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The Best Composting Toilets for RV

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

The Best Composting Toilets for RVs

Are you thinking about replacing your RV toilet with a composting toilet? You aren’t the only one as more and more rig owners make the switch every year. The only issue is trying to find the best composting toilet for RV isn’t the easiest process.

It’s become rather tricky because there’s a lot of composting toilets on today’s market. This number of choices can bring forth a great deal of stress and frustration. We intend to make these feelings disappear by providing the necessary info to make a sound final choice.

In doing so, this article will cover all the relevant topics about these products. These topics include types, top brands, determining factors, benefits, and much more. We’ll even provide seven product reviews of composting toilets available today.

These discussions will ensure you have the info necessary to decide what model suits your situation perfectly. You’ll no longer feel the burden of having to deal with a flooded market filled with many moving parts.

Keep reading, and the article will make sure this process ends with you feeling happy about your decision. You can enjoy all the benefits a top tier RV composting toilet can provide a person who loves traveling on the road.


Best Overall Most Durable Easy To Clean

Nature’s Head Spider Handle


Separett Villa 9215

Dimensions ‎20.98″L x 19.02″W x 20.98″H 17″L x 14″W x 15.5″H 18″W x 26.5″D
Material Plastic Polyethylene High Gloss Polyethylene
Voltage 12V DC 12V DC
Weight Capacity 300 Pounds ~300 Pounds 330 Pounds
Shape ‎Rectangular ‎Rectangular Oblong
Details Details Details

7 Best RV Composting Toilet Reviews

This section will contain those seven product reviews mentioned earlier. These reviews will provide you with a better handle on what to expect from these products. It’ll also help you understand the more complex topics that we talk about in later sections.

1. Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Our first product is the Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet, which happens to be one of the most reliable models on today’s market. It’s gained this status thanks to its impressive and innovative design.

You see, Nature’s Head made this product to withstand even the harsh marine environment. This aspect makes it more than equipped to deal with whatever it encounters on an RV. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, given that its hardware is wholly made from stainless steel.

I also found this product’s ability to deal with foul odors appealing. This ability comes from the low volume air circulation fan built into the toilet’s head, which will recycle the air inside your bathroom. It’s an action that’ll ensure your entire RV ends up smelling better.

The product’s ability to disassemble in only a few seconds was another exciting feature. It’ll ensure the entire dumping process becomes much easier and goes off without a hitch. And since you want to spend as little time as possible dumping waste, it seems like an aspect everyone can get behind.

You also have to love the versatility provided by this wonderful composting toilet. I mean, this product’s capable of working in many situations. You can use on an RV, camper, workshops, yurts, and anywhere else a toilet’s needed.

Many buyers were quick to point out the toilet seat’s comfort level, as well. It seems the full-size elongated seat was certainly a winning aspect for this product. You couldn’t get through reading two reviews in a row without it getting praise at least one time.

It doesn’t hurt that this product comes with a 5-year limited warranty, either. This aspect will protect you against receiving a bad product or having an accident with it. It’s always nice to have a little coverage with a device such as this one.

But a few buyers did feel this toilet didn’t perform too well in humid climates. It seems like excess moisture makes the product not function properly. If you intend on RVing in a tropical environment, I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

2. TPS Power Sports‎ OC13W Composting RV Toilet

One of the more practical available options would be TPS Power Sports’‎ OC13W Composting RV Toilet. I give it this title because of its portable design, which is ideal for the camping lifestyle. It’s no wonder why people in almost every camper type love this compact composting toilet.

Another appealing trait about this model is its built-in pump. It ensures a clean flush that doesn’t leave any stains or remnants behind. Therefore, it helps reduce the amount of cleaning needed compared to other available models.

I was also intrigued by this product’s easy emptying process. It’s made possible by the toilet having a detachable upper water tank and rotating pour spout. As a result, I haven’t had a single issue transporting this tank to my campground’s dumping station.

