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The Best Paints for RV Cabinets for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best paint for rv cabinets

Are you tired of being embarrassed by the state of your RV cabinets? You aren’t alone in this feeling as many rigs often come with subpar cabinets. This area tends to be one of the last things on an RV seller’s mind.

Most people don’t think there’s anything to do but live with their awful cabinets. However, these people would be surprised by how much difference a new coat of paint can make. This situation is why we thought doing a buying guide about the best paint for RV cabinets would be helpful.

The guide will help by going through all the relevant topics about RV cabinet paint. These topics include types, top brands, determining factors, and places to buy. In other words, everything one could want to know about these paints will be covered in detail.

You should then have no issue finding the perfect paint for your RV cabinets. It might even be one of the eight we review in our next section. Either way, this guide will ensure the entire process becomes a walk in the park.

So, let’s get started and find your perfect RV cabinet paint. We promise it will be a decision that you look back at with a smile. After all, these paints can easily make your cabinets stand out in ways they never have before.


Best Overall Most Durable Water Resistance
Preview Rust-Oleum 285140

INSL-X CC550109A-01

Diamond Brite Paint ‎40500-1

Paint Type Acrylic Enamel Latex
Volume 30 Fl Oz 128 Fl Oz 128 Fl Oz
Surface Wood, Metal, Canvas, Ceramic, Glass Wood, Metal, Poly, Laminate Plastic, Wood
Coverage 150 sq ft 350 – 450 sq ft ‎300 sq ft
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

9 Top-Rated Paint for RV Cabinet Reviews

This section will hold those 9 reviews I referred to earlier. These discussions should provide a better handle on what you should be looking for in an RV cabinet paint. It will also give you a foundation for understanding the more complex topics talked about in later sections.

1. Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

The Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint is a latex paint option, which makes it a great choice for painting pop up camper cabinets. Latex paints tend to work well when repainting items coated either with old oil or latex paint.

It also worth noting that this aspect doesn’t just make it a great choice for painting cabinets. This paint offers a bit of versatility as it can work on many interior surfaces such as canvas, metal, wood, and ceramic. As a result, a person should find more than one way to touch up their lives using this paint.

You should love that this product’s known for its easy application as well. This aspect should make the painting process much easier than you might’ve expected. In fact, many customers were shocked by how little prep was needed with this latex paint.

The amount of coverage provided by this paint is another outstanding trait. You see, one quart of this paint can cover an area of 150 square feet. This amount is much more than a person usually will find with this type of product.

Its excellent adhesion should pique your interest as well. This trait is one of the many reasons behind it needed little prep before use. It will instead stick to surfaces without much issues or the use of primer in most cases.

But none of these things is the best aspect provided by this option. The price tag happens to earn this title as it’s lower than most other choices on our list. Most people would consider it a bargain given how small it is and the features it provides.

The two to four drying time between coats was another standout trait. It should make the process fly by and might make it only a day-long event. This time frame would remove the nuisance of having empty cabinets for days on end.

However, some people did report packaging issues in their reviews. This type of problem isn’t what you’d expect from a top brand like Rust-Oleum. These complaints were only present in a few reviews, but it was still disappointing to see during my research.

2. INSL-X CC550109A-01 Cabinet Coat Paint

INSL-X’s CC550109A-01 Cabinet Coat Paint is the perfect option for anyone who’s refurbishing or refinishing RV cabinets. It’ll cover your awful, rundown cabinets with a satin or semi-gloss finish capable of restoring them into good shape.

This finish is also resistant to many issues that cause numerous problems for cabinets. These nuisances include food stains, grease, water, chipping, and scuffing. As a result, it will provide a long-lasting finish, which will stay in top shape for years.

You should like that this product offers a high level of adhesion as well. In fact, this paint doesn’t need a primer application before its use. This paint will stick onto hard to coat surfaces without much issue, which makes it a handy option.

