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The Best 12 Volt TVs for RV, Travel Trailer and Motorhome

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Are you having trouble finding a suitable low voltage TV for your motorhome? I don’t blame you as this marketplace has become oversaturated with options. It makes picking out the best 12 volt TV for RV problematic even among experienced rig owners.

best 12 volt tv for rv

However, I intend to make the entire process easier by guiding you through it. This guidance will consist of covering several relevant topics about these devices. Some of them will include different types, buying factors, benefits, and much more.

I’ll even offer 12 reviews of my favorite options to provide an ideal starting point. These discussions will ensure you know what to look for in these models. This article will make separating the top-tier models from subpar options a breeze.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Most Feature Rich
Preview SuperSonic SC-1912

SuperSonic SC-2412

Jensen JTV19DC

Resolution 1366×768 1366×768 1366×768
Screen Size  19 Inches 24 Inches 19 Inches
Refresh Rate  120 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Voltage 120V AC/ 12V DC 120V AC/ 12V DC 12V DC
Wattage 42W 42W 3W x 2
Control Remote Control Remote Control Remote Control
Connectivity Technology VGA, RF, USB, HDMI, CVBS, Audio L/R, PC Audio VGA, RF, USB, HDMI, CVBS, Audio L/R, PC Audio HDMI, USB, VGA, RF, VGA, RCA, 3.5mm
Details Details Details

Best 12 Volt RV TV Reviews

1. SuperSonic SC-1912 LED 12V TV

I notice that excellent picture quality is challenging to come across with 12-volt TVs. However, the SuperSonic’s SC-1912 LED 12V TV bypasses my low expectations. Its outstanding 1080p resolution makes it seem like I’m watching my favorite movies on home TV.

SuperSonic even offers multiple picture modes to ensure users feel comfortable with this TV’s picture. Each user can select between standard, dynamic, and many more. Due to this, there shouldn’t be any issue finding an ideal setup for every user.

Moreover, I never have to miss my weekly shows with its HDMI and USB compatibility. It allows me to connect a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick to the TV. So I’ll have access to HBO, Showtime, Netflix, and almost every streaming service when traveling.

I’m also a massive fan of this model’s various size options. Buyers will have a choice between five options ranging from 13.3-inch to 32-inch. In my case, I went with the 19-inch model as it’s a perfect size for my trailer and mounting equipment.

The sound quality was another area where this model excels. It has top-tier built-in speakers to ensure I don’t have trouble hearing it during travel. Sadly, this aspect is often an issue with other notable 12V TV for RV options.

Another beneficial aspect is the built-in DVD player. It might not seem like a big deal to most RVers, but I’m a massive DVD hoarder. So this aspect has been a godsend when I’m traveling as I can bring along my favorite discs and watch them without an issue.

As for its flaws, I did find it difficult to connect the stand to this camper TV. But I wasn’t the only one to have this issue, either. It was noted a few times in other customer reviews, making it something to consider for prospective buyers.

2. SuperSonic SC-2412 12V TV

If you’re looking for a 12 volt TV with DVD player, SuperSonic’s SC-2412 LED Widescreen 12 Volt RV TV needs to be on your list. This model comes with a built-in DVD player that will play your movies without needing any other equipment.

You can expect this DVD player to be top-quality as well. Multiple buyers made an effort to note this aspect worked without causing any issues. You won’t have to worry about it eating your movies or CDs like with other subpar models.

I was also impressed by this TV’s picture quality. It offers a crisp 1080p picture quality, which should have no issues mimicking your home viewing experience. Plus, this picture is displayed on a 24-inch screen that should be visible anywhere in your rig.

This model’s durable design was another standout highlight. The brand designed it for RV usage to ensure it can handle the wear and tear of traveling. Those bumpy terrains and vibrations should have no impact on its longevity.

Its numerous amounts of input and output should intrigue buyers too. This 12 volt TV DVD combo comes with HDMI, USB, and AC ports. It shouldn’t have trouble working with any media device capable of being displayed on it.