Campers should also get several years out of this RV composting toilet. This longevity comes from its durable construction made out of polyethylene. In other words, I don’t see any reason this option won’t endure the RV lifestyle easily.

Of course, this model isn’t only meant for use in RVs or campers. Many other customers have noted its ability to perform well in various situations. It’s even an acceptable choice for use in boats and other marine applications.

The affordable price tag isn’t something buyers should dismiss, either. This item manages to be one of the least costly choices on our entire list. So it should find a place on almost any bargain buyer’s list of potential options.

However, some consumers may find the seat a little low. This toilet’s in the middle range when it comes to height, so it’s possible to find options that are a bit more elevated (20 inches from the ground or so).

3. Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC Composting Toilet

If you’re looking to buy one of the top-rated waterless toilets for RV, look no further than the Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC Composting Toilet. This device offers more than a couple of features that should lend themselves useful to an RV owner.

One of these features is the product’s versatility. You see, this composting toilet can run on either DC or AC power, which makes it useful in many situations. It’s truly an adaptable resource that’ll work anywhere you might need it.

You also have to love this product’s single-speed fan. This feature will support venting up to 20 feet to help make your bathroom an odorless environment. Due to this aspect, the rest of your rig will be free from bathroom smells, as well.

I found this product’s weight to be another appealing trait, as it only weighs 34 pounds. This amount of weight shouldn’t be too tough to carry around during the install process. Multiple reviews from other buyers seem to back up this assessment.

You can also buy a child seat as an accessory for this toilet. This feature would be a useful addition for anyone traveling with small children. It’s a nice touch added by Separett and shows they thought of almost everything when making their composting toilet.

It even comes with a 5-year warranty, which will offer a large amount of protection against an accident occurring. This aspect is always lovely to have as a backup plan. After all, you never know what might happen during shipping or the install process.

I should also mention the install process itself has received rare reviews among other buyers. Many people who used other composting toilets were shocked by how easily you could set this product up.

As for this product’s flaws, I couldn’t find a single complaint among the buyer reviews. The only thing that was even remotely negative was some people noticed this product fills up with toilet paper rather fast. But you can fix this issue rather quickly by putting your toilet paper in a separate container.

4. OGO RV Compost Toilet

The OGO RV Compost Toilet has a reputation for being one of the smallest composting toilet models available. After all, it features a compact design that won’t have any trouble fitting into the tiniest camper bathrooms. I even saw people manage to fit this design into Class B RVs and camper vans without breaking a sweat.

But the product’s size wouldn’t mean anything if it didn’t provide excellent performance. On that topic, this toilet has various impeccable features. But I have to start with the easy-to-use trap door mechanism.

It’s a unique addition because this aspect manages to separate liquid and solid waste using a handle. Such a setup will ensure the right waste goes into its container without issue.

Another eye-opening component was this toilet’s liquid-level light. In simpler terms, this light will appear red whenever the urine bottle needs emptying. I can’t express how much easier this aspect has made my life, since no more guesswork is necessary regarding my bathroom cleaning.

If these features weren’t enough, the electric agitator is the icing on the cake. It’s an incredible component that runs for around 45 seconds at the push of a button. Mixing solid waste with a medium has never been easier than with this model. I certainly couldn’t reproduce this performance with a DIY composting toilet.

OGO was also kind enough to offer two protection plans for an extra fee. So if a buyer intends on purchasing one, they’ll have a choice between a 3-year and 4-year plan. I was more than comfortable paying this fee as I needed all the product protection I could get.

However, I could see how this cost would be a tough pill to swallow for some people. It’s already one of the most expensive products on our entire list. So each buyer must decide whether its superior performance and features are worth the increased cost.

5. Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

Our third RV composting toilet for sale from Nature’s Head doesn’t fail to meet standards provided by the previous two models. If anything, this composting toilet only further shows how great the company is at making these products.

It elevates the brand’s status by having some notable aspects. One of these aspects happens to be its large capacity. You see, this toilet is capable of going four to six weeks without being emptied when used full time by two people.

