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The Best RV Awning Lights for Camping Party at Night

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

If you’re looking for the best RV awning lights, you’ve made an excellent decision by clicking on this article. It’ll cover numerous topics related to how an RV enthusiast would find a suitable set of RV awning lights for their rig.

best rv awning lights

You’ll also gain a better understanding of how these lights can better your RVing experience. It’ll ensure you have no difficulty choosing a suitable set of awning lights. I’ll even offer reviews of 10 potential available options to provide a clearer view of what makes up a high-quality choice.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if one of these 10 options ended up being your perfect set of RV awning lights. Let’s now not waste any more time and dive right into these discussions. I promise the following information will make your life much easier when finding the right RV awning lights.


Best Overall Weather Resistance Brightness
Preview Enbrighten 39511

Coleman 2000001475

Seagenck Awning Light

Number of Light 12 10
Color 16 Colors White White
Length 24″ 6″ 16.4″
Power Source 120V 3 AA Battery (20 hours) 12V DC
Color Changing Yes No No
Weatherproof Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

10 Best Awning Light for RV Reviews

1. Enbrighten 39511 RV LED String Lights

One of my favorite things about the Enbrighten 39511 RV LED String Lights would be their impressive durability. These 12 bulbs are made with impact-resistant materials and can withstand being dropped without breaking.

As someone who’s overly clumsy, I couldn’t tell you how happy I was to see this aspect. I even dropped them a couple of times, not on purpose; however, they still functioned normally. I’m happy to report there were no casualties because of my careless behavior.

I found myself loving these lights’ overall versatility, as well. These products have no problem working indoors or outdoors because of their tough, durable construction. It makes them ideal for several situations with their multi-purpose abilities, such as placement in porches, backyards, offices, and much more.

These multi-color RV awning lights offer a long list of color choices, too, which is always a plus. Users will get a choice between 16 colors and various 2-color combinations. The lights even have preset modes for certain special occasions like Christmas and other holidays.

You don’t have to worry about these LED lights blowing out anytime soon, either. Enbrighten managed to design them with longevity that most other options, such as Boogie Lights RV awning lights, can’t match. There’s no reason to believe these lights won’t be providing your awning area with light for a long time.

I do wish these lights were a little brighter, though. These two issues do bring this option down a little in my eyes as it could be an issue for off-grid campers. However, it’s hard to argue with their versatility and overall convenience.

If you’re simply looking for the most trusted RV awning lights, these options from Enbrighten need to be on your list. You aren’t going to find many other choices out there capable of coming close to matching what they offer.

2. Coleman RV LED String Lights

Coleman’s RV LED String Lights is a favorite of mine because its design oozes fun and practicality. This option consists of 10 small, adorable LED lanterns that should have no issues bringing some much-needed light into your awning area.

This option’s adorable design isn’t the only thing that caught my attention, though. I was delighted with its portability, which most other options can’t match. You can bring this string of lanterns anywhere you need.

For instance, customers have found them useful as residential porch lights, tent lights, and cabin doorway lights. I have full confidence that anyone who buys them will find more than one way to utilize them.

Moreover, this light string only needs three AA batteries to function effectively. This aspect only further increased its convenience. I didn’t have to waste a valuable electrical socket on these lights like I’d need to with other options.

The string’s 80-inch length was rather impressive, as well. It covers a great deal of ground and shouldn’t have trouble keeping most awning areas wholly lit. You’ll be shocked by their brightness, too, which outpaces many other RV novelty lights.

Buyers won’t find their price tag overly expensive, either. This option happens to be a rather affordable one given these excellent features. I can imagine most bargain buyers find it more than appropriate for their budgetary ranges.

However, some RV owners did find the lighting a little too bright. Anyone looking for awning lights to establish a certain mellow vibe might want to look elsewhere. These cute small lanterns will lit up your awning area much more than you’d expect.

But buyers looking for a good conversation starter and ultra-effective lighting system should consider this option. These affordable novelty lights will more than meet your expectations while ensuring your rig’s always visible.

3. Seagenck RV Led Awning Party Light

Seagenck RV Led Awning Party Light earns a spot on this list for various reasons, but none more than its incredible versatility.

For instance, it was shown to be usable on RVs, campers, concession stands, food trucks, and many other situations. It’s a level of adaptability I haven’t found in many camper party lights or even in RV awning lights with remote controls.

