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The Best AGM Batteries for RVs, Cars, Trucks & Other Vehicles

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best AGM battery for a rig or car owner doesn’t have to be a complicated task. I know the vast number of options available can make it seem challenging. But a buyer equipped with the right information can make this decision without issue.

I’m going to help you become this buyer by covering everything relevant to these devices. These discussions will cover topics like their benefits, disadvantages, determining buying factors, and different types.

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This article will even feature reviews of my favorite AGM batteries available. As a result, you’ll be more than equipped to make a smart buying decision when choosing one. It’ll end up being much like purchasing a mundane item like a piece of clothing.

Let’s now get this process started and make those stressful feelings disappear. I promise anyone who finishes reading our full article will have no problem picking out an AGM battery. You’ll be shocked by how easy it’s compared to what you were expecting.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Most Durable
Preview Weize TL12100

Universal UB121000

ACDelco B24R

Cell Composition Sealed Lead Acid Sealed Lead Acid Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Capacity 100AH 100AH 45AH
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months 24 Months
Details Details Details

List of 16 Top-Rated AGM Battery Reviews

This section will contain those 16 reviews mentioned previously. Each of these discussions will ensure you know what a high-quality AGM looks like and offers a buyer. They’ll also help you understand the more complex topics that are covered in later sections.

1. Weize 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Weize’s 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery is an excellent choice for any rig owner looking to buy a 12v 100Ah AGM battery. The product is a perfect fit for these buyers because it has a long list of exceptional features that can make their lives much easier.

One of these features would be its design, which minimizes acid spillage and removes the need for maintaining acid/water levels. Due to these benefits, it’s a maintenance-free choice worth trying for anyone who hates regular upkeep.

I was also impressed by its ability to work in a series or parallel, ensuring it can create 24 V or 48 V battery arrays. This feature makes sure it can appeal to a broader audience rather than only vehicle owners looking for a 12V battery.

The product’s compact construction is another winning trait. In fact, this model is much smaller and denser than you’d see with competing batteries. It makes the device more adaptable to numerous situations and allows an easier installation.

You can expect this deep cycle battery to last longer than a regular or starter battery as well. It offers a level of durability any buyer will be more than happy with concerning their investment. There’s no reason to believe this device won’t be working five years down the road.

This durability comes from its heavy-duty calcium-alloy grid, which ensures long-lasting excellent performance. It was an area that saw numerous customers’ praise within this AGM battery review section.

But the device isn’t a perfect option as it doesn’t come with a wiring or mounting harness. The lack of these features can make its installation a bit tougher than with other models. It’s something to think about before putting money down on this AGM automotive battery.

2. Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah AGM Battery

If you want to buy the best AGM battery for solar or wind power applications, Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery will be a solid choice. This battery will function well in these situations because it has more than two times the durability of most other options.

Buyers should also take notice of its ability to withstand both low and high temperatures with ease. As a result, it will be a perfect fit for people looking to do boondocking in areas where the weather conditions can get dicey.

The product’s vibration resistance is rather intriguing as well. It’s known to withstand 20 times more than a standard model can, which is quite incredible. This battery will have no issues dealing with the bumpy terrain present on an RV trip.

Its overall versatility is another impressive thing about this model, which comes from its AGM 12V design. This product can work with many vehicles, such as RVs, motorhomes, boats, caravans, cars and so on, without degrading its energy output or performance.

I was thrilled to see numerous customers report that this model had an easy install process in their reviews. As someone who isn’t a mechanical genius, anything capable of making these tasks easier is always a win in my eyes.

You can rest easy knowing this product comes with a two-year warranty, too, which should provide some insurance. It seems Universal Power Group honors this policy rather than only using it as a selling point. Some manufacturers aren’t as reliable.

But I was a bit annoyed to see how heavy this model is when compared with other models. This was a common issue in a few of this product’s customer reviews. It can make installing it much more complicated than anticipated.

3. ACDelco Gold ‎B24R AGM Battery

ACDelco’s Gold ‎B24R AGM Battery is an impressive option with several intriguing features to ensure its high-quality performance. Of course, it begins with its durable construction made from materials such as calcium alloy.

As a result, this AGM battery for truck use shouldn’t have issues with road vibrations. It’ll have no problems withstanding the bumpiest roads without breaking a sweat. I was shocked by how well it did when I made my AGM battery comparison list.

I was also impressed by the corrosion resistance of this 12V AGM battery. Buyers have been raving about this attribute in their customer reviews. I have no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have to replace this battery anytime soon.

RV and truck owners looking for AGM batteries will love how easy this one is to install. ACDelco did their customers a massive favor by making it a direct replacement for vehicles with AGM batteries. It makes the entire process a much easier task for everyone involved.

