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The Best Fire Extinguishers for RV of 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best fire extinguisher for RVs isn’t a task that’s supposed to be tricky. But it has become difficult over the last couple of years due to a large number of options entering the market. As you might imagine, this has caused some customers to become confused and frustrated.

We thought a buying guide about this process could alleviate some of the confusion. It’ll ensure you know exactly what to look for when choosing one of these devices. We’ll supply this info by covering all the crucial topics about fire extinguishers.

Best Fire Extinguishers For RVs

This article will even provide eight reviews of models considered the best available. We just want to ensure this process becomes a smooth and manageable one. There’s no reason picking something needed to keep your RV safe should be so tricky.

We instead want to ensure you feel comfortable using your chosen fire extinguisher when it’s needed in those dangerous situations. Our article will provide that sense of comfort by making sure this process ends with the proper choice.

In other words, we’ll ensure your new fire extinguisher is capable of meeting your expectations without one single issue. So, let’s get this task started and get you closer to making a great final choice.


Best Overall Most Durable Light Weight
Preview First Alert ‎FE1A10GR195

First Alert 1039890

Kidde FA110

Weight ‎4.5 pounds ‎4.1 pounds ‎2.5 pounds
Size 1-A, 10-B:C 5-B:C 1-A, 10-B:C
Material Metal Durable Metal Metal
Protection Wood, Paper, Plastics, Gasoline, Electrical Fires Flammable-liquid, Electrical Fires Most Household Fires
Details Details Details

9 Most Trusted Fire Extinguisher for RV Reviews

Our product review section will provide exactly what you expect, reviews. These reviews will offer a great deal of info before we dive into the more involved topics in later sections. As a result, they’ll be a starting point for this entire process.

1. First Alert 1038789 Standard Home Fire Extinguisher

The second fire extinguisher on our list also comes from Fire Alert. This model separates itself from the pack, with it being a multi-purpose option. You see, this device is capable of putting out paper, trash, wood, plastics, gasoline, electrical, and oil fires.

This ability comes from its incredible monoammonium phosphate smothering agent, which has been useful for many customers. You also have to love this product’s all-metal design that even includes both the trigger and metal valve.

Its metal design will help ensure greater longevity than other models available for purchase. Many customers were shocked by its durability in their reviews based on their experiences with these devices in rigs.

As our earlier model from First Alert, this product has a metal pull pin with a safety seal. This feature will prevent accidental discharge, which can cause some severe issues and clean up problems. It’s not a situation any rig owner wants to deal with during their trips.

You’ll also love that this model is capable of being recharged by professionals after use. This aspect will help ensure you can use it for a few years without any problems. It’s a convenient touch that’ll further make sure you end up happy with your purchase.

This model has been approved for marine usage, as well. It’s capable of functioning well in this setting due to the included mounting bracket. Therefore, a person who owns both a boat and an RV might find it in their best interest to get two.

You could easily fit into your budget due to this product’s fairly affordable price. After all, this model isn’t the least costly option on our list, but it certainly isn’t the most expensive either. Buying two of them wouldn’t create a massive hole in your bank account.

But some people did have a few complaints about the product’s mounting bracket. In these cases, they felt it was a bit flimsy and didn’t fit their needs. You wouldn’t expect an issue like this one from top tier brands like Fire Alert. It certainly isn’t in their nature, and I was a little disappointed to read about these problems.

2. First Alert REC5 Fire Extinguisher

Our first product is the First Alert REC5 Fire Extinguisher, which happens to be a good option for a rig owner. It has many features that would lend itself useful inside your RV. One of these features would be its design.

You see, this fire extinguisher has a durable metal heal that’ll ensure the model’s usable for years to come. You’re going to have a hard time finding another option capable of offering this level of stability.

The corrosion-resistant metal gauge will help in this area, as well. There’s no reason to believe this device will break down from issues like rust or corrosion with features like these. This model is instead ready to help stop fires inside your RV for many years.

I also love this model’s metal pull pin with its safety seal. This aspect will help ensure the device doesn’t have any issues with accidental discharge or tampering. It’s a feature that received more than a few compliments within the buyer reviews.

