hard to beat. This disconnect switch boosts a using process every customer seems to love.

This process consists of lifting the knife, which causes the power to cut. It’s a quick, effective way to eliminate any power being drawn from the battery when it’s not being used. As a result, your batteries will end up lasting much longer with this device onboard your rig.

Honestly, it wasn’t easy to find a customer review that didn’t mention this aspect positively. It seems A Abigail did an excellent job ensuring their product made the user’s life much more comfortable. I’m always going to be willing to sign up for these kinds of results.

The product’s design was another aspect to catch my attention. It features a beautiful solid brass material with resistances against rust and corrosion. This build should ensure nothing but safe and effective usage.

Some buyers made a point to note A Abigail’s high-quality customer service, as well. It seems whenever someone found their RV battery disconnect switch not working, their client service team was able to walk them through the process.

Other standout features include usability in various situations, an easy installation process, work as a stand-alone or together with another switch, and affordable price. It’s also worth noting that it can work with 12v or 24v batteries without issue.

However, a few buyers did mention shipping issues with the device. It seems this product has a habit of arriving later than expected, which is never ideal. But these issues were only noted in a handful of reviews.

I’d imagine these shipping issues have to do with the mailing service rather than A Abigail themselves. Therefore, buyers should feel fully confident when purchasing this best RV battery disconnect switch.

5. Kohree RV Battery Box Disconnect Switch

One of the safest options available would have to be Kohree’s RV Battery Box Disconnect Switch. This model comes with a CE certification, four removable side plates, and a rear cover capable of insulating terminals against short circuits. These features should make any buyer feel more than safe when using this product.

I was also thrilled to see this model was capable of working any with battery voltage ranging between 12V and 48V. As you can imagine, this versatility covers a lot of situations ranging from RVs to electrical equipment.

In each of these situations, the disconnect switch has proven to minimize battery loss and stop electric leakage. It was hard to find a single person who became annoyed by this product’s overall performance.

The product’s operation process is simple enough, as well. It comes with a click indicator with clear colored labels to indicate whether the device’s on or off. A user would simply turn the indicator to the correct position when using it or turning it off.

Buyers will have a choice when it comes to its design, too, which is always a nice touch. They’ll have to pick from an option capable of managing one battery or two. It’s just another way Kohree appeals to almost every rig owner looking for a battery disconnect switch.

Aside from these features, it has several others that I’ve talked about in previous reviews. Some of them include heavy-duty construction, excellent customer service, and an affordable price tag. Rig owners could do a lot worse than purchasing this model from Kohree.

I was a little disappointed to see it didn’t come with a warranty, though. It seems like a rather large oversight from a top-tier company. But it’s not something buyers should worry too much about as this battery disconnect switch received an excessive amount of positive customer reviews.

6. LotFancy High Current RV Battery Disconnect Switch

LotFancy’s High Current RV Battery Disconnect Switch has a sleek appearance that makes a comfortable fit within tight or limited areas. It makes the model an extraordinarily adaptable and useful battery disconnect switch. But its adaptability isn’t the product’s only notable feature.

I was also pleased by its wide compatibility, as it can work with DC systems between 8V and 60V without any trouble. In these situations, the device will increase your batteries’ lifespan and ensure that replacement isn’t needed for many years.

The product’s zinc alloy exterior was another highlight. It provides the device with an attractive look and tough construction, which are always positive traits. You don’t need to worry about the conductive components, either, as they’re made from top-tier brass material.

Installing the device was relatively easy, too, considering the steps are laid out right in the product description. These instructions are easy-to-follow to make this option a convenient one for first-time users, as well.

Using the device requires turning a knob rather than a key or click indicator like our previous models. But this method doesn’t make the process any more complicated. It’s a simple matter of turning it to the correct setting.

I was thrilled to see multiple customers point out LotFancy’s customer service as a positive. It seems a few even had the service team guide them through the process of troubleshooting RV battery disconnect switches. None of these buyers ended up having complaints about how they were treated.

But it’s a little more pricey than I’d like to pay for an RV battery disconnect switch. Buyers will need to decide whether its superior quality and convenience are worth the extra money. Honestly, I would have a hard time passing up on this product.

7. LotFancy Battery Disconnect Switch

If you’re looking for an option with a key, LotFancy’s Battery Disconnect Switch with Key would be a suitable choice. It comes with two of them to ensure ultimate protection against thieves and offering top-flight security.

