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The Best RV Battery Boxes to Secure & Protect Your Batteries

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best RV battery box for a travel trailer can be a little more involved than a person might expect. This process becomes confusing due to the vast number of options available on today’s market. It’s enough choices where anyone can become stressed.

But I intend to alleviate those stressful feelings by walking you through this complicated process. This task will consist of going over all the relevant topics about battery boxes. These include determining factors, best brands, benefits, and much more.

best rv battery box

My primary goal is to make sure every customer has the necessary info required to make a responsible decision. I don’t want anyone to come away from this process with a box that they regret purchasing. After all, these products aren’t always cheap.

I’ll even offer a few detailed reviews of battery boxes that I think could fit your needs. These discussions will make it clear what a buyer should be looking for in these products. You should have a much better handle on this entire process from reading them.

As a result, it’s time to get this guide started and help find you a perfect battery box. Let’s make sure your rig batteries are entirely protected and capable of running for a long time!


Best Overall Light Weight Most Durable


Camco 55363


Dimensions ‎9.6 x 14 x 7.1 inches ‎13.54 x 13.23 x 9.29 inches 18.25 x 14.25 x 14 inches
Weight ‎2.7 pounds ‎2.94 pounds 7 Pounds
Resistance -20 °F, Acids, Gasses, Oils, UV, Other Contaminants Corrosion, UV -40 °F, Acids, Gasses, Oils, UV, Other Contaminants
Battery Size Group size 24-31/ 12V Marine, RV, Boat, and Trailer Battery Group size 24/ RV, Automotive, and Marine Battery Dual 6V Marine, RV, and Commercial Battery
Material Polypropylene Anti-Corrosion Polypropylene
Details Details Details

11 Top-rated RV Battery Box Reviews

This section will contain those reviews I’d discussed earlier. Each one should provide a unique insight into what a top-tier battery box will look like and offer. Due to these reviews, you’ll be much more prepared to separate the lousy options from the best ones.

1. NOCO HM318BKS Snap-Top Battery Box

NOCO’s HM318BKS Snap-Top Battery Box earned a place on our list by being one of the most durable options. Its heavy-duty construction can compete with the top metal battery box for trailer options.

In fact, NOCO made sure they built this product for rugged and extreme conditions. It has even proven to remain effective in temperatures reaching -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it does an adequate job preventing issues from UV exposure, gas, acid, or other problematic substances.

The product’s versatility was another massive standout trait. It has shown to be an effective 12-volt or dual 6V battery box for marine, RV, boat, and other similar applications. I loved how well it met my needs when placing it onboard my camper.

Furthermore, it’s usable with any battery between groups 24 and 31. Considering how many RV owners’ needs fit into this range, this compatibility is quite impressive. It seems most of them end up rather delighted with its performance, too, based on the many positive reviews.

Buyers will also love how it manages to limit battery movement inside the enclosure. It’ll make sure a battery remains in place even during bumpy travel. I couldn’t believe how well it limited movement compared to my previous RV propane and battery box.

Lastly, I must mention this product’s affordable price tag. It’s nice to see a secure, rugged battery box that won’t set buyers back a significant amount of money. RV owners could undoubtedly do much worse in today’s market than this NOCO model.

Some customers did complain about this option’s opening process. They found it difficult to open when using it as a trailer tongue battery box or an under trailer battery box. Honestly, I can’t refute these claims since I had similar issues.

2. Camco 55363 Standard Battery Box

Our first battery box comes from one of the more well-known companies in the RV part marketplace, Camco. This brand has gained a reputation for producing top-tier products among rig owners, which has made them a famous manufacturer.

The Camco 55363 Standard Battery Box doesn’t bring any shame to this description with its many outstanding features. A great example would be its polypropylene design, which makes the product lightweight.

Its lightweight design ensures a rig owner won’t have much issue moving from place to place. This aspect will also make sure the install process becomes a much easier endeavor. After all, we all know how heavy batteries can be, which means you want to ensure the box is light.

