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The Best Coffee Makers for RV, Camper and Travel Trailer

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best coffee maker for RV isn’t supposed to be a tricky process. But manufacturers have made this task much harder than a rig owner might expect. This difficulty is a result of their being so many available options on today’s market.

best coffee maker for rv

I intend to help solve this issue by simplifying the process. This will consist of going over all relevant and essential topics related to these wonderful devices. These topics include determining factors, how to use, benefits, and much more.

In fact, I’ll even provide 12 reviews that discuss some of the top-rated coffee markets available. These discussions should provide all the needed info to find your perfect coffee maker. So, let’s get this started to ensure you always have a nice cup of coffee when traveling on the road.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Easy to Use
Preview Elite EHC-5055

ADIRchef 800-01-BLK

Keurig K-Mini

Weight 3.27 pounds 1.3 Pounds 4.60 pounds
Material Metal/ Plastic Stainless Steel/ Plastic Stainless Steel/ Plastic
Voltage 110 – 120V 110 V 120 V
Capacity 40 fl oz 15 oz 8 fl oz
Filter Type Paper /Reusable Paper /Permanent Reusable
Details Details Details

12 Best RV Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Elite Gourmet EHC-5055 Drip Coffee Maker

The Elite Gourmet EHC-5055 Drip Coffee Maker would be a dream addition to any RV owner’s kitchen. In fact, this 12V coffee maker for RV offers several features that make it one of the best options available.

An excellent example would be its sizeable 5-cup capacity, which is perfect for my needs. I often travel with about 4 or 5 people, so this RV under cabinet coffee maker suits my situation easily. It’s nice not having to make more than one pot each morning.

I’ve also found myself loving the semi-transparent water reservoir. It’s a convenient addition to ensure users always know how much water remains inside the pot. Sadly, many other options fail to offer this aspect, which makes using their RV coffee pots less practical.

The product’s pause n’ serve feature was another standout attribute. After all, I can use it to get a cup of coffee during the brewing process without stopping the device. It’s perfect for my needs, considering how often I’m always running out the door late.

Elite Gourmet did an excellent job ensuring this product’s eco-friendly, as well. This distinction comes from its usage of a reusable filter, which reduces the need for paper cone filters. I’ll always prefer products that account for our planet’s health in their construction.

Furthermore, I was impressed by the construction of this small RV coffee maker. It is more compact than my old Spacemaker coffee maker for RV, allowing me to reduce clutter in my camper.

On the downside, this model does have a reputation for being difficult to put back on its burner. I wouldn’t worry too much about this flaw, but I suggest being careful when using it to avoid issues.

2. AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker

AdirChef’s Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker is a perfect option for anyone who’s always on the move. Therefore, many RV owners find this device to a godsend on their rigs. The reason behind their love for this coffee brewer comes down to its various great features.

For instance, this model comes with an extremely durable plastic design. This construction should ensure it last many, many years. You’ll also love that the 15 oz travel cup the coffee pours into is made entirely from stainless steel. Both critical parts of this particular device promote a high level of durability due to their respective designs.

I love this product’s use of a permanent filter, as well. This aspect will remove the need for paper filters to ensure your well-earned money can be spent on something more important. Plus, this lack of paper filters helps out the environment, which is always a nice touch.

It doesn’t hurt that this coffee maker is both lightweight and small, too. These traits make it ideally suited for the cramped space inside even the smallest RVs. It shouldn’t have any issues finding a place on your RV kitchen counter.

The lightweight aspect also means that transporting it won’t be an issue. In other words, it doesn’t have to be just a designated motorhome coffee maker. You could use it at work, home, or anywhere where it’s needed.

As for the travel mug aspect, I found it being well insulated to be outstanding. This feature will ensure the coffee stays warm for a long time. It’s a perfect fit for anyone who has a long ride to their next designation and doesn’t want their coffee getting cold along the way.

But I was a little disappointed it didn’t come with a warranty. I’d much prefer to have a little coverage and protection against an accident happening with the device.

3. Keurig Single Serve Mini Coffee Maker for RV

The next product on this list comes from a well-known brand, Keurig. This manufacturer has become a dominant force in the coffee maker market. They’ve got this status from years and years of providing top tier brewers to their customers.

Keurig’s Single Serve Mini Coffee Maker For RV isn’t any different. It features a long list of aspects that’ll surely knock your socks off. One of them is its compact design, which makes it perfect for smaller spaces like an RV kitchen.

