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The Best Black Streak Removers for RV Surfaces

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Black streaks are one of the most common issues an RVer can face. These pesky black stains represent a severe nuisance that’ll ruin a motorhome’s appearance. As a result, finding the best black streak remover for RV surfaces seems like a wise move.

best black streak removers for rv

These products will help contain those annoying streaks to ensure your rig looks pristine. But finding the high-quality ones can be a little challenging without the proper information. However, our buying guide and other discussions will make sure any difficulties disappear.

I’ll provide everything a person might need to make an intelligent buying decision. You’ll soon know more about these products than you ever thought possible. Let’s begin this journey with 10 reviews of my favorite options available.

Best Overall Easy to Clean Budget Friendly
Preview Camco 41008

Bio-Kleen M00509

303 30243
Details Details Details

9 Best RV Black Streak Remover Reviews

1. Camco 41008 Pro-Strength Black Streak Remover

If you’re looking for a low-effort option, Camco’s 41008 Pro-Strength Black Streak Remover needs to be on your list. It’ll make removing black streaks from your RV a stress-free and straightforward task.

Not only that, it’s also effective against various other issues: bugs, tar, grease, dirt, and oil. These effective results come from its specially formulated solution, which has both cleaning and degreasing properties.

As a result, you can expect this product to work through stains and streaks that other options available can’t. I was also thrilled to see it offers two different quantities options, 1-gallon and 32 oz.

This attribute might not seem like a big deal, but it’ll help prevent a buyer from having to purchase more than they would need. It gives this option a bit more convenience and user-friendliness than some others on our list.

You shouldn’t overlook the 32 oz version’s spray-on bottle design, either. It’ll further ensure this particular RV cleaner black streak remover’s nothing less than a delight to use. More importantly, this remover doesn’t take much time to make its mark.

Multiple customers reported it cutting through grime and dirt much faster than expected. I can’t do anything but back up these findings as it got rid of my RV surface issues within minutes.

But RVers looking for a product to use on their membrane or rubber roofs shouldn’t buy this option. Its more potent formula could cause even more damage rather than work effectively on these surfaces.

In any case, this professional-strength option from Camco should be a viable option for most RVers. Its easy-to-use product design and fast-acting results alone will make it a perfect fit. You’d have a hard time finding a more efficient option available than this Camco product.

2. Bio-Kleen M00509 RV Black Streak Remover

Bio-Kleen’s M00509 RV Black Streak Remover is an excellent product to start our list. It has earned rave reviews for its overall effectiveness and convenience among users. These happy customers aren’t only RVers, either.

After all, this Bio-Kleen black streak remover offers a valuable level of versatility. You can use it on boats, trailers, campers, RVs, and various similar applications. I don’t have a single doubt that you’ll find multiple uses for it within your life.

I found myself loving its easy using process, as well. It makes removing black streaks from RV surfaces as simple as spraying it on and wiping it off. There aren’t any complicated instructions or manuals to follow when using this remover.

Buyers will also be overjoyed with its performance quality. It’ll remove those pesky black streaks, soils, and other unwanted surface marks with relative ease. It will then leave the surface sparkling like it never has before, which should bring a smile to any RVer’s face.

Its 1-gallon container was another appealing trait to catch my attention. It should allow for multiple uses of this product without needing to buy more. Buyers sure get their money’s worth with this excellent black streak remover for trailers.

However, RVers who have unmaintained older rigs should look into buying another remover. This option has been known to strip away paint in these conditions. It could end up making the entire situation worse rather than better, which isn’t what anyone wants.

But anyone looking to get rid of these streaks or stains on a newer rig shouldn’t have any issues. It will take them right off and make your RV look brand new. Plus, it offers these results without much effort on your part. It sounds like an ideal choice to me.

3. 303 Products 30243 Black Streak Remover

303 Products 30243 Black Streak Remover is one of the more versatile choices for RV owners. Its formula is usable for cars, motorhomes, boats, campers, RVs, and other vehicles. Honestly, it hasn’t been too challenging to find multiple ways to use this product in my life.