It seems inferior models had some real issues with accidental discharges that this option prevents with ease. You have to love this product coming with both a bracket and strap included for an easy install process, too, which will help keep it secure during travel.

As for its performance ability, the buyer reviews were very clear about how great this model was at stopping both electrical and flammable liquid fires. You can attribute these results to this option using a sodium bicarbonate agent, which has proven to be very useful.

This product’s 10-year warranty is another aspect any buyer has to love. It’s a feature that’ll provide a large amount of coverage and protection against receiving a faulty model. First Alert seems to honor this agreement as well, which can be an issue with other brands.

But I wasn’t too pleased seeing people reporting packaging and shipping issues in the buyer reviews. It seems a few customers ended up getting the wrong model sent to them. This isn’t acceptable, but thankfully, you can quickly return it without issue. It was also only an issue for a small number of customers rather than vast majority.

3. Kidde FA110G Multi Purpose RV Fire Extinguisher

Kidde’s FA110G Multi-Purpose RV Fire Extinguisher is one of the more versatile options on this list. It earns this praise with its ability to handle various fires, including Class A, B., and C. So it should have no issue keeping RVers safe onboard their rigs.

For instance, it worked perfectly for me as a fire extinguisher for electrical fire. I had a slight mishap with an outlet onboard my camper, which caused a small fire. This fire extinguisher helped me put out the fire quickly and avoid any further disaster.

The easy-using process certainly helped during this debacle, as well. The item’s easy-to-pull safety pin caused me no issue, even when I was in full panic mode. But again, I’m happy to report all damage to my camper was contained and lacked long-lasting effects.

Buyers will also love this product’s easy-to-read pressure gauge. After all, this attribute makes checking whether it’s charged and still usable, or I should find a new one. It makes those monthly inspections much less time-consuming than other top-rated fire extinguishers.

Meanwhile, the product’s overall construction is undoubtedly impressive. This fire extinguisher brand ensures that only high-quality metal materials are used to construct each component. In doing so, it created a reliable and lightweight device that couldn’t be more user-friendly.

One last notable benefit is this device’s 6-year limited warranty. As a result, buyers will have some protection against any malfunctions or other issues. It makes this product much more convenient than I often encounter with a fire extinguisher for truck or camper usage.

But this model isn’t perfect, considering it isn’t rechargeable. So buyers will need to replace this disposable model whenever they use it, which can be a little inconvenient. However, it certainly seems worth dealing with, given its excellent results and its drastically lower price than its rechargeable counterpart.

4. First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray

If you’re looking for a top-tier trailer fire extinguisher, First Alert’s Tundra Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray should be among your first choices. This device is a unique option because it discharges its smothering agent four times longer than a standard option.

Due to this, it provides 32 seconds of firefighting time rather than the usual eight seconds. You can imagine how much of a difference this long period makes toward stopping fires from spreading. Trust me; it makes a big difference.

You should also love how light this option is compared to the usual fire extinguishers. This aspect comes from its aerosol can design, which makes it easy to use, carry, and hold. You shouldn’t have any issues moving it from place to place.

This design makes it rather versatile, too, with it being able to work well inside an RV, dorm, kitchen, garage, or even a boat. In each of these situations, this product has proven more than capable of dealing with electrical, wood, grease, fabric, and paper fires.

I found the smothering agent used in this product to be another appealing feature. You see, this model uses a biodegradable formula for its agent, which means its use won’t do any damage to our planet. It also means you won’t have to pay a clean-up bill after its use.

You should love that it comes as a 2-pack rather than a single option, as well. This deal ensures you can cover two areas inside your rig through buying this package deal. Plus, the price doesn’t increase too much and competes rather well with our other models.

As a result, it’s not a stretch to call this option a bargain buy. It should be a strong contender for anyone looking to buy more than one fire extinguisher. But it doesn’t offer a whole lot of protection against big fires, which could be a rather large issue.

This issue should convey that these fire extinguishers shouldn’t be the main option on your rig. These should be put in secondary areas such as your bedroom or kitchen rather than near your main exit.

5. Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

The last product on our list is Amerex’s Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher. This device would be a perfect option for people looking to buy a model capable of stopping class A, B, or C fires. In other words, an excellent choice for a rig owner.