In fact, this model is only 5 inches wide. I don’t envision even campervan owners would have problems fitting this small coffee maker into their rig. RV owners will also love this product’s removable drip tray, which makes the cleaning process much easier.

This area can tend to be an issue with other options. But thankfully, Keurig found a way to solve it with convenient features like this one. I found this product’s auto-off aspect to be another appealing and useful trait.

You see, this feature will ensure your coffee maker turns off 90 seconds after the last brew. This action should help save energy and prevent any accidents from occurring. Honestly, it’s a helpful little safety precaution to keep you protected against accidentally leaving the device on.

The device also comes with a travel mug like the prior option. It’s another solid addition that makes the product more user-friendly than a lot of other models out there. Plus, it shouldn’t have trouble fitting into most cup holders.

It doesn’t hurt that you get a choice regarding the device’s color, either. You can choose between a black, oasis, or studio gray option. In my case, I went with black because it meshes perfectly into my RV’s interior, but the other two also look great.

However, I wasn’t too thrilled with the price tag. It’s a way outside what I was looking to spend on a coffee maker.

4. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for a single-serve camping coffee maker at a discount price, CHULUX’s Single Serve Coffee Maker is a good choice. This lower price doesn’t mean lacks in other areas, either. It still has a wide range of features that’ll rock your world.

A great example would be its one-touch operation. This aspect ensures the device’s using process is remarkably simple. I mean, I didn’t even have issues getting my coffee brewed with this setup, and that’s a borderline miracle.

You’ll also love that the coffee gets done very quickly, 3 to 5 minutes. This feature shows how useful the device could be to someone who’s always on the move. As a result, it fits into my life perfectly as there’s nothing I despise more than waiting a long time for my coffee to get made.

This model is another one with a removable drip tray, which is always an exciting feature. It’ll make sure the cleaning process is as easy as possible. Plus, it has proven to offer some versatility with cup size as it can even handle some travel mugs.

You have to love this product’s built-in 12 oz water tank, as well. This aspect is another that’ll help make the process easier by storing enough water to do multiple brew processes. You won’t always have to refill it, which is an annoying nuisance with other single-serve types.

I found the product being a compact coffee maker for RVs to another appealing trait. This aspect gives it a high level of both portability and storability. I don’t see how this model couldn’t be easily stored or transported with this design.

But even with all these great features, I was a bit annoyed by how frail this product felt. I wouldn’t be surprised by this product breaking a few months down the line. However, its low price could be more than worth the potential durable issues.

5. BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER’s 5-Cup Coffeemaker is an extremely convenient option for RV owners. This camper coffee maker will make life on the road much easier with its many great traits. One of them is its improved ergonomic carafe, which ensures drip-free pouring.

It also ensures handing this camper coffee pot is secure and safe. You’ll never have to worry about burning your hands with this excellent carafe. It doesn’t hurt that it has a removable lid for easy cleaning, as well.

The product’s one-touch operation feature was another standout. This aspect makes using the device very easy and shouldn’t be a hassle for anyone who buys. I certainly didn’t have any trouble getting this coffee maker started even when I could barely open my eyes.

You have to love this product’s inclusion of a permanent filter, as well. As with prior reviewed models, this aspect will ensure you don’t have to rely on paper filters. This reality will help you save money and do our planet a favor.

The filter basket being dishwasher safe was another nice touch. It should make cleaning this part of the maker much easier than with other models. It’s just another way BLACK+DECKER made sure to make this device as user-friendly as possible.

I also have to mention this product’s sneak-a-cup feature. This aspect allows you to temporarily stop the brewing process and pour a first cup while you wait. It’s a useful addition for impatient people like myself who don’t want to wait around for the whole brewing cycle to finish.

But none of these features are my favorite part of this device. I instead give this title to the product’s price tag, which is among the least costly on this entire list. However, I was a little disappointed by the shipping of this product. It arrived a lot later than initially expected. This doesn’t seem to be a one-time thing either based on other customer’s experiences.

6. Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Coffee Percolator

RV owners looking for a more retro and classic feel should look into buying the Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Coffee Percolator. It holds up well against more advanced models and still provides an old fashioned feeling with its excellent design and features.

For instance, this product comes with a lid that perfectly fits and traps heat inside the maker effectively. This action will help ensure your coffee stays hot for longer periods. Due to this, you might not need to heat your second cup in the microwave.