SuperSonic was even nice enough to offer an expert installation as an add-on. It does cost a little extra, but it’s still more than affordable compared to other options. As someone who isn’t the greatest with installation, I’d probably end up paying this additional fee.

But I was a bit disappointed to see it didn’t come with a warranty. Few customers made a note of this issue on their reviews. I’m always going to prefer buying products that feature concrete, reliable warranty policies.

However, the lack of warranty isn’t going to stop me from considering this SuperSonic 12v TV. Its quality and convenience are too top-tier to leave off my consideration list for such a slight issue.

3. Jensen JTV19DC 12V TV

Jensen’s JTV19DC 12V RV LED TV is a 19-inch option with some excellent features, which any rig owner would love. For instance, this model’s construction was made with an industrial-grade metal cabinet.

This feature ensures the product can handle those annoying vibrations. As a result, it should have no issues withstanding any terrain that comes up during your trips. I have full confidence in this model, lasting more than a few years on your rig.

I was also impressed with its lightweight, slim profile. These qualities will make moving and installing onboard a rig a much more comfortable experience. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better in these areas than this Jensen 12v TV.

The product’s ultra-convenient front controls were another aspect to catch my attention. It makes operating the TV much easier for those people who often lose remotes like myself. It’s just an additional feature, which showcases Jensen’s dedication to making their products user-friendly.

As for its remote, this option comes with a dual function wireless remote capable of controlling both the TV and DVD player. You can imagine how much more convenient this setup would be than having two different remotes.

It comes with a commonplace 100mm x 100mm mounting pattern, as well. This aspect will make finding the right mounting bracket much easier for a user. It’ll probably fit the one for your old TV as it tends to be almost universal.

However, I was a little confused to see this model didn’t come with a DVD player. Jensen made a notable effort to make sure their remote could control one but doesn’t include it. It seems like an oversight by a company with such a stellar reputation.

If you have a DVD player or don’t care about having one, this model would still represent a great option. Its other features are outstanding and should more than meet a rig owner’s needs. Plus, its price being affordable doesn’t hurt its case, either.

4. Sylvox 1080p 12V RV TV

Sylvox’s 1080p 12V TV is another model with a built-in DVD player and FM radio. Both these components are fundamental to ensure RVing trips never get too dull. Instead, I can always turn on my favorite movie or tune into a preferred radio station wherever necessary.

I was also thrilled with the durability of this 12 volt RV TV. Sylvox did extensive testing to ensure it withstands vibrations, even when driving on mountain roads. As a result, it has become ideal for use as camper van televisions, especially with its rugged 6-pin DC plug.

This 12 volt TV DVD combo for RV offers outstanding picture quality. It provides a 1080P HD resolution to ensure that any movie or TV show looks perfect inside an RV. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how great this model looked compared to my previous device.

Installing this option wasn’t a complex process for me. In fact, Sylvok provides each user with three mounting options to ensure it offers a bit more versatility. I mounted it inside my rig without a problem, which is a true rarity.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook its vast number of inputs and outputs, either. It comes with three HDMI inputs, a VGA input, USB input, USB output, and more. In other words, it’ll have no trouble being compatible with almost any device an RVer wants to project onto it.

It’s also essential to note that this 12 volt television for RV is rather convenient. After all, it comes with a remote control, batteries, and various power cords to ensure it’s ready out of the package. Buyers won’t have to look around for additional parts or equipment to purchase.

But the most impressive thing about this 12V television is there aren’t any notable flaws. I couldn’t find another person with a bad thing to say regarding this model. Furthermore, I didn’t have a single issue with my experience using it.

5. Free Signal TV 12 Volt LED

Buyers looking for a larger option than 19-inch or 24-inch models need to look at Free Signal’s TV 12 Volt LED Flat Screen HDTV. It offers a beautiful 32-inch HD quality picture with 1366 x 768 resolution.

In other words, this model will have no issues creating a suitable viewing experience inside your rig’s living room. You can’t overlook its three HDMI inputs, either. These are vital to media devices connection, such as Roku, Amazon Firestick, or a DVD player.

