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The Best Induction Cooktops for RV of 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Induction cooktops have become a more popular item to buy for rig owners over these last few years. Their quick method of cooking endears itself to living on the road. However, it has often left people wondering what’s the best induction cooktop for RVs on today’s market?

We intend to help you find the answer by offering guidance through this process. In fact, this article will cover a wide variety of relevant topics about these devices to ensure its a useful resource during your search.

As a result, it should provide a clear answer about what induction cooktop fits your needs perfectly. We’ll even offer a few reviews of options other RVers have found to meet their preferences. In other words, discussions about the models that other buyers often consider the best out there.

These discussions should offer a better indication of what makes up a top tier RV induction stove or cooktop. From there, it’s just a simple task of applying what you’ve learned into the search and basing it on your wants regarding features.

Sounds simple enough, right? Let’s get started then and find the perfect induction cooktop for your rig. I promise it won’t be as tricky as you’ve imagined before reading this article.


Best Overall Most Feature Rich Easy To Clean

NutriChef PKSTIND48

Duxtop E200A

True Induction TI-2C

Weight 12.35 Pounds 8.4 pounds 11.20 pounds
Material Cast Iron Stainless Steel/ Glass Panel Cast Iron
Power 120V/ 3600W 120V/ 1600W 120V/ 1800W
Heating Element 2 1 4
Temperature 140° – 460° F 100° – 460°F 150° – 450°F
Controls Touch Touch Touch
Details Details Details

Best RV Induction Cooktop Reviews

This section will contain 11 product reviews capable of giving you an idea of what’s out there and available. It’ll provide a better insight into what separates a great induction cooktop from a lousy one.

1. NutriChef PKSTIND48 Double Induction Cooktop

The NutriChef PKSTIND48 Double Induction Cooktop would be a great addition to anyone’s RVing experience with its impressive set of features. An obvious starting point would be its delightful compact and lightweight construction.

After all, it allows users to move this double induction cooktop from indoors to outdoors without any trouble. This ability provides the product with a much broader purpose than users would see with a built-in RV induction cooktop.

I was also delighted by the product’s overall compatibility. For instance, this double burner model is compatible with cast iron, steel, enameled iron, stainless steel, and much more. Users shouldn’t have trouble finding an induction pot or pan that suits this cooktop perfectly.

This heavy-duty model isn’t a slouch with its efficiency, either. It uses electromagnets to cook food, ensuring heat isn’t lost between its surface and the pot. Due to this, the cooktop becomes a lot more efficient than more traditional options.

The cleaning process was another standout quality provided by this option. It couldn’t have been easier as I quickly swept any stains or crumbs away. Many other customers even reported similar findings in their respective reviews.

I must point out that operating the cooktop is an effortless exercise. NurtiChef was smart enough to allow users to switch from cooking modes by pressing a single button. In fact, I didn’t even have a problem with it, which isn’t an expected outcome with other models.

Parents will be happy with this product’s built-in child safety lock, as well. It ensures kids can’t operate the cooktop by locking all the buttons. I also have to mention that this model is a more affordable choice, especially compared to any Dometic induction cooktop.

However, the exhaust fan is a bit louder than I expected. It’s not a massive deal, but it does make cooking in the rig louder than with my previous 12V RV induction cooktop.

2. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

The Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop is a perfect option to take on your RV trip for a variety of reasons. One of them is this product’s lightweight design. This trait makes handling and storing the cooktop much easier than most other models.

As a result, this aspect makes it an excellent fit for people looking to buy an induction cooktop capable of working on the move. If you’re looking to do a little backyard cooking, this portable model could be a real lifesaver and get the job done.

But this cooktop’s handy design isn’t its only useful feature. I also love this product’s 20 power levels ranging from 100W to 1800W. This number of levels should provide a large amount of control over the cooking process for anyone using it.

You also get 20 various temperature level settings from 100F to 460F to further provide a sense of control. Due to this, you shouldn’t have a single issue finding the perfect cooking conditions to heat up whatever needs cooking.

I found this product’s glass panel design to be another exciting trait. This aspect ensures cleaning the cooktop is a simple and manageable process. It’s just a matter of wiping it down with a damp towel, and all spills should become a non-issue.