When someone does have to empty it, the process itself only takes about five minutes. It’s a fairly convenient device given it has features like this one. You’ll also get a kick out of this product’s easy install process.

The product comes with well-drafted directions to ensure this process goes smoothly. Most people with some experience dealing with these tasks found it to be incredibly easy. If you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself, Nature’s Head even offers an expert install for an extra fee.

As someone who struggles with these tasks, I appreciate a company providing the option of having an expert do the job for you. I also value that this product is odor-free and ensures my RV will never become a stinky rolling metal box ever again.

The customer service offered by Nature’s Head was another standout aspect for me. In most reviews, buyers seemed generally surprised by how well their issues were handled. It was a bit startling because this area rarely gets talked about in a positive light in customer reviews.

We should also mention that this product comes with a five-year warranty like our previous options. In all aspects, it looks like this model should meet the needs of any RV owner who’s lucky enough to buy it.

But some people did have a few issues with the fan dying a little bit earlier than expected. Of course, these same buyers later put in their reviews that customer service immediately sent them a new one.

Either way, it’s still something to mention as being a nuisance. Those few days without a fan could end up being a stinky nightmare.

6. Sun-Mar GTG Composting Toilet

Our last product happens to be another one from Sun-Mar. This particular model prides itself on being one of the most compact options available today. Its sleek and elegant design provides a few rather exciting features.

One of these features happens to be that its install will only take a few minutes. Its small design will ensure you can move it from place to place without breaking a sweat. Therefore, the install process ends up becoming a lot easier and takes much less time.

This small design also makes it perfect for use in small areas such as RVs, barns, garages, cabins, boats, and much more. In these situations, you might not find a more effective and user-friendly option than the Sun-Mar GTG Composting Toilet.

You’ll also love that its size doesn’t affect its ability to separate solid waste from liquid waste. It has two separate chambers, with one of them taking each type of waste. In other words, this composting toilet remains a urine-diverting option.

Sun-Mar also made sure to test this product in the harshest conditions. This aspect ensures a level of durability that should keep the product usable for years to come. It seems like there’s nowhere on the planet where this toilet couldn’t be used effectively.

But none of these great features is the best part about this great option. This title goes to the product’s price tag, which is easily our least costly. Due to this, it becomes a bargain for a person capable of dealing with its smaller size.

However, I do have two large issues with our final product. The first problem comes from some buyers complaining about its shipping. This product has a habit of taking way longer than expected to reach its buyer.

The second issue is this product’s lack of warranty. I couldn’t find a single mention of it having one on either the product’s ad page or Sun-Mar’s website. As a result, I’m forced to accept that it doesn’t have one, which seems rather odd for a top tier brand like this one.

7. Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet is another great option from this top tier brand. This model features a lightweight, compact design that makes it a perfect fit inside an RV, workshop, boat, cabin, or home.

It works well in these situations thanks to its stainless steel hardware and durable construction. Honestly, this product is ready to work effectively in whatever environment it encounters. It’s been tested and excelled even in the harshest conditions.

Buyers were also impressed by the product’s easy install process. It seems this product comes with complete directions and a step-by-step video showing how to set it up correctly. As someone who struggles with these types of tasks, you can bet I was pleased to read these comments in their reviews.

You should take notice of the product’s hand crank agitator within its base, as well. This feature helps speed up the composting process and should make the toilet more user-friendly. Given this aspect, it’s going to be hard to find a more convenient out there.

This brand manufacturing its products within the United States is another great feature. It’s an aspect that might not seem like a big deal, but items made in the states have gone through rigorous testing. The same level of testing doesn’t always happen in other countries.

As a result, I always feel a bit more comfortable with a US-made product. You shouldn’t sleep on how easy this product is to clean as it’s an area people kept bringing up in their reviews. It seems like this composting toilet outpaces its rivals quite a bit when it comes to cleaning.

It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty like the previous Nature’s Head product. Given all these features, it’s quite clear that Nature’s Head tried their best to cover all the bases with this composting toilet.