The versatility doesn’t stop at vehicle applications, either. 303 Products ensured its formula had no problem working on various surfaces. So without worrying about any damage, I can use it on fiberglass, vinyl, metal, and painted surfaces.

Of course, none of this versatility matters much without effective performance. But performance quality is another area where this black streak remover for caravans and RVs excels. Its formula has quickly gotten rid of marks and other issues whenever I’ve used it.

The product even made those challenging, older black streaks disappear from my camper. Initially, I couldn’t believe it as most other options repeatedly failed to remove them. But, it made my RV look better than it had in years.

Furthermore, users don’t have to worry about its formula being dangerous to the environment. On the contrary, it’s considered eco-friendly, which is a huge selling point for me. It makes me feel a lot less paranoid about the possibility of a spill due to my clumsiness.

Using the product couldn’t be much easier, either. 303 Products provide easy-to-follow instructions to ensure even I couldn’t fail in using it correctly. Plus, it’s worth mentioning again that the results are almost unbelievably quick.

However, some customers did mention this cleaner not being effective for aluminum vehicles. But as long as we use it for fiberglass and other surfaces it’s made for, this flaw is negligible. I imagine anyone who follows the product’s directions will have a successful experience, just like I did with my white trailer.

4. Star Brite Instant Black Streak Remover for RVs

One of the most versatile options available would be Star Brite’s Instant Black Streak Remover for RVs. After all, this product won’t have any issues working on painted, fiberglass, vinyl, stainless, or metal surfaces.

Its multi-purpose abilities should provide an RVer with various ways to use this cleaning product. Honestly, I tried using this remover on these surfaces inside and outside my RV. I couldn’t believe how effective the results were based on my previous experiences with “multi-purpose cleaners.”

This StarBrite black streak remover’s versatility doesn’t stop with its usable surfaces, either. It has no problem getting rid of black streaks, soap scum, grease, grime, and numerous other issues. I don’t see any way buyers wouldn’t find multiple ways to use this solution within their motorhome.

Users will find themselves delighted with its fast-acting results, as well. The entire process consists of spraying this product onto a surface, letting it sit for 30 seconds, using a cloth to wipe away the stain, and rinsing it off. There’s nothing more to it.

You don’t have to worry about it removing wax or polish, either. It’ll do its job without taking away the newly minted shine provided by a recent waxing. Your RV gets to keep its brand new look and rid itself of some awful black streaks or grime build-ups.

I have to admit that this product is a bit expensive when compared with similar options. It’s easily among one of our most costly on this list. You’ll have to weigh whether its excellent performance versatility is worth it.

But I’d have a hard time believing anyone wouldn’t think the price increase was worth it. After all, its staggering number of uses helps wipe out the money needed for other cleaners. You could end up saving money.

5. ProSol Bugs N All Bug Splatter and Black Streak Remover

RVers looking to purchase an eco-friendly option should consider ProSol’s Bugs N All Bug Splatter and Black Streak Remover. Its formula consists of non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients that still pack quite a cleaning punch.

Users can expect this product to remove black streaks and oxidation within 25 seconds. Bug splatter doesn’t stand much of a chance, either, with it being gone in 60 seconds. It offers these excellent results without damaging your rig’s paint, motorhome wax, decals, or clear coat.

You can expect the remover to work well on most vehicles, as well. It’s shown to be effective on trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, RVs, trailers, boats, and campers. The customer reviews are filled with people finding new and exciting ways to use this excellent cleaner.

I was also pumped to see this product came with an included empty 32 oz spray bottle. This aspect will make using the remover much more manageable than other concentrated options. It becomes a convenient choice for both small and larger jobs.

