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The Best RV Backup Cameras: Make RV Driving Safer & Easier

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best RV backup camera doesn’t have to be a complex process. This article will provide you with all the needed knowledge about these devices to make it more simple. It’ll ensure picking out the perfect one ends up being a straightforward and easy decision.

This knowledge will include discussing many topics such as types, determining factors, benefits, and much more. We’ll even provide 18 reviews of RV backup cameras on the market.

best rv backup camera

Once you’ve read through this information, I promise any feeling of this process being difficult will disappear. The right choice will instead become rather clear, and you’ll soon enjoy the benefits of having a top tier RV backup camera.

In fact, backing up your RV will soon become something, which doesn’t fill you with dread. It’ll be so easy that you won’t even have to give it a second thought. All you have to do is find a fairly priced, capable backup camera, and your life on the road will become much easier.

So please, keep reading and let us guide you towards the best backup camera for RVs. I promise you won’t regret it and end up happy with the decision you’ve made!


Best Overall Easy to Install Most Feature Rich

Furrion FOS07TASF

Rohent R9

Resolution 1080p 480p 1080p
Memory SD Card SD Card (128G)
Waterproof IP69 IP65 IP69K
Display 7″ LCD 7″ Touch Screen 7″ Touch Screen
Voltage 32 V 12 V 12 V
Field of View 150° 120° 170°
Working Temperature -22°F – 176°F -22°F – 176°F
Details Details Details

Best Backup Camera for RV Reviews

This part will consist of the 18 reviews we discussed earlier. These reviews will give you a better sense of what a capable RV backup camera looks like and features. You’ll also use these reviews to help understand the more complex topics we talk about later.

1. AMTIFO SZNZWX Wireless RV Backup Camera

From my experience, the AMTIFO SZNZWX Wireless RV Backup Camera can offer a level of coverage most other choices can’t match. The product’s dual antenna and wireless design can produce a signal that can reach 240 ft when installed on a vehicle. It has no trouble making sure I feel entirely aware of what’s surrounding my rig.

This sense of comfort only increases with its ability to add four additional wireless cameras. As a result, I could use this option as an effective RV backup and side camera system. It would ensure I never feel unsafe in any situation on the road.

Users will also benefit from its 150-degree visual angle. It’ll offer a much broader viewing angle than most available options. Due to this, I’m not too shocked many full-time RVers rely on this backup camera when traveling the road.

AMTIFO did an outstanding job constructing a durable system, as well. The camera was tested to ensure it remained functional in rainstorms and other issues. I’m delighted to report that mine hasn’t had a single structural or durability problem since installing it.

The installation process itself wasn’t overly complex. It was a simple matter of hooking up the antennas and connecting the product to a power source.

Other notable features include Bluetooth capability, image flipping, and a 2-year warranty. Given all these features, AMTIFO clearly did its best to check off every box. RV owners would have difficulty finding a more well-equipped backup camera for their needs.

However, I did notice one issue with this multi camera system for RV owners when driving at highway speeds. The picture does have a habit of getting a little choppy. But I wouldn’t overly worry about this issue as the choppiness didn’t affect the visuals too much. I could still back up and easily see what was going on around my rig.

2. Furrion FOS07TASF Vision S Wireless Vehicle Observation System

The Furrion FOS07TASF Vision S Wireless Vehicle Observation System has a set of features that should get any RV owner excited. I mean, the 7-inch touchscreen alone should be enough to get your attention.

This screen will show the area behind your RV with pristine quality. It’s also an anti-glare screen, which means the sun should not affect the video at all. With this in mind, you shouldn’t have any issues backing up into even the tightest parking spots.

We should mention that this screen can show four cameras at once as well. This feature will ensure you have the entire picture of what’s going on around your RV. The rear assist marker lines are another nice touch and should provide enough help to guide your RV.

You should also like that this Furrion RV backup camera comes with two mount options: install on your windshield or inside using the table stand. This feature gives you a bit more control over the process than you’d see with most models.

The infrared night vision and motion detection IR cut filter aren’t too shabby either. In fact, both these features will improve your safety when driving around in your RV. I mean, the motion detection alone should keep you aware of everything going on around your rig.

Another useful feature is that you don’t have to worry about this model messing up when it starts raining. You see, this model has an IP65 waterproof rating, which means it’s ready to endure even the worst weather conditions.

Overall, it’s quite evident Furrion had driver safety in mind when creating this product. It checks every box to ensure backing up your rig shouldn’t be an issue. But this top tier quality does come with one large flaw as this model happens to be one of the most costly on our list.

It’s a shame too because this model does fit everything I’m looking for in one of these products. However, it just doesn’t mesh with my budget. It’s not something I would splurge on either.

3. DohonesBest Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Our first product is the DohonesBest Digital Wireless Backup Camera, which happens to be one of the most popular on the market. There’s a good reason for this demand as this model features a ton of useful features an RV owner could enjoy.

For instance, this backup camera operates with no interference. This feature allows you to view what’s behind your RV with no issues. You’d be shocked by how many models don’t provide this aspect to the user. But thankfully, the interference issue doesn’t exist with this model.

I also love how much range this backup camera offers. You see, it provides 60 feet, which should be more than enough to see any problems. In other words, you shouldn’t have any issues seeing any would-be accident causers with the range that this device provides.

We should note that this model offers side and front viewing as well. This brand clearly had driver safety in mind when creating this great product. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this product can work at speeds topping 100 miles per hour.

I also love that the brand made sure this product was rather handy with its easy install process. And since I’m terrible with hooking up electronics, you bet this aspect is something I’m always looking for with these devices.

In customer reviews, users have often praised this product’s ability to remove blind spots as well. This feature is another one that’s vital in creating safe driving situations for everyone around your RV. It’ll make sure you can avoid issues without much hassle.

You can take comfort in it being waterproof as well, which will ensure this model’s providing top tier for years to come. In the end, there’s very little about this backup camera that an RV owner could see as being an issue.

But this aspect doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Some buyers did find the viewing angle a bit narrower than they’d like. Even though it’s not a perfect product, this model will get the job done when you need it.