I also found this product being dishwasher safe appealing. Handwashing a percolator coffee maker sounds like a nightmare, but this product deletes this hassle. You can just instead throw it into your dishwasher and let it do the job.

The product’s Stay Cool handle is another winning trait. It should have no issues protecting your hands and fingers from the heat lying inside the maker. As a result, pouring and moving the device won’t bring forth any trouble or obstacles.

Its ability to make eight cups of coffee at once works to my benefit, as well. I tend to travel with a large number of family members and friends inside my rig. This truth means I need a coffee pot or maker capable of making a large amount of coffee quickly.

You don’t have to worry about its durability, either. This model has a stainless steel construction capable of dealing with the constant wear and tear. Honestly, if there were a percolator that was able to become a long-term investment, it’d be this one.

I’m not a fan of this product’s 12-minute runtime, though. This length is a bit too long for my taste as I much rather the brewing process finishes in 5 to 10 minutes. But it’s something I could learn to live with as waiting a little bit longer for my morning caffeine isn’t a huge deal-breaker.

7. STARESSO Portable Espresso Maker For RV

If you’re looking to get an espresso maker for an RV, there’s no better option than this one. It has proven capable of making rich espresso that’s similar to what you’d get anywhere else. The results provided by this device are excellent and unmatched among its rivals.

You also benefit from its lightweight, portable design. This aspect will ensure the device won’t have trouble fitting in even the most cramped RVs. Transporting the maker from location to location should be an issue-free task, as well.

The product’s cleaning process was another standout trait for me. In fact, it only takes a few rinses to clean away any residue left over from the brewing process. You couldn’t ask for much more when it comes to this aspect.

Likewise, the using process was a lot less complex than I initially assumed. Most espresso machines feature involved directions, which have left me somewhat confused in the past. But this device kicks this notion to the curb with easy to follow directions.

I should mention that this espresso maker is capable of working without electricity, as well. This attribute comes from its patented pumping system, which provides to make your morning espresso manually.

The 2-year warranty it comes with isn’t too shabby, either. This policy should provide plenty of coverage against an accident occurring with the device. It seems STARESSO honors the agreement based on other customer’s experiences, which isn’t always the case.

Honestly, I doubt using this warranty will ever be needed with the product’s stainless steel build. It promotes a level of durability that will likely lead to long term use. But it never hurts to have some backup.

I just wish this product had a lower price tag. This model ends up easily among the most costly on our entire list. If you want espresso maker like this one, it’s going to cost a small fortune.

8. Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker

RV owners looking for a device capable of brewing a large amount of coffee at once should consider this option. The Cuisinart DCC-3400P1 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker features a carafe that can hold 12 cups of coffee.

This feature is perfect for my needs and ensures everyone on board could have at least a second cup. I also love this product’s 24-hour programmability, which means you could set everything up the night before rather than in the morning.

As a groggy morning person, I couldn’t think of a better setting that fits my particular personality. The other settings provided by this device are impressive, too. These include self-clean, auto-off, 1-4 cup setting, and an optional ready alert tone. Each one of these settings will make using this product a much simpler endeavor.

The product’s brew-strength control was another appealing attribute. This aspect makes it possible to control the coffee’s strength with a simple touch of a button. You get a choice between regular and bold, which makes this device even more convenient.

People will find the product’s LCD screen to be another convenient trait. This aspect is effortless to read because it’s backlit. Honestly, I didn’t even have trouble reading it, and my eyesight is rather weak.

You also get a choice of eight color options, which should ensure every customer can pick a model capable of meshing with their RV’s interior. As a result, there’s no reason for this coffee machine to be an eyesore inside your rig.

Even with all these great features, this product does have a drawback worth mentioning. I had issues contacting customer service when I had a question about the directions. It was quite hard to get a hold of them, and I spent a long time on hold.

The price isn’t ideal, either. But overall, this device does produce some delicious coffee and does it effectively.

9. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee’s 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker is among the best motorhome coffee makers available for many reasons. One of them is this product’s straight to the point using process, which makes sure delicious brew gets created every time.

I also found this device’s Grab-A-Cup auto-pause feature exciting. This aspect ensures you can stop the brewing cycle temporarily to get a cup of coffee before the brewing is complete. It will then turn the process back on the moment you put back this device’s carafe back.