This product’s versatility was also truly impressive, considering its ability to work in various situations. Purchasers have reported this model to be a practical addition inside RVs, trailers, homes, and anywhere else a TV’s needed.

I found this product’s mounting and using processes relatively simple, as well. This ease comes from the included instruction manual being easy to follow. You don’t often find products that have manuals, which make things easier.

But if you do have issues, this model is another one with an expert installation add-on. It seems Free Singal wanted to ensure every customer was comfortable with their product. The additional fee is slightly pricey, but it never hurts to pay a little extra for professional work.

This product’s 1-year warranty was a nice touch, too. It’ll ensure you have a bit of protection against receiving a malfunctioning product. Free Signal has a reputation for following through with this policy, which isn’t always the case with other brands.

Some customers did report shipping issues with this device, though. In these cases, the product arrived missing a few vital parts. This brand’s customer service seemed to deal with these issues rather quickly based on these same reviews.

I don’t think a few shipping issues should take this model off your list. Everything else about it remains high-quality and shouldn’t have any problems being useful in a rig. After all, customers only mentioned these problems in a few reviews.

6. Axess TVD1805-15 12 Volt LED

If 19-inch options are a bit too large for your needs, Axess’s TVD1805-15 12 Volt LED HDTV could be a stellar alternative. This model has a 15-inch screen with a long list of exciting other features that could improve your RVing experience.

An excellent example would be its built-in DVD player and speakers. Both of these aspects have received constant praise within this 12V TV DVD combo reviews. I found the speakers especially impressive compared to what I’ve experienced with other RV TVs.

The product’s sleek and lightweight design makes it an ideal option for a rig’s bedroom. As you know, these areas tend to lack space for a 19-inch or 24-inch model. This 15-inch option would mount right onto your bedroom wall with no hassles.

Its picture quality isn’t anything to overlook, either. The 1366 x 768 HD picture quality should offer a crisp viewing experience. Your favorite TV shows have never looked as good as they do when displaying on this option.

Buyers won’t have to worry about receiving a low-quality remote control. This model comes with a full-function one capable of controlling the TV and DVD player. It makes the entire experience much more convenient for a rig owner.

However, this product’s best quality has to be its price tag. It happens to be one of the least expensive options on our list. Bargain buyers looking for a smaller TV won’t do much better than this model from Axess.

I did find the included manual a little hard to follow, though. This issue made installing and setting up the TV more difficult than anticipated. Thankfully, it does come with a professional installation option for anyone who gets too overwhelmed.

In any case, the manual being hard-to-read shouldn’t stop buyers from getting this RV TV. Its affordable price and top-tier picture quality are certainly worth any installation hassles.

7. Tyler TTV705-14 12Volt RV

Tyler’s TTV705-14 Portable LCD 12 Volt HDTV features a 14-inch 1080p screen that will have no issues displaying your favorite shows. In fact, it offers a lot of versatility when concerning its compatibility with media devices.

You can expect this model to work with Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, Slingbox, and various other devices. Its ability to display these devices makes the TV a rather convenient small option for rig owners.

This TV’s compatibility with these devices comes from its various inputs, including HDMI, SD card, and USB inputs. Its ability to broadcast the content through impressive built-in speakers was another top-tier quality.

Honestly, it’s hard to find small models with speakers like these. You shouldn’t have any problems hearing this TV wherever you are in the bedroom. Multiple buyers confirmed this benefit as reviews routinely mentioned the speaker system as a positive.

The product’s built-in battery shouldn’t be dismissed, either. It can provide four hours of usage when it’s not plugged in, which could come in handy during a power outage. It’ll give you something to do during those awful hours full of boredom.

Other features worth mentioning are the headphone jack and the included table stand. Both of them will make using this product more user-friendly and ideal for a rig owner. The headphone jack especially will be useful by providing some privacy when viewing your favorite TV show.

It’s important to note that this model doesn’t come with wall mounting capability. As a result, it’ll take up a bit more space in your rig than a regular 12 volt flat screen TV for RV. It’s something that everyone who considers buying this option will have to think about before investing.