The safety features on this model are quite impressive, as well. These include over-heat protection, auto-pan detection, and a voltage warning system. Each of these features will help ensure nothing bad happens with this cooktop’s usage.

It would help if you didn’t sleep on this product’s easy using process, either. For instance, it comes with a built-in LED screen to ensure setting up the right cooking conditions is easy and uncomplicated. This aspect was even easy enough for me to operate, which is a rarity.

But I did find this product a little too small for my distinct needs. I do envision this being a great option for someone looking to boil water or slow simmer some rice, though. However, I’m looking for a product with a little more size and maybe another burner or two.

3. True Induction Double Burner Cooktop

If you’re looking for one of the easiest to use options, look no further than True Induction’s Double Burner Cooktop. This model makes using it a breeze with a great set of simple controls and power-efficient technology.

It’s a combo capable of ensuring a rig owner will be cooking their favorite meals at a speed most other options can’t match. In fact, this model can boil water in less than a minute, which would usually take a few minutes with other RV electric cooktops.

This cooktop doesn’t just excel in its cooking speed, either. It happens to offer very precise cooking with its timer and exact temperature setting. Both these aspects will provide the user with complete control over what occurs when using this device.

I also found this product’s safety features impressive with it, including overheating sensors in its design. These sensors provide the ability to recognize when a pot isn’t or is present. If the cookware isn’t present, the sensors will turn this cooktop off and ensure overheating doesn’t occur.

You have to love this product’s addition of two burners, as well. This aspect will allow the cooking of two dishes at once, which ensures the entire process becomes much more efficient. It’s just makes everything easier when you have a cooktop with more than one burner.

This model happens to be another with a simple and straightforward cleaning process, too. It’s an aspect that you can attribute to its smooth ceramic-glass cooking surface. Keeping this surface clean will only require wiping it with a damp towel from time to time.

The product having a two-year warranty was another nice touch. You see, this policy should provide a bit of coverage and protection against receiving a poor product. It’s also worth noting that this company has a rep for honoring this agreement, which isn’t always the case with other brands.

But I wasn’t in love with this product’s price tag. It didn’t feel worth paying this much and end up being well outside my original budget. In the end, this cooktop isn’t an ideal fit to meet what I’m looking for during this process.

4. Furrion Portable 1500 Watt RV Electric Induction Cooktop

Furrion’s Portable 1500 Watt RV Electric Induction Cooktop has everything a person could be looking for in one of these products. For instance, it comes with a handy control panel that’s equipped with an LED display.

This feature makes managing the cooktop a much easier task than you’d see with other models. I couldn’t believe how simple this product was to operate. It’s also worth noting that this control panel comes with seven touchpads for many purposes: temperature control, heat, power, lock, timer, and power options.

I love this product’s use of smart tech, as well, with its ClimateSmart and VibrationSmart Technology. Both these features ensure this product can work correctly, even in the most extreme climate and road conditions.

As a result, you shouldn’t find yourself in a situation where this product won’t be able to cook your meals. This aspect is something that speaks to its overall versatility, which helps make it a perfect fit inside every RV from campervans to Class A motorhomes.

The product having a warranty of 12 months didn’t hurt its case, either. This policy should provide a bit more comfort in your buying of the device. After all, it’ll ensure you have enough time to decide whether or not this cooktop fits your needs.

Aside from these features, you should also love this product’s design. It’s actually built from some of the highest grade materials found in these types of products. This aspect should promote a high level of durability and keep it working for many years.

One more design aspect worth noticing is the product’s black crystal glass top plate. This feature ensures cleaning the product becomes a simple and easy task. There’s no reason to believe the cooktop will offer any issues within this area.

But I don’t love this device’s price tag or it coming with only one burner. Both these aspects don’t suit my needs and made me feel uneasy about buying it. However, if money’s no object and one burner fits your likings, there’s very little chance you’ll find a better option than this one.

5. Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop

A buyer looking for an option with multiple burners should take a long look at the Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop. This model comes with two burners capable of cooking two different dishes at once.

As you know, this aspect is something I value greatly because I love cooking on the road, and it becomes so much easier with multiple burners available. It also helps that both these burners are controlled through an easy to use LCD display.

This aspect should make the entire process a much more straightforward one for any buyer. I don’t imagine anyone would have trouble using this display correctly. Duxtop did a fantastic job making it as simple as possible.