This paint isn’t just meant for cabinets either. You could easily use it to touch up shelving, furniture, trim, and crown molding. There’s no reason to believe that you won’t find a few ways to use this excellent product.

It also helps that one gallon of this paint can cover 350 to 450 square feet. This aspect would more than fill what I’m looking for in this area. I could reuse the paint after painting my cabinets due to the large amount that’s left over from the task.

You should find it comes in either a satin or semi-gloss style appealing as well. This aspect will provide a bit more control over what kind of paint you’re getting. In my case, I’m always going to pick the semi-gloss option as I want my cabinets to look extremely shiny.

Style isn’t the only aspect that provides a choice with this product. You also get to pick the quantity, too, which makes it much easier to find the perfect option. It ensures you don’t have to pay for a gallon as there are small sizes available for purchase.

But the drying time provided by this paint was a little underwhelming. You see, it would take six hours for a coat to dry. This time frame is a bit longer than I’d like and would make the entire process take more time than expected.

3. Diamond Brite Paint ‎40500-1 White RV Cabinet Paint

Diamond Brite Paint’s ‎40500-1 White RV Cabinet Paint offers an excellent way to brighten any motorhome cabinets. Honestly, I couldn’t believe the before and after painted pictures when using this option on my rig. It made everything else in my camper look better than ever while offering a bit more style.

As a result, I’ve been looking into ways to use this white paint for RV interior elsewhere. It won’t be too difficult because it has shown remarkable results working in any kitchen or bathroom. I might even update my household drawers with this paint.

It’s also worth noting that it won’t make walls or cabinets challenging to clean after application. I can’t say the same with many paint products that I’ve used in the past. In fact, this one allows me to wash any scuff marks or issues with only soap and water.

I shouldn’t have been too surprised, considering Diamond Brite built the paint to withstand constant exposure to water, stream, and splashing. Therefore, it meshes perfectly with what anyone would look for in RV cabinet paint.

The product’s two quantity options were another massive highlight attribute. Each buyer will have a choice between buying 1 gallon or 1 quart, which meets the needs of most people’s RV cabinet paint ideas. I got the gallon to ensure there was some leftover for other jobs.

It doesn’t hurt that this option was more affordable than most other choices, such as oil or chalk paint RV cabinets products. Due to this, I couldn’t have been much happier with my decision to use it on my rig’s interior.

But not every buyer was as happy with this option. Sadly, a few people did experience shipping issues with this paint product, as the container arrived damaged. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, especially with the other impressive features, but it’s worth noting.

4. Rust-Oleum 1977502 Painters Touch Latex Paint

Our second option from Rust-Oleum continues where the first one left off. It will provide everything you’re looking for in a paint product with its water-based acrylic formula. This formula allows this paint to have a low-odor, offer long-lasting protection, and resist chipping.

These three qualities should ensure your RV cabinets remain in top shape for years to come. It’s also worth noting that this product can work on a variety of indoor or outdoor projects. In fact, any surface that includes wood, plaster, metal, masonry, or unglazed ceramic could benefit from its use.

I also love the gloss finish it provides, which will ensure these surfaces shine like never before. It’ll almost be like the intended surface becomes brand new when this paint is done with them. Honestly, it’s incredible how well this product works.

You should find its drying time of 30 minutes to be rather appealing, as well. This aspect will ensure the painting process doesn’t become more than a one-day event. It’s a nice touch and makes the paint a much more convenient purchase than many other options on today’s market.

The number of color options was another intriguing aspect for me. You get to choose from 10 different colors, which all have their fans in the buyer reviews. It seems like the paint’s quality doesn’t change regardless of the color you choose.

It covers up 120 square feet as well, which is quite impressive when you consider this option is only a quart rather than a gallon. It just goes to show Rust-Oleum does have its customers’ needs and wants in mind when creating their products.