The key’s inclusion will offer another vital benefit to whoever buys this master disconnect switch. It’ll cover the opening when the device’s being used, which will provide protection against water and dust entering it.

As a result, it’ll help preserve the product’s integrity to ensure long-term usage. The included waterproof cover will protect this device when it’s not being used. LotFancy did everything in its power to ensure this model would be working years down the line.

In fact, its copper terminals with hex nuts built from stainless steel will only increase its durability. You can expect this model to work in DC systems ranging between 6V and 24V systems, as well.

This variation should cover almost any rig owner’s needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a Forest River battery disconnect switch or Jayco battery disconnect switch; this model should have you covered.

The price tag being affordable doesn’t hurt its case, either. It happens to be a contender for the least expensive on our entire list. I was a bit shocked by this aspect because its features and performance are truly top-tier.

However, this model was another that didn’t come with an instruction manual. It can make installing the device a bit tricky for people who don’t know what they’re doing. First-time installers might want to look elsewhere.

But if the lack of an instruction manual isn’t an issue, I don’t see how a buyer couldn’t put this model into their shopping cart. It comes with everything a rig owner could want in an RV battery disconnect switch.

8. Ampper Battery Disconnect Switch

The Ampper’s Top Post Knife Blade Master Battery Disconnect Switch made this list for its practical and simple using process. Once this model’s installed, it becomes a straightforward exercise of lifting the knife anytime the power needs cutting.

Its simple using process might be its standout feature, but it also has a few others worth mentioning. One of my favorites would be its long list of applications: RVs, ATVs, cars, boats, electrical equipment, and various other uses.

This practical versatility makes the device an appealing option for bulk buyers. If you’re looking for more than one battery disconnect switch, I don’t see how this model won’t top your list. It’s a logical fit for almost anything that requires one.

It’s capable of working in numerous situations because of its design. Ampper constructed this model to withstand almost any issue by using solid brass material. It ends up ensuring the product doesn’t break down due to rusting or corrosion problems.

Rig owners will love to find out it can work in either 12V or 24V DC systems, as well. This ability ensures it can be a practical resource for almost any RV owner. Honestly, finding a more suitable option would be difficult in this marketplace.

I didn’t even mention that this device was built inside the USA. Therefore, it was made to pass all their strict production regulations and rules. Buyers should feel completely safe with this battery disconnect switch onboard their rigs.

But the included installation directions were a little bit disappointing. These instructions received complaints more than once from fellow customers. It made the task take much longer than it did with other devices.

However, buyers can’t argue with the performance after it’s installed. Those initial installation hassles are more than worth enduring when considering its high-quality results.

9. LotFancy Top Post Battery Disconnect Switch

Buyers looking for a simple, effective option should look no further than LotFancy’s Top Post Battery Disconnect Switch. This product’s weatherproof knife blade design makes sure it can offer excellent efficiency even in the worst conditions.

LotFancy made sure to make this product rather adaptable too. It can actually attach to any battery without a single issue. This attribute comes from having various mounting options to ensure a rig owner’s always comfortable with its fit.

In other words, users will be able to adjust the product vertical or horizontally whenever it’s needed. I was also impressed with this product’s included wiring diagram. It made installing the device correctly an absolute breeze.

This aspect only further confirms the product’s high-degree of convenience and user-friendliness. I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, either, as its customer reviews were full of people praising its installation process.

As for its performance quality, this model will ensure your rig remains free of various issues. Its ability to cut off a battery’s power effectively will help prevent theft and electrical fires. I’ll also make sure you can do maintenance without worrying about electrical shocks.

The device’s compatibility with both 12V-24V DC systems and top-flight conductive performance were other standout aspects. Both of these qualities will make a rig owner’s life much easier when it comes to practicality.

It’s also worth mentioning that I couldn’t find a single flaw worth noting in the customer reviews. I didn’t have any complaints when using the device, either. This outcome is quite a rare thing to come across when doing product research.

Rig owners should be tripping over themselves trying to get this battery disconnect switch into their shopping carts. It’s a decision that you won’t regret.

10. Blue Sea Systems m-Series Battery Switches

If you’re looking for an RV dual battery disconnect switch, Blue Sea Systems m-Series Battery Switches would be an excellent choice. Its box design allows users to install multiple switches in areas where more than one battery is being used.