Overall, this model represents a suitable option with its compact design and crisp picture. If you have the room for a table stand, I don’t see why this won’t be an ideal fit in a rig’s bedroom.

8. Naxa NTD-2255 12Volt RV

The Naxa NTD-2255 12 Volt TV DVD/Media Player is a fully equipped 12 volt TV for van, RV, or any other vehicles. It’s suitable to work in these different vehicles because you can easily mount it into any situation.

Naxa did an excellent job making sure its mounting process wasn’t overly complicated or included confusing directions. I even found buyers who took this model as an effective 12 volt TV for semi trucks.

But this model isn’t only useful in moving vehicles. It comes with an AC power adapter to ensure it can work inside a regular home. These attributes make it an easy contender for the most versatile model on our list.

I was also intrigued by this product’s 22-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution screen. This screen will offer a detailed display of whatever you’re watching. As a result, you can watch the big game in style when on-the-road.

The various additional inclusions make it a practical option, too. Buyers will get a remote control and tv stand to ensure it can adapt and offer a convenient user experience in every situation.

As with our previous options, this model comes with several useful inputs like HDMI, component video, cable/antenna, PC-VGA and audio. It should be more than enough to connect any media device you’re looking to use.

It was a bit shocking to see this model didn’t come with a mounting kit. This issue could make installing and mounting the device a little more complicated than expected. But I imagine finding the necessary items won’t be hard considering this TV has a 100 x 100 mounting pattern.

Given this information, I don’t see why this model wouldn’t be an excellent fit inside any rig. It’s just a matter of having enough room for a 22-inch screen.

9. Free Signal TV Transit 12Volt RV

One of the most advanced models available would be Free Signal’s Transit 12 Volt 22-inch Flat Screen HDTV. It was built with top-tier engineering to ensure this option has a lightweight design and offers outstanding product quality.

For instance, this option has become known for its advanced noise reduction and dynamic audio response. These features will guarantee a TV viewing experience that most other RV TVs have no chance at matching.

I also found myself loving this model’s ability to be an AC DC TV for RV usage. This aspect means rig owners can use it at their regular home by utilizing Free Signal’s CHD 1260 Power Brick Adapter.

As a result, buyers will find themselves more than capable of finding multiple uses for this device. It shouldn’t be difficult considering it’s known to be useful in campers, trailers, boats, RVs, cabins, and other similar uses.

You also get a choice about how it’s set up as users can mount it on their walls or use the included table stand to place it on a tabletop. In either case, this TV will bring an outstanding HD picture quality inside or outside your rig.

The 1-year warranty offered by Free Signal certainly gives the model a bit more appeal. It should provide some protection against an unforeseen accident occurring with the device. Honestly, it’s never a bad idea to buy an RV TV with one of these policies.

I found myself struggling to find any flaws with this model. The only potential issue is that a few customers mention the speakers are underwhelming. However, I found them to be more than sufficient for a small area like an RV.

As a result, nothing would stop me from recommending this model. It might be wise for people with hearing problems to buy a compatible speaker system as a precaution.

10. Jensen JTV3217DC LED 12 Volt RV

Jensen’s JTV3217DC LED 12 Volt RV Television is another option that’s a bit larger than the standard 19-inch or 24-inch models. Its 32-inch screen happens to be one of the largest among TVs built for RV usage.

As a result, this model has a heavy-duty metal cabinet capable of dealing with shocks and vibrations. Those bumpy backroads shouldn’t have any negative impact on its construction. It’s a TV made for the long haul in various settings.

I was also pleased to see this option comes with top-tier HD picture quality. Numerous buyers alluded to its high-quality viewing experience within their reviews. A few of them found themselves quite shocked when comparing it to their previous televisions.

Customers shouldn’t dismiss this model’s storability, either. This model can survive a long time in a storage area without any damage occurring. After all, it has a storing temperature range between -22°F and 158°F.

This aspect makes it an ideal purchase for bulk buyers. Plus, its compact and lightweight design only enhances its storage capabilities. You’d be hard-pressed to find another capable of matching its ability when concerning storing.