A rig owner would also love its metal valve construction that’ll help keep this product from suffering from rust or corrosion issues. These two problems tend to cause significant damage to these devices when left unchecked.

You should find this product’s 10 second discharge time as another appealing feature. This amount of time should be more than enough to stop any fire from spreading throughout your rig. It’s an aspect people found more than useful in the buyer reviews.

The install process for this product is considered quite easy, as well. You can attribute this aspect to the inclusion of the vehicle bracket and simple direction. I don’t think even a person like me would have much trouble setting this product up in my rig.

If you think it might cause a bit of trouble, there’s the option of an expert install for an additional fee. It increases the price quite a bit, but there’s nothing better than having the comfort of having done by a professional. It’ll make sure nothing unsafe or dangerous happens with the device.

Most people also found this product’s lightweight design appealing. This feature would further ensure the install process goes off without a hassle. It’ll make sure using this device is much easier than some other models that exist on today’s market.

As for complaints, this product’s price is a little higher than I’d like. But it does offer a bit more versatility than other models and fights against more types of fires. You’ll have to weigh whether its multi-purpose trait is worth the extra cost.

There’s nothing else about this product that sticks out as a flaw. It’s a device capable of doing exactly what its product description details. You’d be surprised how rare this outcome is in today’s consumer market. It’s easily one of the more dependable options out there.

6. H3R Performance HG100C Fire Extinguisher

H3R Performance’s HG100C Fire Extinguisher is a perfect option for anyone looking to buy the top-tier model. This product has everything a rig owner could want in one of these devices. One of these great aspects would be its lightweight and compact design.

This feature will ensure nobody has any issues using the product when a fire occurs. I don’t think even a child would have a problem picking this model up and putting out a fire. I wouldn’t recommend this event happening, but it could be done when necessary.

You should also love that this comes with a steel strap and RV fire extinguisher holder. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about this product flying around inside your rig during travel. These two aspects will ensure it stays secure and right where it belongs.

I found its six to eight feet discharge range rather compelling, as well. This amount of range should provide enough safe distance to ensure nothing happens to you when firefighting. Plus, it makes reaching hard to reach fires much easier than with other models.

You shouldn’t sleep on this product being made from an American manufacturer, either. This aspect ensures the product has gone through a large number of tests before being sold. Products made from other countries aren’t always held to the same standard.

As for its firefighting skills, this product has received nothing but praise. It was a common event for it to receive many compliments for its ability in this area. I’m fully confident in it being able to fight against either A, B, or C without any trouble or struggle.

But I do have two large issues with this great product. The first problem is its price tag happens to be much larger than most models on today’s market. It’s actually the most costly on our entire list and way outside my budget.

This aspect wouldn’t matter as much, but the second problem only makes it a bigger deal. You see, this product can’t be returned. It can only be replaced, which is a little frustrating to see in such a pricey product.

7. Mini Firefighter All Purpose Fire Extinguisher

Our next product happens to be one of the most versatile available for purchase. The Mini Firefighter All Purpose Fire Extinguisher gains this status by being able to fight against four different types of fires (class A, B, C, D).

This includes fighting against fires made from wood, gasoline, electrical, oils, and fats. Given this aspect, I think it’d be fair to say the Mini Firefighter All Purpose Fire Extinguisher would be a useful option for an RV owner.

The product happens to have a small design, which makes it a perfect fit for under your RV’s kitchen or storage compartments. As a result, there’s no install process that requires any time or thought. You instead can just pick it up and spray it whenever it’s needed.

Its lack of install process means that it doesn’t have to be just a fire extinguisher for your RV. You can use it in many different vehicles as this option is very portable. It has shown to be useful in cars, RVs, motorhomes, campers, trucks, boats, or even at your usual home.

You should also find this product’s smothering agent appealing. This agent happens to be a non-toxic, biodegradable material that isn’t hard to clean. Honestly, there’s nothing more you could ask for from the material being used inside a fire extinguisher.

This product’s small size might worry a few customers, but its unique foam formula will expand to 40x its size. It’s capable of stopping a small size fire without using much of the material inside the device.