This product will then reduce drain in all of them. As a result, it becomes a suitable, practical choice for rig owners with multiple battery setups. Its using process isn’t too overly complicated, even with its unique design.

You can attribute its easy using process to it having a click indicator. This aspect ensuring using the product only involved turning it clockwise or anti-clockwise. It has readable indicators to make sure a user can determine whether the device is switched on or off with a glance.

I’m a massive fan of this product’s tin-plated copper studs. This feature ensures the device offers peak levels of conductivity and corrosion resistance. It should have no trouble providing top-tier performance over a long period.

The device being waterproof was another nice touch. It’s an additional factor, which speaks to the switch’s adaptability and overall durability. After all, this device was built to work on boats and won’t have any issues on a rig.

I was pleased to see this product’s case design allows for multiple mounting options, too. You’ll have a choice between a real panel, surface, or front panel mounting positions. It makes for a much more user-friendly experience for whoever ends up buying it.

But it’s worth mentioning that its unique design makes installing a bit harder than with other models. This device doesn’t come with an instruction manual, or RV battery disconnect switch wiring diagram doesn’t help much. It was an issue more than a few customers noted in their reviews.

However, if you’re an experienced user of battery disconnect switches, I don’t think the installation itself will provide much trouble. Its top-notch performance and longevity will make up for any hassles buyers have anyway.

RV Battery Disconnect Switches Buying Guide


Choosing the perfect RV battery switch is a pivotal piece of having a safe camping trip. As a result, it’s essential to be careful when selecting the ideal option. I’m going to make this easier by breaking down several factors crucial in this process.


An RV battery disconnect switch’s size is essential because it’ll affect many aspects of its usage. Rig owners need to make sure it’s not too large where it occupies excessive space in their rig’s bonnet.

This issue can lead to crowding, which can make things get complicated. Meanwhile, a battery disconnect switch that’s too small can cause your battery not to fit correctly. These potential problems make having the exact size details essential.


An overlooked vital feature would be the battery disconnect switch’s weight. It’s a critical aspect because no rig owner wants to put extra strain on their battery. If they do have a more massive model, it can cause the surrounding equipment to indent. You’ll want to avoid this potential scenario by going with the lightest available option.

Construction Material

Each product’s construction material will have a significant impact, as well. Buyers will want to make sure it’s strong enough and capable of letting the most current flow through without creating any additional resistance.

But it’s vital to ensure this material is capable of avoiding any corrosion or rusting issues. I’d suggest choosing battery disconnect switches made with aluminum planes. These options should have no problems meeting your expectations.

Amp Load

Amperage load happens to be an essential aspect for an RV battery in several ways. This measurement determines the rate of the current flow. As a result, you should make sure your disconnect switch matches with your rig’s needs.

Product Warranty

Warranties are a pivotal part of buying equipment, such as battery disconnect switches. Buyers would be crazy to purchase one without a reliable warranty policy. It’s the only way to avoid getting stuck with a malfunctioning option with no way of obtaining your money back.

It would be best if you researched these policies before making your final decision. Some companies only use these warranties as a selling gimmick and never have any intention of honoring them.

I’d advise reading through the customer reviews of each option. These resources should provide significant insight into whether the company stays true to its words.

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating

The IP rating is something no rig owner should overlook when buying an RV battery box disconnect switch. It’s a crucial aspect because this rating conveys how resistant the switch’s case is to outside environmental conditions.

Due to this, rig owners should try and purchase an option with the highest IP rating possible. It’ll help ensure you aren’t replacing your chosen model any time soon.


Installing an RV battery shut off switch shouldn’t ever be a challenging process. Honestly, it’s something even the mechanically challenged, like myself, should have no problem doing. But this logical belief doesn’t mean every model offers an easy installation.

Some manufacturers end up getting a little too cute with their design and make installing them difficult. You can avoid buying these options by reading through product descriptions, along with customer reviews.

These discussions should provide enough insight for buyers to determine whether they’re comfortable doing the product’s installation. After all, rig owners tend to get extremely angry when this process is much harder than expected.


As with any product, the price will play a massive role in your chosen option. These battery switches will differ when it comes to cost. It becomes necessary to build a budget based on what features you feel are needed in your perfect option.

You can then use this budget to lessen the number of choices. It’ll end up making this entire process much easier for everyone involved.

RV Battery Disconnect Switch FAQs

Our buying guide should’ve provided an idea of what to look for when buying an RV battery disconnect switch. This FAQ section will cover any other questions that could pop up during your search.