Besides these features, buyers can expect several top-tier familiar ones that I’ve discussed at length in previous reviews. Some of them include built-in speakers, front controls, 100 x 100 mounting pattern, an accompanying table stand, and much more.

But these buyers shouldn’t expect an AC/DC power adapter. Rig owners will have to buy one separately when they want to use this model inside their regular household. It’s a slight hassle that isn’t a huge deal but can bring some unneeded stress into your life.

Honestly, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for anyone who has put thought into buying this TV. Its overall quality and various impressive features should more than make this problem irrelevant.

11. Continu.US 12 Volt RV HD

Rig owners looking for an option capable of working inside their RV and regular home should consider Continu.US’s 12 Volt RV HD Television. After all, you can use a CT-110v adapter to plug it into any wall socket inside your home.

You can then enjoy its 28-inch LED screen in any location without much difficulty. Plus, its lightweight design makes transporting relatively stress-free. It ends up being one of the most portable larger options available for rig owners.

Buyers should find its durable construction appealing, as well. This brand built it with heavy-duty materials capable of withstanding whatever issue occurs. Honestly, I think this model could even survive a person dropping once or twice, but I wouldn’t recommend trying it.

If you don’t believe me, this model has a reputation for working on both planes and boats; traveling inside a rig should be a piece of cake for this outstanding device. It should become a part of your life for a long time.

I found the mounting process practical, too, thanks to its universal VESA mount platform. This aspect makes it highly probable that your old hardware could still work. As a result, it puts less responsibility on finding the necessary items for the setup.

This brand’s customer service was another unexpected highlight that gained my attention. Purchasers were overly enthusiastic about how the company answered their questions in their reviews. It’s not often you find people willing to offer positive things to say about client service.

But the price tag was a bit more than I’d like to pay for a 28-inch TV. It’s among our most expensive options, making it a hard sell for bargain buyers like myself. I would have to weigh whether its impressive features are worth the increased cost.

In my opinion, this product’s impressive picture quality and adaptability make paying a bit extra worth it. This product happens to represent one of the times where spending a little more could be a cost-effective long term move.

12. AXESS TVD1805-22 12 Volt TV

The AXESS TVD1805-22 1080p HD 12 Volt TV is our last model on our list. But its position isn’t an indictment of the model’s quality. In fact, this TV has no trouble competing with any of these other nine options with its various impressive attributes.

One of the most intriguing features would be its 1920 x 1080 resolution, which offers a detailed and crisp picture. It won’t have any issues keeping up with even the most intense action scenes. This TV will display them with a blur-free reproduction that only enhances the experience.

I was ecstatic to see this model came with a built-in digital and analog tuner, as well. These aspects should help pick up channels to ensure you don’t only rely on your media devices. It’s nice to know that I wouldn’t have to miss any sporting events with this model onboard my rig.

This 22-inch model comes with a built-in DVD player like a few of our prior options. As someone who still collects DVDs, I can’t explain how happy I was that this model came with one. It would make my entertainment needs much more manageable when traveling.

I wouldn’t have to worry about having separate remotes for the TV and DVD player, either. This option comes with a full-function remote control capable of controlling both. There’s nothing worse than always having to keep track of two remote controls when you’re someone like me.

It also helps that you won’t have to pay a small fortune for this 22-inch option. This product has a relatively affordable price, even with its stellar features. Due to this, bargain buyers should be lining up to purchase this television.

The product’s sound level was a bit suspect compared to other models, though. It was an issue that was mentioned more than once in this option’s reviews. Buying a speaker system to accompany this model would be my suggested move.

12 Volt TV for RV Buyer’s Guide


Rig owners have been trying to find the perfect 12 volt RV TV for decades. This section will break down the key components to make the task much more manageable. It’ll ensure picking out the best model from Walmart or online won’t cause you any stress.

  • Screen Size

Our first key element would be screen size. In most cases, a 12 volt smart TV will be between 19 and 24 inches. Some larger models exist, but those options will require a lot more mounting space to work effectively.

