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The Best Dishes for RV for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best dishes for RV within today’s market isn’t a tricky process. You just need the proper info to push your search in the right direction. Our article will accomplish this task by covering all the important topics about these useful products.

The Best Dishes For RV

These topics will include benefits, top brands, where to buy, and determining factors. Each discussion will be a useful tool to help decide which option is perfect for you. Doesn’t sound like too much of a hassle, right?

We’ll even offer a couple of product reviews discussing certain top tier options. These reviews will give you a general idea of what’s available before starting your search. In the end, you might find that one of these dishware sets ends up being the right choice.

But if one of these doesn’t suit your needs, these discussions will still offer a great deal of value. You’ll have a better handle on what to expect from a top tier option. Therefore, separating the best sets from the lousy ones won’t be much of a challenge.

The only thing left to do is diving into this guide and finding your new dishware set. I promise it’ll make this process a lot less painful than you first expected.


Best Overall Easy To Clean Most Sturdiness
Preview Gibson 107279.12

MARJOY 8541923861

Hware 8541923619

Set Include – 4 x 10 1/2″ Dinner Plates
– 4 x 8″ Salad Plates
– 4 x 6″ Bowls
– 4 x 11″ Dinner Plates
– 4 x 9″ Salad Plates
– 4 x 6″ Bowls
– 4 x 11″ Dinner Plates
– 4 x 8″ Salad Plates
– 4 x 6″ (20oz) Bowls
Material Melamine Melamine Melamine
Pattern Solid Marble Geometric
Dishwasher Safe Hand Wash Only Yes Yes
Microwave Safe
Break-Resistant Yes Yes Yes
Cratch-Resistant Yes Yes
Chip-Resistant Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

14 Top-Rated Dishes for RV Reviews

Our 14 product reviews will provide a starting point for your search. These discussions will lay the groundwork for what to expect during this process. You’ll also have an easier time grasping our later sections after reading them.

1. Gibson 107279.12 Home Brist RV Dinnerware Set

Our next option, Gibson’s 107279.12 Home Brist RV Dinnerware Set, does an excellent job providing users with a bit of fun. It’s a brightly colored set filled with 12 dishes made from melamine. Users can even choose between 10 color options to ensure their plates fit the rig’s decor.

More importantly, this dinnerware set contains a valuable collection of items. Each buyer gets four 10″ dinner plates, four 8″ salad plates, and four 6″ bowls. So it won’t have any trouble meeting my rig’s needs for food storage.

I also have to praise the construction of these dishes. Gibson used a high-quality melamine material with proven chip resistance and scratch resistance. I can easily see how this entire set would hold up through all my RVing adventures.

For instance, multiple customers have reported this set is helpful during outdoor activities. I have used it at the beach and camp sites without difficulty. Plus, these pieces are lightweight to ensure that transporting them isn’t a challenge.

RV owners will be happy with this set’s dishwasher compatibility. It should survive regular dishwashing without much trouble. Gibson does recommend handwashing, but various customers have reported them surviving multiple dishwasher cycles.

Another notable benefit would be its bargain-level price for being a 12-piece set. It’s easily among the most affordable choices within this marketplace. Customers would have difficulty finding a similar collection for a comparable price.

But it’s a bit disappointing to find this set isn’t filled with microwave safe dishes for camping. I’m always going to prefer options with this capability. So this set does fail to meet all my expectations, but it’s hard not to fall in love with its bargain-level price and impressive product quality.

2. MARJOY 8541923861 Dinnerware Set for Camping

The MARJOY 8541923861 Dinnerware Set for Camping has become a customer favorite for its lightweight, durable melamine material. As a result, this set has no issues holding up to the rigors of travel while being easy to transport.

Users have even pointed out how well it stands up against potential chipping issues. I can’t express how much this attribute would be a godsend for someone like me. It’ll help protect my dishes from becoming victims of my clumsiness.

In fact, these dishes for RV camping are one of the more versatile choices. I could use this entire set outdoors or indoors when serving meals. It’s a crucial component of my needs as I enjoy dining outside with my family and friends.

I was also impressed by the convenience of this 12-piece set. After all, it comes with four 11″ dinner plates, four 9″ salad plates, and four 6″ bowls. It shouldn’t have much trouble meeting the dinnerware needs of most RVs with this extensive collection.