Users can easily retrofit this battery in high-load applications that don’t already use AGM models, such as motorhomes or campers. In these situations, it provides a higher quality level than traditional RV batteries. It’s why this model has become a massive favorite among those who consider themselves RVers.

ACDelco was wise to include options for a 3-year and 4-year protection plan. Many other AGM battery brands don’t offer these policies, leaving customers without coverage. It’s a nice change of pace to see a brand that genuinely cares about meeting its buyer’s expectations.

But there were one or two customers who complained about packaging issues. These buyers received their batteries with a bent battery post, which isn’t ideal. I wouldn’t put too much stock into those issues, though, as most people were thrilled with their purchase.

4. Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH AGM Solar Battery

As a contender for the cheapest AGM battery on our list, Mighty Max Battery’s 12V 35AH Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery doesn’t fail to impress with its features. This rechargeable model makes things much easier for the user in a variety of ways.

One of the most pivotal is its ability to be mounted in any position. Therefore, the device’s installation becomes much simpler for whoever buys this wonderful device. You can attribute this benefit to its spill-proof design, which ensures no acid spillage will occur regardless of its mounting placement.

I was impressed with this product’s ability to resist shock and vibration as well. This model shouldn’t have any issues dealing with the wear and tear encountered when you are driving over rough terrains. As a result, it’s a perfect fit for running small applications in an RV, motorhome, travel trailer, or car.

The device’s ability to work in both extreme hot and cold temperatures only confirms this belief further. Both wintertime and summertime RVers can benefit greatly from buying this AGM battery because it can offer high-performance results in either situation.

You should also take note of this product’s high discharge rate, deep discharge recovery, and long-lasting lifespan. Each of these features will ensure the product’s much more convenient than most other batteries out there.

But again, this battery’s main attraction comes from its low price. This cheap AGM battery is among the best bargain buys available for anyone looking to buy one. You aren’t going to find many other deals capable of matching this one offered by Mighty Max Battery.

However, the customer service offered by this brand leaves something to be desired. It was mentioned as being subpar in more than one review. This issue can make the product a not very ideal choice for first-time users who might need help with the installation.

5. WindyNation 100AH 12 V AGM Battery

Buyers looking for more than one AGM auto battery may need to consider WindyNation’s 2pcs 100AH 12 Volt AGM Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery. This option comes with two 100AH 12V AGM batteries with the ability to work in various off-grid situations.

Honestly, these products are contenders for the top-rated AGM battery for off-road purposes available today. They can work in solar systems, RVs, offshore marine power, portable tools, UPS, and many more off-grid applications.

This versatility comes from the products’ heavy-duty design, which ensures they can handle whatever situation comes their way. One of the main aspects of this rugged design is the durable plates designed for repetitive, deep discharges.

As a result, you can expect these batteries to be consistent in their performance and last a long time. You won’t need to replace them anytime soon, and this is expressed in their 10 to 12 year expected lifespan.

I was thrilled to see these products consisted of pure virgin lead as well. This material allows for max power storage and a low discharge rate, which further increases their longevity. I have no doubt these devices will be reliable power suppliers for years to come.

The one-year warranty is another nice touch offered by WindyNation. It never hurts to have some backup insurance for when/if something terrible occurs with the device. After all, these products are expensive and a malfunctioning one could end up causing you a lot of money.

But some customers did report issues with their performance in cold weather. If you intend to use these products as an RV deep cycle battery in colder climates, it may be better to choose another option. Otherwise, I don’t see any other reason not to choose these batteries because their performance and longevity are impressive.

6. ACDelco 48AGM AGM Automotive Battery

If you’re looking to buy the best AGM car battery or starting battery, ACDelco’s 48AGM Professional AGM Automotive Battery would be the ideal choice. This model has various features capable of making it a phenomenal battery car owners tend to love.

An excellent example is its usage of silver calcium stamped alloy in its design. This alloy increases the battery’s lifespan by a significant margin. It’s one of the main reasons that this model can offer top-tier long-lasting results.

The product’s calcium lead positive grid is another appealing aspect. It’ll ensure this battery offers maximum conductivity and provides low resistance. In other words, it’s more than capable of proving the consistent results every car owner is looking for in their batteries.

You can’t overlook the battery’s vent cap design, either. This aspect will make sure acid leakage, which tends to be a problem for inferior options, isn’t an issue. It ends up being another way for this model to ensure it offers top-tier durability.

The battery’s sturdy envelope separator is a design aspect worth mentioning as well. It contains a puncture-resistant backing, which offers increased acid circulation. Circulation is essential to ensure the product remains cool and doesn’t overheat. You should also know that it will ensure shorts don’t affect the device’s performance.

Buyers have two buying options to choose from with this AGM auto battery, too, which should make it more appealing to more people. It only costs a little extra money to purchase this battery with an accompanying cable that’ll ensure the installation goes smoother.