For instance, some of our models have a bit larger screen sizes, such as 32-inch. Picking a perfect size will come down to understanding how much space lies inside your rig. Buyers can’t be installing more massive 32-inch or 40-inch models into an area where they removed their old 19-inch model.

This issue becomes even more apparent for people looking to replace a TV installed in a more limited area like a back bedroom. If you’re replacing a wall-mounted 12 volt TV, you might have a little more flexibility when attempting to upgrade a screen size.

I should also note that the term “screen size” stands for a TV’s width measurement. But it’s essential to take into account depth and height when installing one into your rig, as well. These measurements tend to be overlooked, but they’re equally important when choosing a new 12 volt TV.

  • Input Options

Input options will have a massive impact on what 12 volt TV for RV use will be suitable for your rig. Buyers must ensure it has the correct input options for any accessories you intend to use with the TV.

An example would be a person looking to use a Roku will require an HDMI connection. Therefore, your chosen TV must come with an HDMI input. It seems like common sense, but some people tend to forget this factor when buying their TVs.

You’ll also come across RV TVs with these standard input options: USB, RF, VGA, PC Audio, Audio Left/Right, and CVBS. Each of them serves a unique purpose that can make your RVing adventure a lot more fun.

I’d always recommend choosing a model with a long list of input options. It’ll offer a bit more versatility, which can compensate for your needs changing over time. After all, you never know what new accessory might come into your life.

  • Mounting Process

Motorhomes are vehicles that provide a limited amount of space. As a result, it’s smart to choose an RV TV with flexibility when mounting it. Most options will make this easier by being compatible with universal mounting brackets.

But other options might come with specialized hardware and tools for their installation. You’ll also come across models that come with their stand, but it’s more a temporary solution. TVs located on stands don’t mesh too well with traveling inside a rig.

Full-time RVers would be much better investing in a 12 volt TV capable of being permanently mounted. Additionally, you’ll need to make sure the process isn’t too tricky. I’d suggest reading through each model’s directions and several customer reviews to get a proper feel for this task.

  • TV’s Reception

Another thing to consider is choosing a model that’s capable of receiving over-the-air channels. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to access whatever’s on your WiFi-based streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, or Hulu.

Some 12 volt TVs will require a satellite antenna installed on top of your motorhome. In this case, rig owners will need to factor in the additional cost into their budget when choosing their new model.

If you’re looking for the best reception, it’ll require some combo of an RV antenna and a satellite TV service like Dish Network or Direct TV.

You’ll have some decisions regarding the antenna’s design, as well. I’d suggest going with a dome antenna because it offers a more user-friendly experience. It’s a perfect choice for owners who don’t want to spend a lot of time adjusting their antenna to receive good reception.

Honestly, obtaining quality over-the-air reception can end up involving a lot of research and some adjustments. It’s also going to depend on where you intend on visiting and the distance from civilization.

Overall, it comes down to picking an RV TV that’s capable of three things: receiving over-the-air channels, being compatible with an antenna, and providing streaming content via streaming services. If your model does, there’s no reason to believe you won’t be happy.

  • TV’s Refresh Rate

Rig owners need to understand their TV’s refresh rate before picking an option. This measurement refers to the number of times per second a TV will refresh its image. Models with higher rates will reduce motion blur, which provides a higher quality viewing experience.

You can expect these measurements to be advertised in Hz (hertz). Some manufacturers will claim their TV’s refresh rates up to 120 Hz. But these same companies will use techniques such as the soap opera effect to inflate these numbers.

In most cases, a TV with a 60 Hz rate will be more than enough for most movies and live TV shows. Customer reviews will also help determine each model’s picture quality and refresh rate.

Use them to avoid purchasing a subpar option from one of those less-than-trustworthy brands. You should instead stick with manufacturers like the ones in our product review sections. It’s never a bad idea to choose an Insignia 12 volt TV, either.

  • Cost

12 volt RV TVs aren’t overly expensive, but their cost will vary significantly. It makes building a budget based on your needed features a must for any potential buyer. But it’s essential to make sure this budget remains in the realm of reality.