Of course, this level of versatility doesn’t matter much without solid performance. But this area is another whether Seagenck’s party light manages to excel. I haven’t complained about its usage since replacing my camper hanging lights with it.

I also must note its impressive durability with its waterproof construction. As a result, it won’t have any issues dealing with challenging weather conditions or regular usage. It’s actually rated with a 50,000-hour lifespan, which I can easily see it reaching.

The product’s high-intensity LED light isn’t anything to overlook, either. It provides excellent illumination, especially compared to traditional camper canopy lights. Due to this, it’s perfect for lighting up a barbecue and similar special occasions outside any RV.

Similarly, it makes finding my camper at night much easier. The white-colored light ensures I never lose sight of my rig’s awning area. I’d have to walk a long way to not see this light off in the distance.

A few other notable components included an energy-saving design and affordable price. Both features cement this light’s place among our most user-friendly choices.

However, I do have a complaint about this product’s installation process. It was a bit difficult because the light’s lead wires were shorter and thinner than expected. So anyone using it to replace their RV string lights outdoor setup or camper decorative lights will need to account for this issue.

4. RecPro RV White Awning Party Light

If you’re looking for an RV LED light strip with an easy installation, look no further than RecPro’s RV Awning Party Light. It comes with detailed instructions for the process and all the necessary hardware, including four pieces of polycarbonate mounting channel.

Several customers made a point to note how easy this RV awning LED light installation was in their reviews. My experience only seemed to mimic theirs, as the entire process only took thirty minutes, which is certainly doable.

Aside from its easy installation, I was impressed to see this product’s waterproof capabilities. This strip has an IP68 rating that indicates full waterproof protection. You shouldn’t have any issues using this product even in rainiest environments, such as the Pacific Northwest.

I was also thrilled to see this option came in three different sizes: 12’, 16’, and 20’. As a result, it shouldn’t have a hard time adapting to most rig owner’s situations. The 16-foot choice ended up being a perfect replacement RV awning lights for my rig.

Buyers should find themselves loving this option durability, as well. The waterproof abilities, along with the polycarbonate mounting channel being UV treated, should ensure long-term usage. This light strip will have no issues staying usable for a long, long time.

The lighting provided by this strip isn’t anything to overlook, either. I was more than happy with its white lighting, and it made finding my camper at night much easier. There were no complaints about its overall design or performance.

But I don’t enjoy how attractive this light strip seems to be for bugs. This issue came up a few times in this product’s reviews, and I found myself having the same problem. It’s a small nuisance that anyone who buys this option will need to think about before putting money down.

In any case, I still think this option’s convenience and durability more than make it worth your hard-earned money.

5. Brightech RV LED String Lights

Brightech’s RV LED Outdoor String Lights is easily one of the top-tier RV hanging light sets available for rig owners. An excellent example of their impressive abilities would be their exceptional wind resistance capabilities.

These hanging lights have shown capable of withstanding even the strong winds. Several reviews have reported them staying in place while 50mph winds roamed around them. Most hanging options wouldn’t stand a chance and would be flying all around the campsite.

I was also intrigued by this stylish, elegant design. These hanging lights don’t look cheap or second-rate where you have to be embarrassed by them. You can instead set them up outside your rig without a second thought.

Buyers should love that these lights feature energy-saving constructions, as well. These options utilize 2-watt LED standard bulbs to keep your electric bill from skyrocketing. It makes them a relatively cost-effective choice for rig owners.

You should find the price tag for these 15 lights affordable, too. Bargain buyers should be jumping at the chance to get these lights in their lives. Honestly, you might not find a better one available in this marketplace.

If these features weren’t enough to pique your interest, Brightech even included a 3-year product warranty. This policy should offer some protection from receiving a damaged shipment or malfunction product.

Brightech seems to honor this agreement, too, which isn’t always the case with other brands. I do wish this option came with an extra bulb or two to protect against my clumsiness and dropping issues.

Aside from this one issue, there’s nothing worth mentioning as a flaw. These RV LED awning lights should be more than capable of being everything a rig owner could want. If not having an extra bulb or two is the only flaw, don’t hesitate to put the lights into your buying cart.

6. LATCH.IT LED Lights for RV Awning

LATCH.IT’s LED Lights for RV Awning made this list because of its relatively easy installation process and ultra-impressive performance. Both these qualities have made this option a favorite among rig owners.