Aside from these features, I must also mention the low price tag. It’s actually one of the lowest priced options on our entire list. If you’re looking for a bargain, Rust-Oleum 1977502 Painters Touch Latex Paint might be the best deal on our list.

But some customers did report shipping and packaging issues in their reviews. It seems this product has a habit of arriving beat up and damaged. This issue isn’t what something would expect from a brand with a top tier reputation like Rust-Oleum.

5. NuVo Cabinet Paint

Our first product is the NuVo Cabinet Paint, which shouldn’t have any issues bringing a new shine to your rig’s cabinets. This product also doesn’t require any priming or cabinet removal during the painting process.

As a result, it ends up being a convenient paint for the cabinet painting process. You should like that this product offers low levels of VOCs as well. This aspect means that this water-based paint provides less risk of causing health issues such as eye, nose, or throat irritation.

These health issues tend to be a real problem for paints with high levels of VOCs, such as oil-based ones. I also found that this paint doesn’t provide much of an odor with its use. This factor is a massive plus for a person like me who has a sensitive nose.

It will make sure I don’t have any issues completing the process because my nose can’t take the fumes. This aspect was something many buyers referred to as a positive in their reviews. Many were even shocked by how unaffecting the product’s smell was for them.

You should find the amount of area this paint can cover appealing as well. One 31oz can will be able to cover 50 sq ft of cabinet space. I don’t know about you, but that’s more than enough for my particular needs.

The colors offered by this option aren’t anything to overlook either. Both the coconut espresso and driftwood color choices will make your cabinets pop. It’ll ensure your cabinets return to their former glory without much issue.

We should also mention that the price of this paint isn’t too shabby. It’s not the least expensive option on our list, but it still should fit right into your budgets. Many people might even consider it a bargain given the luxurious look it provides.

But some buyers did mention issues with chipping after a year or two in their reviews. This problem isn’t one a person wants when buying an RV cabinet paint. However, these complaints were only present in a few reviews. It’s entirely possible these issues were only isolated incidents because many people expressed praise over the paint’s durability.

6. Beyond Paint All-in-one Refinishing Paint

Beyond Paint’s All-in-one Refinishing Paint might feature the easiest using process of any paint on our list. This product doesn’t require sanding, priming, or stripping to ensure it sticks right onto your cabinets. It instead only needs a surface to be degreased and cleaned before you roll on the paint.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is, and it’s not the only great thing about this product. You also get the result you’re looking for with only using one or two coats. Due to this, the entire painting process shouldn’t take much time or create any hassles.

The 400 square feet covered by a gallon of this paint isn’t something you should overlook either. In fact, you’ll be able to complete numerous tasks using this one can. It’s a nice way to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Many buyer reviews were quick to point out how well this works when repainting. It seems this paint bonds well with old paints rather than turning into some hideous color. You’d be surprised by how many products on today’s market fail in this regard.

This product is another one that can work indoors or outdoors as well. It shouldn’t be tricky to figure out a few projects, which could benefit from its use. There’s no reason to believe it can bring more shine into your life in more ways than one.

The paint’s durability was another aspect brought up in the buyer reviews a lot. This product has no issues with chipping or scuffing and should keep your cabinets in top shape for years. It’s even shown an ability to deal with regular cleaning without any problems.

Overall, it’s just a useful product ready to meet your painting needs. Beyond Paint did a great job of almost covering every possible base when creating this paint. There’s very little a person could complain about with this product.

But the one area that did strike me as off-putting was the price tag. This option is easily the most costly on our entire list. It sure would be well out of my budget range. It’s a shame too because I did find everything else about it appealing.

7. NuVo Driftwood 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit

If you’re someone looking to buy everything needed for the painting process in one product, the NuVo Driftwood 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit should be high on your list. This kit includes two 31oz paint cans, a roller arm, two roller covers, one brush, two sticks, and step-by-step directions.

It’s quite clear that NuVo wanted its customers to be fully prepared when painting their RV cabinets. We should also mention that the paint itself is high-quality. This paint emits a low level of VOCs, has a low odor, and is a primer-paint combo.