You should love this design’s ability to secure and protect the batteries, as well. These abilities come from the product being resistant to corrosion. Therefore, you should expect this battery box to offer excellent protection for many years.

This belief is only further proven with the product’s durable foot clams, hold-down strap, and stainless steel screws. Each of these design aspects will make sure your new battery box will stay functional and offer long-lasting protection.

You shouldn’t sleep on this product’s easy to access lid, either. This lid will provide a tight seal when it needs to, but it won’t be hard to take off like with some other models. It’ll instead simply lift off without much effort required from you.

I was also blown away by this product’s low price tag. It’s actually one of the least costly options on our entire list. This outcome wasn’t what I was expecting when looking over its features. Honestly, you’d have a hard time finding a better bargain than this product from Camco.

But I was a little annoyed to find out this battery box wasn’t completely waterproof. This aspect wouldn’t fit what I’m looking for in one of these products. I’m not alone, as several other customers were quite frustrated with this aspect, as well. It’s a shame, too, because it would be a perfect fit for my needs outside of this one issue.

3. NOCO HM426 Dual Commercial-Grade Battery Box

If you’re looking to buy a dual battery box for a trailer tongue, this model from NOCO should suit your needs perfectly. Their RV trailer battery box has numerous features that would mesh with this particular situation.

One excellent example would have to be its rugged design. This construction features a four corner fastening system and tight lid, which makes the install process a breeze. You also have to love this product’s ventilation.

Its full flow ventilation will ensure those battery fumes get released safely and without any issue. The product’s ability to deal with various weather conditions was another obvious highlight. After all, it’s completely immune to UV exposure and can withstand gas, oil, and acid.

These protections should ensure your rig’s batteries remain contaminant-free. As a result, it’ll prolong their lifespan and make sure they’re capable of operating effectively. It’s an easy and straightforward way to keep your batteries from getting damaged.

I was also impressed by this product’s versatility. This battery box isn’t only designed for travel trailers but can work in RVs, boats, cars, trucks, and similar vehicles. It speaks volumes to the device’s overall reliability when it’s capable of working in various situations.

You might expect this product to have an ungodly price tag, but this isn’t the case. This product’s price should have no issues fitting into most people’s budgets. It even offers five sizing options to ensure every customer comes away with something suitable for their needs.

Another aspect where this NOCO product seemed to outpace the rest was this company’s customer service. I was shocked to see this feature mentioned more than once in a positive manner within the buyer reviews. This outcome is a rarity that I don’t often come across during product research.

But I was a bit annoyed about this product not having drain holes. It’s not a necessity, however, it’d make the entire process of using this box much easier. Aside from this issue, I don’t have a single complaint about this travel trailer dual battery box.

4. Camco 55375 Heavy Duty Double Battery Box

Rig owners looking for an option capable of holding two 6-volt or 12-volt batteries would be wise to consider this Camco model. It was designed for these types of batteries and has shown to be a useful battery box.

One of the reasons behind its effectiveness would have to be its heavy-duty, corrosive-resistant design. Both these aspects will ensure the box remains a useful tool for years to come. Plus, it’ll make sure your rig’s batteries reach their max lifespan.

I was also impressed by the product’s lift-off lid, which provides a tight seal. But its tight seal doesn’t mean that your batteries won’t be easy to access. It’s quite the opposite as multiple buyers were more than happy regarding this product’s using process.

You have to love this product’s woven hold-down strap, as well. This design aspect has shown to provide a level of durability and practicality that buyers seem to enjoy. It was actually rare to read buyer feedback, which didn’t positively mention this feature.

The product coming with its own set of stainless steel screws was another appealing trait. Due to their inclusion, a buyer won’t have to rely on their own or buy new ones. It ends up removing a likely hassle that may have occurred during the install process.

Buyers were impressed by the product’s versatility, as well. You can expect this model to work in an RV, motorhome, travel trailer, car, truck, or even van. This adaptability makes it a coveted product for a large number of battery box buyers.