But there was a slight issue that came up a few times in the buyer reviews. Some buyers noticed this product’s molded design had a little too many nooks and crannies. Due to this, gnats have found these areas comforting in the summer, which is a bit of a nuisance.

Separett Villa 9200 AC Composting Toilet (Outdated)

Separett’s Villa 9200 AC Composting Toilet is a lightweight, compact option ready to meet the needs of any rig owner. This smaller design will lend itself useful during the install process when you have to carry it from place to place.

The install process ends up becoming a much easier task than it would be with other models. But its small design isn’t the only thing it has going for it. It also has a two-speed fan that makes it better for longer venting.

Therefore, there’s no reason to believe this product will have any issues ensuring your bathroom says odorless. It also lends itself incredibly useful to the off the grid lifestyle with it being a completely waterless toilet.

A rig owner looking to camp far away from a campground would benefit greatly from having this toilet onboard their RV. You might find its available child seat accessory interesting as it could be a perfect item to consider when traveling with small children.

This product offers a nice capacity size, as well. The average family wouldn’t have to dump this toilet out for three whole weeks. I couldn’t even imagine the amount of time between dumping for a person who’s traveling by themselves.

Aside from these features, everything else about this product is pretty standard to the aspects we’ve seen with our previous models. These include being designed for locations with AC or electrical power, having a 5-year warranty, and being a urine-diverting toilet.

It’s just an effective composting toilet ready to ensure your bathroom never becomes coffin of deadly smell ever again. You’ll instead enjoy an odorless environment within both your RV and the bathroom itself.

But this product isn’t perfect. It does have a singular flaw, which each customer will have to account for before making a final decision. This flaw happens to be that the toilet is a bit more tricky to clean than other models on our list. It was an issue that came up a few times in the buyer reviews.

Sun-Mar Corp CSEL-01001 Composting Toilet (Outdated)

The Sun-Mar Corp CSEL-01001 Composting Toilet is a reliable and easy to use option for any rig owner. This model could be the perfect fit for anyone looking to upgrade their RV with a composting toilet.

One of the reasons behind it being such a great option is this model features both a controlled heater and fan. These aspects will ensure the toilet remains at the proper temperature to keep the composting process on track.

You should also love the large capacity of this model. It’s capable of handling three to four people full without any issue. It can even handle six to eight people for a group traveling on the weekends only.

Sun-Mar was kind enough to offer two different color options with this product, as well. This aspect might not seem like a big deal. But it’ll make sure you can pick the choice that doesn’t clash with your bathroom’s decor.

This product’s ability to ensure no odor comes from the bathroom is another great trait. It’ll ensure your RV’s living space remains livable. The toilet’s skills in this area were backed up within the buyer reviews over and over again.

I also love the inclusion of a footrest, which provides a higher comfort level. It’s little details like this one that separates companies like Sun-Mar from their rivals. We should note that this footrest easily detaches when the finishing drawer needs removal.

The warranty on this product is a little different than our previous options. This toilet comes with a three- to five-year warranty rather than just a 5-year warranty. It’s a small difference, but one worth noting when comparing items like these.

But even with all these great features, I wouldn’t buy this model for one single reason: the price. It’s easily one of the most costly composting toilets on today’s market. As a result, it’s not going to work or fit into my budget ranges.

A person who doesn’t have to worry about their bank accounts should consider this option, though. After all, it does check off every other box, but having a reasonable price.

RV Composting Toilet Buyer’s Guide


Finding the best composting toilet for RV will come down to having some background info about these devices. This section will help you gain it by discussing everything one could want to know about composting RV toilets.

Things to consider when buying an RV composting toilet

Choosing the right RV composting toilet will come to a variety of factors. This section will walk you through all of them to ensure you make the right decision. It’ll end up being the foundation for your entire search.


One of the most crucial aspects of your search will be each option’s durability. You’re going to want a device capable of lasting more than a few years. The main components responsible for making up a composting toilet’s durability is its material and brand.