As a result, this process shouldn’t be very tricky or confusing. It doesn’t hurt that the paint’s application isn’t tough either. It’s a simple task and should ensure this entire job doesn’t take more than one day.

The paint can also be used on various surfaces such as laminate, primed, wood, or painted metal cabinets. It even has the ability to cover most existing wood finishes in a single coat, which should quicken the process considerably.

You should find the minimal prep needed when using this kit as another appealing trait. This aspect means that you won’t have to strip, priming, or remove your cabinets’ doors. The kit should be ready to paint your cabinets the moment you buy it.

It offers a coverage area of 100 square feet, as well. This amount of square footage happens to be around the size of most RV or kitchen cabinets. Therefore, it’s ideally suited for the task you’re looking to get done.

We should mention that its price is rather affordable, given all the extra features and additions coming with the kit. It actually costs less than some options on our list, which only provide the paint can.

But some people did express concern about the paint’s color descriptions. It might seem odd, but more than a few customers were complaining about the paint’s color. The color didn’t reflect what they thought they were getting from the product description and pictures.

8. Rust-Oleum 258240 Dark Tint Base Small Cabinet Kit

Our last product happens to be another kit option that comes with everything needed for the painting process. It also is a product from Rust-Oleum, which means you should expect high-quality paint ready to meet your expectations.

This product certainly doesn’t fail to meet those expectations as it offers various appealing features. One of these features happens to be a smooth and elegant finish. This aspect was something everyone was going on and on about in their reviews.

I also love how this product won’t require much prep work like some of our earlier options. As with those products, this kit won’t need any priming, sanding, or stripping before using. It makes tedious prep work a thing that you simply don’t have to deal with anymore.

This kit isn’t just usable on cabinets either as it has shown effective results on furniture, molding, and much more. It even comes in a larger size for anyone looking to do a more significant project with a similar type of kit.

It also doesn’t hurt that this product comes from a US-based manufacturer. This aspect might not seem like a huge deal, but the products that are made in the states go through rigorous testing. Some foreign countries don’t have the same rules when it comes to product safety.

Due to this, you can feel comfortable that this kit will offer safe usage without any serious issues. The coverage square footage isn’t too bad either at 100 sq ft. This amount of coverage should easily get the job done on your rig’s cabinets.

You should also enjoy the price tag on this kit. It almost becomes a bargain when you consider it comes with various additional features. I mean, you couldn’t get everything inside this kit for the same price separately.

But some people did find the product’s directions a little confusing. This issue was the main one present in the customer reviews. If you aren’t a painting expert, I might suggest looking elsewhere to ensure you don’t make a mistake during the painting process.

9. General Finishes QSW Water Based Milk Paint

If you’re looking for a paint that can work indoors or outdoors, General Finishes QSW Water Based Milk Paint would be worth buying. This product is capable of working in both situations because it has features like being UV resistant.

The product being UV resistant means those pesky sun rays won’t cause it to fade or discolor even after long periods of sun exposure. You shouldn’t have much issue applying it on crafts, furniture, or cabinets either. Honestly, it’s one of the more flexible options on our list.

I also found its water-based formula rather appealing. This aspect would make the cleaning much easier, which is perfect for someone like me. I tend to loathe this part of the painting process and find it tedious.

This product comes in various color options, as well. Due to this, you shouldn’t have any issue finding the perfect color for your cabinets. I mean, there are 35 options available, and I’m having trouble imagining a customer can’t find one that meets their needs.

The 150 square feet of coverage space was another attractive trait. You could get various tasks done with even the smaller size option of a quart. It’s just another aspect that shows this product would be a useful and convenient investment for an RV owner.

You shouldn’t sleep on this product’s low odor either. This feature was one people brought up positively various times within their reviews. As I mentioned earlier, it also appeals directly to me because of my sensitive nose.

