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The Best Oxidation Removers for RV of 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best oxidation remover for rv

People often have more trouble finding the best oxidation remover for RV than is initially expected. These issues usually come from the sheer number of options available on today’s market. It seems like every brand in the world has tried their hand at making these cleaning products.

Our guide will help travel through this crowded mess to ensure this process isn’t difficult. In doing so, we’ll cover all relevant topics about these cleaning products from types to trusted brands.

We’ll even provide eight product reviews of options that are often seen as the best on today’s market. Honestly, we just want to make sure you have the needed info for making a sound choice.

The following sections will help you gain the knowledge needed to make that right decision. Once you do make it, your rig will benefit from everything a top tier remover can provide. It will soon look better than it ever has before.

So please, keep reading and let us help you find the perfect choice for your rig. I promise the decision to continue reading won’t be one you end up regretting. Let’s get started by diving into those earlier mentioned product reviews and showing you what to expect from these items.


Best Overall Easy to Use Longest Lasting Shine
Preview Meguiar’s M4916

‎McKee’s 37 ‎MKRV-520

‎Protect All 55016

Details Details Details

8 Best RV Oxidation Remover Reviews

This section will provide an inside look into the best removers available. The info learned here will be vital to ensure you know what a top tier option will look like and provide a customer. It’ll also help you get what we discuss in later sections.

1. Meguiar’s M4916 RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover

Our first product is Meguiar’s M4916 RV Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover, which offers many features that could benefit a rig owner. This cleaning product has proven to be an effective, useful tool for working against issues that might irk your RV’s surfaces.

These issues include oxidation, stains, water spots, and scratches. Its ability to provide effective results against these problems has been backed up in the buyer reviews. You should also love that it can work on either gel coat, fiberglass, or high-tech paint surfaces.

As a result, you could find many uses for this remover around your rig. It doesn’t just have to be a useful tool for cleaning your rig’s exterior but could work on other surfaces as well. This type of versatility is a nice thing to have in a cleaning product such as this one.

I also found that this product offers different using methods to be appealing. You see, this remover can safely be applied with your hand and a cloth or by a buffer machine. I always like it when the buyer’s given a choice about how to use their chosen item.

We should note that this remover uses oils in its solution as well. This aspect will help restore color and provide a great shine to your rig. It’s entirely ready to return your RV to its original glory without much issue.

The product also being capable of working on boats doesn’t hurt matters. This aspect is perfect for me because I happen to own a boat. Therefore, I won’t have to waste money on buying separate removers for both my RV and boat.

Its price isn’t too shabby either. You can easily fit this remover into your budget without much issue. I mean, it’s not the cheapest on our list, but it’s a little below average when it comes to the expected price for these products.

But this product does come with a few flaws. It seems some buyers had shipping and packaging issues with this remover. These claims were stated a few times in the buyer reviews and aren’t what you expect from a top brand like Meguiar’s.

2. McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Oxidation Remover

The McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Oxidation Remover is a perfect option for anybody with serious oxidation issues. It has proven capable of killing even the toughest cases and ensuring a rig returns to top form.

It’s capable of offering these great results due to its unique formula. You see, this product uses a blend of abrasives that are mixed with lubricants to provide the best outcome possible. It’s an aspect that often receives a lot of praise in the buyer reviews.

You should also like that this product often gets compliments about its using process. Buyers usually consider this remover one of the easiest to use on today’s market. It’s always a good thing when the brand behind a product doesn’t make its creation tricky to use.

Don’t sleep on this product’s long buffing cycle, either. This aspect will ensure the results it provides last a long time. Due to this, you won’t have to remove oxidation from RV constantly. It’ll instead offer long lasting results and ensure your rig stays in top shape.

We should mention that this product’s capable of working on both boats and RVs. This aspect showcases its versatility and should offer many rig owners a few ways to use it. Plus, it has proven to be just as effective against scratches, oxidation, and stains on boats as it’s with RVs.

The shine left behind by this product is another appealing aspect. I mean, I couldn’t read two buyer reviews without this aspect being mentioned positively. It really does a great job of making sure your rig looks brand new.

Overall, this cleaning product offers almost everything a person could be looking for in one of these removers. But there was one little issue I had that would make me consider not buying it. This small problem happens to be the price tag.

It happens to be one of the most costly options on our entire list. I’m just not looking to spend this much on something like a cleaning product. In fact, you could easily find another remover with slightly worse results with a much cheaper price tag.

