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The Best RV Awning Shades for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

RV awning shades are a valuable commodity when traveling on-the-road. These products provide ample space for rig owners and their families to relax away from the sun. It’s an easy way to enjoy the outdoors without being overwhelmed by the elements.

But finding the best RV awning shade for rig owners has become a little problematic. The vast number of options can make choosing a suitable option somewhat confusing. However, I intend on making the entire process easier by guiding you through it.

best rv awning shade

This article will provide a detailed buying guide and cover several other related topics to help RVers determine what awning shade meets their needs. I’ll even offer ten reviews of my favorite options to give you a better idea of what’s available on today’s market.

Let’s begin with these reviews to establish a baseline of what you should be looking for in these products. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these options ended up being your perfect choice!

Best Overall Sturdiness Budget Friendly
Preview Tentproinc TPS081501


Shadeidea RV Sunshade

Size 8′ x 15’3′ 15′ x 9′ 8′ x 10′ 5”
Fabric Type Poly Polyester Oxford,Vinyl,Polyester
UV Protection 86% 85% 86%
Details Details Details

10 Best Awning Shade for RV Reviews

1. Tentproinc RV Awning Sunshade

The Tentproinc RV Awning Sun shade is an excellent choice to start our article. It fits into what most rig owners consider necessary for awning shades with its superb features. I can’t imagine anyone finding themselves disappointed with its performance.

For instance, summertime RVers will love this product’s breathable mesh design. This aspect allows users to enjoy the outdoor views without feeling the effects of those pesky UV rays. In fact, it’s known to block about 86% of them from your rig.

This RV awning screen shade should have no issues creating a peaceful place to relax outside your rig. But its sun protection abilities aren’t its only excellent feature. I was also impressed by this awning shade’s easy installation.

You can attribute this aspect to its lightweight design and included components, such as four plastic stakes, a storage bag, and bungee balls. Each of their inclusions made this product a breeze to set up for me. I can’t see how anyone reading this article would find themselves having any problems with it, either.

The product’s ability to withstand wind was another eye-catching aspect. I often found myself traveling in high wind areas, and it had no issues working effectively. You won’t have to worry about this RV awning screen flying away anytime soon.

Tentproinc was nice enough to include a 3-year warranty, four color schemes, and many size options. It seems this brand was hellbent on creating an awning shade that could meet any rig owner’s needs.

But it’s worth noting that its mesh design doesn’t give a user any privacy. If you’re looking for an awning shade capable of shutting off the outside world, it’d be best to look at another sunscreen.

However, rig owners only looking for a sunscreen to keep them protected from the sun should seriously consider this option. Its performance abilities when it comes to blocking out UV rays are second to none.

2. Carefree 701509ACD RV Awning Shade

One of the most durable options available has to be Carefree’s 701509ACD EZ ZipBlocker RV Awning Shade. It earns this distinction from using tough vinyl coated polyester fabric, which has no problem withstanding whatever weather situation that arises.

Many buyers were even shocked by how well it held up against rain, snow, and wind. Most other sunshades have trouble dealing with the harsher actions of mother nature. But this one hangs tough and remains durable for a long time.

I was thrilled to see this product offered a great deal of versatility, as well. It’s capable of working with both manual and motorized awnings without issue. It’s an aspect that makes this sunblocker RV awning shade a suitable option for a long list of rig owners.

Buyers will love its storability, too, which makes it a much more convenient option. It offers the ideal feature of rolling up with your awning for optimal user-friendliness. As someone who doesn’t enjoy moving things around, this aspect fits perfectly with my preferences.

I was also pleased with this product’s various size options. It should make finding a suitable variation relatively easy for any potential buyer. Honestly, it’s hard to think of an awning size that isn’t covered by this shade’s eight buying options.

The product’s price tag is a bit more expensive than I’d like to spend on a sun shade for camper awning usage. It’s actually one of the most costly on our entire list. You’ll have to decide whether its toughness and top-tier durability are worth this extra money.

In my case, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to buy this product even at its high price. Its overall longevity could make this higher cost a bargain in the long run. After all, you won’t have to replace this choice anytime soon.

3. Shadeidea RV Sunshade Screen

Shadeidea’s RV Sunshade Screen is a favorite among rig owners due to its affordable price and privacy protection. It’ll be hard in both these areas to find another sunshade screen capable of matching what this one can offer.

Its privacy protection ability allows users to enjoy their time outside without worrying about other people seeing them. It creates a lovely little island of paradise under your awning that becomes an excellent place for relaxation.