The installation has earned high praise because of this product’s adaptability. In other words, users can cut the LED strip to any length required for their rig’s situation. This ability makes the entire process a lot less stressful than with other options.

I was also thrilled to see this product came with all the necessary installation hardware. Buyers will receive 3M VHB tape, 20 UV-treated polycarbonate channels, two 12V power adapters, 2 LED trip caps, degreaser wipes, and well-received instructions.

As a result, users won’t have to buy any additional products when installing this device. It removes a potential burden that many other options don’t. I couldn’t be more pleased with these additions because I despise buying separate tools or items.

The product’s performance didn’t do anything to discourage my excitement, either. Its included remote is a user-friendly marvel capable of making your life simple. This feature allows you to control light power level, brightness, and color at the click of a button.

Other notable features include an IP68 waterproof rating, multiple color options, and a lifetime warranty with purchase. Each of these additional aspects will make the product a lot more user-friendly and effective.

But this product did have one down worth mentioning that a few customers pointed out in their reviews. Some people received a fault remote that was incapable of shutting off the lights, which made using them rather inconvenient.

However, LATCH.IT’s known for solving these problems quickly with top-tier product service. Many of these same customers ended up praising this aspect in the reviews. It’s always nice to buy from a company that actually cares about the clients.

7. RecPro RV Blue LED Awning Light

If you’re looking for one of the most trusted RV awning track lights, RecPro RV Blue LED Awning Party Light should be right up your alley. This LED strip light will provide your awning area with an impressive blue hue to ensue top-tier visibility.

RecPro makes sure this blue light is bright enough to be visible from a far distance. Due to this, rig owners who love traveling away from civilization end up loving this option. It makes the rig much easier to find when being surrounded by only wilderness.

This light will thrive in these situations, as well. It was built with heavy-duty materials capable of withstanding any problematic weather conditions or other issues. After all, it has an impressive IP68 waterproof rating and contains UV-resistant polycarbonate mounting channels to ensure longevity.

I was also thrilled with its ability to stop bugs from invading my awning area. Its blue coloring seems to do much better in this area than the traditional white. That’s why people mentioned this aspect several times in their reviews.

Aside from these features, it has several familiar useful ones mentioned in our prior reviews. Some of them include multiple length options, 12V electrical system compatibility, detailed instruction manual, and installation hardware with purchase.

RecPro clearly did an excellent job creating one of the top-rated RV awning track LED lights, considering these features. I find it hard to imagine a rig owner will find themselves complaining about its overall performance quality or user-friendliness.

This option was another one hampered by a few customers mentioning adhesive issues, though. It’s not an ideal situation or good look for a company with such an excellent reputation like RecPro.

However, these complaints were few and far between within these reviews. It seems like these issues were more isolated incidents than a trend. It certainly wouldn’t make this light strip disappear from my consideration list.

8. Dream Lighting 12V RV Awning Light

Our final product, Dream Lighting 12V RV Awning Light, shouldn’t be counted out because of its placement on this list. It has no problem keeping up or even outpacing these other options in several areas with its appealing features.

For instance, this light offers top-tier lighting efficiency to ensure they don’t use an ungodly electricity amount. You can attribute this ability to its unique 40-degree downward lighting design. It should help keep your energy costs lower than using other awning lights.

You also have to love its brightness level, which is a step above what you usually expect from awning lights. It achieves this brightness without being overly attractive to pesky bugs or insects. As a result, it should prevent your arms from getting taken over by mosquito bites.

The product’s known for its long-term longevity, too, with multiple buyers praising it for its durability. Dream Lighting even claims the light can last up to 50,000 hours, which is truly impressive and should be more than enough for your camping needs.

Buyers will have a few choices regarding size and color, as well. You’ll have to choose between six colors and two sizes, which should make finding a perfect variation much easier. I would find myself gravitating toward the black coloring and 21-inch version.

There were a few incidents of customers reporting shipping issues. In these cases, the awning light arrived missing some pieces or within damaged packaging. It’s nothing overly concerning but still worth noting for anyone who’s considering this product.

In any case, I’d still find myself comfortable with buying this product. These issues weren’t frequent enough for me to get overly worried about as a consumer. It seems like they were problems with the mail carrier rather than the company itself.