You should also love this 2 burner induction cooktop for RV because it comes with a child-safe lock system. This aspect will ensure your children don’t receive injuries such as scalding from using it without supervision.

The versatility offered by this product is another crucial element worth discussing. It won’t have any issues heating pots and pans made from iron, cast iron, stainless steel, enameled iron, and magnetic steel. You just have to make sure the pot or pan has a magnetic bottom. If it does, there’s no reason this cooktop shouldn’t work.

The cooktop’s lightweight design isn’t something to overlook, either. This aspect will ensure moving the product around, and using it doesn’t take much effort or time. Due to this, it’s a great option for both cooking inside and outside your rig.

You’ll find this product’s price falls well inside most people’s budgets, too. It’s actually one of the least costly multiple burner models on our entire list. I’d even go as far as calling this option a bargain and could be a steal for the right buyer.

But I did find this product heated up water at a slower pace than other induction cooktops. I think this flaw is something I’m going to be able to live with because of the great features and price. However, it was still a bummer and something to acknowledge when making a final decision about purchasing this option.

6. iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Electric Induction Cooktop

If you’re looking for a cheaper option capable of providing fair results, the iSiLER 1800W Sensor Touch Electric Induction Cooktop would be a great choice. This model actually happens to be one of the cheapest on our entire list.

But this lower price doesn’t stop it from having many great features. One of them is its nine RV induction cooktop power consumption levels, which range from 100W to 1800W. This amount of variation should make it easy to find the perfect cooking conditions for whatever you’re making.

In fact, this product’s capable of simmering, deep-frying, searing, slow cook, grill, much more due to these different power levels. You also get eight preset temperature levels, ranging from 140F to 460F, to ensure finding the right heat level is straightforward.

This model has become known for its easy cleaning routine, as well. I found this aspect to be true because cleaning this device was a simple matter of wiping it with a cloth. It doesn’t get much easier than that with an RV electric stove top.

I love the product’s 3-hour timer, too, because it allows you to do other things while cooking. For instance, a person could make a salad or another side dish while the cooktop does its job. It ensures you don’t have to be watching the food, which is always a nice trait.

As with our earlier models, this cooktop is portable due to its lightweight and compact design. This aspect makes everything easier, including the install and using processes. Honestly, having a cooktop with a lightweight construction is such a necessary and handy thing.

You also get a little bit more choice with this option than some other models. It comes in two different colors, silver and black, to ensure a buyer can find the perfect variation for their RV. It’s worth mentioning the silver option does cost more, but the price is still much less than other cooktops.

However, I was a little disappointed by how noisy this product was compared to past options I’ve used. It can be quite a nuisance and something anyone looking to buy this option should take into account before making a final decision.

7. Deik 1800W RV Sensor Touch Induction Cooker

The Deik 1800W RV Sensor Touch Induction Cooker is another option with a low price capable of offering great results. Any bargain buyers reading our article should put their full focus on this product’s many great aspects and features.

Its design featuring a low-frequency fan is a good example of one. This fan will help reduce the noise caused by the device to ensure it doesn’t become annoying inside your rig. You might be surprised to learn that noise level often is a problem with an electric stove for campers.

This fan also allows for quick cooling of the device after it cooks your food. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about getting a severe burn later on when touching the cooktop. It’s a helpful safety measure to ensure no injuries occur from using this device.

It includes other safety features, as well. These features include automatic shut-off, a voltage warning system, overheat protection, and a diagnostic error message system. In other words, Diek made sure everything with this product was made with keeping the user’s safety in mind.

As for its performance, this model offers the ability to simmer, boil, saute, sear, steam, grill, and slow cook with ease. This amount of versatility comes from its many power levels and temperature settings. It makes finding the right cooking setting easy.

Its digital control panel and LCD display ensure using the cooktop doesn’t require much effort or thought. You’ll instead be able to keep track of everything with a simple glance at these displays. As a result, the cooking process becomes a breeze.

This type of feature is a dream for me because I’m not a Masterchef by any means. But features like this one make me capable of making edible food, which is a borderline miracle. If I find using this device easy, I’m betting you will have no problem.