More importantly, buyers can use this 1-gallon concentrated quantity to make 8 gallons of cleaning solution. It makes this option a bit more cost-effective than you might expect, given its high price tag. You shouldn’t have any issues getting multiple uses from it with this much streak remover.

But some customers did have an issue with the product’s packaging. In these cases, the bottle arrived in a container where it leaked over the inside. These incidents aren’t what a customer wants to see when doing product research.

However, these complaints weren’t overly common. It was only a few people rather than any majority that would give me a sense of worry. I would feel completely confident putting my money down for this option from ProSol. After all, it’s an easy contender for the top-rated RV wash to remove black streaks available today.

6. Bio-Kleen M00505 RV/Marine Black Streak Remover

Bio-Kleen’s M00505 RV/Marine Black Streak Remover is a cleaning solution made specifically for RV and marine applications. Its 16 oz bottle ends up being a perfect option for people looking to do a little spot cleaning on their RVs or boats.

In these situations, this product will remove grease and black streaks without breaking much of a sweat. Its highly concentrated formula has surprised many campers by being overly effective, where other black stain removers haven’t shown any success.

This product’s using process is another trait worthy of praise, given its easiness. I didn’t even have trouble removing those streaks with its simple spray and wipe-off process. Honestly, it doesn’t get much easier when it comes to these products.

You don’t have to worry about it taking up much room inside a storage area, either. Its small 16 oz bottle will fit nicely into almost any place within your motorhome. I very much doubt that anyone will have issues with its storage capabilities, even in small rigs like campervans.

Buyers will also be happy to see this another made from biodegradable ingredients. As a result, you can rest easy knowing its usage won’t be harmful to our wonderful planet. It’s always a good idea to ensure that whatever cleaning products are being used don’t pose this risk.

I only wish Bio-Kleen provided more quantity choices for its potential customers. It seems like a missed opportunity to appeal to a broader audience. Honestly, its 16 oz bottle isn’t enough cleaning solution for what I’ll need to do on my RV’s surface.

But you can’t argue with the results the product does provide. If this quantity suits your needs, I don’t see why this option wouldn’t be a perfect solution. It could be a simple, effective answer to your question of “what takes black streaks off camper surfaces.”

7. Korkay Awning Cleaner and Black Streak Remover

If you’re having a black streak issue on your RV’s awning, Korkay’s Awning Cleaner and Black Streak Remover should be a perfect fit. Korkay designed this cleaning solution for this exact issue to ensure your awning can get a little bit of its sparkle back.

Your neighbors will soon be jealous of your RV’s awning condition. Plus, this cleaning solution does an excellent job with various other potential issues. Some of them include bug splatter, dust, dirt, tree sap, and grime.

Once it’s applied, each of these substances doesn’t stand much of a chance against it. You can also extend these results on several surfaces ranging from fiberglass to painted surfaces. It even has a known effectiveness of working on an RV’s decals.

The 1-gallon bottle will provide plenty of opportunities to use this solution, as well. It should provide several uses that will help keep your RV’s surfaces sparkling and issue-free. Honestly, I was more than pleased with its effect on my motorhome when trying this product.

It ended up being simple to use, worked perfectly, and provided enough versatility for various uses. There isn’t much more a person could want in these products. I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, either, considering the staggering number of positive customer reviews.

I was a bit disappointed to see this product didn’t come with an included spray bottle, though. It could’ve made things a lot more convenient when applying this product. But once you do have a spray bottle, the entire using process is effortless and hassle-free.

Overall, it’s another cleaning solution more than capable of removing black streaks and various other issues from your motorhome. Buyers certainly won’t find themselves disappointed by what it offers from a performance or convenience perspective.

8. B.E.S.T. 50032 Black Streak Remover

The B.E.S.T. 50032 Black Streak Remover has become a favorite among RVers looking to remove black streaks on fiberglass camper surfaces. It earned this praise from the solution’s effectiveness, which doesn’t come from using toxic acids or chemicals.