RVers looking to bring some color into their awning area should look into SUPERNIGHT’s RV LED Strip Lights. These lights can change colors between red, blue, green, and white via an easy-to-use remote control.

Users will also use this controller to set speed modes and adjust brightness. It makes for a rather practical set of lights for an RVer to have onboard your rig. There won’t be a single situation where these products won’t mesh perfectly.

I was thrilled with this option’s easy installation, as well. Buyers can cut off extra pieces of this 16.4-ft strip, which allows it to adapt to any circumstance. It’s an attribute that many people were quick to praise in their reviews.

The strip’s durability isn’t anything to overlook, either. It’s proven to be waterproof with its impressive IP65 rating, which can protect against splashing issues. You shouldn’t have trouble getting multiple years out of these lights.

Its waterproof capabilities make it adaptable to multiple locations, too, considering the strip’s proven usefulness in kitchens, dining rooms, and other similar situations. This product should be capable of fitting any role you might require from it.

SUPERNIGHT was kind enough to provide a 12-month warranty with each purchase. It speaks to their faith in this product and protects against receiving a lousy product. I’m always going to recommend choosing lights with these types of policies.

There were a few reports of issues with the product’s adhesive. In these cases, it seems the strip wasn’t sticking easily to their intended surfaces. It added a rather annoying nuisance to the installation and caused some frustration.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about this issue as it was only mentioned in a few reviews. Many campers seemed completely fine with setting up this light strip. You can always buy some stronger adhesive for the process anyway.

10. ARB Store 814409 Awning Light

Rig owners looking for an all-inclusive option should look into ARB Store 814409 Retractable Awning with LED Light. This option is an entire awning rather than only a light system or strip, making it a convenient choice for people who can afford it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an acceptable choice for larger rigs like Class A motorhomes or 5th wheels. But campervan owners looking for a bit of coverage when camping should take a long look at this retractable awning.

It comes with a quick-release bracket that makes connecting and removing from it smaller RVs a breeze. Most people should have no issues mounting it right onto their roof racks or roof bars without any hassle.

As for its LED light strip, this aspect shouldn’t have trouble lighting up the awning area. It is easy to install it as there’s an embed sleeve for its placement. You can just set it up once and never have to worry about it again.

I was also impressed by how little time this retractable took to deploy. You can expect it to be fully functional in about 30 seconds, which makes it extremely handy. It’s no wonder why boondockers seem to always swear by this product’s usefulness.

This awning shouldn’t have any issues staying in good condition, either. It ends up being stored in a heavy-duty PVC bag when it’s not being used. Thanks to this, the bag should keep it protected from any potential issues, such as sun damage or rust.

A couple of buyers did complain about ARB’s customer service, which was quite disappointing. It seems they had a lot of difficulties when trying to contact them. This outcome is certainly not what prospective buyers want to see in awning light reviews.

But I couldn’t leave this option off our list because so many people were overly pleased with the performance. It seems to have no issues meeting what buyers expect from a retractable awning time and time again.

Camco 42750 RV Awning Globe Lights (Outdated)

The Camco 42750 RV Awning Globe Lights will have no issues keeping your awning area lit up with a festive ambiance. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked to hear your neighboring RVers badgering you about where they can get these globe lights.

My favorite part about them has to be their wide assortment of colors. These lights come in bronze, clear, red, blue, black, white, yellow, and orange. Each set should have no trouble bringing a great deal of style into your rig’s exterior.

You even get a choice about the cord’s color scheme, with black and white options. I would find myself leaning toward the black wire option as it would fit better along my rig’s exterior. But it’s always nice to have a choice regarding style preferences.

I was also pleased with the number of buying options. Customers can either get a single globe light replacement, six globes, or ten globes. Due to this, Camco’s capable of appealing to a much wider audience among rig owners.

You won’t have to worry much about installing them, either. Each globe light has a molded-in awning hanger that will have no trouble fitting into your awning’s track. It makes for a simple, straightforward process that even I didn’t have difficulty doing.

Assembling the globes themselves is relatively simple, too, which further displays their convenience. Moreover, they’re made from durable materials to ensure dropping them doesn’t cause long-lasting damage.

The only issue with this option happens to its price tag. In fact, these Camco globe lights are easily among the most expensive choices on our entire list. Buyers will likely have to spend a little more than their budget ranges would typically allow.