3. Protect All RV Fiberglass Oxidation Remover

If you’re looking for the best cleaning product to deal with fiberglass oxidation, the Protect All RV Fiberglass Oxidation Remover should be at the top of your list. It’s one of the best out there for dealing with this distinct situation.

It also helps that this product is capable of working on many vehicles. These include RVs, trucks, cars, boats, and much more. In each of these situations, this product has proven time and time again to remove bug stains, wax, scratches, and water spots without issues.

You should love this remover’s one-step formula, as well. This aspect allows the product to polish, seal, and remove surface issues with one simple application. As a result, it’s quite a handy thing to have around during your RV trip.

But don’t think it only works on fiberglass either. This product is capable of providing great results to gel coat, enamel, and polyurethane painted aluminum surfaces as well. In other words, this remover is quite versatile and should be a valuable tool for any rig owner.

It even leaves behind a protective finish on these surfaces to prevent future damage. This protective finish also ensures your rig’s new shine lasts a long time. Your rig will soon be a source of your fellow rig owners’ jealousy with how great it looks, thanks to this cleaning product.

I also found the five buying options that Protect All offers rather appealing. This number of buying choices ensures everyone can get the right amount regardless of their needs. It makes it much easier to buy in bulk than with other models.

The price being fair for all these buying options doesn’t hurt either. It just seems like Protect All did a fantastic job accounting for their customers’ wants and needs with this product. Honestly, it looks like a bargain buy to me.

But some people did report issues with it dealing with heavy oxidation. It seems the product struggles to remove extreme levels without applying more than one coat. Therefore, people with severe problems should look elsewhere when choosing their cleaning product.

4. 3M 09005 RV Restorer

Buyers looking to purchase a cleaning product that’ll handle serious oxidation issues should consider 3M’s 09005 RV Restorer. This option has been designed to handle extreme problems in this area with its unique formula.

This formula combines a rubbing compound and wax to ensure issues such as film, oxidation, and water spots become non-issues. The use of wax also provides your rig with an extra layer of protection against UV rays.

UV rays can be quite a nuisance to RVs when left unprotected by causing fading and discoloration. This layer of protection will prevent these issues and ensure your rig stays looking sharp for a long time.

You should find this product’s easy using process appealing as well. A person can apply this cleaning solution using either their hand or a buffer. It’ll ensure anyone who buys it won’t have much issue figuring out how to use it.

In fact, both methods have received a lot of praise in the buyer reviews. I’d suggest using your hand in small areas and buffer when trying to remove issues in large spots. It’s just another aspect that shows 3M has user-friendliness in mind when creating their cleaning products.

This product also offers a bit of versatility as it can help restore either gel coat or fiberglass surfaces on boats and RVs. In these situations, you’ll have a hard time finding a better option than this remover as it kills surface issues at an impressive rate.

The product happens to be another choice that offers more than one buying option. You can either purchase it in a 16oz or 32oz size. It’s always nice to have an opportunity to choose rather than being stuck with a single quantity.

As for flaws, this product is a bit more costly than I’d like for a cleaning product. But it’s effectiveness is rather impressive, which means I might have to extend my budget a bit. It’s going to require some serious thought on my part before making my final decision.

5. Biokleen M00707 RV Oxidation Remover

If you’re an environmentally conscious person, the Biokleen M00707 RV Oxidation Remover would be a perfect option. This product is biodegradable, which means any spillage wouldn’t cause the soil any harm.

The best part about it being biodegradable is that this unique formula doesn’t take away from its effectiveness. You can instead count on this product to work just like any other remover, which is available on today’s market.

In other words, it won’t have any issues dealing with the dull chalkiness on your old rig. It’ll take care of those issues in minutes and ensure your rig looks as good as new. Spiderwebs and bird droppings don’t stand a chance either against this great product.

You should also love this product’s 32oz size bottle. This amount should last quite a long time, given the lasting power of the remover. I mean, many people were rather shocked by how well this product worked in the buyer reviews.

Its effective results aren’t just reserved for RVs either as this option is another that works well on boats. Plus, the price of this 32oz product is about the same as most 16oz options, which makes it one of the least costly on our list.

As a result, I have no choice, but to label this product from Biokleen a bargain. It seems this company did a good job checking off all the boxes when creating this product. I mean, what else could a person ask for from a cleaning product besides the features stated here?