But some customers did encounter a few shipping issues with this device. In some cases, buyers received the wrong battery or size, which is, to be honest, unacceptable from a brand like this one. However, these same customers did often report the customer service was top-tier and the replacement was sent immediately.

7. Vmaxtanks Solar AGM 12V 125Ah Battery

One of the best options for an RV owner would have to be Vmaxtanks Solar’s AGM 12V 125Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery. It has everything needed to function well in any mobile home application.

It’s also one of the most reliable when it comes to storing energy generated from solar panels, which is perfect for boondockers who utilize that renewable power source. These rig owners will benefit from several other of its features as well.

The product’s design would be one of them, considering it was made with tough alloys and top-tier parts. As a result, it’s capable of lasting a long time that’s only further reflected within its expected lifespan of 10 years.

Buyers will appreciate this battery’s maintenance-free operation, too, making using it much less of a hassle. Honestly, you can expect this model to offer efficient results for years without any sort of upkeep.

As with some of our previous options, this battery’s known for being vibration and shock-resistant. This ability should make its usage inside campers, RVs, travel trailers, cars, and other vehicles a non-issue. It’s genuinely one of the 10 best options available when it comes to versatility.

Its sealed lead acid construction isn’t anything to disregard, either. This feature will ensure the battery doesn’t leak, regardless of its position. Due to this, the battery’s approved for air, maritime, and surface transport usage.

But this model does have a significant flaw worth mentioning: its weight. The product’s heavy-duty components ensure this battery weighs more than most others. Therefore, moving it when doing the installation could end up being an issue. You could find yourself calling in a family member or friend to help with the task.

8. Renogy 12 Volt 100Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Renogy’s 12 Volt 100Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery would be an excellent choice to consider when choosing an AGM battery for boat or RV usage. Its outstanding discharge performance would be one of the main reasons for its ability to function well in these situations.

The product’s design features proprietary quinary alloy plates, which provide high discharge currents. These discharge currents can reach up to 10 x what the battery’s rated capacity states. It ends up being a practical and useful product to have on either a boat or RV.

Its improved electrolyte formula is another standout feature. It’s capable of ensuring a stable battery capacity and excellent discharge results at even temperatures below freezing. Cold weather RVers should be jumping at the chance to buy this battery.

Solar energy users need to consider this battery as well. Its overall design is made with these people in mind, with its leak and spill-proof construction. This model should have no trouble working together with a solar power system.

I was also intrigued by its ability to work in parallel or series with other batteries. This aspect will ensure the product can work rather easily in several situations where more than 12 volts is needed. It even comes with interconnecting cables to make this parallel process easier.

Aside from its use in an RV or boat, numerous other applications can utilize its benefits. Some of these applications include engine starters, access control devices, consumer electronics, emergency lightings, etc.

But a few customers did report issues with service provided by Renogy. These types of problems aren’t what you expect from a top brand like this one. For instance, you won’t see this in Odyssey, Optima, or Champion AGM battery reviews. However, it shouldn’t stop experienced users from purchasing this device as it does offer excellent quality.

9. Odyssey 65-PC1750T AGM Auto Battery

The Odyssey 65-PC1750T AGM Auto Battery is an option capable of providing an excellent deep cycling ability, massive starting power, and a great recovery rate. These qualities ensure this model can work in various situations, from RVs filled with electronics to antique cars.

It’s capable of working in these situations because of its impressive construction. This construction features pure virgin leads plates, which offer a great deal of surface area and make sure recycling is optimized.

As with most of these AGM devices, this product also features a design that eliminates acid spillage risk. This type of structure isn’t only good for performance but helps keep the Earth in good shape by reducing this acid’s chance of coming into contact with soil.

You can enjoy this product’s fantastic results for a long time due to features like its corrosion-resistant brass terminals. These terminals will ensure rust doesn’t become an issue, which increases its lifespan by a large margin.

I can’t go any further without mentioning this Odyssey AGM battery’s cold crank amp rating of 950. These AGM battery ratings are essential to any person who intends to use this battery for starting purposes in cold weather.

In this case, the battery’s CCA conveys it’s more than able to start your rig, car, or other vehicles within any cold temperature. It’s one of the most impressive CCA ratings that I’ve seen among AGM batteries.

But all these appealing features come at an increased cost. This option is among the most expensive on our list. As a result, you’ll have to weigh whether these aspects are worth spending a little extra on your new battery.

I’d have to say this product makes a compelling case with its durability and power capabilities. Honestly, Odyssey hit it out of the park with this AGM battery.

10. Chrome Battery 12V 35AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

If you’re looking to buy an AGM battery for car audio or other smaller appliances, Chrome Battery Store’s 12V 35AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery has got you covered. One of the main attractions of this battery comes from its easy installation.