The inclusion of this product’s on/off indicator was another nice touch. This feature ensures you always know when the device is either on or off. Due to this, you’re much less likely to leave the coffee maker on, which could be a safety hazard.

Buyers will love this product’s stain-resistant warming plate, as well. It’ll ensure cleaning this part of the device is incredibly easy. On other models, these warming plates can get a little gross over time. But this feature helps make sure it never becomes an issue.

I was impressed by this product’s dual water window, too, which ensures you can always see the water level. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any overflowing during the filling process. You’ll instead be able to track the water effectively as it rises.

Aside from these great features, I have to mention the low price tag as a positive feature. It’s quite clear that the model should be an attractive option for any bargain buyer reading this article. What more could a rig owner want when looking to buy the best coffee pot for RV?

Well, I do wish the product’s design felt a little more durable. This coffee maker is made from plastic, which doesn’t hold up as well as stainless steel. It’s a preference issue more than a deal-breaker but could have a tremendous impact on your final decision.

10. Proctor Silex 48351 10-Cup Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for an option that’s both durable and affordable, the Proctor Silex 48351 10-Cup Coffee maker should be on your list. This product features a reliable and stable design capable of offering long-lasting top tier results.

I should also note that this design happens to be very compact. This aspect makes it an excellent portable coffee maker, capable of being moved from place to place with ease. RV owners could easily use this device as both their regular household and rig coffee maker.

This device happens to be quite advanced, as well. It comes with smart plug compatibility, which means a person could control the device using Alexa. You wouldn’t even need to get off the couch to get the brewing process started with this product.

I found this product’s 10 cup capacity more than meet my particular needs. This quantity should easily ensure everyone on my rig could have their needed caffeine fix. I wouldn’t even need to start a second brew cycle unless everyone wanted a second cup.

Besides these great aspects, this model has many other ones that we’ve discussed at length in prior reviews. These include an automatic pause and serve feature, on/off button, and dishwasher safe capabilities.

Each of these features will ensure this product is extremely user-friendly and functions well onboard your rig. You also get a choice about the device’s color, white or black. Both color schemes shouldn’t have a problem fitting seamlessly into your rig’s interior.

But this option is another one that doesn’t come with a warranty. I just don’t feel comfortable buying a coffee maker without one. It’s too much of a financial risk for my taste. However, if there were ever a product I’d reconsider this position for, it’d be this one. The price and feature combo are too outstanding not to at least think about buying.

11. Secura French Press Coffee Maker

The Secura French Press Coffee Maker was made to outlast all its rivals. This focus made its manufacturer make it have both a stainless steel interior and exterior. Due to this, it has become one of the most durable options on today’s market.

I also found this product’s inclusion of a double-wall construction interesting. This aspect improves the device’s thermal retention. In other words, it should keep your coffee hot for a longer time than other options.

The model’s cool-touch handle is another useful aspect. It will ensure the user can pour their coffee comfortably and safely without worrying about getting burned. The product’s knob will help in this regard, as well.

It would be best if you didn’t overlook this device’s filter screen, either. This aspect is effortless to disassemble for cleaning purposes. Plus, you can even stack multiple screens on top of each other to create a more flavorful taste.

This coffee maker also offers the most color choices, ten, among our chosen products. I can’t imagine a customer not being able to find a variation capable of fitting what they want. Honestly, I’m having trouble deciding which one option I want because each one looks so great.

It comes with three size choices, too, which further ensures every customer gets the perfect option. But what’s really shocking about this french press is the price tag. It’s actually affordable and much less costly than you’d typically expect from one of these devices.

If a french press coffee maker is what you want, it’s going to be hard to say no when considering this option. I sadly don’t fall into this category and would instead get a regular coffee machine. It’s also worth noting the using process was a bit more complicated than I’d like. But regardless, this french press was way too intriguing and efficient not to include on this list.

12. Melitta 10-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

The last product is a pour-over coffee maker capable of providing excellent results. This particular model comes with a stainless steel carafe, which has a rather large 10 cup capacity. It’s actually among the best available for pour-over types.

I also love how this carafe has proven to keep coffee warm inside it for hours. This trait makes it perfect for a rig owner who’s driving a long haul and needs to stay up longer than usual. It’ll ensure you have drinkable coffee throughout the entire trip.

This product’s plastic filter cone and lid being dishwasher safe certainly doesn’t hurt, either. As you know, this aspect makes the cleaning process a breeze. It makes sure you’ll never have to hand wash the product, which I imagine would be a frustrating process.