Buyers won’t need to worry about this product’s durability, either. Most cheaper awning shades tend to have issues holding up against the harsher weather conditions. But this bargain has an outstanding polyester mesh fabric design capable of providing top-flight performance.

I found myself also loving this option’s color choices. Customers will get a choice between brown, black, and navy blue, which all can provide a bit of style to a rig’s exterior. I couldn’t see myself passing up on the navy blue option as it would mesh perfectly with my RV.

Shadeidea made sure to design this sunscreen with a surprising amount of versatility, as well. It should have no problem fitting most awning brands, including working as a Carefree and Dometic awning shade. Plus, it comes in 19 different sizes to ensure it’s a suitable option for almost anyone who comes across the product.

However, I did find this product more challenging to install than most others on this list. The included directions were difficult to follow and cause some complications along the way. I wasn’t the only one who had these problems, as a few other customers mentioned them in their reviews.

But these installation issues weren’t overly problematic. It didn’t take long until I figured out how to do it without relying solely on the included directions. If you have any experience with these products, I can’t see how you would find it too tough.

4. EZ Travel Collection RV Awning Shade

If you want an option with all the necessary hardware and installation accessories, EZ Travel Collection’s Complete Kit RV Awning Shade would be a stellar choice. This product comes with universal awning hooks, spiral stakes, bungee balls, and straight stakes.

Their inclusion ensures buyers won’t have to make additional purchases. As someone who despises buying components separately, I was thrilled to see this option was a complete kit.

But this convenience won’t matter much when the product doesn’t offer effective results. However, this RV awning shade also excels in this area. I found it more than useful to provide privacy and keep me protected from feeling the sun.

This sunscreen’s ability to slip right into my awning’s utility slot was another massive benefit. It made the entire assembly process much more convenient and less time-consuming. In fact, I did the whole task in a matter of minutes.

Other notable features include an affordable price for a complete kit, three sizing options, built-in heavy-duty grommets, and durable polyester fabric material. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like EZ Travel Collection managed to overlook any quality I’d want in one of these products.

The only disappointing aspect was the lack of any information about a warranty. I’m always going to recommend that RVers get awning sunscreens with this policy. After all, these products are prone to get torn or blown away by heavy winds or other extreme weather conditions.

But I don’t think it’s an issue that should stop anyone from seriously considering this awning shade. Multiple buyers were overly complimentary about how well this option holds up in their customer reviews. I didn’t find any issues trying it out myself as I can confidently say this product should have no trouble lasting more than a few years.

5. Tentproinc RV Awning Side Sunshade

Are you looking for an option capable of being a Dometic awning sun shade? Tentproinc’s RV Awning Side Sunshade would be a perfect fit. It was designed to fit the exact measurements offered by Dometic awnings without any problem.

The product isn’t only suitable for Dometic awnings, though. It should adapt well to fitting many of the top brands with relative ease. As I’ve come to expect from Tentproinc, this option should be a suitable choice for most rig owners.

You can use this option to provide a lovely shady space of relaxation right outside your camper. Honestly, there’s nothing quite like enjoying what nature has to offer from inside a comfortable screened-off location.

I was genuinely impressed by its effectiveness in protecting against afternoon sunshine, as well. It managed to keep the awning area’s temperature down to a reasonable level. Most other sunscreens or any DIY RV awning shade struggle to work effectively when the sun’s at its strongest.

The lightweight design and included storage bag made my life much easier when trying out this device, as well. It made moving this product a simple, effort-free experience, which some other camper awning shades don’t provide.

More importantly, this product was more affordable than I anticipated. You’d think a complete kit option of this quality would have an outrageous price tag. But Tentproinc managed to keep the price down without sacrificing any performance quality.

5th wheel and Class A motorhome owners will probably need to look at other options, though. Its 9-feet by 7-feet design is a bit too small for those larger rigs. It’s a shame the brand didn’t offer more sizing options with this option.

In any case, small rig owners should jump at the chance of buying this awning shade. You couldn’t ask for much more from one of these products than what this choice provides.

6. Carefree 82108802 Black RV Sunblocker

The Carefree 82108802 Black RV Sunblocker outpaces most of its competition when it comes to weather-resistant abilities. Numerous buyer reviews report this sunscreen was able to survive through strong wind without any damage.

You can attribute this quality to its fabric being embedded with an impressive heavy-duty thread. Due to this, the product won’t come apart or blow away, even under intense pressure. It makes this option a convenient and practical item to have on your travels.

