About Us

Welcome to RV Hometown

Welcome to RV Hometown! If you are confused and worried about RV life, this is the right place to start. We have everything you need, from the preparation stages, renovation and decoration to emergencies, and so much more. 

We are here to help so you can live your dream life without a care in the world! 

Our mission 

We support every step of your adventure and lifestyle. RV hometown is not just a stop, we can be your go-to place when you need information about RV life! 

Do you know that we provide the best RV guide to ensure your safety and comfort on the road? Hop on here and explore the world! 

Who are we

Dane Heldt 


Hi, I am Dane Heldt, a full-time RVer since 2016. I am always passionate about building and joining an RV community where people share their love for RV lives. This blog is a dream of mine, as I can finally share my experiences to help people who want to start living differently. So, feel free to reach out to me! 

Robert Clark 


Welcome to a new journey! I am Rober Clark, also a full-time RV-er and currently exploring the US with Dane. I have four years of working as a contractor, so building a home inside the RV is an extremely rewarding task for me. I find new challenges and new limits to break every day. 

Hopefully, my experiences will be of great help to you throughout your adventure!