You’ll be happy to know that this product’s price is more than fair, as well. In fact, I couldn’t imagine a budget this model wouldn’t fit into considering what you’re getting for such a low price. It’s easily another option for any bargain buyers to seriously consider.

But some people did have issues with the odor provided by the smothering agent. It seems this smell was hard to get rid of after usage, which could be a hassle for anyone with a sensitive nose. Therefore, this product won’t be my first choice.

8. Fire Gone 2NBFG2704 Fire Suppressant Canisters 

Our first non-First Alert product is Fire Gone’s 2NBFG2704 Fire Suppressant Canisters, which features one of the more user-friendly using processes. This aspect comes from its can and spray nozzle design that allows you to fight against fires quickly.

The smothering agent inside these canisters is another obvious highlight. This agent is biodegradable and makes them safe to use. It ensures they’re easy to clean up and saves you from paying a hefty clean bill after using them, as well.

You should also find their versatility appealing, considering they’re capable of fighting against class A, B, and C fires. This includes coverage against fires from usual combustible materials, flammable gasses and liquids, and live electrical equipment.

We should mention that this product comes in a 2-pack like our prior model, as well. Therefore, any bargain buyers should be very excited by the idea of buying this option. It also features a more than fair price and rivals what you’d pay for one of some choices on this list.

You shouldn’t sleep on this product’s weight, either. Its light design makes it much easier to install, use, and carry than other options. If you’re anything like me and struggle with install tasks, an aspect such as this one should be intriguing.

Honestly, anyone looking for a simple camping fire extinguisher should take the time and seriously consider this option. You’re not going to find a much more convenient fire suppression option than these canisters.

People were even praising the packaging of this option, which isn’t an aspect people tend to endorse in buyer reviews. It was actually a common event when I was reading these resources and was a nice surprise.

But I didn’t love that this option doesn’t seem to come with any type of warranty. It’s always a good idea to get some kind of coverage when buying a product like an RV fire suppression system.

The good news is that there happen to be many buyer reviews praising its quality, which made it impossible not to include on our list. As a result, I still think choosing this option would be well worth the risk.

9. First Alert FIAFESA5 Fire Extinguisher 

First Alert’s FIAFESA5 Fire Extinguisher features one of the easiest install processes among these devices. You can attribute this great feature to its inclusion of a solid mounting bracket and easy to read directions right on its label.

It doesn’t hurt that First Alert offers an expert install add-on for an additional fee. This aspect could help a person like me who’s god awful at doing tasks like these. But honestly, I don’t think even I’d have issues setting up this product inside my RV.

In fact, the install process was one that many people felt the need to praise in their buyer reviews. It was a little shocking when I didn’t come across one with a mention of its excellence in this area.

We should also note that the mounting bracket will be useful in keeping the device secure. As a result, a person won’t have to worry about this camper fire extinguisher flying around their rig when driving. This situation could lead to some serious damage to both passengers and your RV’s interior.

The product’s easy to read pressure gauge is another feature any rig owner should love. This aspect will ensure the product’s much more user-friendly than other models on today’s market. It’ll make sure you never have any surprises when going to use the device, either.

In other words, you’ll always know whether the product’s low on pressure. First Alert was kind enough to offer a 5-year warranty with purchase, as well. This feature will provide enough coverage to ensure you know whether the product meets your needs.

If it doesn’t, you can simply return it and get it replaced or your money back. Of course, this model happens to be effective at its job, too, which is the most important quality. This product won’t have any trouble being effective against either flammable liquid fires or electrical equipment fires.

But there were a few complaints about this product’s packaging in the buyer reviews. In these cases, the product was a little beat up and had issues with the First Alert fire extinguisher’s expiration date. It’s a bad look for this company and should be thought about by any potential buyer before making a final decision.

RV Fire Extinguisher Buyer’s Guide


You’ll need a great deal of background info about fire extinguishers to choose the perfect one. This section will help you gain it by covering all the ins and outs of these useful devices. It’ll serve as the backbone of your entire search.

Things to consider when buying a fire extinguisher for RVs

Choosing the right fire extinguisher for your RV will come down to many factors. This section will discuss each of them in great detail to ensure you pick the perfect one. It’ll end up being a valuable tool during your search.