As with a few previous products, this cleaner is another with a biodegradable formula. It’s a main reason why this product can work on fiberglass or painted surfaces without causing any damage. This versatility should make the solution a usable one within your RV and residential home.

The lack of elbow grease needed when applying this product was another massive highlight. It took little effort to remove grime, tar, and black streaks from my RV with this cleaner. I was shocked by the effortless process when I thought about my experiences with other removers.

You’ll even find it helpful on often neglected areas, such as tires and wheels. I was able to remove build-ups on these surfaces that other cleaners failed to solve. Plus, the spray-on bottle design makes applying the solution to those areas much easier than most options.

B.E.S.T also received rave reviews about its shipping speed, which is always a nice touch. It was mentioned more than a few times in the customer reviews. Buyers should pay attention to praise for shipping rates or customer services whenever it occurs.

A few customers did report issues with it working on mildew-affected surfaces, though. Potential buyers with these problems should look at different black stain removers. It was a problem mentioned more than once in its buyer reviews.

But the cleaner seems to receive rare reviews in every other area. There’s no reason to believe it won’t have your RV’s surface looking as good as new in no time.

9. 303 Products UV Protectant Spray

If you’re looking for an option to remove black streaks and provide a little sun protection, 303 Products’ UV Protectant Spray is an ideal fit. This product was designed to give the campers excellent UV protection, whether they have fiberglass or gel coat exteriors.

This spray’s protective qualities are vital to prevent issues like cracking, fading, and discoloration. It’s a simple way of keeping your RV surfaces in good condition even when faced with extended UV ray exposure.

You can also rely on this product to repel stains, streaks, and dust. These abilities will help extend the time between cleanings, which is always helpful. I’m a person who despises cleaning or maintenance tasks, so this feature is a valuable and necessary attribute.

But I must note that this product isn’t only for RV exteriors. You can use this spray on plastic, finished leather, vinyl, eisenglass, and rubber surfaces. It’s a multi-purpose solution capable of adding extra protection to multiple areas around your motorhome.

Some other notable features include being made in the USA, various buying choices, an easy using process, and a non-toxic formula. These attributes should make this choice a lot more convenient and safe to use for potential buyers.

I was surprised to see a few customers mentioning this product’s packaging container as a negative. It seems using this product without spilling it was a difficult thing to do. You’ll need to be careful, or you could find yourself wasting a useful cleaning solution.

Aside from this slight issue, there isn’t anything worth mentioning as a negative. Users who use this product carefully should have no problems getting what they need from it. Your rig’s surfaces will remain free of those terrible UV ray side effects for a long time.

Thetford 54128 Heavy-Duty RV Black Streak Cleaner (Outdated)

Our list ends with one of the most potent options available. Thetford’s 54128 Heavy-Duty RV Black Streak Cleaner happens to be a concentrated commercial strength solution that’s known for dealing with the most challenging jobs.

In these situations, this product will use its biodegradable formula to remove those black streaks in seconds. Boat and RV owners seem to swear up and down that this product can even bring back the most affected surfaces.

But it also offers a bit of adaptability because users can dilute it to use on less challenging tasks. This aspect provides the cleaner with a bit more convenience and usability. It makes the streak remover a worthwhile option for almost any RVer.

Moreover, the diluting ability makes the product last longer than you might expect. It helps ensure this solution ends up being cost-effective rather than a costly purchase. Bargain buyers should take a few minutes to consider whether this product could help them.

After all, users can make 4 gallons of multi-purpose cleaner from this 1-gallon container. This amount of cleaning solution should have no problems serving multiple sessions. Plus, this product’s using process doesn’t even require rinsing to make your life easier.

The only notable issue was a review or two complaining about receiving old stock when getting their product. In other words, the cleaner wasn’t usable and expired. It was a weird thing to encounter given Thetford’s stellar reputation among the RVing community.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about these issues, though. Most buyers were more than thrilled with what they received when buying this product. I would expect anyone reading this article who purchases it to find themselves feeling the same way.