I was also thrilled to see how well this option worked with manual awning roller tubes. This aspect ensures it’s a perfect fit for rig owners riding around in older motorhomes that still utilizes manual awnings. It should suit their needs to an absolute tee and adapt perfectly to their rig’s exterior.

The product’s bordeaux burgundy color scheme was another standout feature. It’s a color that these awning shades don’t usually come in, but it offers a distinct feel and style. I’d love to have this variation covering up the awning area as I bet many of my fellow RVers would be quite jealous.

Users don’t have to concern themselves with its performance abilities, either. This awning sunscreen has shown to cut out almost 85% of all sun rays without any issues. It’ll make those morning coffees outside your rig a lot more enjoyable and less sweaty.

But I’m sad to report that this option doesn’t work with electric awnings. This aspect was a common complaint in the product’s buyer reviews. If you have one of these types, you’ll have to buy another sunshade as it just isn’t usable.

Manual awning owners should already have this Carefree option in their buying carts. There isn’t a single thing about it that won’t make your life much more comfortable on the road. I promise it won’t be a decision which ends up being a regrettable one.

7. EZ Travel Collection RV Awning Shade Kit

One of the most straightforward options would be EZ Travel Collection’s RV Awning Shade Kit, which makes using it a low-effort experience. It ends up being an affordable, simple way to broaden the shady area under your rig’s awning significantly.

The product is rather practical, too, as it shouldn’t have issues working on any surface. It’s an ability that comes from the EZ Travel Collection, including four straight stakes for hard ground usage and four spiral stakes for soft ground usage.

As a result, I doubt a rig owner will encounter a surface where this model can’t be used effectively. It’s an aspect that I adore because I’m always coming across different types of surfaces in my travels.

You shouldn’t overlook this product’s high-quality accessories like its four heavy-duty bungee balls and built-in grommets, either. Both these aspects will make utilizing and installing the device much easier than with other options.

Aside from these attributes, it comes with several others that I’ve talked about in-depth in our previous reviews. Some of these aspects include three sizing options, universal awning slot hooks, an easy installation process, and proven UV ray protection.

EZ Travel Collection did an excellent job covering most of the bases a rig owner could be looking for in these products. But I was disappointed by one thing about this choice, which surprised me, given its stellar reputation.

Some customers felt the product was a bit heavier than expected. I found myself feeling the same way as moving it was a little more taxing than other models. It’s nothing a single person can’t handle, but it’s still something to think about before making your final decision.

Overall, I would have complete confidence buying this product as its one issue is entirely manageable. The product’s overall performance and features make dealing with it more than worth the hassle anyway.

8. Shade Pro Vista RV Awning Shade

Shade Pro’s Vista RV Awning Shade with Zipper features a design built specifically for electric 12V RV awnings. Thanks to this, installing the product is much more manageable than with many other options available.

This sunscreen from Shade Pro awning installation manages to be a straightforward task because it comes in two pieces: an insert and a body. The insert remains connected to your awning’s roller at all times, which makes attaching the body piece an effortless process.

As you can imagine, the buyer reviews are filled with people complimenting how easy this assembly process is compared to their past awning shades. I found myself only able to agree when doing the task as it was done without any complications.

The zipper feature is a godsend, as well. Users will be able to remove the body piece from the insert within a few minutes. It comes in handy when a dangerous rainstorm or heavy winds present themselves out of nowhere.

It had no problem keeping my awning area cool and comfortable, either. I was able to enjoy my morning coffee comfortably and catch up on some reading without being covered in disgusting sweat. You couldn’t ask for much more from an awning shade.

However, this option is another one that doesn’t have any warranty policy. It seems like an oversight by a brand with such an excellent reputation. It’s’ the only aspect about this product that would make me second guess buying it.

But I would end up taking the risk of getting this product as its convenient installation makes it more than worth it. In fact, you couldn’t design a better choice for my particular needs as it fits my lazy personality perfectly.

9. Tentproinc RV Mesh Awning Sunshade

This next option might be the most adaptable on our entire list. Tentproinc’s RV Mesh Awning Sunshade comes in 24 size options and three color schemes. Finding a suitable variation for your rig’s awning won’t be an overly complicated task.

It’s almost like users make their own custom camper awnings shade with these many options available. I also have to mention this product’s beige color scheme as it would be a perfect fit for my needs. It’d provide some much-needed style to my rather mundane rig’s exterior.