There was one significant issue I had with this paint, though, its price tag. It’s much higher than what I intend on spending on paint for my RV cabinets. Honestly, I would have a hard time justifying purchasing it unless I had a bigger project to do.

But if money was no object, I don’t see how this paint wouldn’t be at the top of my list. It provides fantastic results and can work on more than just my cabinets. What more could you be looking for in paint during this process?

RV Cabinets Paint Buyer’s Guide

This section will offer you all the background info needed to make a reasonable choice when picking paint for RV cabinets. It should provide an answer to any question that might be rattling inside your mind at this very moment.


Things to know before buying a paint for RV cabinets

Choosing the right paint for your RV cabinets will come down to many factors. This section will discuss each of them at length to ensure you make the right decision. In fact, it’ll ensure your entire buying process becomes a breeze.

Interior Paint

You’re going to be painting a camper’s interior. As a result, you’ll need interior paint instead of an exterior option. Indoor paint also doesn’t have an overwhelming smell like most outdoor paints, which can cause health problems.

It might seem like common sense, but some people overlook this issue. These people then proceed to use outdoor paint on their home or RV’s interior and start having problems. So please, read the product description carefully before making a final decision.


Picking a paint with either semi or high gloss is another essential step. This trait will make sure your cabinets get a shiny, lovely look. It’s a key component in ensuring your cabinets look like you’ve always wanted them.

This trait is one that can be examined by reading each paint’s buyer reviews. These discussions should offer some insight into the gloss provided by each option. Therefore, you’ll be able to choose the paint that fits your gloss needs easily.

Primer Included or Not

Some paints will be a paint-primer combo. You’ll need to decide whether this option works better or buying them separately would be more your speed. On the one hand, these paint-primer combos are extremely convenient and make the entire job much easier.

But the prices on these combos tend to be a little higher than buying primer and paint separately. You’ll have to weigh whether the convenience is worth the increased price. In my case, it’s usually a no.


Paint isn’t a cheap product to buy. Painting products usually have a rather steep price on them, which means having a budget is a necessary step when buying one. This budget should account for everything you might want in your paint.

For instance, a person looking to buy a paint-primer combo should account for their higher prices in a budget. This action will ensure you budget remains a useful and effective tool during your search.

We should also mention that a budget will make the entire process more manageable. It’ll lessen the overwhelming number of choices down to a more reasonable amount. This benefit will ensure any feelings of stress or frustration will quickly disappear.

So please, make use of a budget and gain these great benefits. I promise, taking the time to create one won’t be something that you look back and regret. It’ll instead be the action that ensured you found the perfect paint for your RV’s cabinets.


You’re going to want a paint capable of providing long-lasting results. It shouldn’t be something that starts chipping a month or two after the appliance. This situation would be a waste of both your time and money.

Reading the buyer reviews can help avoid this potential issue. These resources should have long discussions about the durability and longevity of each product. After all, I doubt anything would get a rig owner angrier than paint that starts chipping sooner than expected.

Use these negative experiences to ensure the next bad review isn’t written by you. It’s just a simple and effective way to make sure you don’t pick a bad paint. Honestly, these reviews will be vital and crucial to making a good final decision.

Why do you need a new paint for RV cabinets?

A rig’s cabinets aren’t a high priority for an RV seller. This mindset often leads to RVs coming with rather shoddy cabinets that have awful paint jobs. As you probably know, these terrible paint jobs can be an eyesore within a rig.

This reason alone should make getting a top tier RV cabinet paint an attractive idea. It would provide you with means to make your cabinets look luxurious and beautiful. They could be a source of your guests’ jealousy rather than ridicule.

Your new paint job will also offer a better level of durability than the old one. It’ll ensure your cabinets’ paint no longer chips or has a nasty yellow hue. Both these issues can quickly disappear with coating your cabinets with a top tier option.