4. Yakry ‎Y27 Wireless RV Backup Camera System

The picture quality offered by Yakry’s ‎Y27 Wireless RV Backup Camera System is a massive component of what makes it a top-tier option. It allows the rear view camera to send 1080P videos to my dashboard that are better than what I get on my Android phone. This beneficial attribute comes from its dual-antenna design.

It also produces this excellent picture quality without any choppiness or interference. It can function at this top-tier level for up to 220 feet. Therefore, it’ll ensure rig drivers are more than fully aware of what’s in their vicinity when backing up or changing lanes.

Moreover, I didn’t mention its 150-degree viewing angle with 18 infrared lights. These components will help ensure high-quality performance even at night. It’s nice to drive around in my RV without constantly worrying about hitting something I can’t see.

Users will also love the LCD dashboard screen with its comfortable controls. It provides convenient usage once this system’s appropriately installed. I didn’t have any trouble accessing my recorded videos, which isn’t the case with other models.

The versatility provided by this system shouldn’t go unnoticed. It would have no problem working on buses, motorhomes, trailers, campers, cars, trucks, and 5th wheels. In fact, it manages to offer the same high-quality results within each situation effortlessly.

I would imagine its durable construction has a massive hand in it. The waterproof materials and well-built structure help make long-term, desirable results possible. Buyers should see this model as an investment rather than a short-term solution.

But Yakry did miss the ball a little with its included manual. For instance, there are a few complaints about it being not easy to read within other reviews. Anyone unfamiliar with setting up a backup camera for camper use might want to consider different options.

5. Iball 5.8GHz Wireless Rear View Camera

This next option, Iball’s 5.8GHz Wireless Rear View Camera, has one of the easiest setup processes among backup cameras. Its wireless design allows users to connect the device to their rig in only a few seconds. In fact, I had no issues when installing this device.

Once installed, I was thoroughly impressed with the product’s overall performance. Its incredible 120-degree field gives a concise picture of what’s going around the drive. As a result, I felt comfortable and safe when backing up my camper with this RV camera system.

The product’s construction was also a noticeable beneficial aspect. Iball did an excellent job building this camera from durable and weather-resistant materials. Therefore, I can feel confident in its ability to hold up in any condition.

I might even purchase more than one of this camera, considering its rather vast versatility. For instance, customers have reported it being effective not only for truck and trailer use. I could also use it on a boat, ATVs, cars, and various motorhomes.

The camera’s transmission range isn’t anything to overlook, either. I couldn’t believe how clear the provided 25-feet range was as compared to other models. Of course, it was helped by the 3.5” LCD screen, ensuring I have a clear picture on my dashboard.

I can’t continue much further without mentioning its lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It’ll ensure the camera runs for 3 hours of continuous use without needing more power. Plus, Iball was kind enough to include a USB cable for a more effortless charging process.

But I do wish the magnet was a bit stronger. A few customers mentioned it as one slight negative to this rear camera for RV owners. However, it is not much of an issue when the camera’s appropriately set up and placed.

6. Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Emmako’s Digital Wireless Backup Camera is a handy option that any RV owner should consider getting. You see, this model has shown to be useful in trucks, RVs, campers, trailers, and any other vehicle where a backup camera might have a value.

But it being handy isn’t the only it has going for it. I also love this camera’s night vision, which will make sure I have no issues backing up at night. This feature will ensure there’s never a situation where I can’t reserve with full trust.

You should take comfort in this product being waterproof as well. This aspect means that there won’t be a single weather condition that’ll be capable of causing damage to your camera. It’s a key feature because RVs tend to go through many climates during their trips.

This camera’s wireless range of 450 feet is another winning trait to value. As a result, it should provide a clear signal wherever your RV ends up traveling. The 12ft extension wires and a stronger antenna will help in this regard as well.

It’s also useful that it can work on a vehicle under 55ft, which should cover most rigs with ease. But the best thing about this model is its a complete kit. This feature means you won’t have to buy any other parts outside this device.

As someone who hates buying individual parts, you can imagine the joy I felt when reading this fair priced model was a complete kit. It’s also essential you don’t overlook the 7-inch monitor that comes with this device either.

This device even comes with three mount options for this monitor, which goes to show the value of this great product. It’s just another area where Emmako shows that they’re one of the best brands selling these products.

However, this model does come with one large flaw as some users felt the install was a bit trickier than needed. The good news is that this model does come with a set of directions showing how to do the setup.

7. ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

This ZEROXCLUB backup camera has become one of the best RV backup cameras on today’s market thanks to its great features. For instance, this model can offer peak video quality without having any issues with static or interference.

These two aspects will ensure the video will be shown in a clear, easy to view manner. It also helps that the video will project onto an LCD display of 7 inches. This size is a bit bigger than what you’d expect from other models being sold.

I also love that this device is among the most advanced available. You see, it comes with 18 infrared lights and a CMOS sensor. These two features will make sure backing up your rig won’t feature any issues.

This model is convenient as well with its ability to work on many applications. You can use this device in cars, trucks, vans, campers, trailers, or vans without any problems. In other words, it’s a versatile piece of equipment.

Customers have also praised its install process within their reviews. Many of them stated it only took a few minutes to get this model running. This feature will make life on the road a whole lot easier by removing the presence of this hassle.

Another area where this model excel is the wireless signal it receives. This aspect is such high quality that you can expect the device to work at speeds reaching 75 miles per hour. It seems ZEROXCLUB thought of everything when creating this great product.

I mean, it even has an automatic turn on feature, which will kick in when you start reserving. This feature is another one that shows the device’s convenience and should make using it much easier. Plus, this model offers both night vision and waterproof capabilities like the early models.

But I was a little discouraged by the device’s warranty, which I felt could’ve been a bit better. It might not seem like a big deal, but having the right protection can go a long in securing your delight with a device.

8. Haloview MC7108 Wireless Backup Observation Camera System

Our next product is the Haloview MC7108 Wireless Backup Observation Camera System. It represents an option for anybody looking to get a wireless device because it has one of the longest wireless signal ranges on this list.

You see, this model’s wireless signal range goes up to 984 feet, which is the top tier in this market. This feature will ensure the signal’s quality is clear whether your RV trips take you. Of course, this aspect isn’t the only one the device brings to the table.