Like we stated above, at least one fire extinguisher onboard your RV should have a rating of B:C and be placed at the main exit. These models should be useful on most fires that might happen in and outside your RV.

You should also think about getting a few extra fire extinguishers to place around your RV. After all, you never know where a fire might happen onboard your rig. Each of these models should be able to handle fire types of B, and C without issue like a B:C model could.

We suggest having one A:B:C fire extinguisher onboard, as well. This action would ensure you have additional coverage against type A fires and further secure your RV’s safety.


You’re going to want a model with a high level of durability. We suggest looking to buy an option with an all-metal construction. These extinguishers will ensure you can use it for years to come.

We also recommend reading through the buyer reviews to see how each model performs in this area. These resources should have long discussions about how well every product held up when dealing with rust or corrosion.

After all, there’s nothing that makes a person angrier than a product lasting a short period than expected. You should avoid becoming the people writing these reviews by using their negative experiences to your advantage.

Weight and Capacity

As you might expect, certain RVs will work better with fire extinguishers that have a different size and weight. A good example would be someone with a smaller rig like a Class B RV should look into getting one that’s 2.5 pounds.

This quality will ensure it fits inside your rig without issue. But someone with a large rig like a Class A RV would be wise to get a few models that are 5 pounds or higher. You might even invest in some smaller ones, as well.


If you intend to get a new RV fire extinguisher, please don’t forget to take into account your fire extinguisher’s mounting. Making sure your fire extinguisher happens to be well mounted is a must for any rig owner.

It’s the only way to avoid having your fire extinguisher rolling around your RV. This situation won’t be ideal as it would put the model at risk of losing its efficacy. Plus, this device being loose can become a dangerous projectile capable of doing some severe damage to your RV’s interior.

If your RV fire extinguisher is mounted correctly, it should be visible, unobstructed, and easy to use. You’ll need to think about where you want to place your fire extinguishers before buying them. A person who’s remodeling their rig should put their location into the blueprints from the beginning.


The cost of fire extinguishers will vary from model to model. This issue means having a budget becomes a must during the buying process. Your budget should account for every feature your perfect model will need.

For instance, a person who wants a model with multiple ratings should expect an increase in price. Your budget should reflect the increased cost to ensure it remains a useful tool. Otherwise, there’s no point in having one during this process.

If your budget stays realistic, it will then ensure this entire process becomes more manageable. It’ll lessen the number of choices to an amount that doesn’t seem overwhelming. You’ll soon find any feelings of stress or frustration will disappear.

Ease of Use

You’re going to want a fire extinguisher with an easy using process. There’s no point in getting one that you can’t use correctly when it’s needed. As a result, finding one you’re comfortable operating is a huge priority when buying one.

An easy way to examine this area is by reading buyer reviews. These resources will have long discussions about how each model functioned when it was needed. It should be rather easy to tell whether you’ll have any issues using it when the time comes from them.

You should also encounter a few models that have their using processes laid out in their product description. These directions could further convey how easy using one of these devices could be and provide a bit of comfort for a potential buyer.

What are the different types of fire extinguishers for RV?

Fire extinguishers aren’t any different than other products when it comes to there being many types. But their models are based on the types of fire they’re built to fight. You see, there are five kinds of fires ((A, B, C, D, and K), and each one has a corresponding extinguisher capable of stopping them.

It’s also essential to know that some models have more than one rating. For instance, a fire extinguisher might have a rating of A:B:C, which means it’s capable of putting any of these fire types.

Fire Types

  • Class A Fires: These fires are created from run-of-the-mill combustibles like paper, rubber, plastics, or wood.
  • Class B Fires: Originate from flammable gasses and liquids: paint, oils, gasoline, tar, and lacquer.
  • Class C Fires: Fire coming from live electrical equipment such as telephone lines, computers, or motors.
  • Class D Fires: These fires created by combustible metals like titanium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, lithium, and zirconium.
  • Class K Fires: Any fire created from cooking oils and greases, such as vegetable and animal fats.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) has a set of rules that state every RV must contain a fire extinguisher with a B:C rating by its exit. We should also mention that the models with a multiple class rating don’t just show the labeling for the fires it’s capable of putting out.