All in all, there’s no reason to believe that this product won’t protect your batteries well. It’s just a practical product made by a trustworthy company. You’d have a hard time finding a more impressive battery box than this one.

The install process was more laborious than expected, though, which made setting this product up a little stressful. Other buyers seem to feel the same as this product’s reviews have a few complaints about the assembly. It’s just something to think about before making a final choice on this option.

5. RV Armor RV Battery Lock Box

This next option is a top-tier RV lock box dual battery box capable of easily offering protection for two Group 24 or smaller deep cycle batteries. You can expect this product’s aluminum construction to provide durability that most others can’t match.

In other words, it’s a bit more heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant than the majority of the options available. These two aspects will ensure this deep cycle battery box can remain a useful tool for many years onboard your rig.

This product also offers some versatility thanks to its three optional knock out holes. Their inclusion helps make the install process on your camper’s front tongue more convenient. Plus, the box comes with pre-drilled holes with self-tapping bolts to further ensure this process goes smoothly.

I don’t imagine anyone would have trouble installing this product with these two features. After all, I didn’t have any issues, and I’m not the best when it comes to these takes. It even comes with the required grommet and fasteners needed during this process.

The box was rather lightweight, with it only weighing 15 pounds, as well. This aspect made moving it from place to place an easy chore. It was something that shocked me, given the product’s heavy-duty design, but I didn’t break a sweat when transporting it.

You should find the product’s laser-cut construction to be another appealing trait. This aspect will ensure the box’s capability of offering excellent protection to prolong your rig batteries’ lifespan by a large margin.

But there was one serious issue with this product, its price tag. This camper battery box is easily among the most costly on our list. As a bargain buyer myself, you can bet I wasn’t too thrilled when I came across this issue.

However, people looking for the best dual RV battery box without taking money into account would be doing a disservice taking this model off their list. It has everything a person could ever want in one of these products and will ensure your batteries remain protected. In all aspects, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more capable model available.

6. Powerhouse 13035 Dual 12-V Battery Box

Powerhouse’s 13035 Dual 12-V Battery Box is an option fitted with every required to safely store 12-V deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. It has various features capable of ensuring it’ll offer the protection any rig owner would want.

One of them happens to be its heavy-duty strap, which makes sure the box remains sealed tightly. It’ll be able to keep off potential issue causers like water, dirt, or even sun rays. You can sleep easy knowing your batteries won’t obtain any unneeded damages.

I was also impressed by this product’s ability to withstand impact without issue. This aspect comes from its high-strength polypropylene design material. Due to this, this battery box for two 12V batteries shouldn’t have any problems dealing with the road lifestyle.

You should find the product rather easy to install, as well. This benefit comes from the product arriving with everything needed to get it done. These items include a lid, strap, mounting brackets, and screws to ensure the install goes smoothly and doesn’t cause any issues.

The product having a lightweight design doesn’t hurt, either. It’s another feature capable of making the install process more manageable. After all, moving this battery box around won’t be as taxing like with some other models out there.

Bargain buyers should also be pleased with this product’s price tag. It will have no issues falling into even the most constricted budgets. Honestly, this battery box might be the best deal out of the options on this entire list.

Other buyers were intrigued by this being a vented option, too, which ensures those fumes will be managed effectively. All in all, it ends up being a simple, affordable option capable of making sure your batteries get the necessary protection. What more could a rig owner want?

But the vented aspect doesn’t make it a suitable option for people looking to store their batteries inside their rig. This design feature would just let those fumes out inside your rig, which could cause some serious issues. If you fall into this category, I’d suggest going with a sealed type instead for safety and health reasons.

7. Attwood Group 27 RV Dual Vented Battery Box

Buyers looking to buy the most durable option should take a long gander at this RV battery storage box. It has been put through many tests to ensure it’s capable of dealing with even the most extreme situation.

For instance, this battery box was able to hold up in -20F and 120F without any issues coming into play. This level of durability is worth it for anyone who wants to ensure their batteries are protected at all times.

It also helps that this battery box has proven to be entirely resistant to any damage caused by acid. You can expect this product to offer long-lasting results that will prove to be useful during your RV trips for many years.