The breathable mesh design did a lot better dealing with rain than I’d expected, as well. Most mesh screens will let even the slightest rain through them. But this one does an admirable job blocking lighter ones, which is undoubtedly a plus.

I was also impressed with its ability to stop annoying bugs from invading my relaxation area. There’s nothing worse than trying to fight off mosquitoes when reading your favorite book. This product helps keep your arms free of itchy mosquito bites.

Buyers should be thrilled about this option being a complete kit, too, saving them from any more expense. It actually comes with three sets of plastic stakes, bungee balls, and the always convenient storage bag.

This product’s wind-resistance leaves a little to be desired, though, which is expected from a mesh sunshade. Some customers noted this in their reviews as it was easily the most common negative aspect mentioned about this awning shade.

In the end, it’s still worth considering because the versatility it offers is staggering. The affordable price and 3-year warranty certainly doesn’t hurt its case, either. You just need to be a little more careful on those high wind days than with other options.

10. Leaveshade RV Awning Front Sunshade

Our final product, Leaveshade RV Awning Front Sunshade Screen, shouldn’t have issues impressing any rig owner with its extensive feature list. There isn’t a single thing a person could want that this sunshade doesn’t provide.

For instance, its cooling ability is unbelievable. This option can reduce the temperature of your awning area by a maximum of 25 degrees. It allows for a much cooler and sweat-free climate even on summer’s harshest days.

I was also pleased with the privacy offered by this sunshade. My fellow RVers couldn’t see me hanging out in my awning area unless they were nearby. It provides a sense of peace and tranquility most other mesh sunshade screens can’t offer.

The materials used in the construction of this screen are nothing other than top-tier, as well. Its vinyl coated polyester fabric offers a comfortable touch while providing outstanding durability. I have a lot of confidence in this product lasting well past its 3-year warranty.

It does an acceptable job giving your awning area enough airflow, too, which is vital for a comfortable, relaxing experience. As a result, you can still feel the presence of nature, but don’t have to deal with its miserable parts like the unbearable heat of hot summer days. It sounds like a perfect situation for me.

You’ll have to pay a lot of money for this experience, though, as it features an expensive price tag. It’s not too surprising considering its overall effectiveness and the vast number of features.

But I might have to bite the bullet with this option. It checks off every box I’m looking for in these products feature-wise and even offers a stylish navy blue color scheme. I could easily see myself justifying paying the extra dollars for this level of quality.

RV Awning Shade Buyer’s Guide


Finding the best RV awning sunshade will depend on several factors. This section covers several essential topics to help you figure out what model fits your needs. You can then use this information to streamline your search and make it easier.

  • Measurements of Your RV Awning

Before starting this search, it’s essential to check your rig’s manual for the exact measurement of the RV awning dimensions. This information will make it much easier to choose a shade which fits perfectly and installs easily.

Purchasing an awning shade that’s either too big or too small would be a nightmare. Therefore, use the exact measurements of your awning and find a shade suitable for it. It’ll also help you limit the number of choices, which is always a plus.

  • Construction Material

Picking the right RV sun screens has a lot to do with their respective materials. It would help if you thought about which one fits the time of year surrounding your RVing adventure. For instance, summertime RVers would do best considering options made from breathable materials like acrylic.

These types of sunscreens would provide a person with some serious shade while keeping your rig’s interior cool. Meanwhile, wintertime RVers would probably do better with an option made from tougher, more durable material like vinyl.

Vinyl sunscreens would have enough toughness to handle those harsh winter climates while providing reliable protection. Thinking about these details can make a massive difference in determining what options meet your particular needs.

  • Product’s Weight

Another vital component of an RV awning sunscreen is its overall weight. You’re going to want something lighter, which will make moving and installing it much easier. Polyester tends to be a popular choice because it’s relatively lightweight and dries quickly.

Acrylic is even lighter than polyester but is a bit harder to move because of its rigidness. It’s also worth noting that acrylic shade screens are often more expensive. After all, these options have a more stylish appearance than you’d see with standard polyester choices.

In any case, the main point is buyers should make sure their chosen option is light enough to move around easily. It’s a vital component of making these products as convenient as humanly possible.

  • Installation

RV owners will need an awning shade screen with a simple, straightforward installation process. It’s something that buyers should research before making their final decision. After all, nobody wants to spend hours setting up one of these products.

An excellent way to determine this aspect is by reading product descriptions. In fact, most manufacturers will even offer extensive directions and video tutorials about the installation right on their ad page.