I could only find one issue that caught my attention in the buyer reviews. Some customers encountered shipping and packaging issues with this option. On a few occasions, the bottle arrived in less than ideal condition or leaking over its shipping box.

The good news is that these events were only mentioned in a couple of reviews. Therefore, you can probably consider them as isolated incidents. But still, these issues aren’t something you like to see when doing product research.

6. Meguiar’s RV Heavy Oxidation Scrub

Our second product from Meguair’s continues where the first left off with its own set of impressive features. In this option’s case, it uses a foaming action to clean and lift oxidation off your rig’s gel coat or fiberglass surface in a quick manner.

Meguiar’s RV Heavy Oxidation Scrub is also capable of dealing with other surface issues such as staining, mold, or even rust. Honestly, it’s one of the most effective cleaning products when it comes to these types of problems.

You should like that this product has a reputation for being easy to use as well. All it requires is applying the solution using a hose and brush. Some people find using a scrub pad instead of a brush works better. But either way, the task is easy and shouldn’t require much effort or thought.

If you’re still worried about the using process, Meguiar’s was kind enough to put a video right on the ad page showing how to use it. After viewing it, I was sure that using this cleaning product won’t be an issue for me. I have full confidence you’ll feel the same way given I tend to be terrible at this kind of task.

The product being easily rinsed with water is another appealing trait. This aspect will ensure there’s nothing left behind by the product itself. Some cleaning products leave behind streaks or discoloration, but this issue doesn’t seem like a problem with this fine product.

I should also mention that this product is another which has a biodegradable formula. As someone who tends to spill things on a regular basis, you can bet this aspect was quite appealing to me. It’s just an extra reason to consider this product seriously.

But people who heavy oxidation issues might want to look elsewhere. Some people reported the product not working too well against severe cases of RV oxidation removal. It also doesn’t help that this product’s price happens to be one of the more costly on our entire list.

7. Perfect-It 36102 White Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound

Perfect-It’s 36102 White Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound works well against heavy oxidation issues. It should even improve the condition of the most beat-up rig without much of a problem. These effective results will extend to any gel coat surface on an RV, boat, or industrial application.

Aside from its ability to deal with heavy oxidation issues, I also found its formula to be rather appealing. This formula has a longer wet time than you see with most removers, which will extend its lasting power and make clean up a lot easier.

The using process for this product is rather easy as well. It’s similar to earlier options that we reviewed as you can either apply it by hand or using a buffer. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues doing the task without any help.

I should also mention that this product can work on fiberglass surfaces, as well. On these surfaces, it shouldn’t have any issues getting rid of scratches or chalky residue. It’s a fast-acting, effective cleaning product that’ll make your entire RVing lifestyle much easier.

The two buying options aren’t a bad touch either. Having a choice between buying in a pint or quart quantity should appeal to many rig owners. I’d imagine there won’t be a lot of people who won’t find either option to work for them.

Overall, there’s not a lot this cleaning product can’t do when it comes to cleaning gel coat or fiberglass surfaces. If your RV features these surfaces, I don’t see how this option wouldn’t be on the top of your list.

But I must warn you that all these great features come with a rather large downside. You see, this option features a high price, which might be outside of your budget. If money’s no object, I don’t see a reason why this option wouldn’t be a great choice.

It will get the job done in a useful and timely manner. What more could a person want in one of these products?

8. Thetford Restorer and Oxidation Remover

Our last product is the Thetford Restorer and Oxidation Remover, which happens to be one of the most versatile on our entire list. It has this title because it’s capable of working on RVs, cars, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, and much more.

But this aspect wouldn’t matter with a product that didn’t offer great results. Thankfully, this product doesn’t have this issue as it has proven to remove oxidation without harming the surface beneath it.

I also love this product’s formula because it includes carnauba wax. This ingredient ensures your rig will have protection against UV rays, which can do some severe damage to these surfaces went left unchecked.

You should like the number of surface materials is capable of working on as well. These materials include stainless steel, chrome, fiberglass, and painted aluminum or metal. In other words, there’s a lot of things around your rig that could benefit from this cleaning product in your life.

The shine left behind by this product is another aspect people were rather pleased with in their reviews. In fact, this shine has been known to be long lasting and won’t require constant coats. It’s an effective way to ensure your rig remains in top shape for a long time.