But I did have some shipping issues when buying this device. It came much later than I imagined, and the client service was somewhat unhelpful. These issues aren’t what someone should expect from a top tier brand like Deik.

8. Inducto Dual Induction Cooktop

Inducto’s Dual Induction Cooktop is a two-burner option with many traits capable of making life on the road much easier. It has two cooking surfaces, each offering independent control over the process with eight power settings and seven cooking modes.

These two cooking surfaces will ensure making two dishes at once is a breeze given their respective modes and settings. I don’t envision a situation where this cooktop couldn’t provide everything you might want from these devices.

It’s also worth mentioning that this product can work with many types of cookware. These types include cookware made from iron, steel, or featuring a magnetic bottom. In any of these cases, this cooktop should offer top tier results.

You won’t have to worry about any safety issues arising from its use, either. It comes with an auto shut-off feature capable of determining when there’s a pot or pan on it. Therefore, the surface will cool down to a safer level right after you remove the cookware.

I should mention that this model uses 90% less energy than a traditional electric stove for travel trailers, as well. This aspect is a godsend for RV owners. Any feature able to save you even a little bit of energy should be looked at as a winning trait.

The product’s warranty for one year was another appealing aspect. It’s an essential feature because it can save you from being stuck with an inferior or less-than-stellar device. There’s nothing worse than spending money on something that doesn’t work. The policy will protect you from this awful situation from happening.

Aside from these features, you get a lot of the same aspects we’ve talked about in prior reviews. It comes with a large glass surface for easy cleaning, compact design, and much more.

But where this model falters a bit is with its noise level. It’s another option whose use can create a rather obnoxious and loud noise, which might be a deal breaker for some users. It’s just something to think about before placing it in your buying cart.

9. Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop might be one of the best options for anyone looking to do some cooking outside their RV. This product is extremely portable with its lightweight design, which makes it perfect for handling and storing it.

As a result, a person shouldn’t have any issues using this portable cooktop for a barbecue or outside grilling purposes. But don’t think that this product isn’t a good choice for cooking inside a rig; it has several features perfect for suiting this role, as well.

One of these features is the product’s 20 preset power and temperature levels. These levels make everything simple and offer a sense of unmatched control. Finding the perfect combo isn’t much of a challenge with this many choices at your fingertips.

The product’s touch control panel will also help in this regard. You can control the entire process just by using your finger, which shows the handiness of this model. It even has a child safety lock to ensure the settings lock when they’re set and prevent any mishaps from happening.

I found this product’s built-in digital timer to be another appealing aspect. It’s capable of being set for up to 10 hours and makes sure you can easily keep track of the cooking process. As with earlier options, you don’t have to be near the cooktop when cooking because of this handy timer.

You can also have faith in this product due to its warranty of two years. After all, no brand or company is going to offer a policy of multiple years without having complete trust in its working properly. It just doesn’t make sense financially or logically.

Duxtop was kind enough to offer two color options, as well. This aspect lets the user pick from silver or black based on their likings. I always find these types of choices as a nice touch because it helps ensure you’ll end up happy with your final decision.

But this model is a little costly for a single burner option. I don’t think it’s a great fit for what I’m looking for and willing to spend on these products.

10. Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

People looking for a double burner option with a reasonable price should seriously consider getting the Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop. In fact, the product features a price tag lower than some single burner options on our list.

You might expect the product’s overall quality to suffer, given this low cost. But Cuisinart did a great job, including everything one might want in an induction cooktop. For instance, this model uses 70% less energy than a standard electric RV stove.

This percentage might not be as high as 90% we saw with other models, but it’ll still do a whole lot of good for a rig owner. You should also love this product having eight heat settings for the left burner and five for the right. It’s the perfect situation for cooking your main and side dishes side by side.

I found this product’s bright LED displays very helpful during the cooking process. You see, I don’t have the best eyesight, which means any feature capable of making vital info easier to read is crucial. These displays certainly help in this regard.

Another crucial aspect is the cooktop’s ability to shut-off automatically 30 seconds after the removal of a pot or pan. I tend to be very forgetful from time to time. This cooktop would save me from having to worry about whether I turned it off or not.

The cooktop’s warranty of five years also had a huge hand in calming down any of my potential worries. Cuisinart having a rep for honoring this policy, doesn’t hurt their case, either. Given all these features, it’s quite clear that this cooktop could be a great option in the right situation.