Reading and viewing these resources will help determine whether you feel comfortable doing the process yourself. You can also read through the customer reviews to get better insight into how fellow buyers felt about installing each model.

  • Travel Needs

Different types of RV awning shade screens will work better in certain travel situations than others. Buyers should take this into account when choosing their perfect option. Otherwise, they might select an option incapable of meeting their needs.

For example, an electric model probably won’t be a good choice for someone looking to spend weeks camping in the wilderness. You might end up running out of electric power that could make the shade screen unusable.

These campers would be better off choosing a non-motorized option. Indeed, it’s best to choose a sunscreen capable of meshing with your destination without issue. It’s the only way to ensure you end up with something that can satisfy your expectations.

  • Style

RV awning shades come in various designs and color schemes. It’s essential to pick one that will mesh with your RV’s exterior and not become an ugly sight. Of course, this factor isn’t the most important, but it can genuinely affect how you end up feeling about your choice.

Due to this, you should take some time and think about what color/design will best fit your RV’s look. It can be the difference between only liking and loving an RV awning screen shade.

If you need more information about RV awning & exterior, we have a list of the most trusted rv screen rooms for your reference. You can also find other in-depth reviews and buyer’s guides on the top-rated RV awning lights.

RV Awning Shade FAQs

This FAQ section should answer any topics or questions left uncovered by our buying guide and product reviews. Each of these discussions should narrow the search’s scope and determine what option best suits your situation.

Who this is for?

RV awning shades are pieces of equipment for rig owners who enjoy spending significant time hanging out outside their rigs. These products provide a new shady spot to relax right outside your rig under the awning.

As a result, RV owners can enjoy those sunny summer days without having to deal with being overwhelmed by the sun’s powerful rays. It’s an ideal addition to any rig owner’s life when traveling on-the-road.

What are the different types of RV awning shades?

RV awning shades come in a few different types, which buyers should know before choosing their favorite option. I’ll discuss each one below to ensure you have a better idea about what’s best for your situation.

Complete Kit RV Awning Shades

One of the more popular types would be complete kit RV awning shades. As their name suggests, these options include everything a person might need to use, install, or remove the intended product.

In other words, buyers won’t need to purchase or use parts outside this initial package when utilizing complete kit options. You can also expect them to attach onto your awning’s edges and stretch down onto the ground with bungee cords.

Another benefit would be their ability to roll up with your RV’s awning, therefore, making the product much easier to work with and use for rig owners. Buying these types would be an ideal option for anyone who values overall convenience and user-friendliness.

No Bungee RV Awning Shades

No bungee options aren’t much different from complete kits, except they don’t use bungee cords. These RV sunscreens instead utilize sandbags or stakes to keep them in place. I’d recommend that rig owners choose a sandbag option when intending on traveling in areas such as deserts or concrete.

Meanwhile, options with stakes would be better for softer surfaces like mud or grass. They work just like a complete kit does besides how a user keeps them in place. These options also tend to be a little cheaper because they’re a bit more inconvenient than complete kits.

Hanging RV Awning Shades

If you aren’t too thrilled about the idea of weighing down or anchoring your RV sunscreen, buying a straightforward hanging awning shade would be an excellent choice. Using these types consists of hooking them up on the awning, which causes the lower part to act as sun protection.

But hanging awning shades do have issues withstanding heavy winds. If you intend on traveling in a windy area like the Pacific Northwest, a complete kit or no bungee option would be a better choice.

Do they really lower the temperature?

Awning shades for campers and RVs are known for lowering the temperature. If you’re under them, it’ll be apparent how much cooler it feels than sitting outside without protection. The difference ends up being about a few degrees.

It’s a primary reason why most rig owners place their outdoor furniture under these items. After all, it makes much more sense to sit under an RV awning shade extension during a barbecue. It ends up creating a comfortable place to enjoy a meal.

Can you see through the motorhome sun shade?

I haven’t encountered an RV awning drop shade or RV privacy screen that didn’t allow me to see through it. It would defeat the purpose of getting one in the first place. These products are made so users can enjoy the scenery without feeling the full impact of those awful summer afternoons.

However, the key is to find a balance between visibility and the sun coming through the screen. I often recommend finding RV awning shades that can block out at least 85% of UV rays. For instance, Carefree’s 701509ACD RV Awning Shade would be perfect for maximizing privacy and visibility.

How are RV sun shades measured?