But none of these benefits are what the best aspect of this oxidation remover. This title goes to the price, which is among the lowest on our entire list despite being a 32oz bottle. As a result, you can certainly consider this option a bargain buy.

It even features a bulk buying option where you can buy six 32oz bottles for a fair price. It’s a great option for anyone who intends to use a lot of oxidation remover in the near future. Honestly, it might be the best deal on our entire list.

I do have to warn you that some customers did report it not working effectively on decals. Therefore, any rig owner with decals on their motorhome should look elsewhere when buying these types of products. Otherwise, I don’t see a reason why this option wouldn’t be a good pick for removing oxidation from RVs.

RV Oxidation Remover Buyer’s Guide

Picking the right cleaning product to remove oxidation from an RV will come down to knowing a lot about these products. This section will ensure you have the vital info needed to make a final choice.


Things to know before buying an RV oxidation remover

Choosing the best oxidation remover for RV will come down to many factors. This section will discuss them all and help you pick the option that best fits your rig. It’ll become the foundation for your entire process of figuring out what you want from these products.

Pick an Option Made for RV and Boat Surfaces

Picking the right remover isn’t just about what product will do the job. You must instead choose your chosen option based on your RV’s surface materials and their oxidation levels. This aspect becomes essential because some options will only be useful on certain surfaces.

Due to this, you must match the remover’s capabilities to your rig’s surface. It’s also essential to note that your rig’s surface might look similar to your car’s, but it’s not. RVs actually use surfaces that you’d find on a boat, such as fiberglass, gel coats, and metal.

Each of these surface materials requires special polishing and cleaning products to protect and keep them in good shape. This reality means that investing in a cleaner made for either boats or RVs would be the right move.

Look for an Option that can Work on Various Surfaces on Your RV

Your rig’s base surface might not be the only one that could benefit from a top tier remover. Therefore, you should get a product that is suitable for a variety of surfaces rather than just your rig’s exterior.

In other words, get a product that can work on gel coat, fiberglass, and metal rather than just one of them. It shouldn’t be too hard to find an option fitting this description as many removers on today’s market can work on many surfaces.

These types of products will offer a solution to all your rig’s surface issues and should ensure it returns to looking in top shape. It’s also worth noting that some models come with polish and wax, which could be another thing worth looking out for during your search.

You see, these options do an effective job of removing surface issues and providing a shine to your rig’s outer coat. The protective way layer left behind by them doesn’t hurt matters either and ensures the surface remains protected.

A person looking for an efficient and convenient product should look into getting these types of remover. It’s just an effective way to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Lasting Power

If you do intend to get a remover with either polish or wax in it, it’s essential to consider the product’s lasting power. An option that provides good results for only a few weeks is just a waste of money and time.

As a result, you’re going to want an option with an ability to last a long time. It’s the only way to avoid repeating the removal process over and over again. A good way to avoid buying products with unfit lasting power is by reading the buyer reviews.

These reviews should have deep, detailed insights into how each product performs in this area. Trust me, a remover that fails in this area will have a large number of complaints in these reviews.


The cost of removers will vary from product to product. This issue is why creating a budget around your wants and needs should be a top priority. But please, make sure it stays realistic and accounts for everything you’re looking for in a remover.

For instance, a person looking to buy a multi-purpose option should account for it costing more than a single purpose product. Their budget range should reflect this difference to ensure it remains usable and useful.

This resource will then make the entire buying process much easier. It’s able to make it simpler by limiting your choices down to a more manageable number. You’ll no longer have to deal with the excessive amount of options on today’s market.

Using Process

Picking a remover with a simple using process is a must during this process. As I noted earlier, some brands like to make their products a little too cute. This action complicates how to use them and causes buyers stress.

Do your best to avoid these options by reading each product’s buyer reviews. These discussions should provide insight into every option’s ability in this area. As a result, not picking a remover with a tricky using process shouldn’t be much of an issue.

What are the different types of oxidation removers for RV?

RV oxidation removers come in all different types and sizes. This section will explore the most common types and give you a better idea about what one works for your rig. It’ll provide a better idea of what you might want from these products.

Multi-purpose RV Oxidation Removers

A multi-purpose RV oxidation remover will do their main purpose of killing oxidation but offer other services as well. These services include restoring color, adding shine, and leaving behind a wax layer that protects your rig.

This type of cleaning product can offer these features thanks to them mixing a wax or polisher with the power of a reliable remover. It’s an effective cleaning product, but it will cost a little bit more than other types on today’s market.