I also found this model’s 120-degree viewing angle to be an appealing trait. This feature will ensure you never have issues seeing what lies behind your rig. It’ll make sure the view never seems to be narrow, and you’ll instead get the best results.

The 7-inch LCD digital monitor is another feature any RV owner should value. It’ll display the video with pristine clarity and make the action of backing up your RV as safe as possible. You shouldn’t sleep on this model having the highest waterproof rating either at IP69K.

As a result, you’ll never have to worry about a weather issue causing this device any damage. The camera system also has a smart IR-cut filter, which will make the images more realistic. It will make sure your images avoid color blur as well.

This model being versatile doesn’t hurt either. It should work on any car, bus, truck, RV, camper, or other vehicles that might need a backup camera. The IR LED lights are there to provide night vision up to 32 feet and ensure your safety during the night as well.

But I did have one issue with this model, which was a bit surprising. It seems the install was more of a challenge than some customers expected. And since I’m not the best at technical tasks, this product might not be the one for me.

9. Yuwel Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

Yuwel’s Digital Wireless Backup Camera System tends to be a favorite among people looking for a device with a quick install. This status comes from the install only needing one minute of your time, which is among the best on today’s market.

But a quick install wouldn’t be anything without the product offering good results. This model thankfully succeeds in this area as well. As an example, this model provides a clear and focused picture quality thanks to its wireless monitor of 7 inches.

This model also happens to be one of the most durable as its design was made with high-grade materials. Due to this, the device will end up saving you money as there will be no need for an RV backup camera replacement any time soon.

The IP69K waterproof rating will help in this regard as well given it’ll ensure the device doesn’t receive any damage from weather issues. Plus, this model features a quick mounting process to ensure everything about the device is convenient.

I found that it can work on any large vehicle up to 150 feet as another useful feature. You see, my rig fits into this range, which means this model could be a real option. The fact it can work at speeds up to 70 miles per hour doesn’t hurt either.

These aspects were something exciting for me because it turns out this device also fits inside my budget. I’d actually consider this model to be one of the more fairly priced options on our list. If you’re a bargain buyer, this device should move to the top of your list based on the provided cost and set of features.

But there was one area where this model didn’t live up to my needs. It seems the customer service given by Yuwel was subpar for some customers. This aspect isn’t something you expect from a top company, and it’s just not a good look. Honestly, it would give me some second thoughts before buying this device.

10. iStrong HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

The iStrong HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System can meet the needs of any RV owner. It has a long list of features that will greatly improve your RV trips. Honestly, you can’t do a whole lot better than this great product.

If you don’t believe, look at the amount of range this product offers. You see, this model has a working range of up to 450 feet and works with any vehicle under 60 feet. This feature means you can expect a clear signal for a vast collection of vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, or RVs.

You should also love this model’s viewing angle of 150 degrees. This feature will ensure you get the best results when using the device to see what’s behind your RV. As a result, it’ll keep anything from surprising you and causing an accident.

This device features a monitor that has split screen ability thanks to its two-way video input as well. The feature would allow you to add a second wireless camera and get more coverage of your RV.

We should mention the device offers a few mounting options, which is another trait I found intriguing. These options include using the stand bracket and placing the monitor in front of the dashboard or using a suction cup windshield mount.

It’s another feature that gives you a little bit more control over this process. iStrong was also nice enough to include a two year warranty and an expert install. Overall, these features ensure the user has the tools needed to feel comfortable with what they’re buying.

This model being one of the least costly options on our list doesn’t things either. But there was one area where the device did leave little to be deserved. Some customers did complain about the product’s durability, which was a bit concerning.

Of course, the durability concern was only mentioned in a small amount of the reviews. But it was enough that I did feel it was crucial to note in this review.

11. LeeKooLuu HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera

If you’re looking for a wireless option with a lot of range, LeeKooLuu HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera could be a good choice. It offers a wireless range of 900 feet and works with any vehicle under 55 feet.

These two features together make this model a perfect fit to be 5th wheel trailer’s backup camera. I also love that this model operates without receiving any static. This feature means you’ll always have a clear and usable picture when using the device.

The 150-degree viewing angle is another appealing feature. This viewing angle will ensure you have the perfect view of anything that might cause an issue when your RV’s reserving. Plus, the camera’s fog resistant and provides night vision to help in less than ideal settings.

Customers have also found this model’s install process to be simple, which is always a nice touch. The company even includes a helpful direction video and manual to ensure you get all the help needed.

This model gives you some choices as well regarding how you want to use it. You see, this device can either be set up to run always or only when reserving depending on your likings.

It also offers two mounting options as you can either hook it onto the dash or mount it on your windshield. These two choices give you more control over this model than you see with most wireless rear view cameras.

But the best part about this device is the price. It’s one of the least costly options on this entire list, which is a miracle given these features. It even falls in the range of my budget and will be near the top of my list.

The two year warranty isn’t something to overlook either as a little protection’s always nice. However, this feature might be something you end up using soon than expected. It seems some customers had issues regarding the device’s sturdiness.

12. Emmako FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera

The Emmako FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera has a set of features that are hard for other models to match. A great example would this model’s HD 1080P 7-inch screen, which will mount right on your dash.

This screen will provide the clearest images that you’ll find offered by these devices. It also helps this monitor has split screen ability with four inputs. Due to this, you can add one, two, or three more wireless cameras. These extra cameras will give you more coverage of the events around your RV.

We should note that this model has an IP69k waterproof rating to resist any damage brought on by weather issues. I tend to RV in rainy climates, which means I would need a model with this aspect or I’d be buying another device in a few months.

I also travel a lot during the night and would benefit from a model with night vision. This device certainly fits this type with its use of 18 infrared lights, which will make backing up in the dark much easier.

This product will offer steady performance in these situations as well given its ability to work without any static. It’ll ensure the video will be clear and ready to offer you knowledge about what’s going around your RV.

A viewing angle of 150 degrees will also help in this regard. Given these features, you shouldn’t have issues getting the top tier results with this product. And these results will come at a more than fair price.

When you put all these factors together, it becomes quite evident this model represents one of the best RV observation cameras on today’s market. I didn’t even get to mention the superior range this model offers either. It can provide 984 feet of signal range and work in any vehicle under 60 feet.