But this model was a bit harder to clean than I imagined. I had a lot of trouble keeping residue from getting trapped in the buttons’ cervices. It was kind of a nightmare and could be an annoying nuisance that could affect your overall happiness with the product. It certainly did for me.

11. Furrion FIH2ZEA-BG RV Electric Induction Cooktop

Our last product happens to be another one from Furrion. This model, Furrion’s FIH2ZEA-BG RV Electric Induction Cooktop, picks up right where their the last one left off. It only furthers proves this brand is outstanding and trustworthy with its own set of top tier features.

An excellent example of one is this product having a separate control panel for both burners. Each control panel comes with 12 touchpads to control over factors such as the timer, temp level, heat settings, and much more. It’s a convenient addition and should make your life much easier.

The safety features offered by this model are second to none, as well. It comes with a hot surface indicator, auto shut-off function, and a child lock feature. Each of these safety measures has proven to be quite useful again and again.

I should also note that this product uses advanced tech like the previous Furrion cooktop. This tech resulted in the product having ClimateSmart and VibrationSmart technology. Both these features will help the cooktop work better in bumpy road conditions and extreme climate situations.

This product is another one with an easy cleaning process. Like some of our previous models, this device’s glass top plate makes sure a simple wipe down with a paper towel or cloth should deal with spills or residue with ease.

I was also shocked by this product’s overall durability. This model is made from the highest grade materials found in these devices. Honestly, I doubt there’s any way this cooktop fails to last at least two or three years beyond its one-year warranty.

But there’s one sizeable downside with this great product, the price tag. This model is easily the most costly on our entire list. It’s not even close, and I don’t think spending this amount of money on a cooktop would be a smart move for me.

However, people looking for the best option and don’t have to worry about cost should pick this model in a heartbeat. You aren’t going to find a more equipped induction cooktop for RVing than this one from Furrion.

Induction Cooktops for RV Buyer’s Guide

rv induction cooktop

Your final choice should be based on a variety of different factors. Knowing these factors will go a long way in determining what option is right for you. This section will help with this process by discussing each of these pivotal elements at length.

Portable or Built-in

If you’re looking to buy an induction cooktop, choosing among whether a portable or built-in model fits your needs is a crucial step. A person who wants an option capable of being their primary cooking surface should explore getting a built-in induction for RVs.

But people looking for an extra burner or a model capable of cooking outside the RV kitchen would be better suited to buy a portable option. It’s making decisions like this one that’ll have a massive impact on how your buying experience ends.

Number of Burners

Induction cooktops come in many different designs. One of the most varied aspects is the number of burners each model contains. You’ll have to decide whether a model with one burner or multiple burners is more your speed.

For instance, buyers who value cooking space might consider getting a single burner model. This action would provide a bit more room to operate when cooking. On the other hand, buyers looking to cook multiple dishes at once would be more comfortable with multiple-burner units. You’ll need to decide what end of the spectrum would benefit your RV kitchen the best.

Heat Settings

The first thing to know is that any RV induction cooktop can get some water boiling. But some models do it more efficiently than others. These options offer more power, which will ensure the water boils faster, and other tasks are capable of being done at a quicker rate.

But RV owners looking to buy a portable burner or only want a cooktop capable of slow simmering might be more suited going with a lower-powered unit. It’s another decision that’ll end up making a tremendous impact on your choice.

As a result, please research each model’s heat settings before making a final decision. It’s the only way to ensure you’re buying an induction cooktop capable of meeting your specific heating needs.

Auto Switch-off

Induction cooktops are made for the simple purpose of heating the pan rather than cooktop’s surface itself. Therefore, there’s nothing to heat up when a person removes the pan from the surface.

This situation makes it ideal for a portable induction cooktop to have an automatic shut off feature. It’s a key feature because it will turn off the cooktop the moment it detects the pan was removed. Due to this, no energy will be wasted, and the cooktop won’t overheat.

Timer Setting

The top tier RV induction cooktops will have a timer setting to ensure a person can leave food cooking without having to be present. As you can imagine, this feature makes the cooking process much more convenient and ideal for the person using it.

It also will provide the opportunity to do other things while the cooktop cooks your favorite meals. For instance, you could prepare other dishes such as a salad or start slicing vegetables while the cooktop does its thing.