In most cases, composting toilets will be partially made from plastic and vitreous china. You’ll want to avoid getting these when possible because these materials are vulnerable. It’s best to spend a little extra for a product with a sturdier design.

A great way to examine each product’s durability is by reading each product’s buyer reviews. These resources should include a large amount of info about how well every toilet held up and whether the customer felt it was worth their investment.

Storage Tank Capacity

The cost of these toilets will vary depending on their size. Due to this, a person traveling alone should look for an option with a small storage tank. This action will keep the price more manageable and keep you from paying for something not needed.

But a family traveling together will need to look at more significant options. A toilet with a small storage tank won’t be able to handle the needs of a large family for longer than one day. Most manufacturers make it easy to choose by detailing how many people the toilet’s good for in the product descriptions.

Decomposing rate

An RV composting toilet decomposing rate will come down to whether you choose a non-electric or electric option. Electric options will offer a faster breakdown rate because it uses electricity to power the process.

Non-electric options will offer a much slower breakdown rate, but still, end up being useful in the right situations. After all, a person traveling alone could save a lot of money going with a non-electric composting toilet.


Your composting toilet’s weight will depend on its size. The weight range for these products can vary drastically with some weighing around 25 pounds to other hovering near 400 pounds. As a result, you’ll have to decide which side of the spectrum your chosen model ends up.

I’d suggest people who travel around a lot in their rigs should buy a lightweight option. This action will ensure your vehicle’s weight total doesn’t skyrocket too much by its addition. You could also buy a portable RV waste tank.

These portable waste tanks tend to be an excellent option when you don’t have access to full hookups. You simply dump your black and gray tanks into these products that are basically a container on wheels. A person would then proceed to haul the container over to a dumpsite.

Ease of Cleaning

The high-quality RV composting toilet won’t be difficult to clean at all. But the quality of these devices’ materials does matter quite a bit in this area. You see, some models will bow and sag over time. This situation can affect the precision of certain parts like your toilet’s storage tank.

In fact, the storage tank can even become hard to open and makes it vulnerable to spilling. This scenario isn’t one that anyone wants to encounter. You’ll instead want to invest in models capable of being easily cleaned by household cleaners when these situations do happen.

It would also be a smart idea to search for a toilet that doesn’t require special cleaning equipment. If you don’t, it’ll just bring an extra level of hassle into a task, which should be simple and easy.


Installing a composting toilet in an RV shouldn’t be tricky. You’re going to want an RV composting toilet with an easy install process. Otherwise, this buying experience will result in you regretting your final decision. This situation isn’t what either you or I want.

The right way to avoid buying a model with a tricky or complex install process is by reading buyer reviews. These resources will have in-depth discussions about how each customer felt about the installation and whether there was any unneeded trouble.

You should also try and read the install directions for every product before making a decision. This action will ensure you feel comfortable installing the toilet rather than blindly making a choice. These directions can usually be located in either the product description or on the manufacturer’s website.


The price for a camper composting toilet will vary from model to model. Due to this, you’ll need a well-constructed budget when searching for the perfect option. This budget will need to account for everything you deem necessary in one of these products.

For instance, a person who wants a large storage tank will need to account for the increased price that comes along with it. The inclusion of this feature and its ability to raise the model’s overall price needs reflection in your budget. You must stay realistic with your budget as it’s the only way it can remain a useful tool.

We should also note that this resource can make the process much more manageable. It offers this benefit by reducing the number of choices down to options which only needs your particular needs. It’s an effective way to lessen the amount of stress that comes with this buying process.

What are the different types of composting toilets for RV?

RV composting toilets come available in two types, batch type units and continuous system units. We’ll discuss both in-detail to make sure you can easily decide what one suits your situation the best.

Batch Type Units

Batch type units are the composting toilets that come with two or more bins attached to them. After the bin becomes full, it will get moved to a different area where the composting process takes place and finishes.

The entire process usually takes around six weeks to complete. Once the process is finished, the waste gets buried, and the bin is emptied. You then replace the bin, and your toilet can begin this process all over again.