But the install seems to be a little more difficult than some other models. I’d suggest viewing the directions before buying this device.

13. DVKNM Upgrade Dual Backup Camera Monitor

DVKNM’s Upgrade Dual Backup Camera Monitor is one of the easiest devices to use and install on this entire list. This status comes from convenient features such as the IR remote controller, which encourages simple function.

Another convenient feature is it offering two mounting options to the user. In this case, you can either mount or leave it standing depending on your likings. This choice is a nice touch as it makes sure you can pick the option that suits your situation perfectly.

You should also like that this model isn’t too shabby when it comes to performance either. This device comes with a wide viewing angle, 18 LED lights, two video inputs, HD screen, etc. In other words, everything you expect a backup camera to have this model provides without issue.

It even has night vision that’ll ensure you can see 50 feet behind your RV in complete darkness. This feature shows the device’s ready to keep you safe in any situation. DVKNM made sure to put drive safety first when creating this great device.

This brand had the goal of being cost-effective on their mind as well. You see, this model comes at a low price when considering all these great features. This option is another one that I’d have no issue calling a bargain buy.

And this low cost didn’t stop them from offering a two-year warranty. It’s quite evident that this model would end up being a hard one to pass up for any RV owner on a budget. We should also note that this RV rear view camera’s reviews were full of praise about the customer service.

This aspect was a bit shocking, given how much people tend to despise customer service, but the admiration was almost universal. The one area where this model did seem to struggle was that it doesn’t come with a directions manual. This flaw might be a problem for first-time users.

14. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

If you’re looking for an option that’s ready from the moment it arrives, the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System could be a great choice. This device comes as a complete set and doesn’t need any fancy parts or mounts to get the ball rolling.

The easy setup process isn’t the only thing to marvel at about this product. It also offers a viewing angle of 130 degrees, which is well in line with what you’d expect from a top model. This feature should provide a clear picture of what’s behind your RV without seeming too narrow.

You should also love this camera’s use of 18 infrared light as it’ll provide 50 feet of night vision. This feature will be a big help when you’re parking the RV at night and ensure there won’t be any surprises.

I found this product’s design being made from top tier materials to be another useful trait. This aspect should make sure the device becomes a fixture in your life for years to come with its peak durability.

As a result, it’ll end up saving money by ensuring you don’t have to spend any more money on a backup camera soon. The IP69K waterproof rating helps in this regard as well through offering protection against any issue mother nature might bring.

The 7-inch display is another aspect that’ll provide great results. It’ll project everything happening around your RV with absolute clarity. You’d be surprised by how models don’t excel in this area.

We should also note that this model comes with a three port harness, which means you can connect two extra cameras. These additional cameras will provide more coverage and further ensure your safety when driving.

But all of these features cause one issue I can’t overlook as a customer. The price of this model is a little outside my budget range and what I’d consider a fair price. I wish it weren’t because this model does provide everything I’m looking for in the high-quality RV backup camera system.

15. 4Ucam Digital Wireless Backup Camera

As one of the best wireless backup cameras for travel trailers, the 4Ucam Digital Wireless Backup Camera has earned a rep for providing great results. This status comes most notably from its design, which consists of durable, sturdy materials.

The other features it provides help as well, such as its ability to offer a video display free of static or interference. Due to this feature, there shouldn’t ever be signal issues when you’re backing up the rig.

You should also love how quick this travel trailer backup camera’s installation is compared to other models. This aspect was something I saw praised over and over again in the customer reviews. It got to the point where it was a shock when this aspect wasn’t discussed.

I found its ability to be usable in marine and outdoor settings intriguing as well. It speaks to the product’s overall versatility as it can be useful in many ways. It never hurts to have an item that can work in many settings, just in case you find yourself in a bind.

Aside from these features, this model ends up being rather standard with it offering many familiar aspects. These features include 20 feet of night vision, 7-inch LCD screen, usable on multiple vehicles, etc.

But the real kicker’s all of these features are available for a fair price. If you’re looking for a bargain buy, this model could be the right choice. In my case, it sure seems like it’d check off every box I’m looking for and it falls right in line with my budget.

The only issue I would have with this great device is some customers have gone through issues with the image quality being affected by it reflecting off glass. This problem means you might need to adjust the model now and again, which could represent a hassle for some users.

16. eRapta Wireless Backup Camera

The eRapta Wireless Backup Camera is an option that bears a sense of being both useful and durable. These two aspects come from the great design and results it offers any customer lucky enough to buy it.

For instance, this model comes with aircraft grade cords that’ll ensure this device won’t have issues with the cords not working. You’ll instead benefit from years of this device working at peak levels thanks to features such as these durable cords.

I also found this model’s feature of two video inputs to be useful. This feature will allow you to connect a second camera for front or side viewing. It’s another way to ensure nothing like an accident happens during your travels.

Users have found the picture quality on this device to be clear as well. This aspect will ensure you have a bit more trust when driving your rig. You’ll no longer have to worry about another car being in your blind spot with this device.

The easy install was another hit feature with the customers, as many of them reported it only takes two minutes. This aspect is something I value a lot thanks to my lack of electrical skills.

This device also offers night vision, water resistance, and infrared lights like many other models on our list. These features will improve driver safety by making sure you can always backup your RV without having any anxiety.

The model’s low price was another winning aspect many customers would love. Overall, this model from eRapta shows why this brand ranks among my favorites in this market. It also helps that they’re known for providing some of the best customer service.

But I do wish eRapta put more time into making sure the screen has a better resolution. This area is the only one where the model falls a little behind its rivals.

17. ZSMJ FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera

RV owners needing a wireless backup camera for 5th wheel RVs should look no further than the ZSMJ FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera. This model offers a great connection that can even handle the higher speeds of the highway with no issue.

In fact, this device won’t lose signal even at speeds up to 110 miles per hour. Of course, it’s quite unlikely your 5th wheel will hit these speeds. But it’s nice to know the device won’t falter in the high speed setting like a highway.

I also love the four video inputs this device offers. This feature will give you the ability to remove all your 5th wheel’s blind spots by providing the option of adding a second, third, or fourth camera.