Overall, it’s fair to say you don’t actually need top tier paint. But a person who wants their rig to look its best would benefit from a top-level cabinet paint immensely. It could provide a new level of luxury that you didn’t know your rig could have or embody.

What are the different types of RV cabinet paints?

As you might expect, there are different types of RV cabinet paints. The most common kinds are oil paint and latex paint. We’ll discuss both in great detail to ensure you know which one suits your situation perfectly.

Oil Paint

The main benefit of oil paint comes from its long-lasting finish and easy using process. In fact, you can expect oil paint to remain chip-free even with regular cleaning. It’s a very convenient and effective option to use when painting your RV cabinets.

These benefits tend to make people think of oil paint is the best option when doing this specific task. After all, this type allows you to open a cabinet with greasy or sticky hands without having to worry about wearing away the paint.

But what most people don’t realize is that oil paint provides a few flaws that aren’t something you can overlook. One of these flaws happens to concern oil paint’s drying time. You see, oil-based paints take a long time to dry between coats. In some cases, it can last up to 16 hours.

This flaw can be even more of an issue without good circulation, such as inside a cabinet. It makes waiting for the paint to dry a long and frustrating task. I mean, keeping your cabinets empty for days on end as you let the paint dry can be a rather annoying nuisance.

It’s one of the main reasons people tend to decide against oil paint when painting their RV cabinets. Another reason people don’t feel comfortable using this type is oil paint releases VOCs at significantly higher levels.

Using a paint product that’s known to give off VOCs on cabinets often gives people second thoughts because of the food, utensils, and spices that lie inside a cabinet. As most people know, VOCs have been linked to nose irritation, throat irritation, eye irritation, fatigue, dizziness, and other conditions.

We should also note that oil paint can cause a yellow hue to develop over time. This issue could end up making your cabinets a little off-color after a long period. Oil-based paints are prone to yellowing in low light conditions. As a result, using them inside your cabinets could result in this effect happening more quickly.

Latex Paint

The second common type is latex paint, which offers some serious benefits. These benefits include lower levels of those unwanted VOCs, and it dries much quicker. In fact, latex paint is usually ready for another coat in about two to four hours.

Using latex paint on your rig’s cabinets could mean your entire painting process will be done in a single day. But going back to the lower level of VOCs, this benefit comes from latex paint, usually, being water-based.

Advancements in water-based paint formulas have made using latex paint in a task such as painting cabinets much easier. These paints are now made with more durability, which means they should have no issues withstanding a good cleaning or scrubbing.

As you might imagine, this aspect would be a must in a good RV cabinet paint. You’re going to need a product that can take a good scrubbing without chipping away. We should also mention that latex paint tends to be a better option for people who’s cabinets are already painted.

Latex paint is better in this situation because these paints can bind to surfaces that have been treated with paint. It doesn’t matter whether the old paint is either latex or oil; your new latex paint will still stick due to its water-based formula. Oil paints don’t usually have this luxury as they won’t adhere well with latex paint.

But latex paint does require a bit more prep work than oil paint. Oil paints have the luxury of going over smooth even on wooden surfaces. On the other hand, latex paint is known to show variances in either the texture or grain. This issue means more prep work will be required beforehand to ensure your cabinets have a smooth, even look.

How to paint RV cabinets?

Painting camper cabinets isn’t a complex task as it’ll only be a four-step process. We’ll quickly go over each one to ensure you know how to paint RV camper cabinets when the time comes. In fact, there could be some tips in this discussion that might have slipped your mind.

Step 1: Remove Drawers, Hardware, and Doors

The first thing to do isn’t the actual painting process. You instead want to remove all drawers, cabinet doors, and hardware. If you’re confused about what I mean by hardware, things like hinges would fit the description.

You’ll want to remove these items because it makes painting them much easier. The painting process can be rather frustrating when all these parts are in or attached to your cabinets. Removing them gets rid of this potential stressor.