The marbled design is another massive highlight. MARJOY did an excellent job creating a beautiful set of dishes for camper usage that can fit multiple occasions. Honestly, I might even use them to help class up my rig, which it certainly needs.

Buyers mustn’t overlook this set’s impressive storage capability, either. They’re stackable to promote a much more organized and roomy kitchen cabinet area. It’s nice to imagine actually having room for all my RV dishes and accessories.

However, I do have to point out one area of concern. A few buyers refute the claim of this set being dishwasher safe. So I’d recommend hand washing these dishes to avoid any potential issues. It’s a minor nuisance to endure for a quality collection of RV dishes.

3. Hware 12-Piece Melamine RV Dishware Set

Hware’s 12-Piece Melamine RV Dishware Set is an ideal pick for any camper. Each piece is made from high-grade melamine, which offers break-resistant skills. It should survive a drop to the floor without any repercussions.

This feature alone should convey a sense that these dishes are ready for RV use. You should love that each piece is dishwasher safe, as well. This quality ensures cleaning these dishes won’t be much of a challenge on the road.

Their lightweight design shouldn’t offer much trouble on the road either. It will make transporting back and forth from storage a less stressful task. This issue tends to be a serious problem for some options out there.

As for the pieces that come with this set, you get four bowls, four salad plates, and four dinner plates. This amount of RV dinnerware should be more than enough to feed a family of four without much issue.

You’ll also eat in style with this dinnerware featuring a beautiful design. This aspect will be something your guests will be asking about for years. If you’re looking to make your fellow RVers jealous with dishware, these pieces will more than do the job.

Hware was kind enough to offer three different color options, as well. Most people should have no trouble finding a variation of this dinnerware set that fits their needs, thanks to these options. I mean, I can’t say enough about the flower option as its vibrant colors are gorgeous.

These melamine dishes passing FDA regulations is another standout feature. It should provide a feeling of safety and relief to know no health issue will present itself with their use. You’d be surprised how common these types of problems come from products like these.

But some people did complain about these products only being top-shelf dishwasher safe. This aspect was mentioned more than once in the customer reviews. Buyers were having issues fitting the 11-inch plates into their dishwasher’s top-shelf.

It’s something to consider before making a final decision about these dishes. Otherwise, you might find yourself handwashing this dinnerware set in the near future.

4. Camp Casual (CC-001) Melamine 12-Piece Dish Set

If you’re looking for a retro dinnerware set, Camp Casual (CC-001) Melamine 12-Piece Dish Set should more than meet your needs. These dishes will spice up your RVing life with elegant, vibrant designs that are capable of bringing a little fun to the road.

But don’t let this dinnerware set’s look fool you; each piece is way more durable than their fun design would indicate. You can attribute their durability to the melamine material, which is resistant to breaks, cracks, and scratches.

It shouldn’t be a shock to learn the use of this material has gained the set a reputation for lasting longer than most options. Your family should be eating off these dishes for years to come without encountering a lot of problems.

The melamine material is rather lightweight, too, which will make transporting and storing much easier. As someone who’s clumsy and has back problems, this feature is one I’m going to need in any dishware set I intend on buying.

I found this product coming with a reusable box to help in this area, as well. You can quickly package the dishes inside this box and have a safe way of transporting them. Buyers were quick to praise this addition in their reviews.

This classic set is also both FDA approved and BFA-free ensuring that using each piece is safe. These two aspects are something any buyer should be looking for in every option. It’s the only way to make sure using a particular set of dinnerware isn’t going to get you sick.

Another positive about this beautiful dinnerware is buyers were often shocked by how well it held up when used for camping and picnics. Both these situations can put a lot of stress on these products, but Camp Casual created a dishware set capable of roughing it for a couple of days.

But I do not love that this product isn’t microwave safe. I use the microwave quite frequently during my camping trips, which means this set would cause me a lot of inconveniences. It’s the only reason I can’t see myself buying these dishes anytime soon.

5. Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set

People looking for a bargain shouldn’t look any further than Coleman’s 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set. This option features one of the lowest price tags and offers the most pieces on our entire list.