Most RV sun shades for awnings are measured the same way an awning fabric is. So users only need to measure their awning fabric’s length and then choose the same-sized shade. From there, it’s a simple matter of installing the product based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

If anyone’s confused about how an RV awning side sun shade is measured differently than a regular one, look at the product description. Most manufacturers will make this process as effortless as possible to avoid returns.

They will provide an easy-to-follow guide about all measurements, including RV awning side panels, to avoid any issues. Otherwise, companies will stand to lose a lot of money or receive lousy reviews for their awning side shade.

How do I hold down my privacy screen?

The most common way to hold down a privacy screen for RV awning is using ropes or ground pegs. You can also use steel anchors for extra stability against strong winds.

A high-quality screen shade for electric RV awnings may even have a manufacturer-approved securing method in its instructions. So I’d recommend reading them thoroughly before attempting any DIY option.

How long do RV awning shades last?

An RV awning shade longevity will depend on several factors, such as usage and overall construction quality. But customers can usually get an idea of how long their shades will last by looking at the included warranty.

In most cases, awning shades will have a warranty of one to three years. I’d recommend choosing an option closer to the 3-year warranties like Tentproinc’s RV Awning Sunshade. I fully expect this model to outlast its warranty policy without much issue.

How does an RV awning shade work?

Understanding how RV awning shades work isn’t challenging. It begins with discussing what these products attach themselves onto, the rig’s awning. An awning is connected to your vehicle’s exterior as an extra layer protecting against the elements, such as sun rays or rain.

But awnings tend to be relatively small and don’t offer much space for maneuvering. Sunshades increase this area and add extra protection. In most cases, buyers can expect that these products are made from dense, soft fabrics.

Their usage will create a nice, valuable patio area outside your rig. It’ll end up offering a suitable place to escape those pesky sun rays. As a result, those hot summer days or nights won’t be unbearable.

You can even benefit from these awning shades keeping your rig’s overall temperature down. It’s an effective way to avoid dealing with a hot RV when moving onto the next place. After all, there’s nothing worse than traveling inside a hot, congested motorhome.

RV sunscreens also do an excellent job of protecting against strong winds, rain, and wild insects. Due to this, these products end up being a solid barrier capable of keeping your rig dry and protected against external elements.

Advantages and disadvantages of using RV awning shade

As with any product, RV awning shades offer both pros and cons to their usage. I’ll discuss both sides below to determine whether getting one is the right move for your situation. These discussions should provide more insight into what an awning shade can offer RVers.


  • Protection Against Outdoor Elements

The most obvious benefit offered by these products is their ability to provide shelter from certain outdoor elements. Best RV awning shades are known to be practical barriers against heavy rain, winds, and sun rays.

As a result, these sunscreens provide a little oasis away from these elements when enjoying yourself outdoors. It can make those barbecues and other outdoor related camping activities a lot more fun and bearable.

  • Offers a Comfortable, Cool Area to Relax

It also helps that these products’ little oasis is a comfortable, cool place to hang out. Some people have even been known to take a nap when relaxing under their top-tier RV awning shade.

  • Easy to Install

High-quality RV awning shades offer an easy installation that newbie RVers won’t even have issues doing. It makes these products a lot more user-friendly than most rig owners initially expect.


The only disadvantage is their rather expensive price tags. RV awning shades don’t often come for a low price and could put quite a dent into your bank account. But the peaceful, relaxing place that they provide is more than worth this extra expense.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Your RV awning shades will become excessively dirty from time to time. This issue comes from their constant exposure to numerous external factors. You’ll need to know the proper cleaning and storing methods for these devices.

  • Cleaning: A high-quality fabric cleaner should do the trick when removing dirt or other unwanted substances from your RV sun blocker. I’d also recommend protecting this product with a guard to ensure it can remain clean for a longer time.
  • Storing: Users should always roll up or down their shades to help keep them in good condition when not being used. After rolling them up, I’d advise placing them in a secure bag that protects them against outside exposure.

I also should mention that most of these products will come with manuals outlining their respecting storing and cleaning process. It would be best if you read these directions before doing anything with your RV awning shade.

Where can I buy?

The most trusted place to find an RV awning shade would be Amazon. You aren’t going to find another seller with a more extensive selection or better prices. If you aren’t a massive fan of online shopping, Walmart and Home Depot are some notable alternatives.


Given this information, the best RV awning shade should be relatively easy to find. You now understand everything a person could want to know about these products. It’s time to use this knowledge and find your perfect awning shade.

But if any questions or concerns come up during your search, please use our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each one with a detailed response. I want to make sure this process ends with a smile on your face. Thanks for reading our article!

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