The battery is ready for usage right after being unpackaged. In fact, the entire installation process consists of connecting to your intended application. You can then sit back and let the device do its job without any trouble.

Buyers can use this deep cycle battery for a lot of different purposes as well. Many RV and homeowners have used this battery to run their smaller deep cycle appliances like alarm systems or LED lights.

It can be a cost-effective option for someone who’s not looking to run larger appliances, which may require a battery with more amp hours. In this situation, the battery will have no problem running these smaller appliances due to its design features.

The battery’s usage of AGM technology ensures it’s a spill-proof battery and doesn’t require much maintenance. It can also be mounted in any position for ultimate convenience, which is one area this battery reviews discussed positively.

I couldn’t read more than a couple of them without someone mentioning how easy it was to mount during the installation process. As a result, this product has to be one of the more practical around for its suitable users.

It actually may be the top-rated AGM battery deep cycle option for smaller appliances. Plus, buyers should be thrilled about the device’s 18-month warranty. It should provide you some insurance in the event some issue comes up and causes a malfunction.

But a few customers mentioned that the product got damaged during shipping based on reviews. This issue is where the warranty will come in handy.

11. Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop AGM Battery

Are you looking for a starting AGM battery to function well in cold climates? Optima Batteries’s 8020-164 35 RedTop AGM Starting Battery will deliver a high power cracking ability capable of getting your vehicle going even in the worst conditions.

This ability comes from its 720 CCA rating, which is enough to start up a vehicle even in freezing temperatures. Cold weather travelers shouldn’t hesitate to put this battery on their consideration list for this reason alone. It’s an easy contender for the best H7 battery available.

I also found this product’s high level of vibration resistance appealing. It’s known to resist 15 times more vibrations than a traditional starting battery. As a result, it has become a favorite among people traveling in rougher terrains, such as off-grid RVers.

This battery’s distinct SpiralCell design was another aspect that caught my eye. It will ensure the device is capable of being a clean and stable power source. It’s an aspect that should make it clear why most buyers choose this brand in the duracell agm vs Optima debate.

Its high reserve capacity of 90 minutes isn’t something to sneeze at, either. This feature ensures the battery has a longer shelf life to make sure it’s capable of providing usable power when a person may need it. It’s a pivotal part of what makes this a top-tier option.

Aside from these features, it has several others that you’ve become familiar with in our earlier reviews. These aspects include a leak-proof construction, an easy installation process, maintenance-free upkeep, and a fast recharging rate. Each of these will make your life much easier when utilizing this Optima battery.

I was disappointed by this product’s lack of warranty, though. It seems like a massive oversight by a company known for being an excellent AGM battery brand. However, I doubt you’d end up using it anyway, considering its overall quality.

12. XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 80Ah AGM Battery

XS Power’s D3400 XS Series 12V 80Ah AGM High Output Battery is a stellar choice for many buyers because of its versatility. After all, it’s known as a practical choice to replace car batteries for various vehicles and solve electric needs within boats or RVs.

This versatility comes from its 3300 maximum amp and 80 amp-hours battery ratings, which makes it usable in various scenarios. Potential buyers should also be pleased to see it can be mounted in any position without any ramifications.

For instance, you could mount it in a passenger compartment, within a glove box, or below a seat. Its spill-proof design will make sure no slippage occurs in any of these locations. This lack of leaks ensures there won’t be any corrosion or damage to your vehicle’s paint or chrome.

The leak-free design will even stay intact when this battery gets damaged. It has a completely sealed construction to ensure nothing inconvenient happens when utilizing this device. This battery’s reinforced ABS plastic case will only further make sure nothing damaging occurs.

Users can use this as a useful starting battery as well, due to its impressive 1150 cranking amps rating. As a result, it should have no issue getting your vehicle to start in whatever weather condition presents itself.

The product’s customer service is an aspect which received a surprising amount of praise in its reviews. It seems to come from the brand honoring their included 3-year warranty when an issue occurs. You’ll be surprised how rare a trusted company is nowadays.

However, I was quite disappointed to see this battery’s price tag. It’s easily one of the most expensive AGM batteries available. You’ll have to decide whether those extra cranking amps and other features are worth shelling out a few more dollars.

13. Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH AGM Battery

Another stellar option for working with smaller deep cycle applications is Interstate Batteries’ 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid AGM Deep Cycle Battery. It should have no problem running LED lights inside a trailer or even working in parallel with other batteries for larger tasks.

In both situations, this product shows a remarkable ability to offer high-quality performance buyers love. It also has a design capable of fitting scooters, mowers, wheelchairs, and other similar deep cycle devices.

You have to love this product’s compact, lightweight construction, too, which makes installing it a much easier task. There’s no need to call in a friend for this process. Buyers should be able to quickly move this model from place to place without any issues.