It’s a combo that should truly be appealing to any bargain buyer reading this article. But don’t think this great deal means this option suffers in other vital areas. It’s quite the opposite as it still has several features, which make it a perfect fit for rig owners.

For instance, I love this option’s enamel design that offers a bit more durability than you’d expect from a glassy substance. Of course, it doesn’t hold up quite as well as our melamine based options, but it does the job well enough.

Getting more than a few years of use from this dinnerware set isn’t out of the question. These dishes also feature a nice red speckled color scheme to bring a little style to the table. It’s a nice addition and should appeal to a vast majority of buyers.

These dishes happen to be dishwasher safe, as our previous options. In terms of convenience purposes, it doesn’t get much better than Coleman’s 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set. I mean, it even comes with a roll-up pouch to make transporting the knives, forks, and spoons much easier.

It’s another feature that makes this dinnerware set unusually equipped to function outdoors at camping and picnics. Honestly, I don’t think there’s been a camping trip where I didn’t misplace at least one piece of silverware. The roll-up pouch would help mitigate this annoying issue.

As for the pieces included with this set, you receive four dinner plates, four coffee mugs, four bowls, and 12 pieces of silverware. Feeding a family of four shouldn’t be much trouble with this set within your rig.

But some people did have a few issues with this option’s packaging. It seems that this set had a habit of arriving with a few pieces missing. It was quite shocking to see these complaints in the buyer reviews for a Coleman product.

6. Craft & Kin 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set

The Craft & Kin 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set is another set ready to serve a variety of different RV owners. It actually holds up well with use in other settings, too, such as your regular home, dorm, or boat.

Its ability to hold up in these settings comes from its pure melamine material. This feature makes the set a sturdy, durable option capable of offering longevity that most models can’t match. If you buy this option, it’ll become a long term investment rather than something that needs replacing in a few years.

Aside from its durable, another standout feature is its wood grain design. This aspect gives it a rustic look that would fit right into a picnic setting. It provides the dishware with a more outdoorsy feel that should appeal to any RV owner.

These dishes happen to be stackable, as well, which makes bringing them on a picnic or camping trip much easier. It also helps that each piece was made with a focus on being lightweight to ensure peak levels of portability.

You should know that these dishes are both food grade and BPA-free, too. These aspects should provide a sense of comfort about using this set. After all, you can never be too safe when it comes to inspecting a product’s safety.

People were rather shocked about how natural these products were to clean as well. This trait was referred to more than once in the buyer reviews. It seems some buyers thought the wood grain design would make these dishes hard to clean than other sets.

But thankfully, this isn’t the case as these dishes are top-rack dishwasher safe like our previous models. This aspect was a breath of fresh air for me because I despise hand washing dishes. It’s a labor task that I find frustrating and utterly annoying.

I just wish this product had a much lower price tag. In fact, this RV dishes set is way outside my budget for what I deem acceptable for this type of product. But if money isn’t a worry for you, this dinnerware set should be near the top of your list. It doesn’t get much better than these lightweight dishes for RVs.

7. Yinshine 12-Piece Rustic Melamine Dinnerware Set

Our first Yinshine product lays the foundation of why this brand appears more than once on our list. This 12-piece set is filled with exquisite dishware capable of serving four people effectively. As most of our prior products, this set is made exclusively from melamine for durability purposes.

But what separates this set from many others is the affordable price tag. You shouldn’t have much issue fitting this set into your budgets. In fact, the quality and price tag alone should be enough to entice any bargain buyer reading this article.

The set’s main color scheme is another enticing thing about these dishes. Each piece has a green coloring that’ll serve as a great piece of decoration around your RV. It’s appealing to the eye and will have your guests asking all about them.

Of course, these dishes aren’t only meant for decoration. The melamine material used in making each piece makes them great for serving their primary purpose of holding your food. It won’t chip, break, or crack when you attempt to eat off them.

You might be shocked to learn many inferior dishware sets have these issues. It’s not uncommon for a subpar dish to chip and leave remnants behind to get mixed in with your food. But these problems won’t exist for people lucky enough to buy this set.

Aside from these features, these camper dishes have many of the same features we’ve seen from previous models. These include being dishwasher safe, easy to clean, come in different colors, and much more.