Continuous System Units

Our second type is called continuous system units. These composting toilets come with, as the name suggests, a continuous system and have only one chamber. This chamber happens to be where all the waste ends up going.

The waste will then stay in the chamber until your toilet’s composting process is finished. But people looking to get a continuous system unit will need to have underfloor space in their rig. You should also understand that each pan will require its own chamber.

Continuous system composting toilets tend to be more expensive than the batch types, as well. You’ll have to weigh whether the convenience of this type is worth spending more money on a composting toilet.

Why do you need an RV composting toilet?

Many benefits come from having a composting toilet for RV use onboard your rig. This section will discuss some of them to ensure you know whether getting one is a suitable option. You’ll have a better handle on what these devices truly offer a person traveling within an RV.

You Never Have to Worry About a Clogged Toilet

RVs tend to be a crowded place with many people moving around it. As a result, the toilet has a habit of remaining full and often becomes clogged. This situation leads to the entire rig becoming infected with the stench of a clogged toilet. It creates an atmosphere that nobody wants to experience.

This situation is where having a motorhome composting toilet would come in handy. You see, there’s nothing to flush with these devices and no pipes around where waste can end up getting stuck. It ensures you never have to use a plunger for unclogging a toilet ever again.

We should also mention that this lack of flushing leaves behind a cleaner bowl. Standard toilets often have a large bowl, which has a tough time fitting the contents into the pipes when it’s full. This situation leads to residue being left behind on the porcelain bowl.

Doesn’t Produce Any Noise or Splashing

Composting toilets won’t create a splashing sound when someone goes number two. People can sometimes get embarrassed on RV when their bathroom visits end with a splashing sound. These areas are small and noise carries quickly in them.

However, this issue doesn’t exist with a camping composting toilet because these devices are completely dry. This benefit means that clearing out your stomach doesn’t have to be everyone’s business. It also helps that there’s no loud flushing sound either. You can instead go to the bathroom in peace.

The Toilet Doesn’t Have an Odor

People often assume that composting toilets have a worse odor than normal ones. This belief comes from these devices not using water, which means the waste doesn’t get cleared away immediately. But this belief couldn’t be more incorrect.

Composting toilets actually have little to no smell. This benefit comes from the binding agent a person places into the device right away using it. Therefore, these toilets end up creating a more livable atmosphere onboard your rig.

How to dump a composting toilet?

Dumping a composting toilet isn’t a complicated process. This task isn’t a hassle because the toilet separates the solid and liquid waste, which means there’s no sewage. In fact, the solid waste tank of a composting toilet that sees regular usage can go a few weeks without being dumped.

But the liquid tank will need dumping a lot more frequently, usually every few days. The good news is that this waste water system container can be easily removed and dumped into any regular toilet. It makes the process rather convenient for a person who’s always on the move like an RV owner.

The dumping process for the solid waste is a bit more involved. We suggest removing the entire toilet from your RV, camper, campervan, or motorhome. You see, the toilet has these latches holding its upper seat from the lower tanks that are capable of being undone.

Unlatch these latches and dump the solid waste material into a trash bag. You then place the trash bag into any dumpster nearby.

RV Composting Toilet FAQs

What is an RV composting toilet?

An RV composting toilet operates like a regular toilet would, but doesn’t use any water at all. As a result, these devices don’t require any plumbing. It sounds like a useful thing to have a rig, doesn’t it?

We should also note that composting toilets are entirely organic, natural, and doesn’t need flushing or chemicals. In other words, these toilets are similar to a small ecosystem that separates the solids from the liquids.

These toilets will then use elements to break down the waste into compost, which is called humus. You can use this humus like fertilizer, throw it away, or bury it based on your state’s regulations and rules.

Given this info, a composting toilet has become a handy device to bring on an RVing trip. It gets rid of human waste without using your rig’s limited water supply. I can’t think of anything better that a toilet could offer to a rig owner.

How does an RV composting toilet work?