But if you’re going to spend a little extra, I couldn’t imagine a more worthwhile option. These delightful globe lights will provide your rig’s awning area with a stylish, festive spark.

Adventuregy Magnetic RV Awning Light (Outdated)

This next option, Adventuregy’s Magnetic RV Awning Light Bars, is known for its ultra-bright light output that makes them popular among rig owners. You shouldn’t have trouble seeing these lights from great distances.

I found this option to be rather adaptable, as well. It can work with both 12V and 110V (thanks to the included 110V AC power adapter) electrical system. Therefore, you can find a use for them in both motorhome and residential settings.

The simple installation process should be another appealing feature for rig owners. Its built-in magnetic mounts make this task an effortless delight. You should finish the entire job in as little as five minutes, which is perfect for a lazy person like me.

Adventuregy made sure to build these lights with superior longevity, too, with various useful protections. You can expect these light bars to thrive in an RV setting with them being dustproof, waterproof, and impact-resistant.

I should also note that this option comes with four light bars that can be used together or individually. Thanks to this, it gives this light kit a little more versatility than a buyer might expect. You can use them to provide a bit more light into several parts of your life.

The heavy-duty carrying bag was another feature to catch my attention. It should keep and store every component safely away from potentially damaging issues. It’s just another way to ensure these light bars stay in good shape for a more extended period.

This option’s included remote does have a reputation for not working as expected. It was mentioned within a few different product reviews. But it’s not a deal-breaker flaw or anything, as most people just asked Adventuregy to send a new one.

RV Awning Light Buyer’s Guide


Finding the top-rated RV camper awning lights might seem like a simple task at first. But this decision will actually come down to various factors. I’ll discuss many of them below to ensure you end up making the right choice.

  • How Much You Intend On Using Them

A buyer must first think about how much they intend on using these lights. In other words, how much time do you plan on spending traveling inside your trailer? The answer will have a massive influence on what type of awning light, and their respective installation process fits your particular needs.

After all, RV LED awning lights are capable of being installed in many different ways. You’ll need to have a handle on what install process is suitable with your RV and electrical skills. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a set of usable lights.

For instance, rig owners who live out of their RVs might want a more permanent installation type. Thinking about these types of little details will make this entire process more streamlined and easier.

  • Power Level

The next factor to consider would be your awning lights’ power level. In some cases, rig owners want their lights to be seen from across the world. These types of lights do come in handy within certain situations.

One of these situations would be a rig owner who’s always traveling off-grid. These people might need ultra power awning lights because it might be the only available lighting inside their campsite. It becomes a helpful addition when you first arrive and need to set up camp.

On the other hand, these more powerful lights wouldn’t be great options for RVers who only want mood lighting. LED string lights or an LED awning light with a dimmer control feature would be more suitable for these situations.

  • Color Control

Many high-quality RV awning kits allow rig owners to adjust the color and hue of their LED RV awning lights. It’s a simple, effective way to mesh the awning’s environment with your particular taste and preferences.

But color control doesn’t only benefit rig owners in this manner. Color control LEDs can allow users to tint their lights red, which helps you retain a lot more night vision. As a result, walking around your campsite at night might not be such a scary experience.

You can also easily adjust both their color tone and brightness to fit any occasion. For instance, a situation might arise where you need the awning lighting ultra bright. The color control feature will make this task a hassle-free experience.

Some LED lights for RV awnings allow you to create lighting effects through blink patterns or vary their glow. You might even be able to pulse them with the music being played. Many rig owners tend to overlook this feature, but it does make your life easier on the road.

  • Mounting System

As you might expect, RV owners have many different options when it concerns mounting their LED camper awning lights. Some options will require using a weatherproof adhesive, being cut to a particular length, and pressed into position securely.

Others will make things even easier by actually fitting inside the awning’s roller while being activated remotely. You’ll also come across more traditional options, requiring being strung up around your awning’s edges and plugged into an electrical outlet.

Lastly, some options will need to be wired/bolted into your RV’s side, connected to its primary electrical system, without taking up an electrical outlet. It’s clear that these many options should make it possible to find an installation perfect for your skills.

But it’s essential to think about whether you can operate and maintain your chosen lighting system. Getting assistance to help with your lighting system when traveling on the road will be difficult, especially for boondockers or off-grid campers.