As you know from other reviews, these extra cameras would offer more coverage by covering the front, left side, and right side of your rig. This coverage will also be shown on a 1080P HD screen, which will provide crystal clear video of what’s going on around your RV.

The viewing angle of 150 degrees will also help the video quality. It’ll ensure you can clearly make out how much distance is between your RV and its surroundings. It also got the always essential night vision feature and infrared lights as well.

This model’s install process is rather versatile, which is another appealing trait. You see, this device can either be installed on a flat panel or mount on the windshield with the provided windshield suction mount.

In my case, I’d go with the windshield suction mount install as I don’t like my dash getting too cluttered. Don’t sleep on the two year warranty that comes with this device either. This factor could vital to protect against an accident happening with the device.

But I doubt you’ll have any issues with this product as I couldn’t find a single notable flaw in the customer reviews. Trust me; this result doesn’t happen often, and when it does, it’s best to take notice.

18. Camecho RC RV Backup Camera

Our last product’s the Camecho RC RV Backup Camera is among the most popular backup cameras thanks to its easy install process. This aspect comes from this device being a complete kit, which means everything needed for the install comes included.

This feature will save you the hassle of having to buy a part or two separately. Plus, you’ll avoid all the research that goes along with buying one of these parts. It’s an aspect like this one, which shows this product’s overall convenience.

Aside from this angle, this model excels in other areas as well. This model has a design that’s built for extreme outdoor situations. Due to this, the device shouldn’t have issues perform at a high level for a long time.

I also love that this model’s lightweight and compact, which makes it a great fit in many situations. You see, this model’s capable of being useful in a car, RV, truck, camper, trailer, etc. It even has seen some use in marine settings.

It doesn’t hurt that this model offers two install options either: mounting on your roof or dashboard. It’s always nice to have a choice regarding something like this as it makes sure you won’t end up annoyed by being forced into a situation.

Once you do pick a mounting option, the stable wireless signal will provide top tier results. Many buyers were pleased with these results, given this model having a lower price than most of its rivals. It’s actually the least costly product on our entire list.

The camera’s hard metal case was another aspect that seemed to excite previous users. This aspect offers both water and mud proof abilities, which should further confirm the product’s durability.

But this model isn’t perfect as it does have one serious flaw that might be hard to overlook. Some users felt this model’s viewing angle was a bit too narrow.

RV Backup Camera Buyer’s Guide



Choosing the right RV backup camera will come down to knowing, which model fits your situation the best. This section will help find the answer by going over all crucial topics at length. It’ll give you a better feel of what you’re looking for in a backup camera.

Things to know before buying an RV backup camera

People searching for the perfect RV backup camera will need to grasp the key factors. This section will discuss these factors at length to ensure you know what you’re looking for in one of these products.


You already have a little bit of insight into the types from above, which means I’ll keep this short. The one thing you have to know is that RV owners usually have to choose between two main options. You either select a camera with a dedicated screen or a standalone backup camera.

And since most newer RVs already feature a GPS monitor occupying their dash, it wouldn’t be wise to buy a backup camera with a screen as well. This situation would be too cluttered and a giant mess.

You’ll instead want to opt for a standalone camera, which has the option to connect into a screen via an HDMI cable. But if your RV’s dash doesn’t come with an agreeable display than things get a bit dicier.

In this case, I’d suggest checking options that come with both cameras and screen systems. Another option would be buying a wireless backup camera, which can connect to your iPhone or Android using an app.

As we noted before, buying a wireless one would add comfort as the install is rather simple. Overall, there’s plenty of types out there, and you must figure out the one that fits your needs the best.

Ease of Install

You don’t want a device that has a tricky install process. If you do, it’s quite likely you’ll end up regretting buying it, which is something neither of us wants. A good way to avoid this issue is by reading the install directions on every product you’re considering.

This action will give a solid idea about whether you feel capable enough to handle the install. Reading customer reviews would be another way to get some intel on the process. I mean, there’s nothing angrier than a group of customers who can’t figure out how to use a product.

In other words, these customer reviews will give you a heads up about the install process. And if you’re anxious about it, buying a wireless model would be a smart move as well. Their installs are often smooth and take only a few minutes.

Video Quality

It may seem like common sense, but you’re going to want a model that provides great video quality. This feature will ensure you get a useful picture of what’s going on behind the RV. It also makes sure you don’t damage your eyes by squinting too much when trying to decipher a bad quality image.

Top tier video quality will allow you to check on other things as well. For instance, you’ll have a good viewpoint to look at whether your tires are flat or your RV’s blowing smoke. It’s quite evident that this factor is a key part of obtaining a capable backup camera.

The only problem is evaluating video quality can be quite a challenge online. This issue is where reading customer reviews come in handy again. These discussions will talk about this aspect at length because it tends to be one of the most annoying factors when it’s not top quality.

We should mention that video quality doesn’t concern only the screen, but the cables and transmitters as well. You must ensure each part of the device is top tier before deciding to buy.

Field of View

The camera’s field of view is another vital aspect of this entire process. You see, this factor has a massive impact on the width of the camera’s viewing angle. And since reversing your RV often requires a broader field of view than a regular car, it becomes a key part in ensuring your safety.

Due to this, I’d suggest looking for an RV backup camera model with at least 90-degree field of view. Of course, you can get a camera that offers more degrees, but they will be more costly. These devices usually provide a 120-degree field of view and do give better results.


The one thing you probably know going into this process is these devices aren’t cheap. This aspect means setting a budget becomes a necessary step. The budget should account for every feature you want in a backup camera to ensure it’s realistic.

For instance, if you want a model with a 120-degree field of view, it’s going to cost extra money than a standard 90-degree one. It’s little details like this one that should determine your budget’s ranges.

I know setting up a budget sounds like a hassle, but it’ll come in handy. This budget will limit your options considerably to a more manageable level. As a result, this process won’t seem as overwhelming or stressful as it did at the beginning.

Mounting Options

You’ll have another decision to make regarding the camera’s mounting option. It’s something you need to ensure agrees with your situation. The choice will probably end up between a camera that’s surface mounted, license mounted, or flush mounted.