I’d also suggest relocating these parts to a large space like a garage. This action will ensure you can set up a painting workshop and make the process much easier. In the ideal situation, this space would allow you to layout and work on all the drawers and cabinets simultaneously.

You must make sure you have a flat space to keep cabinets when working on them, as well. It’ll ensure the painting process can get done effectively. If you don’t, the paint job could end up looking less than stellar.

Some people also find it useful to label any piece removed from your cabinets. The labeling will make it much easier to keep track of everything. Plus, you won’t have to rely on your memory when putting everything back together.

Step 2: Preparation

Preparation is often the key to completing a task right. Painting your RV cabinets isn’t any different. This step will be vital to ensuring the paint job ends up being everything you imagined in the first place.

The first preparation task would be making sure all the doors, drawers, and cabinets are clean. I’d suggest using a cleaning solution made for removing grease and dirt. It’ll ensure these parts are ready to be painted.

Your next step is sanding the cabinets. A proper sanding will ensure any old gloss gets removed. This action will provide your new primer and paint something that they can stick to rather easily. Most people find an electric sander will get this task done quickly.

The last preparation step is applying primer. Some people will argue that a good sanding will allow you to skip adding the primer. But I’d suggest sticking with it and ensuring you don’t skip any preparation steps.

Step 3: Painting

We’ve finally reached the painting step! The painting process should be done using a roller whenever possible on cabinet frames, drawers, and doors. A roller will avoid brush strokes and ensure your cabinets look spectacular. Paint spray guns would be an even better choice for people who have them.

You might still require a small brush for your cabinet doors’ or frames’ molding. It’s also essential that you don’t overuse the paint. This situation can lead to drips, which isn’t something anybody wants.

After you finish the first coat, you should wait and follow the directions on the paint can. It’s best to go by what the manufacturer says in these situations. In most cases, a minimum of two coats with sanding between them will get the job done.

We should also note that this process isn’t something worth rushing. You should let the paint sit long enough between coats. It’s a key to ensuring you get what you wanted from this paint job.

Step 4: Putting Everything Back Together

After applying your final coat, it’s time to let the pieces cure. This process usually takes several days and shouldn’t be something you rush. It’s best to wait for the paint to become hard before putting everything back together.

If the paint has become hard, reapply hardware and use felt pads on your cabinet doors. The felt pads will help prevent any chipping of paint and banging. Once these pieces are safely in place, take a moment to admire your new cabinets.

You should then touch up areas that might need a little more attention. In the end, painting RV cabinets might seem stressful and repetitive. But it’s a task I’m willing to bet you’ll look back at with a smile in the future.

RV Cabinet Paint FAQs

Can I spray paint RV cabinets?

Rig owners can spray paint RV cabinets if they prefer. But I enjoy using a traditional paint roller to get more precise coats for camper cabinets. I also know I’d somehow create a mess using a paint sprayer.

However, it’s a preference rather than one choice being than the other. Anyone who feels comfortable and confident using a paint sprayer can opt for it without issues.

Do you have to sand camper cabinets before painting?

I would recommend sanding motorhome cabinets before painting to any RVers. In fact, I find it necessary to sand or refinish RV cabinets as it often creates a better result. After all, it’ll ensure the gloss of the previous paint or finishing is removed.

Consequently, it creates a much more suitable foundation to apply new paint. I’ve always found that the new coatings adhere much better if I go over the surface with some sandpaper beforehand.

But it’s worth noting many cabinets come out looking great without sanding, such as those with smooth, untreated wood.

Is oil based paint more durable than water based?

Oil-based paints are more durable than water-based ones if you value resistance against impact. However, they can yellow quickly when exposed to UV lights and crack under temperature fluctuations, unlike water-based products.

So there are arguments on both sides regarding which is the right paint for RV walls and cabinets.

How many coats of primer should I use on cabinets?

I find it helpful to use a single coat of primer when painting RV cabinets. In fact, I would strongly suggest using even two when wanting to paint laminate camper cabinets.