The other colors, blue and light yellow, are just as eye-popping as the green color scheme mentioned earlier. Given this info, I couldn’t imagine a person not finding a variation of this set that fits into their preferences perfectly.

I wouldn’t find myself buying this set, though, because it doesn’t meet one of my more specific needs. You see, these aren’t microwave safe RV dishes and that is a feature I can’t live without on the road. It’s just not possible, and I’d end up regretting spending my money on it.

8. Stansport 24-Piece Enamel Tableware Set

Stansport’s 24-Piece Enamel Tableware Set is another larger option capable of serving four people with relative ease. Each dish features a sturdy metal construction with stainless steel edges and enamel finish to ensure excellent quality.

This design makes it ideal for whatever environment or setting you might need a dinnerware set. It doesn’t matter whether your camping, at home, or inside your RV; these dishes will hold up well and ensure you can eat your food comfortably.

You don’t have to worry about the metal construction being heavy, either. Stansport was able to keep the construction lightweight and compact, which makes transporting them a breeze. You might not find a set more equipped to travel them these RV plates, bowls, mugs, and silverware.

I found this set’s blue color scheme quite appealing, as well. This feature would look great inside my RV’s cabinets and mesh well with the rig’s interior. I wouldn’t have to worry about them sticking out like a sore thumb, which can be an issue with mismatched dishware.

The inclusion of silverware is a nice touch by Stansport. It’ll make sure every part of my dishes matches perfectly with one another. It’s always nice to have all your RV kitchen supplies have the same color scheme or theme.

If you don’t find the blue color appealing, there’s a green option available. It’s a good alternative option that should make this dinnerware set appeal to a lot more RV owners. In either case, you’re getting dishes with a beautiful finish and classic design.

I haven’t even mentioned the best thing this set has going for it, either. You see, these are available at a more than affordable price for both color schemes. It makes passing up this option a hard thing to do considering these great features and low price tag.

But some buyers did report issues with Stansport’s customer service. It seems they weren’t satisfied with how the brand answered their concerns or questions. Obviously, these issues aren’t something you want to see when doing product research. I do still think these dishes are worth the trouble, though, as these problems were only present in a small number of reviews.

9. Yinshine 12-Piece Melamine Camper Dishware

If you’re looking to buy unbreakable dishes for RV, Yinshine’s 12-Piece Melamine Camper Dishware might be your best bet. This claim was proven by various buyers in their reviews, which feature many stories of incidents that a plate or bowl has no business surviving.

This quality comes from its well-crafted melamine construction. As a result, it ends up being a perfect choice for anyone looking to bring dishware onboard their RV. There’s no reason to believe it won’t be able to survive even the bumpiest journeys.

It also helps that these dishes are easily stackable, which makes moving them from place to place much easier. Plus, storing dishes in RVs become a more manageable chore with features like this one.

These dishes being stackable brings one more benefit to the table, as well. It offers more room for storage and ensures even an RV owner with limited cupboard space can find a place for this set. As you know, space onboard a rig is always hard to find.

You should also love this option’s made by a company that makes its products inside America. This feature ensures each dish went through a bunch of testing about its safety. Products made in other countries aren’t always held to the same standard.

This product’s 12-month warranty was another highlight feature. It’ll offer a buyer some coverage against an accident happening with each piece. This will cover everything from a plate chipping or the set arriving with missing parts.

The pieces included in this set are four bowls, four salad plates, and four dinner plates. As you can tell from this configuration, this option is another one meant to serve four. It happens to be perfect for me as I travel alone, but often have multiple friends and family members over for dinner.

But there were a few complaints about the finish being a little rougher than expected. This issue is one I could live with, given the high level of durability and other great features. If you’re looking for a plate with a smooth finish, I’d suggest looking somewhere else.

10. Preserve 20310 Everyday Tableware Set

Preserve’s 20310 Everyday Tableware Set is the perfect option for anyone who’s environmentally conscious. You see, each piece is made from 100% recyclable plastic capable of being put in the recycling can when they’re no longer usable.

This aspect makes them a great alternative to those awful paper plates and bowls nobody likes to use. However, don’t mistake this recyclable design as lacking durability. These dishes still excel in this area, as well, with many buyers praising their longevity in the customer reviews.