It would be best if you also took note of this lid and filter cone being BPA-free. This trait means these parts are free of potentially dangerous ingredients. You can use this coffee maker without having any worries about potential side effects or issues.

This product comes with all the necessary items needed for its using process. You get a plastic top, brewing cone, and a small supply of Melitta #4 cone filters. Given this info, there’s no reason to believe it won’t be ready to provide excellent coffee from the moment it arrives.

I found the price tag on this pour-over coffee maker to be more than acceptable, as well. I don’t see how this price tag wouldn’t fit in your budget, especially when looking at options with a large capacity. You don’t often see a price tag this low with a coffee maker capable of holding 10 cups.

But I wasn’t a fan of this how slowly the carafe poured the coffee with the lid on. It was a lot slower than I was expecting and made me remove the lid. This action ended up with me spilling coffee all over my RV kitchen floor.

Gloridea Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker (Outdated)

If you love the convenience of using a K-cup pod, this next option would be a perfect option. This quick single-serve coffee maker was designed for this specific brewing style. But don’t think it can’t brew using ground coffee beans, as well.

This model can handle both and has button options dedicated to each of these brewing styles. I should also point out that the using process for both brewing processes is pretty simple.

You just fill the tank with water, pour in the grounds or insert the K-cup pod, and hit the start button. From there, it’s just a matter of waiting and choosing your favorite coffee mug.As a result, it’s a rather useful option to have onboard an RV.

It’s compact and slim design further conveys this conclusion with its ability to brew excellent coffee without taking up much space. You should love this device’s other functions, as well. These include auto-turn off and auto-cleaning to ensure the product’s extremely user-friendly.

The removable drip tray further proves how convenient it’s because use can even fill up tall latte style cups. Given these features, it’s clear Gloridea did everything possible to make this product as appealing as possible to coffee enthusiasts.

In fact, this device even makes controlling the coffee’s strength easier with its large 14 oz water tank. This process becomes easier because the water tank has easy to read measurements. It makes it simple to add just the right amount of water.

I should note that this water tank is removable, which makes cleaning much easier, as well. But it’s a little bit more expensive than you might expect for this type of product. I could get a much cheaper option with only a slight dip in quality.

However, if money’s not an issue, there aren’t many single-serve options capable of matching the results offered by this model.

Coffee Maker for RV Buyer’s Guide


Buying the best coffee maker isn’t a simple, one-step process. You’ll instead have to explore multiple factors and examine how each one impacts your situation. This section will help accomplish the task by diving into every vital piece of it.

As a result, you’ll have a better grasp of what to look for when conducting your search. It’ll end up being a valuable resource capable of determining what coffee maker fits your situation.


Coffee tends to be a favorite drink within the RV owner community. But everyone takes their daily caffeine fix a little differently. This reality has made coffee maker companies develop numerous types to ensure everybody gets the perfect morning roast.

Of course, these many types can make picking the right option challenging. Let’s do a quick overview of each one to provide a better insight into, which one works for you:

Single-serve Coffee Machines

These devices make use of a dripping method, which serves out one cup every brewing cycle. It removes the need to do any measuring of additives, portions, or flavorings during the process. Therefore, it makes brewing a much quicker process.

This feature lends itself useful to a person who’s always on the move like an RV owner. I should also mention that this type is a bit more convenient than others. You see, it allows you to keep the unused product fresher than its counterparts.

But the single-serve option isn’t perfect. These devices often are much more costly than the other types. People looking for a bargain buy would be wise to look elsewhere.

Pour-over Coffee Machines

Pour-over coffee machines aren’t too tricky to understand. These devices have a using process consisting of pouring water over coffee grounds. This action will then dispense amazing coffee flavors into your mug or cup. It’s a process that creates coffee more efficiently and quickly.

But these coffee machines are often a bit more fickle than RV owners might expect. After all, pouring water over coffee grounds isn’t an exact science. You might end up with a brew that’s a little stronger than expected.

A great way around this issue is by pouring one stream of water from the showerhead. This action will create a more streamlined process by using higher temperature water than you’d get with multiple streams.

Percolators Coffee Machines

This next type happens to be much older than the others. Percolators were quite commonplace and widespread before drip coffee makers were introduced in the 70s. But their old fashion nature doesn’t mean they can’t still be a decent option for bargain buyers.