Who is this for?

Battery disconnect switches function much like any other electric disconnect switch. These products cut the connection between the battery to 12v fuses that run appliances, an engine, or light up lightbulbs.

A travel trailer battery disconnect switch will shut down your rig’s engine. This ability ensures your RV’s engine will only work when it’s plugged into an electrical outlet offshore. After it gets plugged in, the converter or power inverter will be providing the power rather than your battery.

It becomes useful for people who intend on storing their rigs for an extended period. In other words, it helps stop your battery from draining when you aren’t using it. People rarely realize these batteries continue to drain when the ignition’s off unless these switches are utilized.

What are the different types of RV battery disconnect switches?

Several different types of RV battery disconnect switches exist in today’s market. I’m going to discuss the three most common ones below in exhaustive detail. It should provide some insight into what one’s right for your rig.

Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switches

Our first type of battery disconnect switch got its name from its unique shape. These options are made in a knife blade shape and are easy to use. You can expect them to install directly onto a battery terminal, which allows it to control your battery’s electrical current.

This installation shouldn’t be too difficult because you can mount these types both horizontally and vertically. As you can imagine, this flexibility comes in hand when there’s a bit of space above your rig’s battery.

Knob Style Battery Disconnect Switches

Knob-style or RV battery disconnect switch push pull options are common and popular for a variety of reasons. These devices feature a knob or switch, which will turn clockwise or anti-clockwise. This turning will result in the cutting off your battery from its power source.

Buyers should know that these models come in either side post or top designs. In either case, they will mount right onto a battery terminal. These switches tend to be most effective in tight or limited spaces.

Keyed and Rotary Battery Disconnect Switches

In most cases, keyed and rotary options are only used in boats, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, or RVs. But some offer enough flexibility for usage in cars, too, which makes them a rather popular commodity in the automotive marketplace.

These options will use rotary switches or keys to operate, ensuring a bit more security. Once a user turns the switch into the correct position, they get to lock it down and take those keys with them. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep your rig safe from would-be robbers.

But it’s essential to make an extra set of keys, or losing them could be a nightmare. It would be an absolute killer to the fun you’re having on your RVing adventure.

Should I disconnect my RV battery when plugged in?

No, you do not have to.

There is no need to concern yourself with disconnecting the 12 volt RV battery when plugged to a campground’s shore power. It won’t cause any problems with your electrical system or battery, unless your converter has no overcharging protection.

How do you install a battery disconnect switch on an RV?

Many RV owners assume installing a battery disconnect switch is difficult. But honestly, most manufacturers make the process relatively simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up a heavy duty battery disconnect switch or a master battery disconnect switch; the process remains easy enough even for beginners to do without difficulty.

You’ll want to start by figuring out your battery disconnect switch’s type. For instance, an on-battery switch will have a different installation process than another model.

On-battery switches often require replacing the rig’s negative battery terminal cable with a new switch and connecting the negative cable to the switch’s receiving post.

But I’d still recommend looking at the instructions that came with the on-battery switch. There could be a unique direction or two capable of affecting the product’s performance.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have an on-battery switch, this process remains simple. Most other types will need users to connect their new switch to the motorhome’s negative power cable. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds, and newbie RVers shouldn’t have trouble with it.

The process should continue by attaching an additional cable from the RV battery to your switch. Once it’s connected, there isn’t anything else needed to be done.

How do I disconnect my RV battery for storage?

The process of disconnecting an RV battery will change based on a simple question: do you have a disconnect switch setup or not? If you do, the process consists of turning off the connection using the switch.

But people without a battery disconnect switch don’t have to worry much. You’ll need a wrench to disconnect your battery’s negative connection. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two with a little effort and elbow grease.

Of course, anyone who isn’t a fan of using a wrench could always install a battery disconnect switch themselves. A switch will also protect you against electrocution, while a wrench should be paired with gloves for safety.

Can a Battery Disconnect Switch Go Bad?

Battery disconnect switches aren’t immune to having mechanical issues. These products can fail under the right circumstances, whether it’s a waterproof RV battery disconnect switch or a standard model. But one of them failing is relatively rare.

In most cases, RV owners can expect these switches to last years without issue. But I recommend ensuring your switch can handle your rig’s electrical system. If you buy the wrong one, the likelihood of it failing rises significantly.