People tend to favor this type when buying an oxidation remover because of the high shine it offers. It’ll really come down to whether you think the other features are worth the higher price.

Single Purpose RV Oxidation Removers

Single purpose oxidation removers will only do their main purpose of killing staining, chalking, oxidation, and other degradation effects. These products will not bring your rig a new shine or add a layer that protects it onto the surface.

As a result, these options will cost a little bit less than the previous type. If you’re in a bind and need something quick, buying a single purpose option might be the right choice. It’s a cheap, useful option ready to get rid of these problems.

Why do you need an RV oxidation remover?

Having a top tier cleaning product for oxidation issues on your rig will bring many benefits to your RVing lifestyle. This section will discuss some of them to ensure you know whether buying one is a wise move for your rig.

Effective and Useful at Removing Oxidation and Other Degradation Effects

The most obvious benefit these cleaning products offer is their effectiveness against oxidation and other degradation effects. A top tier option will have no issues getting rid of stains, rust deposits, and yellowing marks.

As a result, it can be an effective way to save yourself some money. For example, a person looking to get their rig restored by an expert might only need to put some time in with this type of cleaning product.

It’ll be able to get the job done with one simple use. A much less costly method to ensure your rig looks sparkly and new.

Preps Rig’s Surface for Polishing

One main factor in having a strong polishing process is for your RV to have a surface base that’s smooth. You can achieve this by using a remover before starting the polishing.

This action will ensure a smooth surface base by removing those surface problems such as stains or chalking. In fact, it’ll remove any sign of degradation and give you the perfect surface base for polishing.

You’ll then have a much better chance of getting a great shine from the polishing. It’ll improve the chances of color repair happening as well. Therefore, anyone looking to polish their rig should do themselves a favor and invest in this type of cleaning product.

Can Work on Other Surfaces Besides Your RV

An RV oxidation remover doesn’t just have to work only on your rig’s surface. Some of these cleaning products can be used on other surfaces, such as on a boat or other marine applications.

It adds a bit of versatility and gives you more than one use for these products. You might even find options that work even beyond the marine and your rig. If this benefit appeals to you, it’s all about finding the perfect option that provides multiple uses.

It can be a Simple, Versatile All-in-one Solution to Restoring Your Rig’s surface

Since many removers come with polish or wax, getting rid of surface issues and providing a new shine can be achieved with one simple product. It’s a time saver and should make the entire task much easier than you might have expected at first.

These multi-purpose cleaners should also make the process itself take less effort. It’ll instead require the use of one cleaning product rather than several. As a result, it is making the process an easy task that doesn’t take much thought.

Restores Old and Beat up Rigs

As I stated earlier, oxidation removers are a godsend for anyone with an old, beat-up rig. These cleaning products will help restore your RV back to its initial glory. It’ll help you bring back your rig’s shine and make it a source of jealousy for other motorhome owners once again.

It’s just a simple matter of choosing the remover that suits your rig’s oxidation and surface type. After you find it, your rig shouldn’t have much issue returning back to top shape in a timely manner.

Easy to Use

Most removers are extremely easy to use, which means a rig owner shouldn’t have any problems using it or need the help of an RV maintenance expert. In most cases, these products will be used either by hand with a brush or wipe.

Some people also find it much easier to use it with a buffer. Either method makes using these products easy and safe for a rig owner. But I must warn that some manufacturers do like to make their solutions a bit more complex than necessary.

You can avoid these companies by taking the time to read each product’s buyer reviews. These discussions will provide insight into whether the cleaning product has an easy using process. After all, people tend to get a little angry when something they bought makes using it more complex than needed.

How to use RV oxidation remover?

The first thing to know about using these cleaning products is that there are two different methods, either by hand or buffer. If you want to use them by hand, the process will require a clean towel, hose, and brush.

Once you got those materials, wet the surface to clean it and then apply the oxidation remover. Rub the remover to your rig in a circle-like motion. If you feel it’s necessary, reuse the solution. You then rinse it out completely with water.

People looking to use a buffer machine will encounter a slightly different process. First, you wet the surface to ensure it’s ready for cleaning. You then apply the remover to the wet cloth, which is attached within the buffer. From there, it’s a simple matter of buffering. Rinse with water and do the process over again when it’s required.

RV Oxidation Remover FAQs

What is the top-rated RV oxidation remover?