You see, these devices are still completely capable of brewing great coffee. Their using process consists of continually cycling the boiling brew through the coffee grounds. This action will continue until the coffee reaches your preferred strength level.

It also helps that using these devices is rather simple. You just pour in the water, add your coffee grounds, and heat the brew up. I should mention that these devices do come in both electric and non-electric, as well.

 Drip Coffee Machines

Like I noted earlier, drip coffee machines replaced the percolators as the preferred coffee machine. Their ability to fix a significant issue haunting these older devices, over-extracting coffee and turning it bitter, made it a no brainer.

You can expect these devices to work by using electricity. The product itself will feature a carafe, filter basket, and a water tank. Therefore, I’m willing to bet you’ve used these devices before and might have one in your regular household.

The carafe being made from glass and dishwasher safe is another benefit offered with these devices. It’ll ensure cleaning the machine doesn’t become a nightmare as it does with some other types.

Under-the-cabinet Coffee Machines

RV owners who are short on counter or storage space should take a long look at buying an under-the-cabinet coffee machine. These devices will take up as little room as possible due to their design, which makes them ideal fit in an RV kitchen.

But there aren’t many of these products out there on today’s market. You’ll have to look hard for one, which is a shame because saving storage space is a must for any RV owner. I should also mention that the available options won’t have much when it comes to unique aspects.

A good example of one would be the BLACK+DECKER Spacemaker Under-the-cabinet Coffee Maker. This model barely missed making our best available list in the product review section.


Like with any product, coffee makers will vary in price from model to model. This situation means having a well-constructed budget is key to finding a perfect fit. You’ll have to make sure this budget takes into account your wanted features and needs.

An excellent example would be someone who wants an easy to clean option should try and buy a drip coffee maker. These options are significantly more convenient in this area than the other types. It’s little details like this one that’ll have a tremendous impact on your budget and final choice.

Once your budget is constructed and realistic, it’ll become a useful tool to whittle down your options. The search will become much more manageable and straightforward due to your well thought out budget.

Coffee Maker’s Quality

Another critical component of this process is each product’s quality. As you might expect, the level of quality will vary from model to model. You must make sure to pick one capable of producing top tier results.

This task can be a little challenging due to the many options available. Honestly, it can bring forth some stress and frustration that a buyer doesn’t want to experience. Due to this, it becomes pivotal that you research each model’s quality thoroughly.

As a result, taking a gander at each model’s customer feedback can go a long way in helping. These discussions should shine a light on how every coffee maker performs and other valuable pieces of crucial info.

How Easy is the Using Process?

I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. This personality trait means I don’t want to think about how a coffee maker works when first waking up. It’s just not something I want to start my day doing.

If you’re anything like me, it becomes imperative to look for options with an easy using process. You’re also going to want a model that’s easy to handle and has a high level of portability. Each of these aspects will make using the device a much more manageable and simple task.

You should take a look at each product’s using directions before making a final decision, as well. This action will help determine whether you feel comfortable and capable of using the product effectively.

In most cases, you can find these directions in the product description or on the manufacturer’s website.

RV Kitchen Space

As you might imagine, RV coffee makers come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. This reality makes it vital to evaluate how much space a coffee maker could take up in your kitchen before buying one.

This decision will end up making the entire buying process easier. After all, it’ll lessen the number of options down to a more acceptable amount. You’ll no longer have a sense of being overwhelmed by how many capable options are on your computer screen.

It’ll also increase the chances of finding the perfect option. For instance, a person who’s short on space would do better looking at an under-the-cabinet RV coffee maker. This type would fit perfectly in a smaller rig like a campervan or other Class B RV.

Cleaning Process

It would be best if you bought a truck camper coffee maker that’s easy to clean. Honestly, you’ll be using this product daily, which means it’ll need cleaning quite frequently. If this process is overly tricky, your happiness with the coffee maker could soon become non-existent.

A great way to examine this issue is by reading through each product’s description. The manufacturer should outline the cleaning process in them and provide a better handle on whether you’re comfortable with the process.

RV Coffee Maker FAQs

Our FAQ section will answer any remaining topics our buying guide or product reviews didn’t. It’ll end up being the last piece to this buying process. In fact, it’ll be a pivotal resource capable of helping you make a responsible decision.

Who is this for?

RV coffee makers are for people who like having a nice cup of joe when going out on the road. These devices will be able to provide your coffee fix without pulling over to the nearest Starbucks or gas station.