But it must be a high-quality primer that effectively prepares the surface for paint. An excellent choice would be Zinsser’s 02004 BullsEye All Surface Primer.

Can I paint RV with Rustoleum?

Yes, you can use Rustoleum paints on RV cabinets, but remember to pick a product made for furniture, such as the Ultra-Matte Chalk Paint. For camper exteriors, Rustoleum’s outdoor formulas, such as the Painter’s Touch Latex, will work.

What is the most trusted paint for RV cabinet brands?

A person looking for the most trusted RV cabinet paint brands doesn’t have to look far. You just have to take one more gander at our product review section. Each company mentioned has gained a stellar and fabulous reputation among RV owners.

But even among this pristine group, two brands do separate themselves from the pack: Rust-Oleum and NuVo. As a result, I thought these two companies deserved a special shout out within our article.

I also thought diving into their backgrounds and history could be useful. This info will be valuable when you starting during your search. In fact, it’ll show you what the best paint for RV cabinets brand looks like and provides its customers.


Since 1921, Rust-Oleum has been providing amazing products to customers. This type of longevity is what a buyer should always look out for during the buying process. It conveys a sense that the company knows what their customers want.

It also doesn’t hurt that Rust-Oleum’s products often feature innovation, which other brands have a hard time matching. In other words, this brand is always ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting their customers’ needs and wants.

These types of qualities make it hard not to have full confidence in Rust-Oleum products. You aren’t going to find many better brands out there on the paint market.


This company has gained their status through sheer determination and hard work. NuVo has a reputation for going above and beyond for their customers. It’s what makes buying their products such a sound investment.

You can also bet on a special focus being put on making the using process easier. This area tends to be their main priority when making paint products. Due to this, NuVo is a company seriously worth consideration during your buying process.

Where to buy?

The most trusted place to buy paint for your travel trailer cabinets would be through Amazon. Their selection and prices aren’t capable of being matched by their rivals. It makes using their site to buy paint a no brainer and should be your first choice.

Amazon’s large buyer review database doesn’t hurt matters either. These reviews will be crucial to ensuring you buy the right paint for your situation. But even these benefits doesn’t mean that you should only look at what Amazon has to offer.

I’d also suggest looking at Camping World’s website and browsing their selection. This site usually has several top tier options available at decent prices. These prices even have a habit of falling below Amazon’s when a sale is taking place.

This reason alone should provide enough incentive to look at more than one site during the buying process. It’s just an effective way to make sure a customer doesn’t pay more than needed for their chosen paint.

You don’t want to find out later that there was a deal happening somewhere else with your chosen paint. It’s best to avoid it by doing a thorough research of all potential sellers before making a final decision.

If you’re more comfortable shopping offline, places like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or Lowe’s should have sizable selections. Their prices will be more than what’s available online, though, which is quite a bummer.

These places also offer the benefit of face to face customer service. It’s something that can make a huge difference when the employee knows what they’re selling. Online stores still haven’t figured out a way to match this benefit yet.

Given this info, finding the right seller to fit your shopping preferences shouldn’t require much effort. It’s a simple matter of evaluating what you like from a shopping experience and finding the seller that can provide it.


After reading this article, finding the best paint for RV cabinets shouldn’t be much of an issue. You just apply what you’ve learned for our article into your search. This action should make the right choice apparent and clear.

The paint should then have no issues returning your RV cabinets to their former glory. It will quickly become evident that this investment was a good one. Plus, top tier RV cabinet paints offer longer durability and shouldn’t chip for years.

So please, use the info provided here and find the right paint for your situation. I promise it won’t be a decision that you end up regretting. In fact, you’ll probably end up wondering why you didn’t repaint your cabinets sooner.

If you run into any more questions during your search, please feel free to leave them in our comment section. We’ll answer them as quickly as possible. It would be our honor to help your search in any way.

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