For instance, someone buying a 32-inch TV will need their budgets to reflect that they’ll cost more than a 19-inch model. Your budget accounting for these little details will ensure it remains a useful and realistic resource.

You can use this resource to limit your options down to a more manageable number. As a result, the entire choosing process will consider models capable of meeting your needs. It makes the whole process much, much easier on the buyer.


Our buying guide should’ve provided a better idea of what to look for in a 12 volt RV TV. But there are a few things that still need answering before choosing one. This section will take you through those topics and make sure you’re ready.

Who this is for?

12 volt televisions for motorhomes are TVs designed, built, and engineered for RV usage. In other words, these products will have certain features within them to deal with constant vibration and movement inside those vehicles.

It makes them a necessary purchase for any rig owner looking to enjoy their TV shows when traveling. In comparison, regular TVs aren’t going to mesh well because they don’t have these unique features. It makes them more susceptible to damage.

What are the different types of 12 volt TVs?

As you might imagine, these TVs will come in numerous sizes. But the two most popular options available will be a 12 volt 19-inch TV and a 12 volt 24-inch TV. I’m going to discuss both options below and showcase certain situations where they might fit better than the other.

  • 12 Volt 19-inch TV for RV

This first type is a smaller, more compact option, which doesn’t take up a lot of space. These attributes make it an ideal fit for a rig’s bedroom. Plus, these models will be much easier to transport than those larger sizes.

You can expect their installation process to be more straightforward, as well. It’s a lot less taxing to move around and find space for a 19-inch model. But their smaller screens represent a turnoff for people who want an option that can offer an at-home viewing experience.

However, they make up for this issue by being less expensive. 19-inch options tend to be a favorite among bargain buyers because of their small price tag.

  • 12 Volt 24-inch TV for RV

12 volt 24-inch TVs for RVs will obviously feature a bigger screen than their 19-inch counterparts. It makes them a better fit from larger areas, such as a rig’s living room or outdoor usage during barbecues.

But you can also expect moving and installing them to be a little more challenging. However, those 19-inch options can’t compete with the viewing experience offered by them. Of course, they will take up more space and be more expensive.

Honestly, the viewing experience makes these issues more than worth it. If they have space, rig owners would be off with a 24-inch model. There’s no reason to opt for a smaller option unless your bank account or rig can’t accommodate it.

How does a 12 volt tv for RV work?

12 volt RV TVs will work like any regular TV would with one small difference. These products will work off a 12 volt power system to ensure you can conserve energy when traveling. This change might seem relatively slight, but it can have a massive impact on your bank account.

It’ll ensure you don’t end up paying a massive electric bill every month. Rig owners who love watching their favorite TV shows would be crazy not to invest in a top-tier 12 volt option. It’s a cost-effective move that will save you a ton of money compared to a standard TV.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a 12 volt tv for RV

Several advantages come from using a 12 volt TV onboard your rig. This section will discuss a few of them to demonstrate what makes buying one a smart move. It’ll also go over a disadvantage or two, which comes from buying one. As a result, you’ll be able to decide whether it’s the right choice for your needs.


  • Valuable Source of Entertainment

Camping isn’t always the most exciting experience. Sometimes, rig owners will need a source of entertainment to cure their boredom. A 12 volt RV TV offers an effective way to get through these times and keep things entertaining.

You can also expect them to distract passengers when driving those long hauls. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with bored family members during travel. This product will offer a quick way of taking their attention away from you.

  • Various Input Options

The best 12 volt RV TVs will come with numerous input options, such as HDMI, USB, SD, and much more. It ensures a user will have many choices regarding what media device will be entertaining them.

It offers a great deal of versatility when it comes to curing your boredom. Plus, it ensures you can hook multiple devices at once.

  • Durability

12 volt RV TVs will offer a level of durability that regular TVs can’t provide. This benefit comes from their designs being built for bumping conditions and vibrations. It’ll ensure buyers won’t have to worry about any damage occurring when traveling.

As a result, these models end up being suitable for long-term investments. There’s no reason a top-tier model can’t last more than five years onboard a rig. It makes the initial investment more than worth your time.