Most people find the perfect choice to be the surface mounted. This option lets you mount the camera at the rear of your RV on a flat surface. I’d suggest installing the camera on a higher level to ensure you get a view with the best depth perception possible.

If you prefer an option that’ll blend in more, the flush mounted route would be the logical choice. This option will be far more discreet and sleeker as it keeps the camera inside within a hole drilled in your RV’s body. In fact, the only aspects you’ll see from the outside will be the bezel and lens.

It also helps that a flush-mounted camera will have less exposure to outside elements such as harsh weather. This feature will ensure the device lasts longer than other options. It does have one issue, though, as there are limits to how high you can mount it.

If you’re looking for the most convenient mount option, the license-mounted RV backup camera could be a wise choice. You see, this option won’t require any drilling, which is always a nice touch. You’ll instead only need to use your RV’s license plate’s hole to set up this camera.

But this convenient device does only work when it’s mounted in the one area. And sometimes the view it provides won’t be the greatest. It’ll likely be closer to the road’s surface than you’d like.

Night Vision

You’ll also want to look for a device that offers night vision. I mean, you won’t be only parking during daylight and need a tool to help you do the task when it’s dark. This feature will satisfy that need and make sure you never have trouble parking at night.

It’s essential you know that most backup cameras use infrared LEDs to offer assistance during these situations as well. These lights will ensure parking is no issue even in pitch-black darkness, which can be an issue without them.

Why you need an RV backup camera?

As you’ve picked up by now, an RV backup camera will bring several benefits to your life. This section will discuss the ones that will add the most value to your RVing trips. It’ll provide the reasons why these devices are such an essential part of an RV owner’s repertoire.


The right backup cameras for RVs offer a high level of durability. This aspect comes from their designs, which are made with top tier materials. Some systems even feature aircraft grade material in their structure to provide protection against any wear and tear.

We should also point out that the most top backup cameras come with a hard metal casing or housing. These devices should combat any problem, which comes their way without issue.


The most apparent reason why you need an RV backup camera is its ability to improve upon driver’s safety. After all, the best devices will provide a clear picture of any issues or objects that may be behind our larger vehicles.

If you didn’t have these great devices, you could face many issues when trying to back up with your RV. It’s the main reason why buying one of these devices has become such an essential piece for any RV owner.

I mean, these devices can even make driving at night much easier thanks to their night vision and pristine digital signals. In the end, buying a top tier RV backup camera makes using your rig much safer for everyone. This aspect alone should be enough to convey their value.


Another area where these devices tend to excel is convenience. For instance, wireless backup cameras don’t need any wires or cable to work in your vehicle. This reason alone makes these devices one of the best when it comes to having an easy install.

In fact, wireless systems don’t even require an expert to do the task as a wired system would. The installs on most of these items take as little as two minutes. Due to this, people looking for one that has a simple install should look no further than the wireless systems.

It’s just another area where these devices make your life a bit easier and less stressful.

Night Vision Capabilities

These devices also offer night vision, which is quite essential to an RV owner on long hauls. This aspect will ensure you never have issues backing up at night when it can be a little tricky seeing what’s behind your RV.

Given this feature, these devices could end up saving you from a terrible accident that would’ve happened without one. Plus, it will save you money from having to pay for the damage caused by a crash.

All Parts Included with Purchase

One of my favorite parts about the right RV backup cameras is most of them come as a complete kit. This feature will make sure you don’t have to buy anything separately, which can be such a hassle.

You also love to hear that the best models even come with a mounting bracket that’ll make the install much easier. So, do yourself a favor and make sure the model you buy comes as a complete set for an easy install process.


The best models will also be waterproof. This feature will ensure these models can deal with any change in temperature or climate. It’s a crucial part of any top tier backup camera as it’ll ensure the product will last for a long time to come.

It’s also worth noting most of these devices are shockproof and weatherproof as well. It’s quite evident these models are ready to deal with any obstacle that comes their way. But please, make sure the backup camera you buy has these qualities, or it might turn out to stop working quickly.

Where should I mount my RV backup camera?

Finding the perfect place to mount a backup camera for RV use is relatively simple. After all, it’s the exact location in every rig, below the clearance lights. It’ll ensure you have the best view possible when relying on the camera to back up into tight spaces.

How do you hook up a backup camera to an RV?

The process of hooking up an RV backup camera will change from model to model. It’s why having a practical and detailed instruction manual is crucial. As a result, I’d recommend reading through multiple customer reviews to ensure your chosen option comes with one.

But a more general outline can be found in our “How to install an RV backup camera?” section. It’ll thoroughly explain what an RV owner can expect when setting up one of these devices.

How much does it cost to add a backup camera to an RV?

Paying for an RV backup camera is much more involved than people expect. In fact, there are various aspects that make the cost higher or lower. It begins with the sale price, which often ranges between $20 and $1000.

This figure will be affected by the included features. For instance, a Bluetooth backup camera for RV will cost significantly more than a traditional one. So you’ll need to decide whether these more advanced aspects are worth a higher sales price.

Your next deciding factor is whether you’re buying a wireless or wired RV backup camera. As you can imagine, wired options will be a bit more complicated to install. So the installation price ends up higher and adds to your overall total.

In the end, a professional installation will range from $50 to $200. But you can always avoid this aspect entirely by doing the job yourself. I wouldn’t recommend this option unless you’ve had previous experience installing RV cameras.

What are the different types of backup cameras for RV?

If you plan on getting an RV backup camera, it would be a wise move to familiarize yourself with the different types. It would go a long way in ensuring you pick the perfect model for your RV. And we’ll discuss each type in detail below to make this process much easier.

License Plate Camera

As the name suggests, this type is a device that’s capable of being mounted over your RV’s rear license plate. These devices also tend to be rather versatile as they’re useful in many vehicles besides RVs such as cars, trucks, campers, trailers, etc.

You actually shouldn’t have issues getting these devices to work with any vehicle with a US sized license plate. It’s also worth noting that license plate cameras have LED night vision lights, which are helpful in certain situations.

For instance, if you’re trying to back up into parking at night, these lights would this process more manageable. These devices come in a low-profile type as well. It would be a must get for people that live in states who don’t allow drivers to cover up their license plate.