The battery box’s durable straps will help ensure this longevity, as well. These straps have shown to withstand 350 pounds of force without problems. As a result, this model becomes uniquely capable of dealing with life on the road.

Its overall construction is nothing to sneeze at, either. You’ll be happy to know this model is another one made from polypropylene, which provides the before mentioned acid resistance. It’s just another quality that shows how well-built this product is compared to other options.

This model is a vented camper battery box, which means it’s better suited for placement outside your rig. In this situation, it’ll be able to dispense those battery fumes away from anywhere problematic or dangerous.

Aside from these features, there isn’t much more to talk about on the positive side besides its low-price. It’s a steal for anyone looking to pay a little less than usual for top-tier quality. But this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a flaw or two.

This product’s flaws revolve around it, not coming with the necessary mounting hardware for its install process. It bothered me quite a bit as I tend to prefer when everything comes together in a single package. The entire process becomes much less of a hassle when everything’s included.

8. Lavanture Products MA102BS Vented Battery Box for RV

This RV dual battery box vented option should be a godsend for any travel trailer owners. It features a design capable of dealing with various weather conditions like our previous products. It’s a benefit that comes from the polypropylene material used within its construction.

I won’t go into too much detail about the advantages this material provides, as I’ve covered it in prior reviews. But it’s a feature that still needs mentioning to assure buyers about the product’s overall quality and durability.

Aside from its polypropylene construction, buyers seemed to be impressed by its lightweight design. This aspect makes everything about the product much more convenient. It proves that LAvanture Products had their customer’s wants in mind when making this battery box for trailer owners.

This product is also an excellent option for people looking to install a battery box permanently. It’s a task capable of being done with this particular box, and it won’t take much effort. People who choose this route often praise the practicality of it.

You shouldn’t sleep on this product’s easy assembly process, either. Many customers were more than happy with how quickly the task got done. It was simple, straightforward, and didn’t take much time after getting all the necessary tools ready.

I was pleased to find out this model was built to meet R.V.I.A. Specifications, as well. This action means any buyer can take comfort that using this device with be safe and free of issues. It should be a useful and effective battery box.

But this product was another that didn’t come with all the necessary tools for the assembly process. You have to use your own screws and buy them separately as this product didn’t even come with them.

Honestly, this problem seems like a rather oversight for a company with such a stellar rep among rig owners. I wasn’t the only one who was frustrated by this problem as its reviews had more than a few complaints about it.

9. Better Built 67011386 ATV Tool Box

Anyone looking for a top-tier RV battery cover will need to consider Better Built’s 67011386 ATV Tool Box. This box was created from an aluminum diamond plate to ensure a high level of toughness and durability.

I don’t think there’s a single situation that this model isn’t ready to take on and make sure your batteries remain protected. In fact, this box is water-resistant to keep weather conditions like raining from seeping into the box and causing problems.

You should also find this product’s lockable paddle handles to be an appealing attribute. These handles will make moving the box around much and manageable for any rig owner. It’s an area where the product is showing how convenient it is compared to others out there.

This battery box offers a bit of versatility, too, with its two sizing options. You can either choose the 20-inch variation or 30-inch variation depending on your battery’s size. In my case, I would go with the 30-inch option as it would fit my travel trailer needs a little better.

Buyers have found this battery box to be useful for other purposes, as well. It should have no problem working on an ATV, car, truck, four-wheeler, and similar vehicles. This type of usefulness shows the brand wanted to make an adaptable product.

It doesn’t hurt that the product’s design is beautiful to look at, either. There’s no reason a battery box has to be ugly, and this model certainly doesn’t fit into that category. Its aluminum diamond plate construction makes it a beautiful piece of art.

In other words, it’s not a bulky black box like some other options on our list. This aspect might not seem like a big deal now, but it does get tiring to look at an ugly battery box after a few years.

But this pretty design comes with one significant issue. Its price is a little higher than any rig owner would like to pay for a battery box. You’ll have to decide whether these excellent features and pretty construction are worth the increase in price.