Composting toilets will rely on three primary elements when digesting human waste: oxygen, warmth, and moisture. These three elements are pivotal pieces to understanding how one of these devices works.

After a person uses a composting toilet in an RV, they will need to add a scoop of some bulking agent into the bowl. This bulking agent could be anything like straw, sawdust, coconut fibers, or peat mix. The bulking agent needs to be mixed into the waste, which is done by turning the handle or the toilet does itself.

Once everything gets mixed, anaerobic bacteria will break down your waste using one of our main elements: oxygen. This process happens to be a lot similar to how a backyard compost would work.

Your composting toilet will also need to evaporate any extra moisture to function properly. Many models have different containers for urine and stool. In this case, you would empty the urine container separately and wait for the stool to become humus or compost.

The bacteria must have enough moisture and oxygen, or it won’t work properly. The toilet has to be at the right temperature as well, which is usually at or higher than 55 degrees. If it dips below that number, your RV toilet will stop the composting process until it goes to the right temperature.

After the composting process is done, the toilet will either have a finishing drawer or chamber. This aspect ensures you can easily slide the compost or humus out and dump it based on your state’s laws and regulations.

How much does a composting toilet cost?

Each option’s price tag will depend on the composting toilet’s type. For instance, a portable composting toilet like TPS Power Sports’‎ OC13W costs much less than a self-contained model. Most portable choices are often available for less than $500.

But a self-contained compost toilet for camper owners will cost a small fortune. Buyers should expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2000 when purchasing one. If you go this route, I’d recommend looking at an option like Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet.

Do you have to empty a composting toilet?

An RV composting toilet will need emptying whenever it becomes full. In most cases, you can expect to dump solid waste every 1 to 2 weeks. But liquid waste will require emptying every day or two to ensure high-quality performance.

Given this information, I’d recommend checking the containers each day. It’ll help you stay on top of whether the tanks require emptying or not. Furthermore, it’ll prevent stinky situations from being a nuisance on your rig.

What do you do with composting toilet waste?

The entire purpose of composting waste is to repurpose it. So if the solid waste has broken down enough, proceed to use it in your gardens as mulch or fertilizer. Many environmentally-conscious people see this idea as an effective way to help improve our planet’s health.

But what happens when the solid waste hasn’t broken down? Well, disposing of solid waste is a bit complicated. I’d recommend placing it in a trash bag and emptying it into a nearby dumpster.

But some locations prefer people to deal with solid waste compost in other ways. So do a quick Google search to see what your local government recommends.

As for liquid waste, there isn’t much to do besides disposing of it. You’ll need to find a nearby RV dump station and do this task there. Many campgrounds make the process easy by having one on their sites.

In fact, I always ensure any campground that I stop at has one. It just makes everything easier when using a composting toilet.

How often do you have to empty a composting toilet?

As I mentioned, RV owners often need to empty the solid waste container every 1 to 2 weeks. Depending on your family’s toilet usage, you may have to dump more or less frequently. But this average is what most rig owners experience when using a travel compost toilet.

Because people tend to urinate more frequently than defecating, the liquid waste will accumulate more quickly. Some individuals, such as rig owners who travel alone, can get away with waiting longer. But don’t make these decisions without checking both containers each day.

What are the most trusted RV composting toilet brands?

Finding a trusted brand to buy your composting toilet from is crucial to this entire process. The good news is that you’re already familiar with some top companies, thanks to our product review section. Each manufacturer mentioned has gained a reputation for being a reliable choice when it comes to building composting toilets.

But even among these great brands, a few stick out more than the rest: Nature’s Head and Sun-Mar. Both these companies have proven time and time again that they have a real handle on what people want from a composting toilet.

We thought diving into their background and creative approach could provide some useful insight. This info will give you a better handle on what top tier RV composting toilet brands look like and offer their customers.

Nature’s Head

This brand separates itself from the pack with their innovative designs and willingness to go past what’s expected. In fact, it’s quite challenging to find a single person who’s had a bad experience dealing with Nature’s Head.