An automatic timer setting doesn’t just help make the cooking process more productive, either. It will make it more precise, as well, by ensuring your food comes out right when it’s done. In other words, it removes the guesswork and makes the entire process more manageable.

Cleaning Process

Cooking with an induction cooktop isn’t too difficult, but cleaning one isn’t always a picnic. You’re going to want a model capable of making the cleaning process easy. We suggest looking to buy options with designs featuring a limited amount of crevices and grooves.

This action will make sure certain substances like grease don’t end up getting into hard to reach places. If you get a model with this design feature, the cleaning process shouldn’t ever be a hassle. You should instead have no issues returning the cooktop to its original glory.

RV Induction Cooktop FAQs

Even after reading our previous sections, some questions are probably still swimming around in your mind. This section will try to answer any remaining concerns by covering topics that weren’t discussed in those earlier discussions.

Who this is for?

An RV induction cooktop is a cooktop that doesn’t rely on heat from a flame to cook your favorite meals. These devices will instead take a different and safer approach of using a magnetic field to get the job done. This approach makes them an ideal fit for smaller spaces, such as an RV.

After all, if the fire from the stove escapes inside a small area like your rig, the consequences could become tragic quickly. This makes using a flame-less induction cooktop a much more safe and convenient choice for RV owners.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an induction cooktop for RVs

As with every product, induction cooktops offer buyers advantages and disadvantages. We’ll discuss both below to ensure you know whether getting one is the right move. It’ll ensure you don’t regret whatever decision is made at the end of this process.


Induction cooktops come with a long list of benefits. But one of the most imperative is their use of something called magnetic induction, which will heat pots directly. This process will ensure all the heat gets retained inside the pan and doesn’t become lost to the surrounding air.

As a result, this process will heat the pot much more quickly than other cooktops. It’s actually been proven that induction cooking is capable of boiling water in a minute or two. Most traditional stovetops usually take as long as four or five minutes.

This quick boiling process also means that it cooks your food using less energy than other stovetops. Given this info, it’s logical to say induction cooktops offer a rig owner the most efficient way of cooking possible in an RV.

We should mention that this cooking process makes cleaning pots and pans much easier, as well. You see, the heat gets directly transferred into your cooking equipment, which means messes don’t get dried up or baked into your cookware.

This benefit is only furthered proven when thinking about an induction cooktop’s design. These devices are smooth and flat, which makes it easier to wipe down when dirty. It becomes a hassle-free task that most other cooktops would have a hard time matching.

Another beneficial aspect is their ability to stop excess heat from affecting your rig’s overall temperature. This benefit comes from an induction cooktop not using a flame during the cooking process, which can be an annoying nuisance with other stovetops.

The lack of excess heat will stop your electricity bills from increasing in summer, too, by preventing your air conditioner from working overtime. In other words, there’s no added heat to make the temperature inside your rig increase.

If these benefits weren’t enough to convince you, these induction cooktops happen to be much safer, as well. These devices will bring a whole new level of safety to your rig by being able to monitor the amount of power being used.

Other safety features like automatic shut off go a long way in ensuring no mishaps happen when using these cooktops. Due to these features, you’ll never find yourself worrying about whether you left the stove on ever again.


It might seem like induction cooktops are the perfect product based on our previous section. But these devices have some flaws worth knowing about, too, which could make them a bad buy for certain rig owners.

One of these flaws is that their use of magnetic fields. This feature makes them a dangerous device for people with cardiac pacemakers or other electronic medical equipment. Due to this, we suggest buyers check with their doctors before buying one of these cooktops. It’s always a good idea to prioritize your safety over a product’s overall convenience.

We should also note that these devices have a habit of messing with nearby radio receivers. This flaw makes them a less than ideal option for people looking to camping far away from civilization. It could make it challenging to alert someone when a problem occurs.

How to use?

Using an RV induction cooktop isn’t a complicated process. The following five steps should ensure you never have an issue using these wonderful devices. In fact, you should be cooking all your favorite meals in no time.

Step 1

The first step is rather straightforward. You must get the right type of cookware to go with your new cooktop. In this case, induction cooktops require pots and pans with some iron material in their bottom design. This material is a pivotal piece of the cooking process.