Thetford Premium RV Black Streak and Bug Remover (Outdated)

Among the fastest working options would have to be Thetford’s 32 oz Premium RV Black Streak and Bug Remover. Users can expect this product’s ultrafoam formula to work on contact with the intended surface.

It’ll then penetrate the unwanted substances and lift them, which removes the need for hand scrubbing. Anyone who values making these tasks easier and less time-consuming will undoubtedly enjoy how this product works.

Buyers will also need to know this product was designed for heavy-duty surface issues. It uses an aggressive formula that can eliminate black streaks, sun-baked bugs, and long-term stains with relative ease. It’s genuinely a miracle worker when it comes to dealing with those more challenging situations.

However, its aggressive formula doesn’t mean it’ll cause damage to your rig’s surface. It should have no issues working on most gel coats, fiberglass, painted aluminum, or decal layered surfaces. Thetford did an excellent job finding a balance between top-tier strength and delicacy when creating this solution.

You’d think with these performance results that the product would be more expensive. But it falls in line with what buyers can usually expect from a 32 oz bottle of black streak remover. As a result, it becomes somewhat of a bargain for people looking to deal with stricter surface issues.

But I would be cautious about using this product on older/beat-up vehicles. It’d be best to spot test these surfaces before applying the cleaner. Otherwise, it could eat through more weather surfaces and cause you some serious problems.

RVers with newer motorhomes shouldn’t hesitate for a second to purchase this cleaner, though. It’ll offer superior results most other streak removers won’t have a chance at matching. If you don’t believe me, check out the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.

Black Streak Remover for RV Buyer’s Guide


Choosing a cleaning product to remove black streaks from an RV is a bit more complex than most assume. There are several essential variables that’ll impact your final decision. I’ll dive into them below to ensure this process doesn’t end with a stress headache and a bad purchase.

  • Product Versatility

One of the first things to consider is each choice’s versatility. You don’t want to buy a product that’s only capable of working on a single surface. It’ll lessen the impact these removers can offer by a significant margin.

After all, RVs don’t only use a single surface material. It makes buying a remover formulated for a single surface relatively inefficient from a buyer’s perspective. Instead, you’ll want one capable of working on various, such as metal, polished, and fiberglass.

I’d also recommend going through each option’s online reviews before making a final decision. Some manufacturers tend to exaggerate their product’s usability on various surfaces. These reviews will let you see through these lies.

  • Strength

RVers have a habit of thinking the most powerful cleaner will always be their best option. But what these people don’t realize is that those stronger options can cause significant surface damages. You might encounter issues like harming paint jobs, decals, vinyl graphics, and much more.

As a result, it becomes imperative to choose the perfect one for your particular situation. This ideal product will find an ideal balance between potency and delicacy. In other words, it needs to be strong enough to remove surface marks without harming your stickers and decals.

  • Formula’s Abrasiveness

Each formula’s abrasiveness will play a massive role in determining your ideal option. It’s essential to understand that removing surface issues doesn’t always require heavy-duty ingredients. But some people don’t realize this fact, which leads to more damage.

Experts often even recommend choosing removers with low abrasive levels when dealing with black streaks. It would be best if you looked to select a formula that doesn’t produce any abrasions upon your RV’s surface. If you do choose one with too strong abrasives, the product will leave behind ghastly scratches.

Choose an option capable of dealing with various stains and streaks without many harmful abrasive ingredients. It’ll allow you to avoid these issues entirely.

  • UV Protection

High-quality camper cleaner black streak remover products might offer UV protection. They’ll make sure extended periods out in the sun don’t result in UV ray-related damage. These products will cost more, but it’s worth having to prevent issues like fading and discoloration.

  • Length of Protection

Your preferred option should leave behind a long-lasting protective coating. I’d recommend sticking with options that can remain effective for a month or more. It should help decrease the number of times a re-application will be necessary.