You can avoid this by checking the inside car/RV owner’s manual. It should provide the correct specification and load rates for a proper disconnect battery switch. As a result, selecting one will be a simplified and effortless experience.

How Do You Test a Battery Disconnect Switch?

Testing a battery disconnect switch is essential to making them run effectively. If you don’t test them, there’s no way to know whether they’ll be usable when needed. This test requires purchasing and using a device called an ohmmeter. Once you have an ohmmeter, connect its leads to your switch’s contacts.

You can then turn it on and see the results. If your switch is working correctly, the needle will drop to near zero when the switch is turned on. This indicates a solid connection has been made between the two ports.

It should move back to the opposite side once the switch is turned off. But if you notice any other result, there’s an issue with your battery disconnect switch. You’ll want to look into getting a replacement as soon as possible.

How does a battery disconnect switch work on RV?

A battery disconnect switch for RV will cut off the electrical power between the rig and your batteries. Flipping this switch will help protect your RV against theft and electrical fires when it’s not being used. It’s also important to remember to shut off the power as a safety precaution when doing maintenance.

In any case, these devices will end up protecting your rig’s batteries from excessive draining. Your batteries drain even when your appliances are off, which makes these switches vital. As you can imagine, this can add up over time.

Using a battery cutoff switch for RV will end up preserving your batteries and help them last longer. It becomes an essential piece of ensuring your rig’s batteries remain effective. Plus, the using process is a simple matter of just flipping a switch.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an RV battery disconnect switch

A few advantages come from using an RV battery cutoff switch. One of the most obvious is these devices are a safety precaution capable of shutting off power instantly. As a result, it can protect you against issues like electrical shocks when doing maintenance.

But this benefit isn’t the only one offered by these useful devices. As I’ve discussed before, every battery will slowly discharge even when they aren’t connected to a circuit. Batteries will end up draining even faster when they’re connected. It comes from your appliances drawing power from them even when they’re turned off.

This slow drain can leave a rig owner with a dead battery when they aren’t expecting it. In most cases, this situation will happen when an RV’s being stored for the winter, and the battery hasn’t been disconnected.

It results in appliances within the rig, such as the fridge, heater, or TVs, slowly draining the power until your battery ends up dead. This process can even damage it by discharging it too far before a recharging process occurs.

But a battery disconnect switch can ensure this battery discharges as slow as possible and remains damage-free. Therefore, it’ll end up limiting any issues that might come up when you’re preparing your rig for a new season.

These benefits alone should convey how important these devices are for rig owners. However, there’s a slight downside to them, as they tend to need replacing rather frequently. It can become a nuisance, but one you can avoid by buying the best options.

Should RV battery disconnect on or off?

Many users wonder if they should keep the RV battery disconnect switch on or off. Keep in mind, the only time your battery disconnect switch should go on (batteries off position) is when your rig’s in storage, or you’re doing maintenance. It’s how they protected the batteries from becoming discharged during long periods of storage.

How do I disconnect my RV battery?

If you have an RV battery disconnect switch, disconnecting your battery from its power source is a rather simple process. A user would only have to flip a switch, turn a key, or push a knob into the right position and it’ll be disconnected.

Honesty, these devices make the entire process an absolute breeze. But please read the instruction manual before doing anything. You never know when the battery disconnect switch you’re using will have another step or two in the process.

How do you replace a battery disconnect switch on an RV?

Installation or replacing an RV battery kill switch shouldn’t be a tricky process. It’s important to know that some options will require modifying the battery cover, and others won’t. It’ll end up depending on what model you’ve purchased.

In most cases, an RV battery disconnect switch installation will require running the negative battery cable from your rig to one side of the switch. You then take the shorter one from the switch to the battery. Once you turn the device, it will disconnect between those two cables.

Any care and maintenance tips?

There isn’t much a rig owner can do besides keeping it from getting too dusty. Otherwise, I’d recommend reading through the instruction manual to see whether there are any special directions.

In most cases, these directions will be simple things, such as not allowing water to come into contact with the device. But some options might have a unique direction or two capable of extending the product’s longevity by a significant margin.


After reading our article, finding the best RV battery disconnect switch won’t be much of a problem. It ends up being a simple matter of using what you’ve learned during your search. The right choice should become rather apparent with all your new knowledge.

But if a question or concern does come up, the comment section is always open. I’ll make sure to answer each post with a detailed and quick response. Thanks for reading!

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