The only disadvantage offered by these devices is their lack of size options. In this regard, 12 volt TVs are somewhat limited with usually only 12-inch and 24-inch models. But times seem to be changing as you see more 32-inch and 36-inch options on today’s market.

Is there a 12-volt smart TV?

You won’t find a traditional 12V smart TV available on today’s market. But honestly, it’s pretty unnecessary when there are supplementary devices capable of providing smart features. Most 12-volt TVs come with Bluetooth, HDMI inputs, or other ports.

These ports allow users to connect various devices to their 12V TV. For instance, users can use the port to hook up a Roku or Firestick to use a wide range of streaming services. It’s an easy way to avoid paying extra for an adapter to make your smart TV into a usable 12V smart TV for RV.

Can any TV run on 12V?

If you have a power inverter, it’s possible to run any TV on 12 volts. This inverter will change DC power into AC power to ensure the television runs effectively. Hence, this device shouldn’t have any issues making your preferred non-12V TV work inside an RV.

What is the largest 12-volt television for RV?

12V RV TV products are available in various sizes ranging from 19-inch options to large 32-inch models. But 32-inch 12V TVs seem to be their limit in screen size. I haven’t come across any other choices that exceed this measurement.

What size TV is best for a motorhome?

Most experts recommend choosing a 12-volt TV between 19 and 21 inches. However, some RVs have more room, so there’s no reason not to go bigger within these rigs. It’s more about accounting for the space before bringing the TV into the rig.

After all, you don’t want to buy a 32 inch 12 volt TV if there’s only mounting room for a 19-inch model. It makes no sense from a practical or logical standpoint.

How many amps does a 12 volt TV use?

A 12 volt TV’s amp draw is a bit difficult to take about in general terms. It’s a measurement that’ll differ depending on your chosen model. If you’re concerned about this factor, the manufacturer usually puts it into the product description.

Is there a difference between 12v RV TV and regular TV?

Several differences exist between a 12 volt RV TV and household ones. The first one concerns its power source, which is different from a standard television. These models require 12 volt DC power rather than a 120 volt AC outlet like a regular TV.

12 volt RV TVs also have designs capable of withstanding any bouncing or vibrations during travel. As you might expect, this quality makes them much more suitable for usage inside a motorhome or being a TV for vans.

Rig owners should expect these TVs to be more lightweight than regular models, as well. It’s a benefit that comes from their smaller sizes, making them a better fit in rigs. Plus, these televisions will need to be mounted on a wall inside your rig.

Does Samsung make a 12 volt tv?

I couldn’t find a Samsung 12 volt TV during my product research. It’s a little odd considering how well-known this brand is within this marketplace. It was something that I found disappointing as Samsung happens to be one of my favorite TV manufacturers.

How to install?

Installing a 12 volt TV for RVs will vary from model to model. It’ll end up depending on its mounting process and mounting brackets. Potential buyers should pay close attention to these factors when choosing their model.

Once you’ve chosen the right one, it’s a simple matter of reading the instruction manual’s directions. Most of them will be straightforward and offer sufficient guidance about both these processes.

How to use?

As with installing them, you can expect using a 12 volt RV TV will be much different based on your chosen model. Its included instruction manual should tell each user how to use their TVs effectively without any issues.

But the best options will make it simple and easy enough for even a child to do. However, some brands end up making the process overly complicated. It would be best if you avoided these options by reading through their directions before choosing a model.

Customer reviews will also offer some insight into the using process. If there’s an issue, these resources should have well-documented experiences of them.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Caring and maintaining a 12 volt smart TV for RV is not different than regular television. It’s a simple matter of cleaning the screen with a rag and staying on top of any dust issues. Make sure to check out the manual for any special instructions.


Finding the best 12 volt TV for RV shouldn’t be a problem with all this new information. It’s just a simple exercise of applying it during your search. You should then expect the right choice to stand out like a sore thumb.

But if any questions do come up, don’t hesitate to post them in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each one with a detailed response. Thanks for reading!

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