You see, the energy will get passed through your induction cooktop into the iron, which will then heat up your pot or pan.

Step 2

If you don’t want to buy new pans, test out your old ones for iron. The process is simple and doesn’t require much effort. All you need to do is place a magnet on the pan’s bottom. If there’s enough iron, it will stick and will work on an induction cooktop. But if the magnet doesn’t stick, you’ll have to bite the bullet and buy new pots and pans.

Step 3

Once you got the right cookware, it’s time to turn it on. Each induction cooktop will have its own set of directions to get this process done. This situation means checking the owner’s manual is a necessary step when using these devices. But in most cases, you’ll either turn a knob or push a power button to get things started.

Step 4

You should then put your pot or pan onto the induction cooktop. The cooktop should then sense the iron content within your cookware and start heating it up immediately.

Step 5

Make sure to time your food correctly. It’s also essential to remember these cooktops are more efficient, which means they’ll cook your food faster. Therefore, it’s important to adjust your cooking process based on this reality.

For instance, cooking soup on a standard cooktop might take five minutes. But with an induction model, your soup will likely be done in three or four minutes.

How many amps does an RV induction cooktop use?

RV owners are often surprised by the number of amps used by a camper induction cooktop. The specific amount will depend directly on your model. However, most two-burner models will require 15 amps to run effectively.

Can you run an induction cooktop on a Jackery?

The most popular variation, the Jackery 1000, would have trouble running an induction cooktop. It would even have issues running a portable induction cooktop or low wattage induction cooktop as they can use between 1,200 and 1,800 watts.

After all, the Jackery 1000 can only handle 1,000 watts. So these units are a little out of their league.

Does induction consume more electricity?

Induction doesn’t consume more electricity than other heating methods. In fact, an induction cooktop will be much more efficient than both an electric cooktop for RV and gas models. As a result, it makes induction a perfect fit for RVers looking to conserve their electricity.

How long do RV induction stoves last?

It’ll depend on the product’s overall durability and construction quality. But most high-quality induction stoves will last up to 2,500 hours of usage without issue. Of course, users can extend this lifespan by staying on top of any maintenance or other problematic issues.

What is the warranty?

The warranties on induction cooktops will differ from product to product. It’ll depend on what manufacturer you buy from and how they handle it. In some cases, you might see models with 1-year, 2-year, or 5-year warranties. Others might not have any at all.

We suggest making sure your chosen RV induction cooktop has one, though. It’s always a good idea to have some protection against receiving a faulty product. Honestly, it’s a little fishy when one of these doesn’t come with one.

You also must make sure the manufacturer actually honors their policy. Some companies will use these warranties as a marketing ploy to entice more customers. An excellent way to avoid them is by sticking with trusted brands like the ones mentioned in our product review section.

Any care and maintenance tips?

As we mentioned earlier, induction cooktops usually feature a smooth surface. This surface has a bad habit of becoming easily scratched. But certain steps exist to help prevent these surfaces from getting scratched up and damaged:

  • Do your best to avoid moving the pan back and forth over the cooktop’s burner. You should instead lift the pan from the surface and move it without touching the surface.
  • Try only to use pots and pans equipped with a smooth bottom when using these types of cooktops. Using a pot or pan with a rough surface could increase the chances of scratches becoming an issue.
  • Make sure never to delay any cleaning up of spills or other issues on these surfaces. The longer these substances are left lingering, the higher chances residue will be left behind and stick.
  • Avoid letting aluminum foil come in contact with the cooktop whenever possible.

If you adhere to these steps, there’s no reason to believe your induction cooktop won’t stay in great shape. You’ll instead have something capable of looking great and working well for years to come.


Our article should’ve given you an idea of what makes up the best induction cooktop for RV. The next step is applying this new knowledge into your search. Once you do, the right choice should become extremely clear.

You can then enjoy the benefits that come with owning a top tier RV induction cooktop. Cooking on the road will no longer be such a hassle. You’ll instead have this excellent product to make sure your favorite meals are cooked to perfection.

But this guide might not provide an answer to every question that could come up during your search. If you do come across a concern or issue not covered here, please let us know in our comment section. We’d love to help this process in any way possible. After all, it’s the entire reason we wrote this article in the first place.

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