In fact, using these dishes every day shouldn’t be an issue. They should stand the test of time and be a part of your kitchen for a long time. It’s also worth noting that this set has no issues working for activities outside the kitchen, such as barbecues, picnics, and boating.

You’ll love to know that each piece is entirely dishwasher safe for easy cleaning as well. This aspect ensures these dishes will be a very convenient thing to have on board your rig. It’ll make your entire life in the kitchen much easier and more manageable.

This product’s texture helps it prevent slipping, which tends to be more of an issue when using dishes in rigs. It’s a benefit that can help keep your RV as clean as possible. As a clumsy person myself, you can bet this was something that caught my eye during my product research.

We should point out that this set is BPA-free. This chemical can be a dangerous additive in dishware, and it’s always good to ensure every option doesn’t contain it. Otherwise, it could cause some severe problems for the people using the tainted bowls and plates.

The price tag on this set was another highlight. You aren’t going to see 12-piece sets going for much less than this one, especially with these features. It actually might be the best deal on our entire list.

But the product’s design is a little bit of a flaw for me. It’s rather stale and dull, which isn’t what I’m looking for in my dishware. I want something vibrant and colorful. Sadly, this option just doesn’t fit what I’m looking for in my next dishware set.

11. The Lakeside Collection 12-Piece Dinnerware

The Lakeside Collection 12-Piece Dinnerware is another set with a retro, fun design that fits right into an RV owner’s lifestyle. It’s a fun option that still provides a lot of the same useful benefits our other dishware offers.

For example, this option makes storing dishes in RVs much easier by being stackable. This feature helps provide room for other stuff that might need storing inside your RV. It’s a nice touch and one that should never be overlooked when looking to buy dishware.

This set’s cleaning process is another aspect worth talking about in our review. It was an area many buyers felt the need to point out with praise in their buyer reviews. Honestly, a lot of them seem somewhat surprised at how easy it was compared to other melamine options. You can chalk this benefit up to each piece being dishwasher safe.

As you know from earlier reviews, the melamine construction of these dishes makes them more than durable enough for life on the road. So if you do get a little clumsy storing or carrying these dishes into a rig, there’s no reason to worry. They’ll survive a drop or two with relative ease.

The price tag on this set of dishes is also more than affordable. In fact, it doesn’t even go near what many other 12-piece options cost. It sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it given all the useful and great benefits?

But regardless of these features, the main appeal for this set is the cute camping design on each piece. It’s absolutely adorable and could be a great talking point during dinner conversation. It would be a fun addition to lighten up the mood when spending a lot of time on the road.

However, people did complain about the size of these dishes, though, as some felt they were too small. It seems this set would be best for serving small portions like desserts or side meals. If you’re looking for large plates and bowls, this set should be avoided.

12. Hware 12-Piece Melamine RV Dinnerware

If you’re looking for a reliable, no-nonsense option, Hware’s 12-Piece Melamine RV Dinnerware would be an excellent choice. This set comes with 12 pieces consisting of four soup bowls, four dessert plates, and four dinner plates.

It’s a set capable of serving an entire family of four during dinnertime. Plus, it will add a little style to your meals with an amazing colorful design. This design is one of the nicest you’ll ever see on dishware meant for RVing purposes. It might be my favorite design on our entire list.

This design might cause some concerns about the pieces being fragile, but it shouldn’t be a worry. These plates and bowls aren’t made from ceramic as it might appear. It’s instead made from all-too-familiar material of melamine, which excels in the durability department.

I found Hware’s customer service to be another positive trait. This aspect was something that received an unusual amount of praise in the buyer reviews. Customer service praise is not a common occurrence to encounter when doing product research, which means I had to mention it in our review.

You’ll also love that this set comes packaged in a reusable box. This box will come in handy when moving the dishes from place to place. It should be easy enough considering this set is another one deemed to be lightweight.

The reusable box will give you a safe place to place them in your storage area during the off-season, as well. If you don’t want to store them, these dishes will work perfectly in a variety of other situations.

You can use them at home, boating, barbecues, picnics, poolside, or even put them up as a decoration. In any of these cases, this set will be ready to serve its purpose. It’s a versatile set capable of filling many roles in your life on and off the road.