10. MTS Company 250 Battery Box

MTS Company’s 250 Battery Box isn’t the most advanced option available. But it offers something a few people reading this article might value, simplicity. There’s nothing crazy about its design, but it’s capable of doing its job in an effective manner without issue.

If you’re a person looking for a straightforward battery box, I don’t see how this model wouldn’t be a good fit. It features all the essential aspects needed to ensure a battery or batteries remain protected at all times.

For instance, it has a vacuum-formed plastic design to offer great durability. You also have to love the vent hole on top, which will make dealing with battery fumes much easier. These aspects ensure a rig owner’s life becomes easier for reasons we’ve talked about at length in our prior reviews.

But this product does have one aspect that we haven’t talked about much in other reviews, its bottom drain hole. This inclusion will ensure dealing with any water based issues with be very easy. It makes a suitable option for people looking to store their new battery box on a travel trailer’s A-frame.

This battery box will be able to bring the benefits of its drain hole and other features to a wide range of vehicles. rIn fact, this model was designed with peak levels of versatility as it can work with various models and makes.

Buyers were also floored by the product’s affordability, which ranks among the best anywhere. You actually get a top-tier battery box for a doable price. It’s an outcome that isn’t too common in a market with the type of demand that you’ll encounter within this one.

Overall, it seems MTS Company did a great job creating a no-hassle product capable of meeting many rig owners’ needs. I mean, there isn’t a single base they didn’t try to cover when building their rather top-tier battery box.

But the company should’ve paid a bit more attention to the product’s shipping and packaging. There were more than a few buyers who reported issues within these areas. You’d expect more from a great brand like this one.

But the company should’ve paid a bit more attention to the product’s shipping and packaging. There were more than a few customers who reported issues within these areas. You’d expect more from a great brand like this one.

11. TORK LIFT A7712R Power Armor Universal RV Battery Box

Our last option is another battery box made from diamond plate aluminum. As with earlier models featuring this material, this design makes the product more visually appealing. It won’t be an eyesore that most other models would be for a rig owner.

However, don’t underestimate the product because of its beautiful design. It still features loads of aspects that will knock your socks off. A good example would be its ability to increase battery life by a whopping 400%.

This aspect alone will ensure you improve your batteries’ effectiveness by a wide margin. Due to this, your life on the road will become much easier and convenient. I was also impressed by this product’s unique slide top, which offers easy accessibility.

Its install process was another area where this model received a great deal of praise. This praise comes from you being able to bolt it down onto an RV, camper bumper, truck, van, and many other vehicles. This versatility ensures the product can adapt to a wide assortment of situations.

The product’s hold-down straps were another feature to pique my interest. These straps are another form of protection that’ll ensure your batteries remain protected from any situation. It never hurts to have more than one thing making sure everything goes smoothly.

I was also pleased with this product’s convenience when it came to the cleaning process. This model has proven to be much easier to clean than other models out there. As someone who hates cleaning up, you can imagine how thrilled I was with this aspect.

This model offers a bit more space inside than rivals, as well. It can easily fit two 6-volt or 12-volt batteries without much problem. The product coming with all its necessary mounting hardware isn’t something to overlook, either.

However, this product isn’t even remotely close to being inside my budget. It’s the most expensive product on our entire list. People who want the best and don’t consider money an issue would be wise to put this box in their buying crates. You aren’t going to find better quality on today’s market than this one.

RV Battery Box Buyer’s Guide


Purchasing the right RV battery box will come down to more than randomly selecting one on Amazon. You’ll need to have in-depth knowledge about certain determining factors. This section will provide it by walking you through each one to ensure you become an expert on these useful devices.

As a result, picking one should then be a simple, stress-free process. You’ll no longer find yourself confused by the vast amount of options out there. This info should help lessen your choices down to a more manageable amount.

Sizing of the Battery Box

One of the first things to consider would be its size. This battery box needs to be large enough to hold your rig’s batteries. It might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many RV owners fail to account for this essential aspect.