Any customer would also love that these devices come with grid lines. These grid lines will make judging the distance between you and the objects behind your vehicle a simpler task. Of course, there are other features as well like silver or black outer finish and hi-res CCD lenses.

The full-frame version of this type is another thing to look out for as it’ll attach to the license plate’s frame rather than mounting over it.

Box Camera

This backup camera is one of the more popular on today’s market. It has this status thanks to the versatility that the camera offers. You see, this type has been useful in many different applications such as RVs, campers, trailers, 5th wheels, or even construction equipment.

These devices work by offering a 120-degree field of vision, which should provide a more than enough of a clear picture. It’s worth noting that these products provide other helpful features as well like waterproof housing, automatic LED night vision lights, a mounting U-bracket, and adjustable sunshade.

You might also notice that these devices will come with high-resolution CCD lenses and grid lines. Both these features are included to improve driver safety further. After all, you’ll have a hard time reserving without the grid lines. These grid lines make it known how distance is between the RV and the things behind it.

We should also mention some box cameras’ offer a dual camera. This feature is rather helpful because it allows you to use one of the cameras for looking farther down the road and the other looking down at the hitch.

Bumper Camera

Our next type isn’t all that hard to explain as everything’s in its name, bumper cameras. In other words, a bumper camera is a device, which is mounted onto your bumper. It features a rather small, compact design to fit this situation perfectly.

If you decide this type is the correct choice, there’s good news. Most newer cars, RVs, and trucks feature a small, removable piece where the device can be mounted.

Dashboard Camera

The dashboard camera is another type to see a recent surge in popularity. This surge has come from these devices being useful for people who drive for commercial reasons or long distances each day.

These cameras also offer a useful feature of recording your driving adventures. As a result, your memory doesn’t have to be the only evidence when an accident happens. Your dashboard camera can instead show exactly what happened.

Due to this feature, this camera will end up saving you money. It’ll lessen the risk of issues such as road rage, insurance fraud, and theft costing you a lot of cash. And this situation is possible thanks to the SD card that allows the recording of footage.

It also doesn’t hurt that these devices are agreeable with your smartphone or tablet. This feature allows you to monitor the camera through these devices. I’d say this device would end up being convenient, given all these features.

Side View Camera

If you have a larger RV such as a 5th wheel trailer, a side view camera might be the right choice. You see, these devices are perfect for bigger vehicles with visibility issues or large blind spots.

It’s perfect for these vehicles because these devices make changing lanes much safer and easier. These devices offer this aspect through their use of a split-screen monitor, rearview camera, and a front-facing camera.

Given these features, a side view camera can see everything going on around your vehicle with ease. It’s quite apparent that your RV won’t encounter any surprises with this device onboard.

Wired Camera

RV owners looking for a backup camera that provides stable, clear images should consider getting a wired camera. These devices tend to outpace the other types in both these aspects by a wide margin.

However, the reason these models aren’t more popular is that their install process is trickier than the other types such as the wireless backup camera. But we should also note that people with metal-skinned RVs should get a wired camera as it’s the best choice.

Wireless Camera

This next type is designed to work off wireless tech, which makes it rather easy to install. If you’re looking for a simple option, a wireless camera might a good choice to consider. But it does have a pretty big issue, which many customers find annoying.

You see, the best wireless backup camera for RVs will tend to be more interference prone than other types. This issue causes the camera to lose signal once in a while. As a result, these devices require the RV owner to check it regularly, or you might find yourself in a situation where it’s unusable.

Surface Mounted Camera

A surface mounted camera is a device that’s capable of being installed on a flat surface, which is rather convenient. Most of the time, people find it useful to mount these cameras high up as it provides a more commanding view and better depth perception.

Given these aspects, it becomes a useful tool for drivers of larger vehicles such as RVs, trailers, campers, or other recreational vehicles.

Flushed Mounted Camera

The last type is a device called a flushed mounted camera. These devices are a practical choice because you can install them in a hole within your RV’s body. As a result, it isn’t too noticeable because the only parts being seen are the lens and bezel.

But these devices do provide an issue as their position makes them level with the road. This feature makes them not get the same depth perception that you would with an option such as a surface mounted camera.

Where to mount an RV backup camera?

The top-rated backup cameras will include a design and shape that you can install or mount on any side of your RV. It’s another area where the customer has a bit of control over when you get a top tier product.

But it’s still essential you check the device’s manual and directions before doing anything. This action will ensure you don’t end up making a mistake and causing damage. And since these products aren’t cheap, I’d think it be wise to take a gander at the manual beforehand.

How to install an RV backup camera?

The good news is that RV backup camera installation isn’t too tricky. In fact, you could easily do it yourself without much of a hassle. The first thing you would have to do is find a convenient spot for the monitor.

Once you find this spot, use some alcohol to clean the area on your dash and then apply the mounting option. The next thing to do is plug the monitor into one of the 12-volt sockets. After doing this, take the camera’s power cable and connect it to the RV’s backup light circuit.

This step might require drilling a hole, depending on the situation. Either way, you should then take out a backup bulb and its socket. Next, you’ll want to connect the camera’s power cable into the circuit’s colored wire.

You must also ensure the black lead of the camera’s connected to the backup circuit’s black wire. Once everything’s in place, replace the socket and the bulb. It’s now time to turn on the monitor and figure out whether you’ve done the install correctly by running some tests.

RV Backup Camera FAQs

What is the top-rated RV backup camera?

An RV backup camera is one of the more useful devices that a rig owner can install in their RVs. It offers a solution to a huge issue for RVers, reverse driving. After all, there’s nothing more stressful than backing up with a large vehicle.

But these devices solve this issue by attaching to your RV’s rear and displaying a video through a monitor. This function will remove your blind spot and make it much easier to back up into a parking spot or on the street.

We should mention that an RV backup camera will help prevent any backup collisions as well. You see, the areas behind vehicles are often called killing zones. As a result, having a camera showing what’s going in these areas lessens the risk.

These benefits are why most newer vehicles come with these useful devices. I mean, these backup cameras do improve driver safety by a large amount. But the issue is this trend’s a new event as most older cars don’t come with one.