As a result, these devices are about convenience for people who need a little caffeine to get through the day. You just need to find a coffee maker capable of providing the coffee you want, which is what this article’s trying to do.

What’s the lowest wattage coffee maker?

Farberware’s 50124 Classic Yosemite Coffee Percolator would have the lowest wattage among our recommended options. After all, it’s a non electric coffee maker for RV, so it doesn’t use any watts, unlike the other choices mentioned in this article.

But if you want an electric low wattage coffee maker, several options top out at 650 watts. My favorite among these choices would have to be BLACK+DECKER’s 5-Cup Coffeemaker. It balances performance and affordability, which most other choices can’t offer.

How many amps does a 4 cup coffee maker use?

It will vary based on your particular model. So determining the number of amps used by a 4-cup travel trailer coffee maker requires some calculations. You’ll need to divide the device’s watts by its voltage to get its amount of volts.

Let’s use the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker as an example. It uses 650 watts and 120 volts, so its amp usage will be 5.4 amps to serve four cups of delicious coffee. Meanwhile, Cuisinart’s DCC-3400P1 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Maker uses more electricity.

It needs 1050 watts and 120 volts when making four cups of coffee. So it ends up using 8.75 amps during the process.

Advantages of using a coffee maker for RV

Having a coffee maker onboard your rig brings forth several benefits. One of them is its ability to provide a feeling of your trailer feeling like a regular household. There are very few things capable of offering a more homely feel than a nice cup of coffee.

RV coffee makers will also save their users a ton of money. You’ll no longer have to stop and pay for a daily cup at Starbucks or your local gas station. Plus, this method of continually stopping for your next caffeine fix is extremely inefficient and impractical.

It’s just adding more and more stops to your trip. Therefore, you’re wasting time doing annoying things like buying coffee rather than fun camping activities. You’ll benefit from most of these coffee makers being incredibly easy to use, as well.

After all, the coffee-making process usually doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get done. It doesn’t hurt that you don’t have to rely on other people making your coffee with an RV coffee maker onboard your rig, either.

How to use?

The using process for an RV coffee maker will depend on what option you get. But these devices often work just like a household model would function. In most cases, operating one of them won’t be overly tricky or frustrating.

It’s usually a simple matter of placing the coffee grounds into the filter, pouring water into the coffee pot, turning it on, and waiting for the brewing process to finish. This process will obviously change for people who buy a more advanced type like a single-serve coffee machine.

But in either case, the using process won’t be anything a person can’t function when tired in the early morning.

What is the warranty?

As with the using process, a coffee maker’s warranty will change based on what model you purchase. These plans could be 1-year, 5-year, or even 10-year warranties. This aspect will entirely depend on each company’s beliefs on this issue.

You’ll also come across brands who don’t offer any warranty at all. I’d suggest avoiding these models unless there’s a great deal of positive customer feedback. It’s not a wise move to buy something like a coffee maker without some protection from a warranty.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Cleaning a coffee maker for your RV can be rather involved. The process will also vary from device to device. But generally, these following steps should get the job done:

  • Place your old grounds and coffee into the trash. Return both the filter basket holding the old grounds and RV coffee pot into their usual positions.
  • Use some hot water to fill the reservoir halfway. You’ll want to fill the other half with something like white vinegar. This combo should loosen up any residue lying inside your coffee maker.
  • Turn on your coffee maker. Once it has finished its cycle, pour the combo of white vinegar and water back into the reservoir. You then turn the device back on for a second time.
  • After completing the second run, use soap and hot water to wash the pot. This action should remove any remaining residue. You should also make sure to wash out the basket, as well. This task could be made easier by using an old toothbrush, which makes reaching crannies and nooks more manageable.
  • The next step is filling the removable water reservoir with cold water. You then turn on your coffee maker for a third cycle. This step should be done twice because the vinegar can be rather difficult to remove from these devices.
  • Grab a dishrag and dip it into a half white vinegar, half water solution. This rag shouldn’t have any issue getting rid of those annoying water spots.
  • Repeat these steps every month.


After reading our article, finding the best coffee maker for RV shouldn’t be much of a challenge. You just need to apply the info laid out in this article into your search. This action will lead to making an easy determination about what model fits your needs.

But some unanswered questions might still arise during your search. If this does happen, let us know in our comment section. I’ll do everything possible to get you pointed in the right direction. After all, it was the whole point of writing this article in the first place.

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