Some brands will provide an expectation of the coating’s longevity on the product’s label. But you can’t trust these numbers solely on the manufacturer’s word. It’s best to check the customer reviews and see what they have to say before putting your money down.

  • Eco-Friendly

In the simplest terms, these products are a solution made from chemicals that remove stains on numerous surfaces. But some of the chemicals used in these products have the side effect of being bad for our planet.

This disadvantage isn’t present in every one of them, though. Some options are made from biodegradable materials and considered eco-friendly. Therefore, using them has no harmful effect on the environment or anything else.

  • Cost

Price will play a role in purchasing any product. Black streak removers aren’t any different because they’re available at numerous costs. You’ll have to build a budget around what you feel comfortable spending for your ideal option.

For instance, a person who wants UV protection built into their preferred option will need a higher budget. Paying attention to these little details can be a massive help when choosing your stain remover.

Black Streak Remover FAQs

Our FAQ section will attempt to answer any leftover questions inside your head. As a result, these discussions should tie this entire process into a nice little bow. You’ll soon have more than enough information to find a suitable stain remover for your RV.

Who is this for?

If you’re wondering how to remove black streaks from RV surfaces, these products are meant for you. Black streak removers are built specifically for these issues and should return your camper to its former glory in no time.

What are the different kinds of RV black streak removers?

Black streak removers for RVs are separated into two primary types: concentrated and spray-on. I’ll discuss both to provide an idea of what one works best for your needs.

Concentrated RV Black Stain Removers

Concentrated options are more designed to deal with those heavy-duty surface issues. Most RVers use them to eliminate problems that have been on their vehicles for an extended period. An excellent way to utilize these more robust ones is using water to dilute them.

If you don’t, your RV’s surface might end up getting damaged even further. It’s also essential to note that concentrated types usually don’t have spray-on nozzle attachments. This attribute can make the using process a bit more complex than with the spray-on types.

Spray-On RV Black Stain Removers

In most cases, spray-on options will have formulas with thin consistencies. It’s a valuable trait because it allows users to distribute the solution much easier on surfaces. You’ll also come across variations with nozzles that make using them for smaller areas more manageable.

Spray-on stain removers tend to come in 18 or 32 oz bottles, as well. These quantities make them a tough sell for RVers looking to remove stains from larger surfaces. You’d be better off with a concentrated option.

Will WD-40 remove black streaks from camper?

WD-40 has shown to be effective at removing black streaks from campers. You only need to follow the instructions on the product’s packaging to use it correctly. And in only a matter of minutes after application, it will have done its job.

I should note that WD-40 tends to only work for newer black streaks. So any older, well-established steaks won’t be too affected by it. Instead, removing them will require a regular black streak remover like Camco’s 41008 Pro-Strength Black Streak Remover.

How do I get black streaks off my RV?

In most cases, it doesn’t take much effort to clean black streaks off camper surfaces. I’ve found many black streak issues can be solved using soap and water. But this article wouldn’t exist if a simple soap and water cleaning removed all of these marks.

As a result, tougher imperfections will require a specialized camper black streak remover. Each product will have specific directions about how to do the process, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

You can then expect these cleaners to remove the streaks with a quick wash. But it’s essential to choose a formula with a solid reputation to ensure effective results, such as Bio-Kleen M00505 RV/Marine Black Streak Remover.

How long does it take to remove black streaks on RV?

Any high-quality RV cleaner for black streaks should remove them after a single application. In other words, getting the job done shouldn’t take much more than a few minutes. It’ll then ensure the rig is free of streaks and returns to its former glory.

How do black streak removers for RV work?

Understanding how these products work requires knowing how the stains form on your RV. You can aspect these issues to arise from two different sources on campers:

  • The roof’s material will start to shed slowly and creates a chalky substance that changes into black streaks or stains.
  • Natural build-ups of unclean substances, such as grime or dirt.