It even has a carrying handle to make moving it more manageable. This feature makes the device much more convenient than you might expect from most other deep cycle batteries. You also don’t have to worry about this product’s safety, either.

The device has a hard plastic case to prevent any safety issue from arising and causing dangerous situations from occurring. Due to this, it should function well in rougher and hasher terrains/weather conditions.

I was thrilled to see this model come in various buying options, too. This number of variations ensures more people can enjoy the quality it offers. In other words, it’s capable of reaching a wider audience than what you’d get with just the 35Ah model.

However, some buyers were rather unhappy with the service provided by Interstate Batteries. Customer service issues are one of the last things that you want to see when looking at a product’s reviews. If the model does suit your needs, this problem shouldn’t stop you from buying, but it’s something to be aware of before making a final choice.

14. ExpertPower AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Our next option, ExpertPower AGM Deep Cycle Battery, has a stellar reputation among RV, truck, and car owners. It’s easy to see why people are fond of it with its tough, rugged construction capable of lasting a long time.

I haven’t noticed anyone seeking to replace this battery quickly after purchase. Instead, it should provide excellent performance for years without any trouble. This option certainly isn’t a cheap AGM battery by any means.

It’s also hard not to be impressed by its ability to work in extreme temperatures. This battery has been tested in those awful conditions to ensure buyers can count on it. In fact, I’ve been traveling through several rougher areas with dire conditions without any complications.

Of course, this option isn’t only for RV, truck, or car owners. ExpertPower has built this battery to work in various situations, including solar and marine applications. It ends up being one of the more versatile models on our list.

The product’s self-discharge rate of under 3% is quite appealing. It’s a pivotal aspect because it helps limit the number of times users have to charge up their AGM battery. I’m always fond of any attribute that frees me from doing maintenance tasks.

I didn’t have trouble installing this battery, either. So the entire process shouldn’t be too complex for anyone with experience with those types of tasks. However, I’d still recommend calling a professional for any newbies to vehicle maintenance.

Lastly, I couldn’t find a buyer with any complaints about this product. It has a pristine reputation for meeting the needs of RVers and other vehicle owners. My only possible complaint would be it isn’t the cheapest AGM battery available. But I still won’t call it expensive, especially with its great benefits.

15. Delphi BU9078DT AGM Automotive Battery

Motorhome and car owners needing a replacement starting battery should look at Delphi’s BU9078DT MaxStart AGM Automotive Battery. Its 775 cold-cranking amps and 120 reserve capacity make a perfect fit for this application.

In fact, its impressive reserve capacity can help run power accessories, such as power windows, DVD players, and heated seats. These abilities make it a rather handy device and ensure all those systems run effectively.

This product’s sealed housing has a manifold venting system to ensure it can provide a higher level of corrosion resistance. You aren’t going to find a more capable starting battery for handling the wear and tear of regular usage than this one.

As with some of our previous options, it has superior resistance to vibration. This particular model has a vibration resistant 20 times higher than what you’d expect from traditional batteries. It’s one of the main reasons this model works well as a motorhome’s starting battery.

I was also pleased to find out this product was manufactured within the United States. This aspect means it went through rigorous safety testing before becoming available. Some foreign countries are a bit more restrictive when it comes to manufacturing regulations.

Multiple customers made it a point to note how helpful the product’s manual was during the installation as well. It’s not often you see buyers go out of their way to praise something like a direction manual.

But it’s worth noting that a few buyers had complaints about the product’s packaging. In these cases, it seems the battery arrived damaged. It was only a small number of reviews, which makes me think these were isolated incidents. However, I wouldn’t be doing my job without at least mentioning in this review.

16. NorthStar Ultra High Performance AGM Battery

Our last AGM battery happens to be NorthStar’s Ultra High Performance AGM Battery. But its position on this list shouldn’t affect your opinion of this wonderful option. Honestly, it has no problem matching or exceeding the performance provided by these other batteries.

You can attribute its ability to provide top-tier results to features like its offering a much faster recharging time than most standard batteries. Due to this, it ends up being more user-friendly than what a buyer might initially expect.

I also found myself loving this product’s plastic housing, which offers heat resistance to ensure overheating isn’t an issue. It’s one of several safety precautions embedded within this device to make sure it can last a long time without malfunctioning.

The product’s high reserve capacity and cranking amp ratings are a fantastic sight to see when researching this product. As a result, it’s capable of functioning without any trouble in various environments, climates, and situations.

Due to this, you should have no issues using this in numerous vehicles ranging from RVs to boats. It will offer all these vehicles a quick starting time, which any buyer will love to have in their lives.

Other useful features include maintenance-free operation, 36-month warranty, 12-volt capacity, 103 amp-hours rating, and being made in the USA. Every one of these features makes me feel much more comfortable buying this product over most other batteries available.