It’s also worth noting that some battery boxes are capable of fitting various sizes, but a lot of them won’t be universal. Due to this, every rig owner should compare their RV’s battery size with the group number of each particular box.

Each battery box’s product description will provide the info needed about sizing. Other customer reviews will offer a unique insight into this particular area, as well. Reading these reviews should make it clear what size batteries each option can protect effectively.

Protection Against Weather Conditions

Your chosen RV battery box needs to provide some protection about certain weather conditions. After all, batteries are capable of getting damaged from various sources. These include the sun, water, dirt, and other elements that might cause some issues for your rig’s batteries.

A person looking to combat these potential issues should invest in an RV battery box capable of dealing with them. Therefore, a rig owner will need to find an option with safety features and considered resistant against rust, corrosion, and water.

It’d be wise to look out for the term “weatherproof” during your search, as well. This term is a catch-all phrase to convey a product is capable of dealing with the elements. If you get a weatherproof option, I have no doubt your rig’s batteries will be protected without issue.

This aspect also happens to be another one where other people’s experiences will provide useful insight. Honestly, there’s nothing worse than buying a battery box that’s been advertised as weatherproof and doesn’t offer the necessary protection. You can avoid this by using those always essential customer reviews and ensure your new product meets expectations.


Another thing to consider when buying an RV battery box is the product’s design. This aspect is something every rig owner will want to check out before purchasing. Top-tier models will feature a solid lid, which seals tightly and features sturdy supporting walls.

These necessary features will ensure the battery box can be strong enough to deal with the bumps and impacts of travel. Look for heavy-duty options to get a little bit extra protection and make sure your rig’s batteries last as long as possible.

Ease of Install

As most RV owners know, batteries can be rather heavy when paired with these boxes. You want to ensure these boxes aren’t capable of falling, tipping over, or sliding. Due to this, you need to make sure you’re capable of installing the product correctly.

This situation means reading through each product’s install directions before choosing an option. In other words, you must consider the available mounting options when picking the perfect battery box for your rig.

You should also be able to place the battery box on the included mounting hardware without issue. In most cases, the directions for this task will be located in the product description. These directions should provide a clear indication of whether you feel comfortable doing this install.

I’d suggest ensuring the product comes with a manual, as well. You don’t want to be left all by yourself when installing a battery box. After all, these products are holding precious cargo, and one wrong choice during install could have severe consequences.


Top-tier battery boxes will have a design that takes easy transportation into account. You’re going to want a model with a lightweight construction. Otherwise, moving these boxes from place to place will end up being a huge pain.

I’d recommend making sure the product’s design is compact, as well. This aspect will ensure the product isn’t too tricky to grasp and carry. Other features like handles on the top or both sides of your devices will improve the device’s portability.

You should also make sure these handles are made from comfortable materials. It’d be a wise move to look for models with ergonomic handles. These handle types will provide a great deal of comfort during the transportation process.

Easy Access

As I mentioned above, battery boxes should be able to seal tightly for protection purposes. But this aspect doesn’t mean that these devices shouldn’t be easy to open. In fact, these products need to be accessible in a quick and easy manner.

This aspect is crucial to ensure you can access your rig’s batteries without much issue. After all, you never know when an emergency might occur, or the batteries need a charge. Having to struggle during this process would just end up being a gigantic waste of time.

An excellent way to examine this factor would be looking into other people’s experiences. If there’s an issue with this aspect, you can bet there will be many mentions of it within the product’s customer reviews.

People tend to get a little angry when a task like this one is more difficult than expected. It’s essential to use their misery to your advantage when choosing an RV battery box. Honestly, it’s the only way to ensure you don’t become the next angry person.

Smart Features

Most top-tier options will come with built-in smart features like USB ports, battery meters, or even heart monitors. Each of these additions is included to increase the convenience of the battery box for a user.

For instance, these features are capable of tracking and showing a battery’s status while giving you easy access to USB ports to charge various devices. You’ll have to decide whether these aspects are necessary for your perfect battery box.