Due to this, you must be confident in your ability to use these awning lights. Make sure you can install them and remove them on your own without any hassle. It’s the only way to ensure your chosen option becomes a worthwhile purchase.

  • Electrical Hookup

In general, LED lights will draw a lot less power than you’d expect from incandescent lights. But their method of drawing power can vary drastically from option to option. You’ll find some options capable of being plugged directly into rig outlets and others that need to be wired into the 12v or 24v system directly.

Rig owners will want to ensure they know what they’re buying before making a final decision. After all, wiring accessories isn’t a simple task for anyone who’s not familiar with home or vehicle electrical systems.

RV Awning Light FAQs

Our buying guide and reviews should’ve provided a better idea of what RV awning lights could be suitable for your needs. The following discussions should make the picture even clearer by covering a few more essential topics.

Who is this for?

Before a person understands who can benefit from these products, it’s vital to know what they look like and how they function. RV awning lights are a type of LED light, which rig owners can attach to their RV’s awning on the side of their trailers.

You can expect them to come in different colors, such as red, blue, purple, white, and many other variations. In most cases, LED lights for camper awnings come in strips around 16-feet long and produce an ultra-hot, powerful light. But rig owners can cut this size when they need something smaller.

These products don’t only come in strips, though, as you’ll also come across hanging or rope light options. Awning lights are capable of being controlled by remote controls, as well. This feature makes turning them on at night relatively easy, considering you don’t have to hit a switch.

You can instead just whip out your remote control and turn it on/off with a single click. Some other options might even have blinking capabilities, allowing users to give their camper a little more flair. It’s not uncommon to come across options with smartphone capability, either.

In any case, this collection of features make them a valuable accessory to have when traveling. Many rig owners use these lights for barbeques or parties to offer some additional ambiance. They’re also handy when someone might need to move around the campsite at night.

What are the different types of RV awning lights?

As I mentioned earlier, RV awning lights come in several configurations. This section will cover all of them to help you determine what one fits your needs. These discussions should make it a lot clearer about what choice will best suit your rig.

LED RV Porch Lights

LED RV porch lights happen to be the most common option available. They’ve earned this popularity because these lights can light up an awning area like no other. Rig owners find this capability endlessly useful when traveling from place to place.

It also helps that these lights are rather pretty compared to their counterparts. They can bring your camper’s exterior to a whole new level concerning its style. Rig owners have been known to use them as LED lights for RV interior purposes, as well.

These qualities make them an efficient option for most rig owners. It’s no wonder why a lot of them find them more useful than these other types.

RV Rope Lights

If you’re an RVer who loves hosting barbecues or parties, RV rope lights might be a better option. These products bring a higher level of elegance to an awning than you’d see with even high-quality porch lights.

RV awning rope lights aren’t overly complicated to install, either. You hang them from one end to another, which makes them rather convenient and hassle-free. Plus, there’s no complicated wiring process as these lights only need to plug into an electrical outlet.

I should also mention that these lights are usually remotely controlled, as well. It’s just another way these rope lights become one of the more adapted types available.

Solar RV Awning Lights

Solar RV awning lights, or solar-powered fairy lights, are known for being excellent companions when relaxing under the stars. It creates a pleasant environment for hanging out during those later hours.

One thing to know about these lights is they aren’t very bright. But solar RV awning lights do shine rather intensely when used at night. It makes them very useful when trying to find your rig during a trip out into the woods.

Moreover, these lights don’t utilize traditional electricity like these other types. They run off solar energy, which allows users to save power for different accessories.

RV Hanging Lanterns

Some rig owners like using RV hanging lanterns as their awning light source. These options look nice and might be the option that I find the prettiest out of these four. But I do wish hanging lanterns were a bit more convenient to have on an RV.

The main issue is these lanterns are prone to get blown away by heavier winds. Plus, these products aren’t the strongest when it comes to light power level. But even with these flaws, it’s hard not to fall in love with their designs.

You might think about keeping some around to put up when a barbecue or party’s happening. They’ll have no problem setting the right vibe for these circumstances.

How does an RV awning light work?

It’s a bit hard to talk about how RV awning lights work in general terms. This difficulty comes from the various types available, which each have their own working process. But the main thing to understand is these products will bring a light source into your awning area.

You can then use this light source to improve the environment and vibe of the awning area. Another thing to keep in mind is some options will be considered 12-volt LED RV awning lights, and others are powered by solar energy.