In some cases, good old water and soap can get rid of these stains. But black stain removers will get the job done without wasting much of your effort or time. These products have a cleaning agent that works by dislodging these issues from your RV’s surface.

RVers will only need to let this solution sit for a minute or two before wiping and then rinsing it. If it’s used correctly, it’ll solve the issue of how to get black streaks off camper surfaces in no time. It’ll then leave you with a nice, clean surface that gives your RV some shine.

Advantages and disadvantages of using black streak removers for RV

Black streak removers for RV usage provide users with advantages and disadvantages. You’ll need a handle on both sides to ensure buying these products is worth your time. This section will give you a final answer to the question at hand.


  • User-Friendliness

Some RVers decide to make their own homemade RV black streak remover rather than getting manufactured ones. But this process comes with the massive inconvenience of developing the formula yourself. You’ll need to round up the materials, resources, and research into several crucial elements like consistency or strength.

Meanwhile, a manufactured option eliminates these massive inconveniences. It’s an easy way to ensure you don’t waste a lot of time dealing with stain removers. You can instead buy from a trusted brand and spend your time doing other fun camping activities.

  • Multi-Purpose

High-quality stain removers won’t only clean streaks or stains on campers, trailers, RVs, and other motorhomes. These products will also provide enough versatility to work on different surfaces, such as:

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Awnings
  • Stoves
  • Boats
  • Flooring
  • Bathtubs
  • Furniture

These top-tier options provide a multi-purpose cleaning ability, which could be invaluable. I’m always going to suggest purchasing versatile black streak removers. It’s the easiest way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Added UV Protection

As I mentioned earlier, certain RV black stain removers will offer added UV protection. This attribute will ensure a surface remains protected against those damaging UV rays. It’s a crucial aspect, mainly when applied to vulnerable surfaces like vinyl or aluminum.


Their main disadvantages are it’s another expense, and stronger ones can cause surface damage. If you’re careful about the product’s strength, there’s no reason buyers shouldn’t find one capable of offering perfect performance results.

Who makes the t black streak removers for RV?

If you’re wondering who makes the best black streak removers, look no further than our product review section. Each of them has a known reputation for creating top-tier cleaners and providing excellent customer service.

Buyers who stick with these brands should have complete faith in their purchase. I know, I do when buying from these companies. A few other brands with my confidence are any McKee’s RV black streak remover products and Reliable One black streak remover products.

How do you remove black streaks from enclosed trailers?

These types of trailers are a favorite among RVers because they offer added protection and shelter for stored items. In other words, these trailers can protect your cargo from various weather conditions and other harsh elements.

But these trailers aren’t black streak-proof. Users will still require a top-end cleaning solution like the ones mentioned in our article. Using one of these high-quality solutions should remove black streaks and stains on these trailers with ease.

Will simple green remove black streaks from the camper?

Some campers swear by using Simple Green to remove black streaks. If you don’t know about Simple Green, it’s an all-purpose cleaner that can remove and degrease stains from multiple surfaces. It has earned an outstanding reputation among motorhome and RVers since its inception.

But does it have what it takes to remove black streaks? Yes, it does, but the effectiveness can vary from situation to situation. RVers would still be better off using a remover designed specifically for these issues.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Maintenance and care for these products doesn’t take a lot of effort. Users will need to stick to the product’s label and follow its storage procedures. I’d also recommend being extra careful about keeping the lid secured after each usage.

Storing the streak remover in a low-light area at room temperature would be another smart move, as well. Extreme temperatures can reduce their shelf life by a significant amount.

Where can I buy?

Finding a place to buy high-quality options isn’t too tricky. It would be best to start with Amazon, which features low prices and a more extensive selection than anywhere else. A few solid alternative choices would be Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Wal-Mart.


After reading our article, finding the best black streak remover for RV surfaces should be easy. Our buying guide laid out everything you could need to make a proper final decision about these products.

But if anyone has more questions, feel free to use our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each one as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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