But I don’t love this product’s price tag. It’s not the most costly option out there, but it’s still a bit above what I’m willing to spend on a dishware set. I might have to stretch my ranges a little and see whether I can justify buying these beautiful dishes.

13. Camp Casual CC-006 Multicolor Nesting Bowls

People looking to replace bowls inside their RVs should consider getting Camp Casual’s CC-006 Multicolor Nesting Bowls. This dishware set would work as a great replacement with a variety of features compatible with life inside in an RV.

One of these features would include the bowls’ lids that will help stop any spillage from occurring when traveling around inside the rig. You can also count on these lids to be durable with their heavy-duty plastic designs, which are BPA-free.

These lids will do a fantastic job of keeping food fresh inside the bowls. For instance, a person could put some fruit inside one and keep them fresh by keeping the lid on. It’s a nice touch and should be very useful when traveling around in a rig.

You should find the bowls themselves convenient as well. These bowls have a robust and sturdy feel to them, which evokes a heightened sense of durability. This quality makes them a great companion during camping trips or serving dinner inside your RV.

Each of these bowls will come in a different color to liven up the rig with some energy and life. RVing can get a little stale from time to time and never hurts to have a little extra color in your environment. These bowls will undoubtedly provide it and some.

You don’t have to worry about a tricky cleaning process with these bowls, either. Each one is top-shelf dishwasher safe and should be simple to clean. But please, read the directions first to ensure there are no surprises during this task.

Overall, these nesting bowls would be a great addition to any RVers’ life. You can use them as a place to store fruit, salad, or a variety of other foods. It also doesn’t hurt that these bowls look great and aren’t an eyesore to look at.

But a few buyer reviews did report shipping and packaging issues. These problems can be a real nuisance and should be taken into account when making a final decision. The price tag on these four bowls is a little high, too.

14. Melange 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set

Our last dishware set isn’t the best looking or least costly option. But what the Melange 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set brings to the table is steadiness. It’s got everything a person could want in one of these products without all the flash or style.

The features include a melamine construction, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and much more. In other words, most of the aspects we’ve talked about in prior reviews have been fitted into this set’s design.

It ends up being a simple, straightforward option that does its job effectively without causing any issues. After all, it’s shatterproof, resistant to chipping, prevents scratches, and does a great job of avoiding any breakage.

These qualities make it versatile enough to work both indoors and outdoors. You can bring this set almost anywhere and enjoy a meal thanks to its versatility. Many buyers found it worked especially well for serving as a kid’s dinnerware set because of it being nonsense-proof.

You also have to love this set, coming with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This aspect will ensure you end up with a product that is capable of fitting your needs. It seems like Melange has a long history of honoring this agreement, too, which sometimes isn’t the case with other brands.

The three color options don’t hurt this option case, either. You can get this set in blue, red, or multicolor. For me, I think multicolor would be the right option. It offers a bit more pop than the blue or red and the price doesn’t rise at all.

I didn’t even point that this set has a manageable cost, too. In every aspect, this option seems to check off my needs list and should work well as an RV dinnerware set. But it often gets dismissed because of its rather pedestrian design.

Aside from its mundane design, there was one other little flaw worth mentioning. This dinnerware set was another one where people felt it was a bit too small. It could be an issue for anyone with a large family or looking for bowls to serve more sizeable meals.

Dishes for RV Buyer’s Guide

Getting the right set of dishes for your RV trips is an essential step. But you’ll have to make some decisions regarding features to find this elusive perfect set. We intend to help you make these choices by going over all the critical aspects of RV dishes. It’ll provide a sense of direction about what you should be looking for in your travel trailer dishware.



One of the most crucial aspects is each product’s price tag. It’ll be a huge determining factor into what dish set fits your needs the best. As a result, forming a budget around your specific wants would be a smart move and make this process much easier.

But please, focus on making this budget realistic. It can only be helpful when based around on features you truly value and what they do to the price tags. For instance, a person looking to buy a dish set made from high-end materials should include their higher cost into their respective budgets.

This budget will then be able to limit the number of choices to a more manageable level. After all, you’ll only be picking from sets that truly meet your needs and expectations.