One of this product’s features wouldn’t make me feel this way, though. The price tag on this model is a bit outside my budget for AGM batteries. But if money isn’t an issue and it suits your needs, I don’t see why you wouldn’t buy this model.

AGM Battery Buyer’s Guide


Buying the right AGM battery for RV or batteries car owners need comes down to understanding certain factors. This section will discuss these critical aspects at length. As a result, you should gain a better grasp of what to look for when buying one.

  • Compatibility

The first thing to consider would be each battery’s compatibility with your needs. After all, you don’t want to buy an option incapable of being a suitable fit for your situation. It’s essential to research each option and ensure it’s capable of suiting the purpose you’re looking for in an AGM model.

I’d suggest paying close attention to the amps per hour rating for each battery. You want to make sure this rating isn’t too high for your needs. A battery with a high AH will require a lot longer to fully charge, making it an inconvenience power source.

  • Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity will be another essential thing to note when choosing the right AGM battery. This factor expresses how many minutes the battery can sustain a designated load when fully charged before it becomes completely discharged.

In most cases, you will get at least 100 minutes of reverse capacity from a standard AGM battery. But this amount of time will end up depending on the usage. I’d recommend getting an option with a high reserve capacity when choosing one of these batteries for an RV.

This higher reserve capacity should ensure your new battery can handle your particular vehicle’s needs without issue. It’d also be wise to read various customer reviews about this factor to see how each model held up based on the buyer’s expectations.

  • Cold Cranking Amps

Cold-cranking amps need to be something every AGM battery buyer takes note of when choosing a perfect fit. This factor describes a battery’s ability to generate current when encountering cold temperatures.

In other words, a battery that doesn’t hold the required amount of cold cranking amps will not perform well in those frigid winter months. I’d advise cold weather RVs who need a starting battery to choose one with at least 600 CCA for top performance in these situations.

But honestly, a higher cranking power will always be better when encountering these colder climates. Summertime RVers don’t have to worry about CCA because they won’t ever need a battery to run when enduring freezing temperatures.

These rig owners would do fine with a battery with a little lower CCA rating. It could be an excellent cost-cutting opportunity due to options with high ratings being more expensive. In any case, it’s something every rig owner should consider when buying their next AGM battery.

  • Durability

Everyone reading this article will want an AGM battery capable of lasting a long time. After all, these products are expensive and replacing them regularly could end up being a financial black hole for your bank account.

Thankfully, determining a battery’s durability is a bit easier than most buyers expect. Most brands offer a lifespan range on these products, which usually is from 1 to 5 years. I’d suggest going with an option closer to the 5-year lifespan rather than the one.

You can also determine an option’s durability by reading through other people’s experiences with the battery. Customers who feel jilted by how well their purchase held up won’t hold back their frustration in their reviews.

It would be smart for potential buyers to use these negative reviews to their advantage. These reviews might be the only thing saving you from making the wrong purchase.

  • Price

Like with any product, each option’s price tag will play a large role in your decision. You should craft a budget based on your specific needs to ensure this process doesn’t end in regret. For instance, rig owners looking to buy an AGM battery with a higher CCA level should make sure their budget reflects the increased price.

Accounting for your essential features is the only way to ensure your budget remains realistic. Otherwise, this resource won’t be able to help you during this process. So please, make sure your budget reflects your needs to an absolute tee.

You can then use this realistic budget to lessen the number of choices by a significant margin. It’ll make sure you’re only picking from affordable options capable of meeting your needs. Honestly, it makes things a whole lot easier.

  • Brand

The battery’s brand or manufacturer will have a massive impact on its overall quality as well. It’d be smart to stick with batteries made from reputable ones, such as the companies named in our product review section.

These brands have gained a reputation for building high-quality batteries that work well with motorhomes, RVs, travel trailers, and other vehicles. If you stick with them, I do not doubt that this process will end with a smile on your face.

AGM Battery FAQs

Our FAQ section will attempt to answer any questions or concerns left uncovered in the buying guide. These answers should provide some clarity to ensure you’re more than capable of making a smart buying choice.

Who is this for?

Buyers will need to understand what an AGM battery is before knowing who these products will benefit. The first thing to know is an AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery is made with a unique glass mat separator within its design.

This glass mat separator is crucial because it wicks an electrolyte solution between a battery’s plates. It allows the fiberglass to be saturated with electrolyte and stores the electrolyte in a suspended or dry state rather than a free liquid form.

As your AGM battery works, the electrolyte will transfer from the glass mat to battery plates when needed. The mat will contain enough to ensure your battery can deliver its full capacity. It’ll also make sure the battery doesn’t spill its electrolyte when damaged or tipped.

Due to this design, AGM batteries have become a favorite among rig owners. It’s a maintenance-free option capable of offering the power needed to run an RV. Their popularity becomes even more pronounced among off-grid campers, such as boondockers.