Given this knowledge, it’d be wise for people with older cars or RVs to invest in a capable RV backup camera. It’ll just make every driving adventure much safer for everyone involved. And it’ll also reduce any stress or anxiety you might have with backing up a large vehicle.

In the end, it’s a smart buy that’ll reduce the chances of something terrible happening during your RV trips. And since these trips are supposed to be about relaxing, I’d suggest making sure your backup camera is one of the best.

How does it work?

The way an RV backup camera works will depend on its install process. There are two options when it comes to this choice. The first process will be wiring the camera into your RV’s reversing light.

If your backup camera uses this install option, you can expect it to be useful every time your RV’s reversing. The second install process would consist of wiring the camera to a constant power source.

This option will allow your backup camera to be helpful both when you’re reversing and driving down the highway. In other words, devices that used the second install process tend to more effective than other models.

You should understand the top backup cameras will offer these features as well: interference protection, wide field of view, and night vision. If you’re a bit confused by what “wide field of view” means, it’s merely the camera’s viewing angle’ width.

As a result, you’re going to want a wide field of view. You won’t always get a clear view behind the RV’s bumper without one. I’d suggest getting one with at least 90 degrees of field of view as this feature should provide a good picture of what’s going behind your RV.

If you intend on getting a wireless backup camera, I’d suggest spending some time looking into its level of interference. You should get a clear idea from reading the customer reviews of each product as this problem tends to be an annoying issue.

We should also note that analog options are susceptible to interference. Due to this, getting a backup camera with a digital signal would be a wise move. These devices don’t receive any interference when doing the task at hand.

As for how backup camera’s video works, the image is flipped horizontally and produces a mirror image output. This design is a bit different than what you’d get with a regular camera because the driver and camera are facing opposite directions.

The mirror image output is essential as it creates a constant orientation of the display. You should also know that these backup cameras mainly use a wide-angle or fisheye lens. These lenses ensure the camera can view a horizontal angle without any issues.

And if you suspect an issue on the ground behind your RV, you can push the camera down. This action will make these problems appear. It’s another way these great devices create a safe driving setting for RV owners.

What are the most trusted RV backup camera brands?

This question’s one that you can answer by taking another look at our product review section. Each one of those brands has cultivated an excellent bond with their customers. These companies have created this rapport by selling top tier RV backup cameras and offering great customer service.

But even among this group of top level brands, there’s still two that stick out a bit more than the others: eRapta and Furrion. You see, both these companies are regular sights when you search up the most popular RV backup cameras.

And I thought It’d be a good idea to look into why these two companies regularly outpace their rivals in this market. This knowledge will give you a better idea of what a top RV backup camera brand looks like and offers.


Over the last eight years, eRapta has quickly proved themselves as a force in this market. This status comes their willingness to put a large amount of focus on their customer’s shopping experience. It gives them the ability to ensure this process doesn’t include any issues.

It also helps that their customer service has received a ton of praise, which is a rarity for any company. It’s quite evident this brand has their customer’s needs and wants at heart when making these products.


This brand prides itself on creating products with the most cutting edge designs. It’s a quality that’ll ensure you get a top tier device when buying from Furrion. This brand makes sure their models are both easy to install and use as well.

And if you put those qualities together, it’s rather obvious that the person buying it will end up happy with their decision. I mean, what more could you want from a product like an RV backup camera?

How to fix?

I’d suggest calling in a professional when your RV’s backup camera isn’t working correctly. These experts will be able to quickly diagnose what’s wrong with your device by troubleshooting and rooting out the problem.

But if you don’t want to spend the extra money, a logical step would be reading through the manual. It should give you some directions about how to troubleshoot the device yourself. And it might give you some tips about how to do some easy fixes.

What is the warranty?

The warranties on these devices will vary from product to product. In other words, some brands will offer a lifetime warranty, and others won’t offer one at all. I’d suggest opting for a device with one to ensure you have some level of coverage. After all, you never know when one of these devices might stop working.

If this does occur, these warranties will give you some protection and get your money back. We should also note that some brands like advertising their products have warranties than not honoring them.

One way to avoid this issue is by reading customer reviews. These resources should give you a better idea of whether a company will honor its warranties. And please, don’t ever buy from a brand with a bad reputation for pulling this kind of stuff.

Where to buy?

If you’re looking to buy an RV backup camera, the logical starting point would be searching Amazon. After all, the site will have the largest selection and low prices compared to anywhere else that sells these devices.

It also helps that Amazon has a vast amount of customer reviews for buyers to look through during this process. As you know, these discussions are a vital piece in figuring out which product will fit your situation.

But these aspects doesn’t mean you should solely focus on Amazon. There are other websites and stores that you should look at before making a final decision. I’d suggest starting with Camping World as they have a decent selection and prices.

In fact, sometimes their prices will end up being lower than even Amazon’s when a sale happens. As a result, it’d be smart to compare prices between the two sites. This action will ensure you don’t miss out on the lowest price possible for your chosen backup camera.

If you’re more comfortable shopping offline, there are some great options as well. For instance, your local Best Buy or WalMart should have a few top tier backup cameras that you can peruse. Of course, the prices will be much higher than you’d see online.

But you do get face to face customer service, which an online site like Amazon can’t offer. And this service can make a huge difference when you get an employee that knows the products well. You could also try a local RV supply store, which should have a few models for sale.

Given these options, it’s clear that there should be an acceptable option for anyone looking to buy an RV towing camera. It’s just a simple matter of choosing the one that suits your shopping preferences the best.


After reading this article, you should have the necessary knowledge to make a sound decision about the best RV backup camera system for you. All you have to do is apply what you’ve learned here into your search, and the right choice should become clear.

Once you do find this perfect product, you shouldn’t any more issues backing up your RV. This means no more having to make someone get out of the rig and guide you into the parking spot. The backup camera will instead do all the work right from its monitor.

This device also will relieve you of the stress and anxiety that comes with backing up a large vehicle. It might even turn out to be something, which becomes second nature. Honestly, the device will end up being an essential piece of your RVing experience.

So please, use the knowledge from this article to make this a simple process. And if you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section. We’d love to help you in any way possible.

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