Lightweight and Compact

An RVer looking to buy dishware must take into account the set’s overall design and weight. You must ensure the entire collection is lightweight and capable of easy transport. It’s not a smart move to bring dishes that are hard to move onboard a rig. You’ll need to move from one place to another on occasion.

Likewise, this set should be easily stackable and compact. These features will make moving them a much easier endeavor and less likely to end with a massive mess of broken dishes. Plus, it will be more manageable to use them for outdoor activities like camping or picnics.


The best options should offer longevity. In other words, these dishes shouldn’t break the moment you drop them. Living on an RV can be chaotic and messy, which often leads to people dropping things more than they’d at home. The constant driving around doesn’t help keep dishes from breaking either.

Due to these issues, we suggest staying away from dishes made from plastic, porcelain, or ceramic. These materials would be most susceptible to breaking in settings like an RV, camper, motorhome, or travel trailer.

You’d do better going with a dish material like melamine, which is known to resist cracks and breaks effectively. Melamine’s ability to prevent chips, cracks, and scratches from occurring is rather outstanding, as well.

Reading the buyer reviews will give you a better sense of each set’s durability. These resources could save you from wasting your money on dishes that are prone to breaking or cracking. They’ll help determine how every option holds up when dealing with harsh road conditions.

It’s also essential to point out that a melamine set with keep from paying for replacements any time soon. Your bank account will stay intact and ready for use on more exciting investments other than dishware.

Easy to clean

You’ll clean these dishes every now and again, at least I hope you will. This process can be a real pain when your set is made from a material that’s tough to clean. It would be best to avoid these products by going with products made from dishwasher safe material.

A great example of this material would be something like melamine. These types of dish sets have a reputation for being extremely easy to clean with the proper materials. This feature should end up having a major impact on your final choice. If it doesn’t, you’ll soon begin to regret your decision.

It would be best to stick to dishwasher safe options. It will save a rig owner a whole lot of frustration and stress. I should note that many top choices will be top-shelf dishwasher safe, as well, which further ensures you’ll be able to clean them with ease.

But before cleaning any dishes, it’s still recommended to check the set’s directions. There’s a reason the manufacturer puts these specific cleaning instructions on the product. It would be smart to follow them and make sure your dishes sparkle.

If you’re still worried about this aspect, reading the buyer reviews will help, too. These resources should have many discussions about how easy cleaning each option was for various buyers. Determining what set is worth the hassle will become apparent quickly from these discussions.


You must make sure your RV dishware is BPA-free. BPA is an unsafe chemical that untrustworthy companies will use when making their products. Most products will advertise their dishes as BPA-free, but it’s crucial to make sure. You can accomplish this by doing your due diligence and background research. Buyer reviews will come handy with this feature, as well.

Number of Pieces and Amount of Usage

These dish sets are available in many different variations. These variations are based on how many people each option can serve. It’d be wise to think about how many people are going to be using your new set before making your final choice.

It would be best if you also thought about how much usage your new dish set will see. There’s no use in paying top dollar for a beautiful set when you’re only going to use it once. This situation would just be a waste of money.

Dishes for RV FAQs

Our FAQ section will answer some questions that might be on your mind about this process. It’ll provide a better understanding of a few topics, which could have a massive impact on your final choice. We just want to ensure you’re fully prepared for what this search might entail.

Who this is for?

RV dish sets are for people looking to travel on the road for an extended period of time. These valuable products will ensure eating your dinner when traveling isn’t a challenge. You can instead use some great RV dishes to enjoy your meal just like at home.

These dishes will bring a pleasant feeling of being at home. This aspect is essential because being on the road constantly can cause some people to get homesick. But the best dishes for RV can make your rig feel a little less like a hotel on wheels for them.

Benefits of using dishes for RV

Several benefits come from using dishes built for RV settings. This section will discuss a few of them to give you a better idea about whether buying a set is worth it. It’ll provide greater insight into how you want to proceed after reading our article.

Don’t Take up Much Space

These dishes won’t take much of the valuable space onboard your rig. It might not seem like a huge deal, but space is a valued commodity within RVs. Dishes with compact designs will help ensure you can have enough cabinet room for storing other things.