It also helps that this brand prides itself on having one of the best customer service departments. As a result, you can always feel comfortable buying a composting toilet for campers from this leading US-based brand.


Sun-Mar has remained the world’s leading seller of composting toilets for a long time. Their success comes from their focus on keeping its design simple and effective. It makes using and install their products an easy task rather than something that causes you a great deal of stress.

Their focus on making the products durable certainly doesn’t hurt matters either. These qualities are what make Sun-Mar such a force to be reckoned within this market. I mean, what else could an RV owner want from a composting toilet seller?

What is the warranty?

Most RV composting toilets will come with some kind of warranty. The length of these policies tends to differ from model to model. You might see some options with a 5-year, 20-year, or 25-year warranties.

Honestly, it’ll all come down to what brand is behind making the toilet. Their rules and mindsets about these policies will determine the warranty on their products. You might even come across options with none at all.

I’d suggest avoiding options with no warranties because these pieces of equipment have a tendency to break. It’s always nice to have some coverage for when these events and mishaps do occur.

It’s also worth noting that some brands will only use a warranty as a selling point. In other words, it’s a marketing tool that these companies have no intention of honoring. You should read each product’s buyer reviews to ensure you avoid for them.

Where to buy?

The most trusted place to buy a composting toilet for a travel trailer, camper, RV would be using Amazon. Their selection and prices are much better than their rivals. It’s what made them such a force within consumer markets over the years.

Their extensive buyer review database doesn’t hurt things either. These resources will be vital in determining what RV compost toilet is the right choice for your situation. But don’t let these benefits keep you from still checking other online stores.

We also suggest checking out Camping World’s online store. Their selection and prices should be more than fair. In fact, their prices sometimes dip below Amazon’s when there’s a sale occurring.

As a result, it would make a ton of sense to compare prices between these two online stores. It’s the only way to ensure you don’t end up paying more than needed for your chosen model. After all, nobody wants to pay more than necessary for any consumer product.

Of course, online stores aren’t the only option available for a potential customer. Some people still enjoy shopping at actual retail stores, and plenty of them will have some composting toilets. Places like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and your local RV supply stores should have a decent selection.

The only issue with these retail stores is their prices will be much higher than you’d find online. It’s one of the main reasons for people becoming more and more comfortable with online shopping.

However, the one area where websites don’t match retail stores is face to face customer service. This benefit can be a real game-changer when the employee knows a lot about what you’re trying to purchase.

Given this info, it’s quite clear that nobody should have much issue finding a seller who fits their shopping preference. It’s just a simple matter of evaluating what you want and finding the store that’s able to provide it.

Any care and maintenance tips?

You should avoid throwing toilet paper into the toilet’s waste reservoir. This action will ensure the composting toilet lasts much longer between dumps. After all, toilet paper tends to fill up your tank quickly, which causes dumps to happen at a more rapid rate. Many RVers find it more useful to use a separate container to place their toilet paper.

We also suggest keeping a spray bottle filled with a mix of vinegar and water near your composting toilet. You can spritz this mixture inside your toilet after its use. The mixture will help keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh. You see, vinegar happens to be a natural sanitizer and dissipates smells quickly.

Some RVers have found that adding a drop of essential oils could help as well. It really comes down to preference, but this tip does help.


After reading our article, finding the best composting toilet for RV shouldn’t be much of a challenge. You should have all the necessary info to make a final sound decision. It’s just a case of applying what you’ve learned into your search. The right choice will then become evident and apparent.

This perfect RV composting toilet will quickly start to make your life on the road much better. You’ll no longer have to worry about clogged toilets or lousy bathroom smells. Your fantastic new toilet will take care of those issues right away.

So please, use the info in our guide to find the right composting toilet for your situation. Buying one will make your life on the road much easier. It’ll also provide you with a good feeling from helping our planet, thanks to its use.

But if you do run into any more issues or have some other questions, feel free to let us know in our comment section. We’ll answer your posts as quickly as possible.

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