An RV oxidation remover is a unique cleaning product for motorhomes. This product will ensure issues such as oxidation, yellowing, chalking, stains, and much more don’t corrupt your RV’s surface.

You simply apply it onto your rig, and it will ensure those issues stated above don’t cause it problems. It’s an effective way to protect your RV and keep it looking in top shape for many years.

RV oxidation remover doesn’t just keep your rig in top shape, either. It can also bring it back to its former glory. A person with an old beat-up rig could benefit from having this cleaning product around their motorhome.

In this case, the product would make those oxidation, stains, and yellowing marks disappear promptly. The old beat-up rig will soon look about ten years younger and won’t be such an eyesore.

You’ll instead have a motorhome that doesn’t become a source of your shame. It’s just a simple matter of picking the right oxidation for your rig. Our article will help you find the perfect option in our later sections.

How does it work?

The process of how these products work isn’t too hard to understand. RV Oxidation removers can make your rig look brand new by removing oxidation and lifting stains. These products also do an excellent job of killing chalking on gel coats, metal, painted surfaces, and fiberglass.

As a result, your RV will be free of these issues and able to look at its best self. All you have to do is apply the cleaning product onto your motorhome, and these problems will go away quickly. There’s nothing more to it than that.

What are the most trusted RV oxidation remover brands?

Buying from a trusted brand is an essential step during this process. It’s an easy and effective way to avoid buying a cleaning product that doesn’t do its job. The good news is that you’re already familiar with a few trusted brands.

You see, each company named in our product review section has gained a reputation for being reliable. Every one of them has many customers willing to support them and offer nothing but praise for their products.

But even within this group, two brands separate themselves a bit more than the others: Meguiar’s and Mckee’s 37 Marine & RV. Both these companies have continued to provide their customers with great and useful products year after year.

I thought looking into how they’ve become such forces in this market could be valuable info during your search. This info will make sure you know what a top tier remover brand looks like and offers its shoppers.


This brand has been a force in many vehicle related product markets for a long time. Meguiar’s has been able to achieve this longevity through their passion and pride in providing their buyers with the best products possible.

It also doesn’t hurt that giving top tier customer service has always been a point of emphasis for them. Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better remover maker than this brand right here.

Mckee’s 37 Marine & RV

For the last 22 years, Mckee’s 37 Marine and RV has been creating top tier RV surface care products. This longevity can be attributed to their ability always to meet their clients’ needs and wants with their many products.

Their focus on letting customer feedback factor into their product’s designs is a nice element as well. It’s always nice when a brand allows the buyers’ ideas and thoughts factor into their products. McKee’s 37 Marine and RV certainly offers that plus much more.

How to remove oxidation from RV decals?

Taking care of an RV’s vinyl decals is an often overlooked maintenance task. After all, these decals aren’t something that occupies a lot of space in your head. But keeping them in good condition does help ensure your rig’s exterior remains pristine.

My preferred method of keeping decals in good shape only requires a few steps. Following them will remove any oxidation or other similar issues. So let’s not waste any more time and jump into how someone can clean oxidation off RV decals:

  1. Find a non-scratch scrub sponge and get it sufficiently wet.
  2. Remove all dirt and other impurities from the decals by rubbing them. You can change the sponge or clean it when it gets too dirty. Repeat this step until you’ve finished removing all oxidation.
  3. Once complete, let your RV’s decals dry.

If this simplified method doesn’t work, buy some oxidation removal products made for RV decals. You can then follow the directions on its packaging for proper usage.

How do you remove oxidation from fiberglass?

Removing oxidation from fiberglass surfaces can seem like a daunting task. However, it becomes relatively easy when you take the right approach. So here’s a quick guide to help ensure you become an expert at keeping fiberglass surfaces oxidation-free:

Step 1. Your first step will be doing a quick cleaning of the intended surface.

Any extreme cleaning products don’t need to be used during this stage. Instead, some mild soap should be enough to soften the oxidized surface.

Step 2. This fiberglass surface is now ready for the main course of this process. It’s time to use a brush to apply fiberglass oxidation remover onto it.

Please only use as much as the remover’s instructions indicate as too much could cause some surface issues.

Step 3. After applying the remover, you’ll need to buff the area.

I’d recommend using your hand as it provides more control over the process. Avoid setting the buffer on excessively high pressures or speeds, or you’ll stain the RV surface.