Most RV dishware will be made from durable materials like melamine. You can expect these models to work better in RV settings than other materials like chinaware would. It’s just another aspect to show further why getting dishware made for these settings is necessary.

Otherwise, you might be buying replacements sooner rather than later. Do yourself a favor and avoid dipping into your bank account twice by making the right choice in the first place.

Numerous Design Choices

The best dinnerware for RVs will feature elegant designs with various patterns and color schemes available. You shouldn’t have much issue finding a set that meshes with your style and preferences. It’ll ensure you won’t have to worry about your dishes being a source of embarrassment.


You can expect these dishes to be affordable, as well. It’s a rare sight to see one of these sets going beyond what a person would feel is a reasonable price. There’s no reason to overspend on these products as they’re plenty top tier options with affordable price tags on today’s market.

What are the most trusted RV dishes brands?

The most trusted RV dish brands are companies who’ve gained a reputation for providing great products. Some good examples would be Hware, Camp Casual, Coleman, Craft & Kin, and Stansport.

In other words, buying from any manufacturer mentioned in our product review section would be a good idea. Each one of these brands has gained a reputation for providing beautiful dishware that helps people on the road.

There’s no reason to believe any of these companies would put a less than stellar product up for sale. As a result, you can put their creations into your buying cart without any hesitation or lack of confidence. It’s almost certain that it’ll be a purchase you’ll end up loving.

But please, do some research into the product before buying it. Not even these brands are completely perfect, and accidents can happen from time to time.

Are melamine dishes good for camping?

Melamine dishes are an excellent choice for camping. RV melamine dinnerware is often a favorite among rig owners due to its top-tier durability and versatility. You can easily use it inside the rig or outside without any difficulties.

What kind of RV dinnerware is microwave safe?

Microwave safe dishes for RV usage aren’t a widespread item. In fact, rig owners can rule out using any dish made from stainless steel or melamine in the microwave. These materials are incompatible with microwaves to the point where it’s dangerous.

Instead, anyone looking for microwave safe camping dishes will need to stick with options made from stoneware, glass, or ceramic. Sadly, these options often cost more than your standard melamine or stainless steel RV dinnerware sets.

How do I protect my dishes in my RV?

I’d recommend using a dish organizer to keep dishes from moving around during travel. It’ll keep them secure inside your RV’s cabinets to prevent camper plates and bowls from breaking or sliding. Honestly, these products are godsends for anyone who loves camping.

More importantly, dishes for RV camping microwave safe use, especially glass and ceramic ones, are often prone to cracking, so handle them with care. As for stoneware, it shouldn’t be cleaned when hot or with citrus-based detergents.

How to use?

The using process for RV dishes isn’t any different than what you’d do with regular dishware. It’s a simple and straightforward task that’s been a part of your life since childhood. But there are more potential accidents associated with use onboard a rig.

These potential accidents make it more important to be careful using camping dishes inside your RV. You must be aware of these issues and prepare for them. It’s the only way to ensure nothing happens, such as a bowl slipping through your fingers when traveling.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy RV dishware would be Amazon, which contains the most extensive selection and best deals among sellers. These two aspects are why each dish set mentioned in our product review sections come with a link to their Amazon webpage.

But these benefits don’t mean there aren’t other good places where you can buy top tier dishware. Camping World would be another option capable of meeting your needs through their online website.

If you aren’t a fan of online shopping, regular stores like Target or Wal-Mart should have a few decent options. Their prices will be higher than the online stores mentioned above, though, which is a rather massive bummer.

In any case, finding the perfect place to buy an RV dishware set shouldn’t be too difficult with all these options. You just have to match your preferences with the seller capable of matching them. For me, it’ll always come back to Amazon when shopping for these items.


Choosing the best dishes for RV shouldn’t be too difficult with all this new info at your disposal. It should act like a guide and offer a clear view of what the perfect option is for your situation. You just have to remember what you’ve learned here and use it during your search.

If you do, the perfect dishware set will then make your on-the-road much easier. It’ll bring a sense of comfort to a lifestyle that can be a little lonely at times. Honestly, it could help make your RV feel a little more like home.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start your search and find the perfect set. This investment won’t be one that ends up feeling you with regret. But remember, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that might come up during your search. These issues are why our comment section down below exists.

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