I do have to warn you that their inclusion does increase the product’s price. These features make what would be an affordable item into an expensive one. As a result, this decision becomes a crucial one to make during this process.


The cost of a battery box will vary drastically from product to product. You can find one for a low price of about $5, while advanced models with smart features might cost more $200. This aspect will come down to what features a rig owner deems necessary in their perfect option.

It’s why making a budget before starting your search becomes such a pivotal step during this process. But this budget must remain realistic, or it becomes useless. In other words, you need to account for all the required features within it.

For example, a person who wants smart features in their battery box should understand these more advanced options will cost a lot more. It’s just how the consumer market works for products like these ones.

But this realistic budget will then proceed to make your entire search much easier. It’ll lessen the number of options to only models capable of fitting your needs. Due to this, any feelings of stress or anxiety will float away.

RV Battery Box FAQs

Our FAQ section will attempt to answer any remaining questions a buyer might have after reading the buying guide. In fact, these talks should provide more insight into topics our previous talks didn’t entirely cover.

What are the most trusted RV battery box brands?

The best RV battery box brands are mentioned in our product review section. Each company with a product in this part of our article has gained a trusted rep among rig owners. This trusted rep comes from their ability to produce outstanding battery boxes and provide great customer service.

But even among this select group of brands, some do it a little better. Of course, I’m talking about Camco and NOCO. Both of these companies have become forces in this marketplace and favorites among rig owners.

I thought looking into their respective backgrounds could provide a bit more insight into what to expect from top-tier companies. This info will make it much easier to separate a lousy brand from a respectable one during your search.


Any RV owner has come across Camco before as they’re a force in various RV part markets. This status comes from their willingness to go above and beyond for their customers. You’ll never find a single customer with a bad thing to say about their service.

It also helps that they’re constantly looking for ways to improve their products. In fact, they often use customer feedback to ensure their products meet what their buyers want. It’s no surprise that Camco is such a popular brand with a mindset like this one.


NOCO has been creating top-tier battery related products since 1914. The company’s longevity speaks to its reliability as a brand within this marketplace. It doesn’t hurt that their customer service has always been an area of pride for them.

In other words, they put a lot of time into it and make sure every need is met from a customer’s perspective. This mindset is a nice change of pace from what you can expect from other inferior brands selling battery boxes.

Why do RV battery boxes need to be vented?

RV battery boxes must be vented to prevent overheating issues. Otherwise, your battery could soon become damaged and unusable when you need it. Adequate ventilation also will help stop leaking to ensure dangerous situations like explosions don’t occur.

How do I secure my RV battery box?

Securing an RV or travel trailer battery box requires having a solid lock. So it becomes essential to look at each option to ensure it comes with a robust and reliable locking mechanism. The battery will then become much more difficult for anyone to tamper with.

After locking it, I’d recommend moving the battery box into a more secure area. It should be hidden away and secured with chains to prevent unwanted access. This extra security is paramount when using the box as an RV double battery box for 2 batteries or even for 4 batteries.

Can I charge a battery in a battery box?

Some models will allow users to charge a battery within the box. In these setups, cables will pass in and out of the box to ensure charging can take place. If you’re looking for these models, pay close attention when reading through each option’s product description.

Can you put a lithium battery in a battery box?

Experts recommend putting these batteries inside a lithium RV battery box or case. After all, an RV battery box or RV battery case will help stop any water damage. It’ll make sure your battery lasts much longer than other choices.

Who this is for?

In the simplest terms, an RV battery box is a lightweight carrying case for your rig’s batteries. This case will protect these batteries from potential issue causers like gasoline, water, dust, or the sun. It’s an essential piece of equipment to ensure your batteries keep their integrity.

Most battery boxes will consist of heavy-duty polypropylene material, which makes them effective at being a barrier. But the best thing about this material is its ability to keep the design lightweight, but still offer these fantastic results.

These aspects make them a valuable part of the RVing experience for anyone looking to ensure their batteries stay in top shape. Some people decide to purchase an RV battery tray instead, which are trays that strap batteries into place.