These devices will have a red diagonal line going through what it can’t extinguish, as well. This info will be helpful when choosing the right fire extinguisher for your rig.

Why do you need a fire extinguisher for RV?

The reason behind getting a fire extinguisher is rather obvious. There’s always a risk of a fire breaking out in any situation. This includes inside your RV. Therefore, you’ll need some quality fire protection on board to prepare for these situations.

In fact, having the best fire extinguisher for RV becomes an even more significant need for anyone boondocking. It can take a fire department ten or even more minutes to reach your camping site. This time period will only get longer when camping in a place far from civilization.

As a result, it becomes quite essential to have an effective fire extinguisher on board your rig. This device will be able to put out or suppress the flames faster than the fire department can get to your site.

Sounds like common sense, right? Well, some people think having the fire department is enough and find themselves waiting outside their burnt down RV when they arrive or worse. Don’t be one of these people and invest in an effective fire extinguisher capable of stopping those flames.

How to use an RV fire extinguisher?

The experts in fire prevention recommend everyone gets hands-on training about how to properly use these devices. In most cases, the brands supplying these fire extinguishers will offer this training. Your local fire departments would be other acceptable options, as well.

We suggest contacting your local fire department and seeing what happens to be available around your rig or home. If this isn’t an option, directions for use will be printed on the device’s label for easy reference.

These directions also detail the amount of distance each fire extinguisher will cover. But if you’re looking for the general guidelines, most fire extinguishers will follow the PASS acronym:

  • P: Pull the extinguisher’s pin and hold it in the upright direction
  • A: Aim the device at the fire’s base, not at its flames
  • S: Squeeze the extinguisher’s level slowly, and it’ll release the smothering agent
  • S: Sweep the device from side to side

If you follow these directions, the flames will increase when it first contacts your extinguisher’s smothering agents. You should make sure not to panic as this occurrence is typical. This reaction is just the air/oxygen being pushed to the flames before the agent.

The agent will soon start suppressing your dangerous fire situation. But remember, you must know your limits. For instance, the small capacity models usually provided in RVs are only made to deal with a small fire, not a large, enraged blaze.

Those training programs mentioned above should help you know what your fire extinguisher can tackle and what it can’t. So please, take one and ensure you’re fully prepared to keep your RV safe and sound.

RV Fire Extinguisher FAQs

What is a fire extinguisher?

As you might know, a fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device. This device ends up being used to stop or control small fires from spreading in dangerous situations. But these extinguishers aren’t meant for use on fires that are deemed out of control.

For instance, a person shouldn’t use one on a fire that’s reached the ceiling, endangers them (smoke, explosion hazard, no escape route), or needs a fire expert to extinguish. Most of these devices are made up of a handheld cylindrical pressure vessel.

This cylindrical pressure vessel will contain an agent that’s capable of being discharged to stop a fire. You should also know that some fire extinguishers are made with non-cylindrical pressure vessels. These devices tend to be less common on today’s market.

Either way, it’s quite clear that having one of these devices on board your rig is a must for any RV owner. It’s an effective way to prevent a fire from getting out of control and causing severe damage within your RV.

What type of fire extinguisher is used for propane tanks?

Propane tank fires require a Class B type of fire extinguisher to stop them from spreading. RV owners who need one of these options should consider H3R’s Performance HG100C Fire Extinguisher. It’s an all-purpose choice with an excellent reputation for dealing with fires that start from combustible gasses like propane.

Where do you put a fire extinguisher in an RV?

Most rig owners don’t realize motorhome manufacturers install their RV fire extinguishers based on specific requirements. These regulations are created by the NFPA or National Fire Protection Association to ensure our safety on motorhomes.

In any case, the NFPA states any fire extinguisher for camper use has to be 24 inches from the main exit. So anyone looking to install one needs to account for these regulations. It’s a vital safety precaution for preventing RV fires from spreading.

In addition, I also suggest placing one extinguisher on the outside of the RV and one in your bedroom, preferably within reach of your bed. It’s best to have at least three extinguishers on your RV, and they all should be readily accessible in case of a fire.