Advantages and disadvantages of using RV awning lights

As with any product, the best RV awning lights come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at both sides to provide a better handle on whether getting them would be a smart choice for your situation.


  • Excellent for Parties

I’ve talked about how these lights bring some extra ambiance to an RV’s overall setting. Due to this, these lights are excellent for parties and other outdoor activities. They can genuinely set a lovely vibe when hanging out with your family or friends.

  • Easier to Find Your Camper in the Dark

Campers who love to adventure in the woods will find these lights useful, as well. These powerful lights can make sure you can find your trailer much easier when returning. It can be a godsend for someone like me who’s prone to get lost.

  • Save Electricity

RV awning LED lights have unique designs where they’re made to produce power heat energy without using much electricity. Thanks to this, RVers can save a bit of electricity rather than utilizing excessive amounts on these lights.

  • Cost-Efficient

Given their energy-saving designs, it makes them a cost-efficient accessory. Their usage rates mean you don’t have to pay much for the consumed electricity. It’s a nice benefit to have when considering what other available light sources offer.

  • Simple to Install

In most cases, the RV awning LED light installation won’t be overly burdensome. It ends up being a simple exercise of attaching or hanging them on your awning without any other complications. You also don’t need to buy another switch because they’re usually remote controlled.


The only disadvantage offered by these lights would be the extra expense. But they’re relatively affordable and won’t break open your bank account. It’ll come down to whether you feel their benefits will help make your RVing experience easier.

How do you hardwire LED RV awning lights?

Hardwiring LED travel trailer awning lights isn’t too tricky and can be done in multiple ways.

My preferred method is connecting the awning light’s positive wire to your rig’s positive wire. You then do the same with both negative cables. Honestly, any other method is a bit too complicated for my skills, which can barely handle hanging up RV string lights for awnings.

Once you’ve finished, the RV awning lights LED devices will be hardwired into your rig. You won’t ever have to worry about your light’s batteries dying. Instead, you can run them effortlessly off your motorhome’s power supply.

Do rope lights deter rodents?

Rodents are a common nuisance for motorhome owners, especially at night. But it’s been proven that setting up rope lights around your rig can deter them. It’ll have them second guessing whether your home is the best target for their nocturnal activities.

Among the products I’ve used, Camco’s LED 16′ Rope Light is a solid choice. It’ll ensure the motorhome becomes less desirable to rodents without breaking a sweat.

How do I fix the LED lights on my RV awning?

I’d recommend starting by checking for loose wire connections and pinched wires with retractable awning lights. If you find any, reconnect or reposition them and see whether this fixes the issue.

Changing out the bulbs is your next step; see whether new lights correct the subpar performance.

If none of this works, call a professional. Any other issue is a little too dangerous for non-electricians.

What color light is best to keep bugs away?

Keeping bugs away from motorhomes can be a difficult challenge. But it may become less of an issue if you get your hands on yellow, pink, and orange camper lights for awning. In fact, I used some on my rig’s exterior, which quickly made my patio area a lot more comfortable at night.

Honestly, it’s nice not having to worry about constantly being bitten by mosquitoes. For RVers like myself, I recommend investing in an option like ALITOVE’s Orange LED Strip Light. It’ll do a fantastic job helping keep those pesky insects where they belong.

How do you install LED strip lights on an RV awning?

Installing LED strip lights for RV awnings isn’t an overly complicated process. The first step will consist of choosing the right set, then measuring and cutting them to size. You then follow the included directions and install the strips under your awning or on its roller. From there, you just have to wire the lights into existing power.

How do you attach rope lights to a camper awning?

Attaching RV rope lights is much the same as connecting Christmas lights onto your home’s porch. It’s a simple matter of hanging them and then connecting them to an electric outlet. There’s nothing else to it.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Many RV awning lights will be both dustproof and weatherproof. As a result, these devices end up being maintenance-free to ensure ultimate convenience. But I’d still recommend looking in the product’s manual or included instructions for specific cleaning directions.

Where can I buy?

Finding somewhere to buy awning lights is simple because they’re plenty of places that sell these useful products. You’ll find them at your local RV supply stores and home/garden stores, where there should be a lot of options.

However, the most trusted place to buy RV awning lights would be on Amazon website. Their selection and prices vastly outpace competing sellers.


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