An AGM battery’s impressive capabilities in off-grid applications come from working with renewable energy systems like solar or wind power. If you rely on either, buying an AGM battery would make your boondocking adventures much more manageable.

What are the different types of AGM batteries?

All of these batteries will be made up of lead plates suspended in glass mat material, also known as the AGM. But these products do come in two different designs, flat plate AGM batteries and spiral AGM batteries. I’ll discuss both below to ensure you have a better idea about which one suits your needs.

Flat Plate AGM Batteries

One of the first things to notice about flat plate AGM batteries is they have a similar look as flooded acid batteries. In most cases, these models will contain six sets of plates within their constructions.

The electrolyte lying inside them will be laid out in a straight line. Meanwhile, the six sets of plates will be compressed in rows to provide more capacity. This construction allows it to offer more power when required, as you’d expect from a starter battery.

You can also thank this compressed design for a flat plate AGM battery having longer lifespans than most other deep cycle battery options. Aside from this benefit, you can expect these batteries to be more potent than spiral types. But they will be heavier and denser, which could be problematic when installing them.

Spiral AGM Batteries

Spiral AGM batteries, also called tubular AGMs, feature spiral-wound cells made to tight specifications, ensuring the battery’s plates don’t touch. This design allows them to have a longer lifespan and faster recharging than your flat plate types.

As you might expect, this faster recharge comes in handy for rig owners on their trips. It allows them to get the charging process done quickly from the rig’s motor, ensuring you can plug in your electronics on a more timely basis.

But these products do come with a downside. Their upfront cost is much more than what’d you see with flat plate options. As a result, spiral types aren’t a good choice for bargain buyers, as they can put quite a dent into your bank account.

How does an AGM battery work?

Understanding how an AGM battery works starts with knowing how lead-acid batteries function. These products consist of lead plates surrounded by a liquid acid solution. Oxidizing these plates produce power for your vehicle. The oxidation process gets reserved when recharging your lead-acid battery.

On the other hand, an AGM battery replaces the liquid acid with a gel electrolyte. This replacement eliminates the risk of hydrogen gas being created and escaping during the recharging process. Therefore, reducing the risk of a fire hazard or any need to add water into your battery.

If there’s trace hydrogen released, it’ll be let out through a valve regulator. This ability is why these AGM batteries are often called valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. It’s also essential to know an AGM battery’s plates might be parallel to each other.

This setup will resemble a standard lead-acid type’s construction. But they could be spiral AGM batteries and have a pattern, which minimizes the space your battery will require. In any case, these AGM products represent a more practical option than most other types.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an AGM battery

AGM batteries have been a popular choice among vehicle owners for more than a few decades. This popularity comes from the numerous advantages these products offer over other types. These benefits make them a much more efficient choice.

However, AGM batteries aren’t perfect creations. These devices do have a few disadvantages worth knowing before investing in one. I’ll go over both the positives and negatives of these products to provide a better idea about whether you want one.


  • Spill-proof

Standard lead-acid batteries have a design, which freely floods their electrodes and can cause spillage. AGM models have glass mats that can prevent this issue to ensure they’re spill-proof products.

These AGM products offer this benefit through the glass mats holding the electrolyte in place. It’s an action capable of stopping any spillage even when the battery is in an odd location. As a result, these batteries are much safer and more convenient.

  • High-power Output

An AGM battery’s design ensures the device has a limited amount of internal resistance. Due to this, it allows them to offer good power bursts when required, like when you need to start a battery. This feature ensures these batteries respond better to loading than any other kind available.

  • Short Charging Time.

AGM batteries charge much faster than flooded batteries. In fact, AGM types feature a charging rate five times faster than you can expect with a flooded battery using the same power source. This reason alone should convey how much better these products are than what else is available.

  • Longer Lifespan

Aside from having a short charging time, these batteries also last longer than flooded types. AGM batteries work for a more extended period when doing the same tasks and last longer in a non-active state.

These benefits come from its self discharge being limited, which other types don’t provide. It’ll ensure a vehicle owner doesn’t have to keep charging their AGM battery after a long period of non-usage.

  • Durable

AGM batteries offer a higher level of durability because they were first made to serve the aircraft industry. As a result, they have a much sturdier design that can handle intense vibrations and other issues onboard an RV.

You can also attribute their sandwich design concept for their internal components’ ability to resist falling apart. AGM batteries end up being a stable, durable device with no problem handling the wear and tear produced by facing constant vibrations.

Moreover, these batteries are known for their abilities to withstand extreme temperature variations. It’s quite clear that these devices are almost perfect for working inside an RVing environment.

  • Less Likely to Build up Sulfation

Sulfation is an issue common in lead-acid batteries, which refers to when a build-up of lead sulfate crystals occurs in cells. It happens to be the leading cause of failure in these types of batteries.