What is the refilling period of a fire extinguisher?

Of course, every model’s refilling intervals won’t be the same. It’ll depend on the smothering agent being used inside the fire extinguisher. For example, if it’s a water mist fire extinguisher, the refilling period will be around 5 years, while foam agents require a refill every 2 or 3 years.

Refilling your fire extinguisher is an essential part of owning one. Otherwise, these devices may not be usable when a fire breaks inside your rig. So it becomes necessary to stay on top of your particular model needs refilling.

How often should a fire extinguisher be serviced?

Most experts recommend getting your RV or marine fire extinguisher serviced every year. It’s a simple way to ensure these devices remain in good condition and usable. However, it’s essential to have a fire safety professional do the inspection.

These experts will be able to identify any shortcomings or issues with relative ease. Plus, it’ll offer rig owners more confidence in the extinguisher’s ability. You can then ride inside your motorhome knowing that this device is ready to do its job when necessary.

How long does an RV fire extinguisher last?

In general, RV fire extinguishers will expire every 12 years. So there’s no reason your model shouldn’t reach 12 years with proper care and maintenance. Anyone who needs a refresher should check out our “Any care and maintenance tips?” section.

I’d also like to note that extinguishers need recharging or replacing after each use. So this 12-year lifespan can depend on whether it’s ever been used and which model it is (rechargeable or disposable). If you use a non-refillable extinguisher before it reaches the expiration date, it’ll need replacing much sooner.

How does it work?

Fire extinguishers work in a very simple way. The first thing to understand is that these devices are durable metal cylinders with a smothering agent, such as water inside them. You depress the lever at the top of your extinguisher to unleash this agent or material.

This material will then be released at a high pressure. The process is remarkably similar to when something comes out of an aerosol can. In most fire extinguishers, a siphon tube made from plastic will lead from the device’s top to the bottom of its fire-suppressant reservoir.

We should also note that a mounted value will block the passage between the siphon and the nozzle. The cylinder’s top will have a smaller cylinder containing compressed gas, such as a liquid form of carbon dioxide. This gas will stay contained inside the cylinder through a release value.

A person who needs to use the extinguisher will have to pull out the device’s safety pin and depress its operating level. This level will then push on a rod, which presses down on the mounted value causing it to open up the passageway to the nozzle.

The rod’s bottom will also have a sharp point used to break through the gas cylinder’s release value. This action causes the carbon dioxide or other compressed gas to escape and applies pressure downward on smothering material.

Your device’s smothering material will drive up the siphon and through its nozzle with a great deal of force. During this process, a person should point the device at the fuel instead of the flames itself in a sweeping motion.

What are the most trusted RV fire extinguisher brands?

In this process, finding a trusted brand to buy your fire extinguisher from is a huge step. You’ve already become familiar with a few of them. Each company named in our product review section has a reputation for making great products.

But two of these brands do a separate themselves a bit more than the others: First Alert and Amerex. These two companies continue to find themselves at the top of this market, year after year, with no sign of slowing down.

We thought looking into what makes them different could provide unique insight. It’ll ensure you know what to expect from a top tier RV fire extinguisher brand. You’ll know how to separate the lesser companies from the trusted ones.

First Alert

Over the last five decades, First Alert has continued to push past their rivals when it comes to RV safety products. This mindset has resulted in them gaining a reputation for having the most innovative designs and products within the RV fire extinguisher market.

It also doesn’t hurt that First Alert makes all their products within America. As a result, every product made from this brand has gone through rigorous testing before being made available. This isn’t always the case with items made in foreign countries under different rules.


Amerex has been creating and selling fire extinguishers for a long time. In fact, this brand happens to be one of the oldest distributors of these devices in our world. This type of longevity shouldn’t be lost on any potential buyer.

After all, it shows this company has provided a level of service that’s allowed them to stay in business since 1971. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve put a lot of work into their customer service either. It’s a rare sight when you encounter a buyer review, which has a bad thing to say about Amerex in this area.

What is the warranty?

A fire extinguisher’s warranty will differ from product to product. It could be a 3-year, 5-year, or 10-year policy. It’ll end up depending on your chosen product’s brand and model.