Step 4. Proceed to use your hand and buff the area.

Some people decide to use polish at this stage for an additional amount of treatment. I’d only recommend using polish if there’s a great deal of dirt along with the oxidation.

Step 5. Find a high-quality RV wax for oxidation and apply it to the surface.

It’ll help give the fiberglass a little more shine when this process is finished. Plus, it’ll offer a little more protection than only using an RV heavy oxidation remover or polish.

Step 6. Next, I’d recommend finding an extra towel or rag within your bathroom or kitchen.

It should be an unused, clean one to wipe away any residue from the surface after the buffing process.

Step 7. Lastly, it’s essential not to freak out about any streaks left over after the buffering process. Streaks are a natural outcome of using oxidation removers on fiberglass surfaces.

But you can remove these marks rather quickly by scrubbing with some significant effort.

How do you get rid of heavy oxidation?

A rubbing compound will be necessary if you need to remove heavy oxidation from aluminum camper or other RVs. But it’s essential to start using the compound on a small area and working into the paint.

You then repeat the process until every surface is free of oxidation. As you can imagine, the process can be a little tiresome. So it’s vital to prepare and set aside some time to eliminate these heavily oxidized areas effectively.

How to maintain the RV so there won’t be oxidation?

Proper care and maintenance are crucial to preventing an RV from getting oxidation. So it becomes a simple matter of checking out each surface and addressing the issues. You should also wash your RV regularly to delay the oxidation process on the finish and decals as much as possible.

It’s also vital to realize that oxidation is a natural process. In other words, RV owners can only delay rather than completely prevent it. But keeping up with waxing, washing, and cleaning can go a long way in keeping vehicles in tip-top shape.

What is the warranty?

In most cases, these cleaning products won’t come with a warranty. But you never know what you’ll come across dealing with products like these. If a remover does come with one, it’s a nice thing to have and will ensure you don’t buy a faulty product.

Due to this, you should seriously consider getting one with some coverage when it’s possible. But it’s worth noting that you must make sure the company actually honors them as well.

Some brands only advertise having a warranty as a selling point rather than having any aim of honoring them. You can avoid buying from these types of companies by reading buyer reviews, which should have some dialogue about this potential issue.

Where to buy?

Finding a place to buy an oxidation remover won’t be too difficult. The most common website or store people tend to use would be Amazon. Their site offers the largest number of options and features lower prices than you’d find anywhere else.

This combo makes them a hard place to top when looking into sellers of these products. It also doesn’t hurt that Amazon has a large buyer review database. As you know, these resources are vital to ensuring you pick the right option during this process.

But these benefits shouldn’t discourage you from shopping around a little bit. Other online stores like Camping World are worth looking into during your search. This website will offer fair prices and a decent selection to anyone who explores it.

It’s also worth noting that Camping World’s price can dip below Amazon’s when a sale is occurring. This reason alone should be enough to warrant you comparing prices between both these websites.

Of course, Camping World won’t have a large number of buyer reviews to look at, which is a sizeable downfall. However, it’s still worth taking the time and searching for what they have to offer and ensure you don’t pay more than needed.

If you don’t find these two online options appealing, I’d suggest trying your local Wal-Mart or auto store. These two sellers should have a sizable amount of removers to choose from for customers. The face to face customer service is also a nice touch.

Their prices will be much higher than you’d find online, though, which is an annoying issue. This aspect shouldn’t be much of a surprise given how our consumer markets work these days. After all, most people seem much more comfortable shopping online than in actual stores.

Either way, there shouldn’t be much issue finding a seller that meets your shopping needs. It’s just a simple matter of picking the right one and finding your perfect RV oxidation remover.


After reading our article, finding the best oxidation remover for RV shouldn’t be much of a challenge. You’ve now got all the info needed to determine which option fits your rig; it’s just a matter of applying it and picking the right one during your search.

Once you find it, your rig will no longer have issues with stains and other nuisance issues. Your new cleaning product will quickly remove them and return your RV to top shape. It will become a source of pride rather than one of shame.

You just have to use what you’ve learned here and find the right choice. The process really isn’t as tricky as it seems when you have access and know the correct info. Trust our guide, and you’ll soon be benefiting from all the positives that come from owning a great oxidation remover.

But if you do run into a complication or issue, feel free to leave a post in our comment section. We’ll answer them as quickly as possible. After all, we want to help this process go smoothly.

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