In most cases, sulfation will occur when your battery isn’t fully charged. This situation allows the crystals to build-up on the battery’s plates without resistance. It can end up preventing the effective conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy when it gets out of handle.

This issue makes it essential to charge other types of batteries every six months. But AGM options significantly reduce this risk, which means you can store them for extended periods without a recharge.


  • High Cost

One major downside of AGM batteries is their high manufacturing and production costs. As a result, they tend to be more expensive than other battery types. But their excellent performance makes paying a little bit extra more than worth it for most people.

  • Energy Issues

AGM batteries might have higher power outputs, but they also have a low specific energy. In most cases, it’s necessary for batteries that run for an extended period under a lighter load to have a high specific load. This issue means these batteries aren’t capable of being used on several devices.

  • Reduced Capacity Over Time

As I mentioned earlier, AGM batteries do keep a charge longer than most other batteries, but their charging capacity will reduce over time. This area is where gel batteries have an advantage because of their performance dome.

  • Sensitive to Overcharging

AGM batteries have a low tolerance to high voltages and overcharging. If they find themselves in these situations, their lifespan gets reduced by a significant margin.

Should I upgrade to an AGM battery?

Upgrading to an AGM battery isn’t a necessary move. However, it’s a simple way to ensure your vehicle’s getting high-quality battery performance. For example, an AGM truck battery or AGM battery for van life will provide much better results than you can expect from conventional flooded models.

But the average AGM battery price can turn people away from these excellent devices. So it’s essential to have a plan and budget before making a final decision on buying one. After all, it helps prepare your bank account for dealing with the export of significant funds.

How often should an AGM battery be charged?

Most experts recommend fully recharging your 12-volt or H6 AGM battery every 4 to 6 months. It’ll ensure the batteries are ready for use when taking your vehicle out of storage. Plus, it’ll help give them the ability to provide top-tier performance every vehicle owner requires.

What is the best AGM deep cycle battery?

There isn’t a definite answer when it comes to the best AGM deep cycle battery. It’ll vary based on what a customer needs for their situations. Please look at our buying guide and use it to determine what battery would best suit your needs.

How many years do AGM batteries last?

An AGM battery’s chemical structure allows it to have a much longer life cycle than other types. Users can usually expect standard models to function between three and five years without needing a replacement. Heavy-duty AGM batteries can offer a lifespan between eight and ten years when maintained properly.

Are AGM batteries good for cars?

AGM models work well as car batteries because they offer excellent resistance to vibrations and often are sealed. It also helps that these products don’t require maintenance. As a result, these batteries end up being easier to use and more convenient than a traditional car battery.

Can AGM batteries be charged with a normal charger?

You can’t charge AGM batteries with normal chargers because they require being charged slow and low. In fact, an AGM battery charger will often feature microprocessors that collect info from your battery and adjust current/voltage based on it.

Some chargers will even offer different settings for charging AGM, flooded, gel batteries. In any case, it’s vital to know overcharging will kill these batteries. You must also realize alternators don’t count as chargers and shouldn’t be relied on to do the work of one.

How to install?

Installing an AGM battery can be a tricky process, but it’ll become easier with practice. Every setup will differ based on the make and model. So please, read the instruction manual before doing anything. But I’m going to go over some basics, which should give you an idea of what to expect:

  • You must choose an AGM battery capable of meeting your needs. It’s important to remember this choice should be made based on compatibility, durability, cost, and other factors mentioned in our buying guide.
  • Once you get this suitable battery, place it into the space for your vehicle’s battery.
  • The battery’s positive terminal should then be connected to your vehicle’s positive lead using the charger wire. You’ll need to tighten the wire’s clamps.
  • Repeat this process with the battery’s negative terminal.
  • The battery will need some air to let it have a ventilation space, which will allow the oxygen and hydrogen safely out. It’s also important because the battery will need to cool down when being used.

Any care and maintenance tips?

AGM batteries are considered maintenance-free options, which is awesome. But this trait doesn’t mean there aren’t some things a user can do to increase its lifespan. For instance, storing it within a cool environment can have a positive effect during inactive periods.

If you don’t, the battery’s performance will decline. Experts also recommend charging every four months to keep it in good shape. Even if you aren’t using it, the battery discharges energy slowly, which means it needs to be topped off with power.

These batteries may have certain resistances against sulfation, but it’s still an issue to take precautions against. You can reduce the risk of it occurring by charging your battery fully before storing it for an extended period.


After reading our article, finding the best AGM battery shouldn’t be much of an issue. It’s a simple exercise of taking what you’ve learned and using it during your search. The right choice should be apparent with all your new knowledge.

But sometimes, a few questions may cause some confusion during your search. Our comment section is always open to deal with these issues and concerns. I’ll make sure to answer each post with a detailed response as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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