You might even encounter a few options with no warranty at all. We suggest avoiding these brands unless the products come with many positive buyer reviews. It’s just always a smart idea to have some protection and coverage against receiving a faulty product.

We should also mention that some companies will only use these warranties as selling points. This situation means these brands have no intention of honoring the agreement promised. You’ll want to avoid those manufacturers as much as possible.

An excellent way to accomplish this task is by reading customer reviews. People tend to get rather angry when a brand doesn’t honor these types of agreements. You should use this anger to your advantage and avoid becoming that mad later.

How many RV fire extinguisher do I need?

As you know, a rig owner must have at least a B:C rated near their RV’s main exit. This fire extinguisher is the only one you actually need. But honestly, we suggest having a proper fire extinguisher in every main part of your RV.

In other words, a rig owner would benefit from having one near your seating area, bedroom, outside within an easy to access compartment and the kitchen area. This amount of fire extinguishers would cover and ensure your RV’s prepared for a fire.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV fire extinguisher would be using Amazon. Their website will have the lowest prices and largest selection of any seller out there. As you can imagine, this combo is hard for competitors to beat.

It also helps that their customer review database is much larger than any other online store. These reviews will be crucial in picking the right fire extinguisher for your RV. It’ll make the proper choice much clearer and ensure you don’t choose a dud.

But these benefits shouldn’t stop a person from looking at other sites. You should also check out what Camping World has on their online store. This site usually has both decent selection and prices for potential customers.

In fact, these prices can even venture below Amazon’s when they’ve got a sale happening. This situation alone should be enough to convince a prospective buyer to check out both sites before making a final choice. It’s the only way to ensure you don’t pay more than needed.

If neither of these options fit your shopping needs, some retail stores sell these useful devices as well. Places like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Wal-Mart should have more than a few models to choose from for potential buyers.

Their prices will be a little higher than you’d see online, though, which is expected given the nature of today’s consumer market. But these stores still offer the advantage of face to face customer service that can really help a person who’s having some issues.

In any case, every customer looking to buy an RV, motorhome, or campervan fire extinguisher shouldn’t have much issue finding a seller capable of meeting their needs. It’s just a simple matter of understanding your shopping preferences and finding a seller that can fill them without hesitation. Once you do, the right choice shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

Any care and maintenance tips?

You must always keep up to date when it comes to your RV’s fire safety care and maintenance routine. This tip isn’t one I can’t emphasize enough as you never know when a fire might break out. These routines can vary depending on your RV fire extinguisher type, which means you must make sure to read the directions before doing anything.

In general, these following tips should help you keep up with your maintenance checks:

  • You should factor in your RV fire extinguisher checks into your other routines. This action will help you avoid skipping over it.
  • Any rig owner should pay attention to the manufacturer’s directions and recommendations when using these devices. You should also know that dry powder models need more maintenance and will require being shaken up from time to time. This will loosen any compacted powder and ensure the device remains ready for use.
  • It would be a good idea to keep the details of your extinguisher maintenance and care in your smartphone or a notebook. You should also keep the numbers, model, and dates of these devices within your notes. It’ll make sure you don’t ever forget and always keep your RV ready to deal with a potential fire.


Our article should’ve relieved some stress about how to find the best fire extinguisher for RV. If it did, there’s only one thing left to do; apply the info inside it into your search, and the right choice should become clear.

This perfect fire extinguisher will then provide peace of mind about being ready for when a fire does occur inside your RV. It could be the one thing capable of saving you from a tragic or costly situation down the road.

As a result, use this article to make the process of picking your perfect fire extinguisher much easier. There’s no reason this task should cause a great deal of stress or frustration. The info laid out here will ensure those feelings disappear, and the task becomes a breeze.

Fire prevention is always a real concern, so I’d recommend you check out this gas detector. Also, to enhance the safety of your RV and family, please also find out our top reviews such as the most trusted RV security system, door lock, and cabinet latch

But if you do run into more issues, please let us know in our comment section. We’ll make sure to answer each post and further help your journey of picking a fire extinguisher. After all, it’s the entire reason that we wrote this post in the first place.

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