At first, this option might seem like a good alternative, but they don’t offer the protection a battery box does. These products are more prone to getting damaged from water leaks and battery acid leaks.

But I must also acknowledge most Class A, and C motorhomes will have a compartment on board for house batteries. This feature will make buying a battery box rather unnecessary. However, travel trailer owners usually have their batteries housed on their trailer’s A-frame.

This area happens to be right where some rig owners often mount their bike racks. As a result, this placement would be among the outdoor elements and vulnerable. Battery boxes become a vital piece of equipment to offer much-needed protection for your batteries against these elements.

Advantages of using RV battery boxes

Certain advantages do exist from using a battery box onboard an RV. This section will discuss some of them at length to ensure you know what these products can offer. Therefore, you’ll be able to decide whether investing in one is worth it.


The most crucial benefit of a battery box would be its ability to offer an increased sense of safety. After all, batteries tend to contain chemicals that can be very hazardous to the environment and passengers when left unchecked.

Battery boxes ensure these issues never occur by preventing accidental acid spills and any toxic fumes from getting released. It’s just another way to make sure your RV trip is entirely safe and doesn’t end with a tragic accident or dangerous situation.


As we mentioned in earlier sections, batteries are prone to getting damaged from outdoor elements. Dirt, water, and dust can have a significant impact on a battery’s functionality. For instance, these things can reach the battery’s power source and cause issues like short circuits.

You can imagine these types of damages can result in irreversible issues. But you can avoid this situation by buying a high-quality battery box, which will offer a great deal of protection. These boxes usually are made from materials that are considered weatherproof.

This aspect means a rig owner can expect issues like dirt, water, or dust to have no chance of causing their batteries damages. Your box will instead act as a barrier and ensure these issues never make close to your rig’s batteries.


Battery boxes are considered to be quite convenient, as well. This status comes from the lightweight designs that make moving them around easy. It also helps that some options will be universal and capable of fitting various batteries.

These products end up being a handy solution for transporting and storing your rig’s batteries. What else could a person with a trailer want in one of these products? Well, I should mention some options have built-in smart features, as well.

Their additions ensure a rig owner can monitor a battery’s status and makes charging various devices much easier. In the end, a battery box is a much more convenient product than most people might realize thanks to these types of features.


The best battery boxes will be able to offer an extended battery life because of their designs. It’s an aspect that comes from their ability to protect your batteries against various weather conditions and elements.

This level of durability will also ensure your batteries function to their best ability. After all, there won’t be anything causing them damage or issues. It’s just another way to make sure your RV trips go smoothly and without any unnecessary interruptions.


A battery box will bring a little order to your rig. It’ll ensure your rig’s batteries remain in one place, doesn’t leak or produce toxic fumes. These aspects will make your life on board the rig much more manageable and safe.

It’ll also ensure the area where your battery box is located remains clean. As someone who hates cleaning things up, you can bet this benefit was something that drew my interest. It’s just a useful and helpful thing to have during your RV trips.

Do batteries produce gas?

A common question for people considering buying battery boxes is whether their rig’s batteries product gas. The simple answer is yes; these batteries do produce and emit gas when on a high charge. It’s especially true for lead-acid types.

The main reason for them emitting gas is overcharging. In fact, a sealed battery with protection against leaks can still have some fumes get out. This issue is why it’s essential to invest in a model with an extra layer of safety, such as a battery box.

It’s the only way to ensure these fumes don’t get out and cause environmental issues. Otherwise, these fumes could end up irritating your lungs. You can imagine how annoying this irritation would be for someone with allergies.


After reading this article, picking the best RV battery box shouldn’t be much of an issue. It’s a simple act of taking what you’ve learned and applying to your search. This should make the right choice clear for anyone who follows the info within our article.

But there’s a chance some questions might pop up during your search. If this does happen, leave a comment down below and I’ll do my best to answer your question. I just want to make sure this process ends with you making a responsible decision. Thanks for reading!

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